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  1. Great season mate. 👍 Lads are kicking on nicely and the injuries didnt hinder you too much.
  2. Woody

    English football

    Cant believe we won! Apart from the 2 goals which were class tbf. We were shocking. Lucky Brucey. 3 pts though and that gives us abit of a cushion. Next 3 or 4 games are going to be awful.
  3. Well done @broodje kip mate. I just not good enough. A massive thanks to @samhardy and @FuddledFox for putting on a fantastic season. Loved every second. I'm proud to have reached the semi's though. 😆
  4. I know your down beat on Badji only getting 54 but like you said any improvement is good. The squad is looking good and the Europa League run to the final proves that(aswell as your excellent tactical knowledge of course). Nice job mate 👍
  5. A great starting season mate. You've set the ground work and i'm sure your tactic will have them steaming in a season or two. 👍
  6. Cant believe the rest of the league cant keep up with your excellent work 😉 Keep showing them the way mate 👍
  7. Brilliant start fella. Pipi is going to be a beast. I think its been shite trying to sell players on this years game.
  8. Ok. Lets go! Thanks for the challenge @FuddledFox and good luck @broodje kip
  9. New name soon then "GermanicFox"?? Love this challenge and a great starting player choice. Best of luck my friend 👍
  10. Woody

    English football

    Probably but i think there is more chance of the club being sold if we stay up. Honestly, I'm torn over it!
  11. Woody

    English football

    We thank you 👏
  12. Woody

    English football

    Alot better mate. Longstaff was shit but everyone else put a shift in. Even Joelinton played well.
  13. Woody

    English football

    A well deserved point. Much better performance.