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  1. Anyone on JB ios, have you found the file to place this into??
  2. Seems like a good tactic, pls some more results
  3. YAY! I love a Milan re-build challenge! Btw Enhanced or Original? and GL #ForzaMilan
  4. You have to have a more balanced outlook on his training. For example I made him train on HIgh Defensive and High Attacking. In a season or two, he gained his 14 defending. I waited a bit more but it didn't seem to increase, hence I changed training to Balanced defending and kept the rest the same. You can try this with MOST players and it should work. Now why I say most? Due to the fact that many players are lazy, will complain, and will rather deteriorate than gain. The best time that this worked for me was when I retrained a CB to play as a striker. I believe it was Tin Jedvaj, though I am not really sure.
  5. Using the Hex can we create new leagues to be playable in the game?
  6. Check out my tactic. It's tested on Benfica and won me the CL. Try it and GL
  7. Try this: No Offside trap. And Attacking+pressing first 10 mins then switch to only Balanced or Balanced and Counter vs very big teams (PSG for example) . I did this with small teams, as they attack but fail to track back. Usually I get a goal during those first ten minutes and maybe another one during the match.
  8. "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" Nice challenge there Ash!
  9. If you move your striker to the left your right sided INF will play more like an INF should and if you move striker to the right it will be your left INF. Your tactic looks good as it is but that is how I get inside forwards to score, how many did the your INF score in the season? Tbh this squad isn't one of the squads that get most out of one player, it actually helps the whole team perform as a whole. Where I would use this squad: - Maybe if you just want to win more games and feel nothing is working out for you Where I wouldn't use this squad: -1k challenges and btw my IFs scored 23 and 17 respectively (right and left: Gaitan and Mane)
  10. Ok so did no one find this useful?
  11. Try it, I doubt it should make a difference. But no its for the one exactly before it.
  12. 'Tática Mágico' ***​THIS IS FOR THE ENHANCED ENGINE, I HAVE NOT TESTED ON THE ORIGINAL. Hello Vibers! Today I wanted to present to you a very successful tactic on my journey to eradicate the legendary manager, Béla Guttmann's curse. The event that had led to his famous curse was after him having won the 61' and 62' Champions League with Benfica. Following these wins, he requested the board for a pay-rise, which they dismissed. This had infuriated him, and led him to leave his post as the manager of Benfica. Shortly after he had left, he was quoted saying, "Not in a hundred years from now will Benfica ever be European champion." In an attempt to defy his curse I had started a career with Benfica, which had led to me finding this tactic. Initially in the save, I reached the CL final twice but ended up losing both the times, which led me to believe that SI, as an Easter egg, have included this curse, but in the 4th season I finally broke the duck. The tactic that made me win the CL (along with the Portuguese Treble) is the tactic I want to present to you. Now enough with the stories, and on with the tactic.... TACTIC: Below are the formation, roles, and the instructions. I kept these constant most of the time, rarely changing anything, which should be a good thing. Roles Basically this is what I used, most match-days. Now the type of players I used... PLAYERS: GK: This player won't have a lot of issues. I have an habit of being bias to the domestic players (yes I love having 20s on my manager profile ) so I brought in Lopes from Lyon, as he was the best young and cheap Portuguese GK. With this tactic the keeper concedes an avg of 0.6 (goals/game) CB: I prefer having my central defenders with good tackling of course, but also good aerial, decisions, and teamwork. The stats mentioned above should all be 15+ for max success at the heart of the defense. LB/RB: I usually don't focus on this position too much, as no matter who I place there, they don't play an integral part to my success. But in my view, when picking players here, I look at pace, strength, teamwork, crossing, tackling, movement, and stamina. For me if any of these are below 15, then consider them out of my club! BBM: SHOOTING! This player is your Sniper! (Get Micheal Bradley and you will have your own 'American Sniper' ) These guys finish from miles out. I play Talisca* here (a very good player, definitely should try him out.) I have made him train to play as a BBM where good tackling is also required, which he lacked. Key stats here would be, shooting as mentioned earlier, movement (this is quite important!), passing, tackling and stamina. All of these should be 15+ for maximum success. APM: This is a vital position to be filled. Both of my APM's have 18+ passing which is obviously important, along with Technique which I feel is also extremely important. Another stat, which I emphasize on a lot is Creativity. This stat is the engine of the player. If all the previous mentioned stats are high and yet this one is low, consider you are playing with 9 players on the field when using this tactic. These two will create a goal ex nihilo! IF: Shooting, dribbling, and passing is something I prefer having on these two. Also I prefer having the crossing stat quite high, as they regularly like crossing (something which I don't like and don't know how to prevent). These two will bang in quite a few goals for your side, so remember to pick them wisely. PCR: This guy will pick up shots your IFs have blown up (which isn't a lot and the PCR ends up blowing up the already blown up chances sometimes), hence don't expect this boy to be getting a lot of goals. One thing I realized is your striker will have a lot of assists, even though he is a POACHER, which is quite ironic! My striker who had a 17 passing and 18 creativity ended up getting 22 assists playing as a poacher. Even if they don't have very good passing stats they still get a good amount of assists. The reason I played him there as due to his tempting 20 shooting, 20 Decisions, and 20 Movement. His aerial was also 15 which is kind of important for this role. SO to summarize, main stats here would be the shooting, decisions, movement, and aerial. AND the passing and stuff shouldn't affect you as the APMs will create the chances, the IFs will score, and if they don't usually the PCR nets them in. My best striker in this position is Oliveira, who netted 45 goals in 44 games, which is amazing, but he isn't the mass assist maker player I mentioned earlier on. ​STATS & OTHERS: Titles: Unbeaten & most successful season: Stats: And This: *Talisca: Sorry Guttmann : Merci for reading this! Hope it helps you and please test with other teams and tell me if it works with you. Thanks again ​
  13. Ok well this is awkward....I had finished half-way through the season and well for some reason my save file doesn't load up. Have a feeling this career is cursed. I don't have any motivation to redo everything. Mods can I request this challenge to be taken down? Sorry guys