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  1. Just an update so people know I ain't made a challenge and not undertaken it. I haven't been able to start this yet as I've been working mad lately, I work as a chef so of course the hours are long and dodgy. After having somebody quit their job I've been clocking 80 hours a week so I'm very tired and strapped for time right now.
  2. Very glad to see the results this tactic has bringing, I would consider this a success, thanks guys
  3. Should prove difficult but interesting! I'm not fully decided yet but I might take my first season with a 5-4-1 as I feel maybe best to get a difficult formation ( 5 in defence ) done with first rather than failing at the last step! Not 100% decided yet though!
  4. Also just to clarify. By defensive line I mean the actual defensive line, so the line of defensive midfielders falls as a midfield line not defensive line. Defensive line is the line of purely defenders.
  5. Okay so I've been inactive for some time and as a re-introduction back, what better way than with a challenge!? Before explaining the challenge I invite and hope others to try this new challenge I'm coming up with as I think it could be a good, enjoyable challenge that could prove difficult but still achievable! So here it is, select any team from any league the choice is yours, a challenge like this I would suggest whatever league you choose you at least choose a team that are either title challengers or only need a few tweaks to be title challengers, as we all know, a fatal part of this game is formation and tactics, so give yourself a chance with a team that have the potential to pull off this challenge. My choice of team would be my favoured Liverpool if I wasn't already playing a save with them, Man U are out of question of course, Man city out of question as I Feel that they have the best players and biggest funds which makes it too easy. So leaving it between Chelsea and Spurs who I don't enjoy playing as either, but as this challenge could prove difficult I'll choose Chelsea as I feel some things need tweaking but I have the funds to do so. Long story short now, the challenge to this challenge is that you select one team to stick with for 3 whole seasons, each season you have to stick with one formation and one formation only, you can't tweak player positions for this formation, you can tweak team instructions as you wish too. As we all know, formations normally come with a defensive line of 3, 4 or 5. Now for the 3 seasons, you need to use a defensive line of 3 in one full season, a defensive line of 4 in one full season, and a defensive line of 5 which as we all know will mean completely different tactics for each formation you choose to use, which brings the tactical difficulty of choosing how many midfielders, how many attackers, and what instructions? How many midfielders or attackers is your deciding, the challenge states an order on your defensive line nothing else. So a different defensive line for each full season. Whatever order you choose to go with is up to you. The key to this challenge is becoming a managing tactician and retaining a run of 3 league titles in a row using a different formation each season where the defensive line basically decides how you will have to have your team approach matches. Feel free to take on this challenge, your own tactics only, none used from these forums please. I will repost for my choice of first season formation and player roles as soon as I decide! Wish me luck!!
  6. But ultimately the advice that will be given would result in you using something somebody else suggested? Meaning you're using somebody else's suggestion. Meaning technically you're copying somebody else? Which kind of is the same thing as you decided to contradict yourself with? Clearly you're a small minded idiot. I'm sure everybody ( yourself included ) would be better off if you shifted away from the forums before you're very small imagination barrier rubs off on others. You sir, are king contradiction.
  7. I would advise having the target man with a cf beside him, 1) because one striker doesn't seem to work too well on fmh15 in my opinion, and 2) being a target man he's going look to bringing others into play so if you had a advanced forward or poacher beside him they would feed off the target man which should result in them bagging a few goals really. As for the inside forward I've found that they work best as a centre attacking mid, when they're out on the wing they only have one way to cut inside, so they aren't going to be as successful in doing so as they would be if they was centre attacking mid where they can cut in either side of the striker(s). If you want to stick to the 4-2-2-2. I would say give it a go of playing with these player roles, if it doesn't work then I apologise but off the top of my head I would think that this should work. SWK ( I say this just purely because it's my personal preference ) WBK BPD CTR WBK BBM DLM WNG. WNG POA TM Team instructions being Attacking Mixed Normal Pressing on Offside trap on Counter attack on Give that a go and see how it works. Make sure the BBM is the same side as the BPD and the poacher. If you seem to concede a few, try changing the WBK's to fbks or/and the BPD to a CTR. Having a BPD you could also use an advanced playmaker instead of a BBM but considering you have 2 centre mid's and 2 attacking midfielders, a BBM should show to be more stable where as if it was an advanced player maker you would probably get dominated too much. This is off the top of my head so there isn't any guarantee it would work but give it a go and see how it goes. The idea is for the 2 midfielders to provide stability as well as slight attacking intent. With counter attack on and mixed passing, your centre mid's should launch some direct balls into the wingers or the forwards and hopefully will provide goals. With these tactics hopefully you will get more use out of your wingers and more goals out of your forwards, but aswell as that your BBM should provide a good few goals and a good few assists aswell as your DLM providing hopefully a few assists. Give it a go and let me know how it goes. If it doesn't work I'll try to think of something else for you. If you decided to go with 1 striker I would say bring the spare one into centre mid having a DLM in the middle and 2 bbms on either side of him and a TM up front.
  8. Let me know how it goes mate
  9. Schwants I haven't tested in on the original engine, it worked with Aston villa on the enhanced engine for me. Best advice would be try changing the defenders to limited. I'm glad it worked for you sib!!
  10. The enhanced engine seems a lot more tactical minded. In theory it is realistic, for example, in real life, regardless what time you are, if the tactics aren't good enough, your team will crumble and won't do well. Which that is one of the differences between the original and enhanced engine. The enhanced engine forces you to make sure your tactics are sharp and as good as they can be, because your tactics are just as important as the players are
  11. I don't feel insulted at all mate, I take it as constructive criticism which is a good thing, the way I think of it is that you're helping me improve my tactic. Yeah fmh15 is a lot more tactical and is harder than previous fmh games. I always used to play with a poacher but on this one I seem to find that poachers aren't as good as previous fmh games:(. My favourite type of striker is a poacher but I'm struggling to find a formation and tactic that supplies the poacher well enough for him to get the scoring records they would on previous fmh. I dislike playing with a target man but they seem to work quite well on this where as they weren't as effective on previous games. There's been many changes tactically compared to fmh, it's made it more difficult but more realistic which is why I do actually enjoy it a lot more
  12. Take a look across the forums, see what help you can get there. Main one that springs to mind is the Stuttgart goal show. That seems to have some good reviews so take a look at that and see what success it brings you.
  13. I think the reason behind so many shots taken compared to how many were actually scored is purely because of the inside forward, the inside forward is probably taking many of the shots which will be outside the box more than they are inside. I think maybe another way to improve the amount of goals scored could be to change the advanced forward to a poacher as they're going to play on the shoulder and look for those clear cut chances more. I haven't tried that myself but I might. I think changing the advf to a dlf could work well in a sense as well as it would bring a lot more possession and stability on the attack which potentially could bring some more clear cut opportunities. That's something I will have to give a try!! Never the less I'm happy with your review and glad you've stated the flaws so I can work on them!! Thanks dude!!
  14. Look across the forums for any working 4-3-2-1, 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formations. They're probably the 3 best suited formations for Madrid so if you can find any of them that work well, I would say you're in for a treat and much success!! Give the black pearl a try, I haven't tried it on the original engine for FMH15 so I'm not sure how it would work, but it was superb in 14.
  15. This was done on 6.2 but I use it on 6.3 and it works too mate. Xzz who are you and could you upload screenshots of your matches? It seems to be successful for most other people that have used it so maybe have a look at what areas of the team aren't strong enough and look on improving them. Never the less upload some screenshots please!! I did get a good few draws tbh but I was getting many wins so my outlook on it was that a draw is better than a loss because I was still winning trophies!! Are you finding most of the draws are away from home or at home?