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  1. From what I remember on Android, the logos are stored with the game data (which is on the phone’s storage by default) so you can only move it if the phone supports it. Samsung did a few years back but that changed. Try going to the app’s settings and see if there is a move to external storage option.
  2. For anyone else that is looking for similar, I've started sorting them out into a spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yJCh3dkClCNlTtM0pP-tuKZl7yNWpL7MeyGm2ythn7o/edit?usp=sharing
  3. What's the latest changes.txt that's out at the moment? I've seen one in the downloads section but that's in Spanish.
  4. Was there ever a workaround for the West Ham logo bug? I'm making my own now and I can't get the logo to populate no matter what
  5. Did you get round to uploading the code on GitHub?
  6. That's spot on, thank you very much!
  7. Do any of the creators on here have a list of clubs and their respective IDs in the database? I am aware that you can get them by searching for clubs individually in the main game’s editor or on sortitoutsi, but a ready made list would be useful if it exists. I’ve found one from 2013 but a lot has changed since then! I’m making my own logos and I don’t fancy playing hide and seek with the existing pack of 4000 logos that I have to find the clubs I want.
  8. Can anyone categorically confirm it works on iOS after reloading skin data? I have swapped back from Android and wanting to get the game on iOS but won’t if I can’t change names (sad, I know)
  9. Anyone playing the game on OnePlus 8T? Does it look/play OK with the hole punch display?
  10. Surely it's got to be a bug where we have so many basque/Spanish players as free agents, some of them even have empty career histories
  11. The longest you could do season-wise is starting right at the bottom. Pick a club in the bottom English league with the worst facilities/finances. Restrict your transfers/loans artificially and it should give you a bigger challenge and longer career? Pick the team and parameters yourself, it's your career after all.
  12. Is anyone seeing contracts being auto negotiated after an offer is accepted or the player getting the amount they originally asked for after you negotiate them down? I swear I've seen a few go through and I'm trying to catch one in a save...
  13. At least they are active and want to fix them though, rather than taking our money and leaving us with a broken product. It's a rarity these days and I applaud them for it.
  14. Uploaded as coach_motm_after.dat and coach_motm_before.dat. The before is 15 days before, so do well and see if it replicates!
  15. Do you want before or after? I'll see what I have got. Still jealous I didn't get the award!