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  1. I should hopefully have it finished by Saturday.
  2. I am having such strange score lines as well. I normally manage in the Eastern Conf as I am a New England fan. This Western Conf is crazy.
  3. I am 11 games in...….. I think I have just found the tactic that suits the team after a slow start. Still got to catch Galaxy as they are top of the league currently.
  4. MATCH KEY FOR PREDICTIONS - MW 29 VCD PSG 2 vs 2 Arsenal @gunnersaur Dortmund @LTFC 3 vs 1 Porto Valencia 0 vs 4 Liverpool @Jsavfc Chelsea @broodje kip 1 vs 1 Napoli Spurs @ThomW12 3 vs 2 Barcelona @Titjes Man Utd @Crashhart 1 vs 1 Arsenal @gunnersaur Liverpool @Jsavfc 2 vs 1 Spurs @ThomW12 VPD PSV 0 vs 3 RB Leipzig @JustM1kePlays VGD Everton 1 vs 3 Torino @BatiGoal
  5. You are correct, I have edited the OP
  6. I am going to do an update every 3 month of in game time as I feel this will give you time to work up some points hopfully. Next update should be with you either today of tommorow.
  7. Cheers. I will give the players to option to accept any transfer or loan offers when they arise.
  8. On we go. All Transfers and points added. Only person who didn't let me know was @dimashcze
  9. If your using the editor already then just change the contract using the editor.
  10. This is correct however Maidenhead are in the Notional League which is the same division that your player is currently in. Just let me know if you wish to stick with this transfer?