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  1. Here we go! Lovely challenge @samhardy
  2. Woody

    English football

    Fat fingers mate its a pain when texting
  3. Woody

    English football

    I would take him at Toon tbh. Wether thats a good idea or notbi dont know. Bruce btinging in another Geordie coach is judt away to dmooth things over...wont work though!
  4. Woody

    English football

    He is just making it worse for himself. On the Frank Lampard scenario. I think its disgusting that he maybe getting the boot. He has had 1 blip! Give the bloke chance turn it around. Ole could of been sacked loads of times by now and look where Man Utd are. Coaches need time. Unless your Steve Bruce.
  5. I think this will be my toughest week so far mate.
  6. Its the anti-challenge challenge(sort of). Great idea Rob 👍
  7. Woody

    English football

    @RichD and @dai i've been looking at thw runners and riders of who could take over if Brucey gets the boot. I'd take a punt on Joey Barton.
  8. Much much better and now you're taking it seriously 😉, i can only see bigger numbers on the horizon.
  9. Yeah i went with a sole striker but had 2 INF helping out
  10. Well done mate. Conceded less than me too 👍
  11. i can't be the only one with a positive GD?
  12. My thoughts were if i can defend then ive got a chance of winning some games. My keeper was as shit as they come and in his 40's so we needed to defend.