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  1. Woody

    English football

    I really hope it works out mate. Its been far too long since we had a good squad.
  2. Woody

    English football

    Bentaleb is hopeless. Looks good on the ball sometimes but thats it. I did watch Southampton and i thought they gave it a good go tbf. Thats all i want to see from us. It aint all Bruce's fault as some of the players need to take a look at them selves sometimes. I guess i'm just frustrated with it all and like you said it will just be great to watch them again. Fingers crossed someone buys the club soon but who knows whats happening on that front and if it will bring success.
  3. Woody

    English football

    Agree also. He has done far btter than i thought he would. I just see teams like Southampton give Man City a game and i know we have the players to give it a go too. Not saying we would of won but a good effort would of gone a long way. I think it was the cup tie that did it for me we should of gone for it. Do you think this Poch rumor is true? I doubt it myself.
  4. Woody

    English football

    When Rafa had his bad run at the start of last season i was frustrated just as much as i am now. We got lucky in a few of those games Sam. Granted they ended up great results in the end. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We dont deserve to be any higher than we are, this team is where it should be, i dont think otherwise. I just get frustrated when i see games like the 2 Man City games. He has done it before against other sides and he doesnt need to, we aren't on a bad run so make more of an effort. Southampton didnt and they capitalised on the great run they are on. Thats whats bothers me. I do want Bruce to succeed and hopefully he will. Problem is everyone critises there own clubs rightly or wrongly. We just want the best for them.
  5. Woody

    English football

    Ok. I may of upset you somehow. I've never disliked Bruce. True i wasn't overly excited by his appointment but he is a Geordie and he loves the club. My gripe is how he plays sometimes. We beat Man City earlier in the season and he played a 433 that time so he knows we can do it. He seems to roll over against better sides and he doesnt need to do that. We have capable players. I'm not naive, we will probably still lose but i dont want to watch a game where we are camped on our own 18 yard box for 90 mins with only 18% possession. It is a better team than last year granted and we are only a mid table team and i know that. I dont think we have a god given right to be in Europe but we are a big club(just not at the moment). I'm more than happy for him to stay on he deserves to have a crack at it once hopefully the money comes in. I honestly dont think the majority of the fans think we are bigger than we are. We are where we are because of an twat of an owner. Hopefully we will be better in the future and if Bruce is there to do that then i'm happy for that to be so.
  6. Woody

    English football

    Thats the point though Sam. I know we are playing Man City but you cant play like that its suicide. We played the same way in the cup.
  7. Woody

    English football

    So did Southampton. It frustrates me that we sit on the edge of our box and just invite them on to us. Surely we can do more than surrender?
  8. Woody

    English football

    When will Bruce learn!!!!
  9. Fantastic start. Best of luck ๐Ÿ‘
  10. Defo. He's a top player. He would score shed loads as a striker.
  11. I know what you mean. He did start to go abit stale but he seems to have re adjusted himself and he has improved alot.
  12. I agree. Its something i could see in game but like you said it would just cause way too many legal issues. Tbh these "extra" things aren't really needed to improve the game.
  13. Ive got Zaniolo playing as a box to box or sometimes as a Left wide midfielder. He has been awesome.