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  1. A splendid career and save. Hopefully a repeat for 2020 maybe? 😃
  2. No new tactical additions is very very disappointing tbh. Like the additions but its not enough for me.
  3. Woody

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    Im with Sam this years has been poor tbh. I think my fave was 2014.
  4. Never d/l logo's or facepacks. It's not something that I've needed to enjoy the game so its not a problem for me but i understand how some would be put out by it.
  5. need to know if its on OME or EME mate. seems that would probably be OME with that amount of goals but i might be wrong.
  6. Woody

    BG Scores Highest Lowest

    i love that formation mate. im sure you had one similar last year or the year before. great start though.
  7. Woody

    Hi, I'm Kun Aguero

    Nice introductory return. Nice to have ya back bud.
  8. He is just as good as a striker too.
  9. Tbh im not fussed about the extra leagues. Updated and new added tactical instructions is where its at.
  10. You have done awesome with him mate. My fave player this year by far.
  11. Woody

    The Yossi Benayoun Challenge

    Great return Bati 👍
  12. Im sold.....im getting in there early. Ive heard its a game changer 😉😂😂😂
  13. Woody

    BG's Race to 50

    Great score mate. Well done.
  14. Yeah. Top season Ian lad. 👍
  15. Now thats a challenge 😂😂 should be a 1k mins challenge tbh got more chance.