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  1. Updated. In my saves, the only problem I am having with is the attacking schedules. I think I have nailed it.
  2. Updated. If you continue to have injury issues, please let me know.
  3. And, in addition to this, how many of you are using the general training schedule for your players?
  4. It has an affect but I don't know how much.
  5. Updated. Once again, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  6. I think you've summed up most opinions in that last paragraph.
  7. As noted, this is still being refined but this is the best we've used so far.
  8. So, it’s here. FMM17 has dropped and those who have brought it have managed to have a play around with it, checking the new game out thoroughly from top to bottom. As with every new game, there are always new, added features. There’s also existing features which have maintained their place within the game. And, somethings are no longer there, as they have been replaced with new, more relevant and game-changing things. Eastern Europe has replaced South America This year, the game hosts two new nations, in both Poland and Turkey. However, their position in the game hasn’t come in without disturbance, as Brazil is no longer a nation you can manage in. So, is this an improvement? Personally, yes. As an avid Football Manager Mobile player, the ability to play in two newer nations makes the latest game far more interesting and bring about a fresher change than the introduction of Wales did when that was introduced (apologies Welsh fans). Though, I don’t think I would be saying that if Turkey wasn’t a new league. If Poland had been joined alongside Greece, the reception wouldn’t have been received with so much joy and elation. The Süper Lig has been one of the most called after leagues, alongside the Russia’s top-flight. Their reputation rise makes them seen as advancing leagues, and with enormous names plying their trades in those countries, it makes your regular FMM player want to try their hand in the division too. But: will we miss Brazil? I know some of us will. The huge amount of games played in a season makes their nation a hot property for most challenges. I must admit however that Brazil isn’t my go-to nation in FMM, and if I am to choose whether I would want either Poland and Turkey or Brazil, I would go for the former. But African nations make their debut If you’re disappointed by the removal of the Brazilian leagues (might I add, they were removed from SI’s hands), then this is most likely going to cheer you up. I don’t know if there has been anything wanted for as long as manageable African nations. Nonetheless, in this year’s game, they are available for the first time. With South American nations remaining manageable, you’ll be able to manage in three continent’s. However, the possibility of managing African stems further than just being able to manage in a new continent. You’ll finally have the chance to internationally manage some of the finest talent in the world, and have a crack at winning the African Cup of Nations. If you’ve put your ambitions in a boat and pushed them down stream, then you could even give yourself to mission of being the first manager to create a World Cup winning African nation. The tactics board doesn’t have any new counters A lot of your success on Football Manager is dependant on your tactics: how do you get the best out of your team? How will you fit your best players on the pitch together? Can you risk playing three at the back? It’s not surprising then that when we get to the changing rooms, we can’t help but grow a frown on our face. We stare at it, looking at it from every angle, observing if there is anything new on it. It takes a while, but we soon admit defeat, realising the only thing which is new are the names which now surround the board. There is a side note: what if the changes aren’t on the board itself and instead in the players. What if the actual mechanics of the roles have changed, the players responded differently to the roles they’re put in and that the game has changed from the inside. After all, we wouldn’t know unless we played the game, studied our matches and assessed the situations. But, no matter how I look at it, no matter how optimistic I am, I can’t feel but feel disappointed when I turn my back on the board and go back to my office. The idea of having new roles available to us make us wonder, make us ponder, and makes us think of new tactical revelations. It’s going to be another year of dealing with the same roles and same options available to us; but that doesn’t mean you can’t still think outside of the box. But what about the match engine? The match engine will forever be surrounded by discussions. So many people want this, whilst others want that. For SI, there is no winning everyone over but, what they can do, is improve it yearly to win everyone round over time. Either with commentary or