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  1. CurtisL93

    Formatting issues on Android Version

    Thanks, I have emailed their technical support
  2. CurtisL93

    Formatting issues on Android Version

    A screenshot won't show the problem. That's the issue, everything looks fine but it's when I go to press a button on the screen.
  3. I downloaded FMM2018 on my new OnePlus 6 only to realise that in order to press some buttons on the screen I actually have to press above/below/left or right of the button. Judging by some reviews on Google Play people are experiencing the same problem, one guy mentioned he was using a Huawei P20 Pro. I tried the option of hiding the notch on the screen and it didn't help, and the scale option within FMM2018 makes the app really small. I'm just wondering if anyone has found a fix for this and could help me out?
  4. CurtisL93

    Recalling a player from loan?

    Nice thank you, just started playing the game and I was wanting to recall players to sell them but now I'll have to wait :( lol
  5. CurtisL93

    Recalling a player from loan?

    On 2016 you could recall the player, you clicked on him and it said recall at the bottom
  6. This may seem stupid but how do I recall a player that is on loan? It isn't the same as 2016
  7. CurtisL93

    'No Loan Restrictions' unlockable

    Cheers mate
  8. Does anyone have an easy method to obtain this unlockable?
  9. Leandro Parades from Boca Juniors
  10. CurtisL93

    Problem with Attribute Masking

    What differences does it make?
  11. CurtisL93

    Who scored your first goal?

    Curtis Allen - Glentoran (bought from Coleraine)
  12. CurtisL93

    Problem with Attribute Masking

    Thanks Dec, that worked for me. But what does quick start do?
  13. I turned Attribute Masking off before I started my first career. But when I was looking for players to buy the "-" appeared in some of their attributes. I then exited out of my career and in 'Preferences' the Attribute Masking was turned back on. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know how to fix it?
  14. I've started a new career with Chelsea but I'm not sure what formation to play. I want to have 4 defenders and 2 wingers but I'm not sure how to arrange the CMs and the CFs. I have a few ideas in mind but what do you guys think?