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  1. Although I am not exactly sure of this method, maybe you can still find it somewhat useful. Firstly you will need to find the position of a player in hex editor. Then a string of hex values in the form of 14 XX 00 XX 00 or 14 XX XX 00 XX 00 shows the CA and PA in hex value. Values between 14 and 00 shows CA and value between 00 and 00 shows PA. For example, in a save, Hector Bellerin has a string of hex value of 14 A5 00 A5 00, so he has both CA and PA of 165. Not sure if it is appropriate to talk about it openly here though, since if I am not mistaken, almost no one has ever talked about it here.
  2. I think you can by using hex editor to view a save game, but it is probably a bit complicated.
  3. Great! Any Hong Kong League and Nation available?