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  1. I'm going to pick a player i've grown to like alot. I wish i had chosen him in our H2H2H, he is.....
  2. Woody

    Darragh Lenihan

    Looks awesome. He is a player ive used before but only in past incarnations of the game during lower league saves. Always a solid buy. Seems he has had an upgrade this year. Watched him play against Newcastle in the week and i was impressed.
  3. Woody

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    NEW RECORDS HAVE ARRIVED IN STORE...GO CHECK EM OUT GUYS!! Sorry dude, i was just joking 😊
  4. I was going to bud...on hold for time being though.
  5. Darn it!! You beat me too it! Good luck though mate, great start too.
  6. Woody

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Well done mate. Will add later....was mega busy yesterday so didnt get chance to add them.
  7. Woody

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    They are all good mate...will add them in later. Nice one.
  8. Superb mate. Will add your uber defensive record in later....that 100+ goal difference is great too
  9. Woody

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

  10. Just epic mate. Let me know your biggest goal haul so i can pop it into the record store! I can see a 110 in there but is that the highest? Silva is already in the store on 103 so i need to update it.
  11. Nice idea this. Sound start too. I have one idea though. You shouldn't upgrade the facilities at all as FatAsh wont irl! The training ground is awful and not upto standard so i recon thats how you have to play it too....Ben Dawson is coping well enough 😆 Keep it up mate.
  12. Woody

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Post the screenies dude and i'll add it to the store. 😉
  13. Nice work mate...cool challenge.
  14. I have to say....that is a great season and i'm surprised you didnt beat my score atleast but it was an epic season though. I knew you would end up scoring 200+ goals....i do think though after a season together the players should be gelled now and im sure those loses will be alot less. Well done bru'