highlights, the enhanced match engine is quick to play through. It doesn't stutter every few moments; neither does it feel the need to stop and allow the world to pass by. If you play with only commentary on, you'll dash through games as if you're playing on the original match engine. What to say about the original? Well, what is there to say? It's what it is, and does what it says on the tin. The big news in this department is the enhanced match engine is moving forward, in the correct direction, and it's a huge leap forward. Oh, and we haven't experienced any of the 4-4-2 bug this year thus far. Going further into realism I wouldn’t have been surprised if Brexit didn’t feature in FMM17. After all, a game doesn’t have to be an exact replicate of it’s real life form. In fact, I think I’m not the only one who thinks this - but I wouldn’t have minded Brexit being left out; I mean, I like being able to sign other players in the European Nation without having to be eligible for a work permit. Despite the fact I wouldn’t have minded it not being left out, the inclusion of it is fantastic. It makes the game that even more realistic, and makes you face challenges which our real life counterparts might have to face. All of a sudden, if Britain do leave the EU, that means your transfer plans have to change. Yes, you might be still be able to get your number one transfer target, but you can bet you’re going to be fighting the odds in trying to sign that 18 year-old Italian who keeps catching your eye. The distance between you and your players has been reduced With player interaction being upped this year, it means we no longer feel like we have a restraining order between ourselves and our team. We can actually feel like we’re being more personal with them, and advancing our own images of ourselves. Are you going to be a manager who constantly forgives his players if they get a red card? Or, will you be a lot more harsher, and risk losing the trust of your star player? This will forever be an intriguing conundrum, because, it wouldn’t surprise me if people slapped a two week fine on a player quicker than you can say “OK”. But, have you thought about the consequences? What happens if this player doesn’t like your decision and his morale hits the deck? What happens if you let him off; will he suddenly feel like you’re wrapped round his finger and that he can go around, freely knocking the opposition's players out because he know you’re not going to punish him? There’s other things to consider too; how will your reputation to affect how a player receives a fine? Will he dislike the fine he has received - not because he is in the wrong - but more because he feels you’re not as important of an asset to the club and that you haven’t garnered the respect of x player yet to lay down a fine on him? The game has kept to its morals Whilst having added in an entirely new set of features, they’ve managed to keep the game mobile. It doesn’t feel like it’s an extra click, but instead, it only feels quicker. And that, is arguably one of the best things SI do. They continue to increase the gaming experience, whilst maintaining it’s most attractive feature of it being a quick play - whether that’s on a train, waiting for your dentist, or burning the time between ad breaks. “We want to make sure we improve the game whilst maintaining its speed,” Marc Duffy said during Football Manager Mobile’s Facebook livestream hours before the game’s release and I don’t think there is any doubting that with FMM17. It’s still everything we want from the game - and even more. I believe this could be the best FMM that’s ever been released. So strap yourselves in, because you might end up blasting through time with the amount of hours you’ll spend on this. What do you make of the new game? Let us know and post your comments below
  9. It's back! I present to you, your intensive training for FMM17. GENERAL Fitness - Medium Tactics - Medium Attacking - Intensive Goalkeeping - None Defensive - Medium Motivational - Light GOALKEEPER Fitness - Medium Tactics - Intensive Attacking - None Goalkeeping - Intensive Defensive - None Motivational - Medium DEFENDING Fitness - Medium Tactics - Intensive Attacking - Light Goalkeeping - None Defensive - Intensive Motivational - Light ATTACKING Fitness - Medium Tactics - Medium Attacking - Intensive Goalkeeping - None Defensive - Medium Motivational - Light BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER Please note, we're still refining this to the best it can be however these have given us the best results so far. If you’re managing in the lower leagues, you might find player’s moan about it more. This is to be expected. This can be fixed by tweaking each schedule according to what the regime is e.g. For the attacking regime, you can drop defensive and motivational down to either 'low' or 'none'. Use the Fitness regime if players don’t like the general or their position-own regime.
