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  1. Help FMM 2017 Man utd save

    I'm more concerned that your favourite team is Man U???
  2. Half of them aren't in my game!
  3. I'm a bit miffed that the transfer update hasn't updated the saves I already have, I suppose I wasn't expecting it but I could do with the new players that Sunderland have now! My Parma save I can change its not going well!
  4. Help Running Fmm 17

    You can try to root ( jail break) your phone but that would make your warranty useless! YouTube for that.
  5. With the training you've put only a small number of player rolls in certain training groups, what about the rest? Also what about the fitness schedule, how would you change that?
  6. Oh right! I thought it's all to do with zones on the pitch and weather it's attacking or defence or something. Thanx!
  7. How do you play so far up the pitch? My back 4 and midfield are to high up the pitch and forward needs to come back! How can I move them into the right part of the pitch????
  8. The Best Phone For Fmm

    I have been playing this game for years, on an iPhone 4 and 5, an ipad air 2 and now on a galaxy note 4 and a galaxy tab S. Personally I think the best one has to be android, although I do have FM touch to download onto my windows tablet which I got free with the PC version, looking forward to plating that I just hope it will play considering football manager isn't on any windows machines. I have noticed that both my galaxy note and galaxy tab S do struggle with the game especially the battery life! Shocking. I'll keep u posted as to what phone I get and how it plays. Thanx.
  9. The Best Phone For Fmm

    Nick, thanx for the help, what bad English? Was fine if u ask me, better than mine.
  10. The Best Phone For Fmm

    Thanku so much! U just single handedly answered my questions! I even likeep ur username.
  11. Hello again my FMM friends, it's time for a couple of questions, again. But this time I hope it's a valid one, actually it's two! 1: I'm due to upgrade my phone soon and I was wondering how well FMM plays on "not so high end devices" I currentlyuse a galaxy note 4 which at its release was one of the best on the market, but it's showing its age now. I'm looking at the new pixel XL or the experia z! So any help on that end would be great thanx. 2: Is there a way to save my saves so I don't have to start all overy again when I eventually get my new phone. Thanx for any advice in advance and love reading all the articles that everyone is doing.
  12. Chat SIR ALEX 4-4-2

    What about other instructions? There's only 3 there!!
  13. Tactics Tactics please

    As you can see I've got some very good players Inc Hughes and Mandragora so 5 central midfielders plus a couple more that I might sell to get extra funds for players or wages. I used this formation against Reading and lost 1 nil but as an overall team played quite well but didn't get much out of midfield. Now that I have some quality central defendersI might switch to a back 3, but I don't want to loose my fu'll backs as they are very good. I might swap Bradley with Shelvey, but the player roles are good I'm jus wondering if the formation is a bit to advanced for stoke.
  14. Tactics Tactics please

    My main save is stoke and I would like to use 3 central midfield player Allen, Michael Bradley and Shelvey 3 out standing players especially for stoke I just need a decent central defender to play in a back 4. I like to mix up the saves I always have thever MIGHTY CHELSEA that goes with out saying but I also like to have lower league or same league but not top of the table team.
  15. Hello all. I'm a little bit embarrassed to keep asking but does anyone have any good formations? specifically 3-4-3 like THE MIGHTY CHELSEA are using now in the real world. I've been trying many different ways with different teams not all top teams but I'm not having much luck ? A lot of the formations from previous years just don't cut it on the new game. So if any of you fine footy nutters can help I'd be very grateful.?