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  1. Yeah i did it rushing out for work and didnt realise. Then ehen i went to load it up i was like 'where the hell is my save' then it hit home! 😣
  2. So true, i hope you smash em in mate
  3. Was once a potential Geordie legend......now just a hasbeen!! Good luck with this mate. I still love Carroll though even tafter he scarpered!
  4. I so wished i had done that too.
  5. This is really starting to ramp up now... I honestly don't know how you guys do it. i'm impressed.
  6. That's true. I'm definitely not finished with this challenge...really like it.
  7. I'm really brassed off mate about it, was starting to progress too lol. I'm currently testing the same tactic to work on both the EME & OME! Been working on it for a while, that's what i saved over this. Gutted!
  8. Guys i've made a major cock up!! I have only gone and saved a new career over this save!!! I will defo give this another try though.
  9. Help Lost my saved games

    Duuuude this really sucks I know this is no consolation but if you had android your saves could of been backed up. sorry mate.
  10. Career A son is born!

    I have to say i've not heard of the lad(hangs head in shame) But good luck mate, he does look promising as others have said. Kluivert would be the obvious choice....i've heard of him lol
  11. Career Havertz - 1kc attempt

    Solid start dude well done. Geubbels is a class player...he needs time to get those physicals up, but once he does he is immense! KIU bud...this could be a huge career!
  12. Article FMM18 New Role: Inverted Wing Back

    Great write up dude. Not tried the IWB yet as im not tactically endowed enough. This may help me in the future to attempt a tactic or two involving this role. 👍
  13. In Stoke its 'attributes me duck'!
  14. Here here! You lot are soo childish 😂