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  1. I wonder what Newcastles finances will look like...
  2. What do you guys do to stop your career becoming boring. I have played 5 seasons and my squad is fantastic. I'm more or less winning everything every year and I don't see the point of playing the next season now, but I don't want to quit. Do you guys just carry on regardless or just join another club?
  3. I would HAVE to stop playing for a while after that!
  4. This f***ing game really pisses me off at times. I had won all 37 premier league games. It was going to be my first season in so long of winning all games. Then the final game I play shitty Norwich. I use my all powerful A team and this happens... Final league table 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  5. Ok great thanks. I will probably use him as a poacher anyway but it feels weird having 1 aggression so want to get it up.
  6. Can aggression be focus trained up to a half decent level, or is 1 just too low to start with?
  7. How important is aggression in a striker. Lewandowski's regen has '1' aggression but all other stats look good. Do I buy or not?
  8. I've kept him for now. If he starts causing trouble or if his name keeps popping negatively in my news feed, then he'll be out the door.
  9. So Messi's regen looks decent And Fernandes just finished mentoring him. Improved focus, team work, and able to cope under pressure. Awesome. Let's see his personality improvements. Oh...
  10. I sell every player as soon as they hit 30! I'm not taking the chance of their attributes decreasing, and losing value.
  11. An outstanding effort mate! Well done for getting 99 goals in only 43 games - especially from an attacking midfield position 👏
  12. A great start already mate. It will be a crazy achievement if you can pull it off! Good luck.
  13. I had a wonderkid training crossing as part of his training set up, and also had crossing as focus training as well. His crossing went down 1 point 🤷‍♂️
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