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  1. I would love to try some of these out if only international management was fun. If you could pick your own tours do to in the off season that would make it more interesting. Along with Under 19 and 21s teams.
  2. Greyed out GK Connor get his first cap Pickford on the bench and Gunnnot picked
  3. Votes are in and the out come is..... We have our first job! alot of work to be done I'm sure you will agree. Our scouts have suggest a few players to us 5 offers were made as we have a fair but of room in the wage budget. I will post a team reviews once I have a few more players in. We can decided on formation, roles and so on. I really appreciate all those that have gotten involved with the save.
  4. This won't really work if nobody vote 😢
  5. Yeah I keep getting that they don't want to move abroad at a young age.
  6. Maybe I am playing on android maybe it's because it's a big screen.
  7. You won't buy the game because you CDM match rating might be wrong? Do you play other games?
  8. Before you banish him can I ask how you got the side menu so small is this the PC version? Mine takes up a lot of space (menu on left had side)
  9. I have not found any tactic that works for each game so far. I tried this one but I don't think there is such thing as a winning formation. You need the players to have the right attributes in the right roles and work out how to counter your opponents set up. Iv been taking it game by game. Only my opinion by the way.
  10. Absolutely cracking article Ash. Such a shame that his attributes have taken a bit of a beating. Let's hope he will get a boost in January .
  11. I am still finding my way with the training. This guide has been helpful so thank you for that. One thing I will say well echo what has been said before. We were a bit spoiled by the training on the last fews years games. Seeing ridiculous improvement in a players attributes in less then one season. I think this is more realistic. Does that mean I like it? Kind of, I still feel as most new feature we get it won't be 100% but with the right feedback it could be patched.