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  1. I'll try this tactic, but Ndidi (in real) don't move Like an anchor man (with the ball between the General difenderà?).
  2. Mah....i'm waiting but in Italy bit be able to find it
  3. Mah....i'm waiting but in Italy bit be able to find it
  4. thanks a lot....but so when i want to change a team i Always do this instruction???? and when i want save my progress i must change the slot or i can save in the same position?
  5. i'm sorry but i don't understand....follow me: 1. download file from this site; 2. extract file save1 with zip; 3. open save editor and load save1; 4. create manager (with my name, nation ecc); 5. for example take Newcastle and "fire" pardue; 6. save this database with name "settembre 2014"; 7. open itunes, my iphone, apps, file sharing, put the database in and sincronise all; 8. open fmh, go in settings and i don't find the database, but i try to start a season (quick start and large database off); 9. start a career, england primary, germany, italy and spain; take Newcastle and nothing, old database..... where i wrong? please help me....
  6. and when i restart fmh where i find the new database? i'd follow your instruction i create a new manager (with my name and data) and swap alan pardew to Newcastle, so i saved the database and put it in itunes and sincronise....when i try to play the game is Always the same....i don't find the database (in setting where i find database of november 2013 and febrary 2014) and also i start a match (with Newcastle) the database isn't FMH VIBE'S....
  7. please explaine step by step what i must to do....it's first time for me....thanks!!!
  8. i load the database that i had download in save editor, and then what means "edit the database with save editor then load the save"....
  9. please dec help me.... download file, extract the database with save editor, after i put the file in itunes,app,file sharing and sincronise it....when i start new season i don't find the new database...i unable big database and quick start.... please help me....
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