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Özgür Emek

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  1. Özgür Emek

    Is it possible to improve technique?

    I prefer that too, i hope next update will solve that issue it's quite annoying.
  2. Özgür Emek

    Is it possible to improve technique?

    I'm totally agree but if that's the case there should be a standard in my opinion. For example Yaya Toure's regen, in my Besiktas save his tecnhique is 10 but it was 20 in Fulham save.
  3. I can't develop the technique of my players even with focus attribute. Do you guys have solution or thats normal?
  4. Özgür Emek

    Fulham to the win! (first season)

    I hope it helps, I'm waiting for the news I hope that too, let me know about your results You can use that:
  5. Özgür Emek

    Fulham to the win! (first season)

    This is my starting eleven, as you can see, only gideon jung and lucas paqueta in. I don't remember what did i say to board.
  6. Hey guys, i wanted to share you my tactics which i used and win PL in first season. I used 4-3-2-1 for home games and easy away games and the other one is big games and away games for. I hope you'll like it. These are some results with that tactic: And this is the other one for big games: And some results: My best player: my best serie:
  7. Özgür Emek

    FMM19 Bug List

    After champions league final, the game froze, look at continue button its stuck 😔 edit: restarted the game and autosave saved my cup
  8. Özgür Emek

    FMM19 Bug List

    Thanks, i forgot that.
  9. Özgür Emek

    FMM19 Bug List

    I'm not sure if it is a bug but its definitely weird. I've played 9 games in october and i don't have any games 1 november to 28 december, almost 2 months.
  10. Özgür Emek

    Closest Championship Race Ever

    Yes of course ?
  11. i just finished my first season with A.C. Milan and this season is the most exciting season i've ever played. i want to share with you.
  12. Özgür Emek

    Sugar Daddy Problem

    Thanks Dec
  13. Guys, i unlocked sugar daddy but i can't use. And also i pushed sugar daddy button(in the store) and fmm 17 stopped but other buttons works. Anyone can help?
  14. Özgür Emek

    Record for most goals scored EVER?

    Firstly sorry for my grammar and i can't understand, why don't you share tactic? As you can see there are lots of curious people and i think most of us have doubts(include myself). I think you should share tactic and then you don't have to proof anything.
  15. i tried this but it didn't work for me because my players didn't get bids when they were in second team.