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  1. Off Topic Ramblings

    *Looks around FMHVibe* Something looks different around here. I can't quite put my finger on it....
  2. The official WWE thread

    I just can't today after the Jobber Holocaust. The following have been released; Drew McIntyre Jinder Mahal Aksana Curt Hawkins Theodore Long Camacho Brodus Clay Evan Bourne Yoshi Tatsu Marc Harris (referee)
  3. Off Topic The birthday thread.

    :D Fanks babez :wub: :wub:
  4. The official WWE thread

    Bo Dallas makes his debut!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxW-8Uq6XZA&feature=youtu.be
  5. Off Topic The birthday thread.

  6. The official WWE thread

    I think it might be 12 Rounds 2 you are thinking of Lee Roy Here is the filmography of WWEStudios http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWE_Studios#Filmography
  7. The official WWE thread

    If they do ask them "Are you willing to take a slam from 6 foot in the air onto your back, for a good 5-10 minutes?" Its not fake I hate it when people say that. Yes it is predetermined but it is everything but fake!
  8. The poster below me

    False. I dont hate City I admire what they have done TPBM feels sorry for Daniel Bryan with everything that has happened to him (bar his wedding and honeymoon) since winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestlemaniaXXX
  9. The poster below me

    Nope. TPBM is laughing at everyone who currently has no sun and has no easy access to a beach like me, because for my entire 3 years of Uni I had a beach as my garden
  10. The poster below me

    Yeah I guess I am. Probably only take out Welbeck and Smalling otherwise yes. TPBM is enjoying the sun on the beach
  11. The poster below me

    False. I want D-Bry to have a good, credible run with a worthwhile story than this current one and either lose it then or after then. TPBM wants me and Lee Roy to stop talking about wrestling here
  12. The poster below me

    False. I dont try my hardest I SUCCEED... and from Lidl back to my house TPBM Bolieves in the future!
  13. The poster below me

    Nah not really. Find it tedious and it never really entertained me TPBM is not a lemon, but a rosebud
  14. The official WWE thread

    As a member of a parody rock band? :lol: And thanks AS, I should be. If not I will be returns every so often to do it
  15. The official WWE thread

    My god the WWE are doing good PPVs at the moment. I guess a new wrestling year and a new start to make things right. Solid card for Extreme Rules and damn solid matches!