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  1. JustM1kePlays

    The FMM Burnout by PriZe

    Cracking article. I always take too much on and never finish anything. FMM19 this will change.
  2. I really enjoyed reading this. I to do not wish to see press conferences as such however I would like to see more pre match build up if it's a must win game or a derby.
  3. JustM1kePlays

    Hello, I'm Mike

    Hi people, I though I would re introduce myself as I have been inactive for sometime. I'm' Mike, I am 32 and I'm addicted to Football Manager Mobile. I have been playing the game as well as the full version and touch for as long as I can remember. I am a Leeds fan and I used to be fairly active on here. I have been having a look around the site and I've got to say alot has changed and there has been some absolutely cracking ideas and content posted. I am going to be getting involved as much as I can do with the little free time I have. Don't expect much or anything special from me Well that's enough of me rambling. I will catch all you legends later.
  4. JustM1kePlays

    Non contract reserve players

    I do this once a season as a youth intake as such. You general don't get that many in your youth in youth intakes. It is also a good way to make a bit of money sometimes in the lower leagues if you can sell then in even for a few £100. You can also find the odd gem. I feel a challenge coming on
  5. I have always played with it on. I guess more out of habit now then anything else. I guess the way I see it is I wouldn't know the attributes of every player in the world without going to watch them. On the same note I can 100% see why people don' have them turned on as it is just another thing you have to do in the game that really isn't necessary. I guess it add slight more realism to the game. My favourite things is that you have the option to have it on or off. Play the game as you want to.
  6. Really enjoyed catching up with this. Absolutely cracking 2nd season.
  7. JustM1kePlays

    The Vibe Olympics 2018

    Is there any spaces left? I wanted USA but seen they have been taken. Probably should have come to the last page and read the comments before posting. My bad. Maybe next time
  8. JustM1kePlays

    Klopp Out - Ashez In!

    So well writen, absolutely loved catching up with this. @Ashez you have inspired me to redownload thr game and get a save on the go.
  9. Huge MLS fan over here. I have even managed to watch all of the Revs pre season so far and I watch the first and second round of the super draft.
  10. I have enjoyd playing in the league and this post has made me start a new long term save with my beloved New England Revolution. The issue is that the league is exciting because it' so different. However on FMM that have not implemented any of the rules. There is no drafts. Which IMO is the best part. There is no salary cap or limitations on DP players and homegrown. It just the save as all the other leagues with the MLS database.
  11. Thanks @FuddledFox this was a really great article mate. It' nice to find out more about how people came to play thr game.
  12. JustM1kePlays

    What to do with Adu?

    Absolutely love this! I pretty mch sign Adu on every save I do where I can. I have 2 saves on the go at the moment he is in both squads. Haha
  13. JustM1kePlays

    The Santiago Munez Challenge

    Where are you trying to save it?
  14. JustM1kePlays

    The Santiago Muñez Challenge

    You do start half way through the first seasn with LA Galaxy that was my bad hopefully it will add to the story.... yeah we will go with that I did it on purpose to add to the story.