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  1. Waiting patiently for the results cause I still don't understand the training on this year version
  2. Dropped this save for months but i just had to keep pushing, sorry for lack of screenshots and all but i was more focused on completing the challenge Had to stop at 1045 even if he could have kept going...
  3. Two more seasons in and I've had a 6 months injury and another 4 months injury and he's 27 already. Sadly I'd pick another player and retry again 😣
  4. Cracking season peely, I'm expecting the 100 goals a season soon
  5. season 4 Transfers Dembele A massive drop in goals and a really disappointing season.We made it to the Euro cup finals only to get beat by Chelsea and next match we lost the scotish cup final too, ending the season with 69 goals Goals- 396/1000
  6. After completing a triple threat challenge I still feel this void in my heart and that's for a 1kc.So here is my attempt at one My chosen player will be moussa Dembele, just checked and no one seems to have completed a 1kc with him. I've played through 4 seasons and I believe he might help me achieve this challenge! Wish me luck guys This current season he scored 109 and I give credit to @PriZe for he's black pearl which made me realise using a BPD kind of helps! Goals- 327/1000
  7. Would even love if we can make the game notify us when a country or club manager position is open. Example we set notification for an opening for psg or France
  8. This career is just something else entirely... Goals overload. I love this!! @Nucleus
  9. It's really bad especially on this year's version... No club actually buys players more than there value anymore. I remember when we could offer players to clubs for really low amounts then negotiate with clubs and sell for much more but now they are all stingy or something and you always get a loss when selling your players but the AI don't
  10. I don't see a problem here if you are winning your games