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  1. DutchTony

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    They could have at least had 1 shot lol...
  2. You're welcome ?
  3. DutchTony

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Wow! You're on fire at the moment! Great stuff!
  4. Congratulations mate. Enjoy the sleepless nights ? ?
  5. DutchTony

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    You beat me!! Well done mate ?
  6. DutchTony

    Selling players in latest update

    I wouldn't sell Vallejo. Was just testing the new transfer system. It was definitely better before. You would know immediately who was bidding and how much. Could get all transfers done within a week or so.
  7. Hi peeps So i sadly had no choice but to update to the latest version. The first thing i notice is when you offer a player to other clubs you get the following message Maybe this is more realistic but i really prefer previously when you would offer a player then go to the following screen. This would show you immediately if there are bids and what the amounts are Now you offer a player and basically hope you get a bid in a few days. Absolutely hate this! Just my 2 cents...
  8. Season 2 Firstly it is with great regret to inform anyone reading this that sadly I had to update to the latest version. I deleted lots of random files the other day in order to create space on my phone. When i next tried to play the game i got this message I thought that was odd obviously. When i pressed either download option i got this message I then uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Luckily i was able to continue my save. This happened around december in season 2 and around February i had to change formation after i went out of the Italian Cup in the quarter final.... The Player A cool £185M Transfers Out Transfers In Super Cup Euro Super Cup Italian Cup League Table Champions League Randomness Griezmann end of season attributes Griezmann goals & assists Beast Mode! Harry Kane did ok as well ;-) Player Statistics Awards Season 1 score - 76 Season 2 score - 93 Hope i haven't missed anything. Season 3 coming soon. TTFN
  9. DutchTony

    2-4-1-3 EME

    Love the look of this formation. Thanks for posting.
  10. DutchTony

    Nadiem Amiri

    Very nice! I will try that
  11. DutchTony

    Nadiem Amiri

    That's crazy intensive mate. Do you get many injuries or players moaning?
  12. Outstanding career mate. Seriously well done!
  13. Another excellent season mate. What a career! 1 season left.