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  1. Chat SI, Is this bug fixed in 17

    Am I the o ly who who hasn't played the eme for more than 4 games?Jezz that stuff is just too slow.On the ome the 4411 is just unstoppable jezz it just feels like a cheat tactic for the AI to always knock you off the champions league or important matches.Id keep playing the ome till forever u less it gets scraped off completely atkeast there isn't a stamina bug on this one like we had to suffer last year
  2. Come on guys just take a peek only and tell me what player comes to mind I had to go into a bidding frenzy for sporting to let him go.Judging from he's attributes I didn't think twice who this beast was also I was anticipating him. Dissapointed in the poor stamina tbh
  3. Career How many shots?!?

    Jeez dybala of all people even missed
  4. Chat FMM2016 Funnies

    Lmao jezzz so funny.They got injured the same time.
  5. Just red through man.Nice update Rish don't know how you guys manage to play all these challenges
  6. And no one bothered to comment?.I'd give this a try
  7. Have a great tactic I know if another manager had would do just fine but in my case I suck/hate at transfers.My player keeps hitting 50 every season jezzz I can't stand playing 20 seasons I'd run mad!!!!.Just read through great stuff Rish
  8. Shake it off and update man we all want to see what happened at laSt.Btw am I the only one who feels ash puts too much work on he's posts? And this discourages you to post
  9. Hold on Ash I don't understand What happened with this career It's been no update since June
  10. Major problem I have in 1kc is the right players to sign.My MC always love to score lots of goals
  11. Series FMM Regrets

    I regret not ever being able to complete any 1kc seeing how ash and other members always complete it.only the 1kc keep's me buying the game since 2014 and of course vibe.community
  12. Series Player keep changing roles

    Yea it now makes perfect sense only gutted the game feels trequartista is better compared to a poacher.
  13. Series Player keep changing roles

    Wow then my assistant is a confused man.Here's an update he had a 10 day injury and he's now back to being a poacher again.I feel I should put him on a general training so he doesn't rise above being a poacher.what do you guys think