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  1. rodrigo22xT

    2017 License Fixes

    Now if it works, delete the database folder and the renderer so it updates and sends copies of changes in place
  2. rodrigo22xT

    2017 License Fixes

    Still not working
  3. rodrigo22xT

    2017 License Fixes

    Restart the cell phone ... I put the text file where it should go, but it is not solved ... I send photos in which the first is before choosing the club ... and then the following is inside the club
  4. rodrigo22xT

    2017 License Fixes

    Why when I start a new campaign in the game the name of a club for example bayern munchen does not come out correctly or in the league of portugal with benfica or schalke 04 the name goes wrong, but when before choosing the team to which Play the name comes out right, why should that mistake?
  5. rodrigo22xT

    2017 License Fixes

    You have the file? Could you give it to me? thank you
  6. rodrigo22xT

    2017 License Fixes

    How do I get the file ?? I am not in a position to pay a membership, and I already bought the game should have the possibility to download that file
  7. what tactic use? sorry for my english
  8. rodrigo22xT

    Solid 3-4-3 [EME]

    What is OME OR EME??
  9. rodrigo22xT

    My Humble Tactic

    the position of bwm and if players look good speed but mainly good quality passes to shoot on goal, defense bwm quality and look good passes
  10. This tactic led me to titles and won many leagues and you will be able to see in photos , which was trying to find the balance , use a tactic of 4- 1-2-2-1 this tactic was used and rescued several of you means that this tactic formulated after seeing so many other tactics that you posted it , and I really love to find out all the possibilities, hope you like it and they run the main ami if I run I tell my experience as technical director , Manchester United 10 years after Wolfsburg six years , finally went back to Manchester City but as coach of the city is where I am 6 years now, and in those six years tmb called me the selection of Scotland , reaching the semifinal of Euro and lost , then rank the world and also reached the semi-final and lost against england and won the 3rd place against the Italian team , was champion mexico , that was it Finally people if there is something that can improve this tactic please I want you to let me know , thank you very much , happy holidays
  11. Forum name:Rodrigo22xT Real name:Rodrigo Márquez Nationality: argentinian Age on 1st July 2014: 20 Preferred position: AML Secondary position: AMR Player Role: Winger