  10. If you’re new to the Football Manager Mobile series and you’re looking for some tips on how to achieve success in the ‘17 edition of the game, well, look no further, because you’re in the correct place. You might have been a religious player of the PC version but time constraints has meant you don’t have the opportunity to spend two hours on the first day of your new game, flushing out the entire club, from first team to youth team, physios to fitness coaches. Maybe, this is your first time playing any Football Manager and you’re completely bewildered and uncomfortable with the fact you can’t control your own players. Regardless, whoever you are, these seven tips should help steer you in the right direction with the new game. 1. "Who do I manage first?" We get it. You want to have a go at managing everyone. You want to manage your favourite team. You want to manage your local club. You want to spread your wings and manage abroad. All of that is fine. However, for your first game, don’t go too wild. With any new Football Manager game, it’s best for your first save to be with a club you know inside out. This might not be your supported team (I understand people don’t like managing their boyhood club), but instead a favourite team of yours. They could be in any of the seven leagues available to you in England, or they could be someone in the European continent. However, the worse thing you want to do is plunge yourself into the unknown whilst still getting to grips with the game. Take it easy; take it steady. Your first save doesn’t even have to be that long - it might only be a season; it might only be six months. Just get comfy with the game, learn about the new features and the new gameplay. 2. You can win with freebies... This section needs some context. I’m not suggesting that if you sign all of the free agents at the start of the game for Chelsea, you’re going to take the Blues back to Premier League glory. I’m referring to bosmans. Yes. Now, if you’ve previously been an FM player, you’ll know all about bosman. For those of you unaware, when a player has less than six months on his contract, you can approach to sign him on a free (in England, to approach another England based player, you can only approach x player if they have three months left on their contract). The best thing to do is to look at players who have a year left on their contract. That way, you can shortlist them and keep up to date with their contract situation. If they refuse to sign a new deal or aren’t offered one by their club, you’ll be the first to know. Of course, it is entirely possible that they will sign a new contract (sad face) but you would be surprised how many good players slip through the next. 3. And make money from them This is more a tip for when you’re managing one of the biggest clubs on the game. Bosmans are an excellent way of making money. Even if you sign a player with the intention of them being a back-up - in fact, you might not even imagine them getting first team football, the chances are, if they’re still young enough, you can easily flog them for cash in the first window after they’ve signed. This extra money can be used to give yourself a better chance of getting a stadium expansion or a training facilities upgrade. 4. Tactics - keep them simple Honestly - don’t run into a game having your hair shaven off and wearing a spanky new suit. You can pretend to be Pep Guardiola as much as you like, but you’re never going to get your National League side playing possession football. Stick to the basics. Even for the top teams when you’re scared to touch the tactics, don’t touch them. Watch your games, look at the statistics and find out where you’re going wrong. Having loads of shots and none are going in? It could be down to your striker having poor morale; or are all your shots coming from outside of the box? Stats tell one side of the story... Sometimes, simpler is better. A 4-4-2 with an advanced playmaker and ball-winning midfielder in the middle of the park with an advanced forward and deep-lying forward up top will work wonders for you in the lower divisions. As I said though; keep it simple, and don’t try and change too many things at once. 5. Don’t expect to hit the ground running I’m warning you before you get upset; don’t think you can pick up the game and start winning. You might do - in which I applaud thee, but if you’re struggling so far, there is no shame in that. The best winners learn from their losses. If you’re not scoring enough goals, ask yourself: are you committing enough players forward? If you're conceding too many goals, are you pushing too many players forward? And also, don’t feel like you’re alone. Not only do you have your assistant manager helping you, but don’t be afraid your queries in our discussion section. There are plenty of members on this forum who have played the games for years and would be happy to help you out. We want you to enjoy the game, and we understand that losing isn’t a lot of fun. 6. Signings We understand you might feel tempted to buy a continental name rather than someone from the Swiss second division, but your club balance might force you to go for the latter. Also, it might be the better buy. Football Manager is known for its phenomenal database - so don’t be afraid to use your scouts extensively to find the best there is. Alternatively, use the search tool in the player search to find the perfect player you’re looking for. Would you rather have a big name in your club or someone who is the missing piece in your title-chasing side? 7. Get to know the game, and the game will know you It’s no surprise to see that those who put more time and effort into the game are also those who get the best results. Just because it’s a mobile game or a dimmed down version of the PC game doesn’t mean you can continuously hit continue and expect your players to have gotten together and become the best there is. Immerse yourself into the game. Take control over every aspect you can. After all, you have so many things to take care of; why not oversee them all? On the other hand, I can see why some people don’t cater for all they are available to do so - which is perfectly fine. However, don’t forget the original point: don’t go chasing through the game like Usain Bolt doing a 100m sprint before getting to November and wondering why you’re out of a job. The less time you put into your save, the less likely you’re going to get results back.
  11. This is a possibility, yes, but I am confident these players will be in the game if the right selection of leagues are loaded.
