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  1. They always regenerate, just with different nationality. Ive had Bale as english and Messi as Spanish. Never liked Buffon regen tho, his goalkeeping stats are pretty low.
  2. How did he developed better than the one that is in my save. I gave him first team exposure and latter playing time :// Anw, mines Orsolini. Signed him late but sure does the job done whenever i need him. A good squad player with great profesonalism (a must)
  3. So it was only for historical purposes? I was wrong all the time by persisting on the same startin 11 :// Heartbrokrn
  4. Really into this new features of team dynamics - professionalism - work rate thing. I decided to do some prospective study (albeit poorly designed) of determining how important it is to have a professional and high work rate squad. I signed only them with my Roma squad & this happened. It was a second half turn-around without substitution ( i already gave up when first half was ended). Halfway thru the season and my conclusion is that having a pro & high work rate is more important than having 'em braggers. Lemme know what you think
  5. Fining players for red card will increase your discipline. It will also sometimes lower the player's aggression. I dont know if its a good thing or not (it is listed with green upward arrow in the players interaction box so i assume its good) as for the most part i want my players to be aggresive.
  6. I feel it too, i suppose that relationship & 'mental maturity' play an important role in determining the result of a match.
  7. It works haha, thank you sir. Do you know how to get rid of "Dislikes the intense work rate that his team-mates expect".
  8. Do your players complain about lack of squad depth in the full back position?
  9. Contract is difficult in this year version. I've had this with my CL winning Man Utd team (5* reputation) yet this one Palace youngster don't wanna sign for me (Rooney regen so probably loyalty?).
  10. Thank you for this. The professionalism of some of the regens do improve after one year surrounded by old but pro players. It sure is becoming more difficult (and realistic) to transition your squad to the younger group. Combine this with relationships (tactic), i just dont wanna sell some of the players knowing i have to build from zero again after new players coming in.
  11. I never sell the team leaders & the 'professionals'. Its just that now, they are on decline and i dont have replacements (to continue the habis). Thats why im asking for other expertise/experience. Mentoring does work but only to a certain extent. Below is some example of my regens (David Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Giorgio Chiellini). If there is anyone who is already deep in the game and know how to develop professionalism, please let me know.
  12. Do you know anyway to improve professionalism? Unlike in FMM20, Disciplining players only improve the players morale in this version 😞 I really love regen hunting. So far, none of them have at least light green in their relationship attributes.
  13. Its a well-known glitch right? Where some of the best young players in the game (ilaix moriha et al) are free to sign