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  1. Woody

    English football

    You can have 'i dont know what im doing' Bruce back if you want 😂
  2. You will mate. I have faith 😉
  3. Nice picks Rob. Willian Jose was linked with Newcastle a few seasons back but fat Ash wouldnt pay the £16m to get him. Best of luck mate.
  4. Yes starting to just hope it continues.
  5. Thanks guys. Im hoping the Argie job comes up aswell at some point.
  6. Season Two: 2019. Bon Bon started his Chinese invasion pretty well in the 1st season and will be looking to improve on that atleast. A few more signings and outgoings in the hope of having a stronger team. Still struggling to get the best as work permits and reluctance to sign are a hinderance. IN. OUT. Yeah, i'm still over doing the transfers 😂😂 League Table. We go into our 2nd campaign looking to umprove on the latter. An almost identical league finish as before...weird! Fixtures. Other Competitions. Champions League. I have no idea why their scorers have my players names. Bloody bugs! Super Cup. CFA Cup. Club World Championship. A more eventful season. Im pleased with what silverware we have won this year. The Man. Bon is starting to look pretty good now just wish his aerial would improve. He managed to get in more games this season but did that help him improve his tally. Yes it did! He ammassed an impressive 55 goals. Really pleased as i was hoping for around 40-50. So there we have it a solid improvement and the squad is starting to get better despite me unanle to get the players i really want 😕 91/1000 Thanks for reading and following. Peace.
  7. Such a huge overhaul but with promotion at the end....your the new Barry Fry 😂
  8. 😂 you could be right
  9. Thanks Danish 😆
  10. Cheers bud. I hope so.
  11. The whip has been cracked mate....i am on it. 😉
  12. 😂😂 i aim to please
  13. Takes alot to beat you dude 😂😂 Alot quicker than expected too mate. Thanks. Thanks bud, some of the freebies this year are pretty decent in the right leagues.
  14. Thanks guys. Fingers crossed 😆