  12. Wonderkids. Wonderkids, wonderkids, wonderkids. It's the word on our lips before the game goes live. It carries an even bigger emphasis after the game has dropped. So, we've complied a list of the best wonderkids in FMM17. Using the Football Manager editor, we have looked at all of the players with the best potential and put them in one place for you, so you can scour and find the wonderkid you're looking for. For those of you unfamiliar with potential ratings in Football Manager, here is how they work. Each player is given a PA. PA stands for potential ability, the highest ability they can achieve during their careers. However, just because they have a PA of 175 doesn't mean you don't have to nurture them. It's very possible that a player doesn't reach his full potential because he hasn't been played or trained properly. Injuries can massively influence whether a player reaches their PA too. I hear you say: "What does -10 mean?". -10 means that the player's potential can reach anywhere between 200 and 170. 200 is the maximum ability rating a player can be given. -95 equals a PA of between 190 and 160, -9 equals a PA of 180 and 150. Once again, if you don't raise your young player up well enough, they may not reach their full potential. Don't expect these players to become world beaters if you're giving them the role of bench-warming. Credit to @Dec for the graphics and help. Gianluigi Donnarumma A.C. Milan Italian 17 Goalkeeper £7m -10 Renato Sanches Bayern Portuguese 18 Central Midfielder £27m 175 Jonathan Tah Leverkusen German 20 Central Defender £15.5m 175 Leroy Sane Manchester City German 20 Left Winger £25m 176 Marco Asensio Real Madrid Spanish 20 Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder £13.5m -95 Anthony Martial Manchester United French 20 Striker £31m -95 Ousmane Dembele Dortmund French 19 Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder £21.5m -95 Luke Shaw Manchester United English 21 Full Back £13m 170 Dele Alli Tottenham Hotspur English 20 Central Midfielder £30m 170 Bernardo Silva AS Monaco Portuguese 21 Right Winger £23.5m 170 Predrag Rajkovic Maccabi Tev-Aviv Serbian 20 Goalkeeper £1m 170 Andreas Christensen BMG Danish 20 Central Defender £14.5m 171 Jose Giminez Atletico Madrid Uruguayan 21 Central Defender £17.5m 171 Adrien Rabiot Paris Saint-Germain French 21 Central Midfielder £11.5m 171 Julian Brandt Leverkusen German 20 Left Winger £16m 172 Alessio Romagnoli A.C. Milan Italian 21 Central Defender £12m 173 Kingsley Coman Bayern French 20 Left Winger £23m 173 Leon Goretzka Schalke German 21 Central Midfielder £16.25m 173 Kelechi Iheanacho Manchester City Nigerian 19 Striker £22m -9 Giovani Lo Celso Rosario Central Argentinian 20 Attacking Midfielder £1.7m -9 Maximillano Romero Club Atletico Velez Sarsfield Argentinian 17 Striker £1.5m -9 Facundo Colidio Boca Juniors Argentinian 16 Striker £500k -9 Divock Origi Liverpool Belgium 21 Striker £22m -9 Youri Tielemans RSC Anderlecht Belgium 19 Central Midfielder £9.5m -9 Gerson AS Roma Brazilian 19 Centre Midfielder £7.25m -9 Thiago Maia SAN Brazilian 19 Defensive Midfielder £4.3m -9 Gabriel Jesus SEP (set to join Man City) Brazilian 19 Right Winger £9.5m -9 Malcom Girondins de Bordeaux Brazilian 19 Left Winger £8.25m -9 Matheus Pereira Empoli Brazilian 18 Attacking Midfielder £1.1m -9 Ante Coric GNK Dinamo Croatian 19 Attacking Midfielder £5.25m -9 Marcus Rashford Manchester United English 18 Striker £32.5m -9 Ben Woodburn Liverpool Welsh 16 Striker £150k -9 Gabriel Barbosa INTER Brazilian 19 Striker £14m -9 Riechedly Bazoer AFC Ajax Holland 19 Defensive Midfielder £6.5m -9 Alex Meret Spal Italian 19 Goalkeeper £775k -9 Manuel Locatelli A.C. Milan Italian 18 Central Midfielder £550k -9 Amadou Diawara Napoli Guinean 19 Defensive Midfielder £5.75m -9 Fillippo Melegoni Atalanta Italian 17 Central Midfielder £160k -9 Andrea Pinamonti INTER Italian 17 Striker £170k -9 Moise Kean Juventus Italian 16 Striker £170k -9 Adam Ounas Girondins de Bordeaux Algerian 19 Right Winger £7.5m -9 Alban Lafont Toulouse Football Club French 17 Goalkeeper £2.3m -9 Hirving Lozano Pachua CF Mexican 21 Left Winger £5.5m -9 Martin Odegaard Real Madrid Norweigen 17 Attacking Midfielder £2.2m -9 Gelson Martins Sporting Portuguese 21 Right Winger £8.75m -9 Ruben Neves FCP Portuguese 19 Defensive Midfielder £6m -9 Andre Horta SLB Portuguese 19 Central Midfielder £6.5m -9 Ze Gomes SLB B Portuguese 17 Striker £140k -9 Oliver FCP Spanish 21 Attacking Midfielder £7.5m -9 Jesus Vallejo Frankfurt Spanish 19 Central Defender £3m -9 Lucas Atletico Madrid French 20 Central Defender £4.7m -9 Jorge Mere Sporting Gijon Spanish 19 Central Defender £2m -9 Dani Ceballos Real Hispalis Spanish 19 Central Midfielder £5.5m -9 Kuki Malaga B Spanish 18 Attacking Midfielder £350k -9 Pol Lirola Sassuolo Spanish 18 Full Back £575k -9 Maurico Lemos Las Palmas Uruguayan 20 Central Defender £4.2m -9 Afonso Sousa FCP Portuguese 16 Central Midfielder £1.6k -9 Kurt Zouma Chelsea French 21 Central Defender £28.5m -9 Thomas Lemar AS Monaco French 20 Attacking Midfielder £8.75m -9 Kylian Mbappe AS Monaco French 17 Left Winger £1.2m -9 Abalberto Penaranda Udinese Venezuelan 19 Striker £7m -9 Johannes Eggestein Bremen German 18 Striker £1.3m -9 Kai Havertz Leverkusen German 17 Central Midfielder £1.2m -9 Christian Fruchtl Bayern German 16 Goalkeeper £140k -9 Christian Pulisic Dortmund American 17 Left Winger £16m -9 Bartlomiej Dragowski ACF Fiorentina Polish 18 Goalkeeper £975k -9 Breel Embolo Schalke Swiss 19 Striker £10.25m -9 Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg Southampton Danish 20 Central Midfielder £11m 165 Hector Bellerin Arsenal Spanish 21 Full Back £22.5m 165 Alex Grimaldo SLB Spanish 20 Full Back £4.7m 165 Maximillian Meyer Schalke German 20 Attacking Midfielder £16m 165 Lewis Cook AFC Bournemouth English 19 Central Midfielder £10m 166 Marko Pjaca Juventus Croatian 21 Left Winger £14m 167 Balde Keita SS Lazio Senegalese 21 Left Winger £15.5m 167 Benjamin Henrichs Leverkusen German 19 Full Back £6m 167 Niklas Sule Hoffenheim German 20 Central Defender £9.75m 168 Saul Atletico Madrid Spanish 21 Central Midfielder £20.5m 169 Joshua Kimmich Bayern German 21 Defensive Midfielder £30m 169 Franck Kessie Atalanta Ivorian 19 Central Midfielder £5.25m 160 Danilo Benfica Brazilian 20 Defensive Midfielder £6m 160 Will Hughes Derby County English 21 Central Midfielder £10.5m 160 Coretin Tolisso Olympique Lyonnais French 21 Central Midfielder £8.25m 160 Bruma Galatasaray Portuguese 21 Left Winger £5m 160 Goncalo Guedes SLB Portuguese 19 Right Winger £4.1m 160 Sergej Milinkovic Savic SS Lazio Serbian 21 Central Midfielder £8m 160 Pau Lopez Tottenham Hotspur Spanish 21 Goalkeeper £3.6m 160 Naby Keita RBL Guinean 21 Defensive Midfielder £9.25m 160 Presnel Kimpembe Paris Saint-Germain French 20 Central Defender £4.6m 160 Julian Weigl Dortmund Dortmund 20 Defensive Midfielder £23m 160 Nadiem Amiri Hoffenheim German 19 Attacking Midfielder £4.1m 160 Isaac Success Watford Nigerian 20 Striker £10.5m 161 Serge Gnabry Bremen German 21 Left Winger £9m 161 Morgan Sanson Montpellier Hersault French 21 Central Midfielder £4.4m 161 Raheem Sterling Manchester City English 21 Left Winger £30.5m 162 Marco Benassi Torino Italian 21 Central Midfielder £7.5m 162 Sergi Samper Granada Spanish 21 Defensive Midfielder £5.25m 162 Jose Gaya Valencia Spanish 21 Full Back £10.25m 162 Angel Correa Atletico Madrid Argentinian 21 Attacking Midfielder £9.5m 163 Leonardo Capezzi Crotone Italian 21 Defensive Midfielder £550k 163 Danilo Cataldi S.S. Lazio Italian 21 Central Midfielder £6.25m 163 Andre Silva FCP Portuguese 20 Striker £12m 163 M'Baye Niang A.C. Milan French 21 Striker £10.75m 163 Cristian Pavon Boca Juniors Argentinian 20 Left Winger £1.5m 164 Mahmoud Dahoud BMG German 20 Central Midfielder £5.75m 164
  13. I would just keep going with it mate - it will be London buses.