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About Acidsparxx

  • Birthday 10/10/1979
  • Real Name
    Chris Woodward
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    Newcastle United
  1. Acidsparxx

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    I think you should use this..... 😉
  2. Acidsparxx

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    Even though i didnt partake in the 2nd half...it was fun. Congrats on your awesome VPL performances everyone, looking forward to the semi's
  3. Acidsparxx

    Geubbels 1K Challenge

    Keep it going mate.... Lets see some league tables, transfers, fixtures and so on. More in depth you post the more we can reply to but well done so far Incidently, what training are you putting him on? Took me till he was almost 20 before i saw a 10 in stamina.
  4. Squad 1 @Ashez Squad 2 @Foxy
  5. It has to be done! Surely.
  6. I'm tempted to buy him and see how good/not so good he can get.
  7. Hi peeps.. I'm currently in the middle of a testing phase getting ready for something me and @Ashez will be getting upto. Well....i've found a chap we all know well lingering in the game. Could it be, our resident Mackem has been hiding something?? I knew he had inside info...he is just too good
  8. Acidsparxx

    Hi, I’m Nucleus

  9. Acidsparxx

    Hi, I’m Nucleus

    I think that 'is' why he posts so much! I know the perils of small babies we had 2 within 2 years....it was hardwork!
  10. Acidsparxx

    The New John Charles - Eriq Zavaleta

    Dude....your making these challenges look like park football. Too easy for you. Well done mate.
  11. Exactly how i feel...not played full FM now for 3 years.
  12. Knew you would do it! Still though....head is gone....how you have managed this defies belief! Superb work...cracking write ups too. Well done mate...truly..Well done!
  13. Acidsparxx

    Nucleus’s Three Kings of Paris

    Dont put yourself down!
  14. Acidsparxx

    Nucleus’s Three Kings of Paris

    My bad....YOUR graphics are great bud.
  15. Acidsparxx

    Nucleus’s Three Kings of Paris

    Good luck dude These graphics of Foxy's pop up everwhere....he's a busy fox.