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  1. I think having a reserve league to help the progress of younger players, a bit like having a PL2 and U18 sides.
  2. In my save Monaco had Ibrahimovic, Berbatov and Forlan all in the same season 🤬
  3. Definitely worth releasing. @jaymarvels great work as always
  4. Good afternoon All, Is there any news on how close Save Game Editor 17 is to being ready? Many Thanks in advance.
  5. Fantastic news. Can't wait for this to be release. Great work as always @jaymarvels
  6. Good Afternoon, Is there any news of when the save editor will be available? Many Thanks
  7. Does anyone know when you create a shortlist if you want to add say all players with PA 180+ can you do it in one go rather than click on each player and selecting add to shortlist? Any help would be great.
  8. I agree wait a season. I always get Eto'o, Drogba regens on a free both 5* potential. Zlatan normally retires either start of 2nd/3rd season and can get for peanuts. Regens are the way forward!
  9. My apologies. Looking forward to the save editor then
  10. Is this a new restriction as used FMH 15 Save Editor and FMH 14 Save Editor unless this is something completely different. Thank you for your response.
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