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  1. Off Topic Editor help

    He was trying to add players and managers I will see if I can find it. 👍
  2. Off Topic Editor help

    Anyone help with this error @jaymarvels @UKFootballScore
  3. Off Topic Editor help

    Is anyone a bit of a editor wiz?knowledge of hex might be help full to help @cel1234 with a little project?
  4. Career Tag Team Challenge

    Sorry when is the deadline?
  5. Boom! Yes finally on the podium. U.S.A U.S.A U.S.A!
  6. Career The Road to Lewandowski

    Thanks Anders Me too. I think I may have to tone it down a little. Cheers Sam. Next update hopefully up tonight. Thank you Mr BatiGoal
  7. Career The Road to Lewandowski

    Second tier my friend. Thanks for the comment.
  8. Welcome to...... Full name: Miejski Klub Sportowy Znicz Pruszków Founded: 1923 The best known player from Znicz Pruszków is Robert Lewandowski, who played for Znicz from 2006 to 2008 The main aim of this save, along with dominating club football and all of Polish football is to bring Lewandowski back to the club. Playing 59 times and scoring 36 goals you can see why Lech paid a mere 325k for him back in 2008 Znicz Pruszków So after what seems like an eternity of being asked the same question over and over again by the press. Most of them around language barrier and me not being able to pronounce any of my players name. I am taken to see the ground. With the smallest capacity of just 1977 in the league I am shown around the Stadion Znicza Pruszków what is more commonly know as MZON Oh just one more thing to note this is where the away fan are kept! What shall we call this? After the tour I get back to my office to find a brief report on my desk of the team and the staff It’s seem the midfield could be a problem for us and I really need to look at developing the staff I have here as I don’t have the resources to attract much better. Money I have a decent wage budget but not alot of transfer money to play with but I could move money around if needed to. The Players Just picked out a few players that I think might be key after watching the first training session Not a player you might instantly look at and think ‘get in my team’ but for me he has all I need in a Central Defender at this level. Good in the air, decent tackling, really good at positioning his self and the right amount of aggression. Very good pace and crossing ability. I will have to look at tactics but he will definitely be and huge plus down the wings for us. The man I am tasking to get us the goals. A well rounded players but I might need to look at someone to either play along side him or behind, he doesn’t seem the type of player who would worry a defence by himself. The man between the sticks. I always like a keeper that is a great communicator, along with him being good in the Air and good Strength there was no battle between him an the other lad. Tactics This took longer then I thought. I was trying hard to get a formation with winger to work but they just don’t have the depth in certain positions to make it work throughout a season. I decided to settle for this for the pre season and see how it goes. A very balanced narrow formation, the hones being on the two CDM breaking up the play in front of the defence and then look to start a fast paced counter attack to catch the opposition off guard Training I’m not sold on this working. I am going to give it a go but I think some might struggle with it as the facilities and coaches are low level so it might be something I go back to and change. Fixtures I am going to be doing my updates on a monthly bases. Where I take a look back over what has happend in the previous month. The next update will include the friendlys and the first league game of the season. As well as any other news to report. So how do you think I will do? Prediction on the results how many do you think I will win, lose or draw? Well that just about does it. If you have enjoyed it don’t forget to drop any like, comment and share. I have been JustM1kePlays and I will speak to you legends soon.
  9. Vibe What happend to Kaka?

    Hello, I awoke this morning to notice that kaka the bird has gone from the top left hand side of my screen. Is this part of some new rebranding? Thanks
  10. You beat me to this haha tbh you did a solid job of it as well. Keep up the great work
  11. 60...... that was after just one game. Amateurs
  12. Help England 2017/18 League Placings

    Not sure how far the PGE is off. @jaymarvels any ETA on it?
  13. The clash of the titan potential!
  14. I feel I did pretty well at this one! I predict I will come 3rd