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  1. 95 Yard Wonder Goal

    WOW!!! Never seen anything like that before!
  2. No. After I've sold them they're dead to me!
  3. Coach Development? Can They Improve?

    I thought all the gold coaches are as good as each other. I'll be using the scout app for coaches as well from now on....
  4. Do you modify FMM17?

    I don't modify anything because I don't know how to. I've always wanted to download the faces, and I'm sure there's a guide somewhere - but my tolerance for stress is very low, and if I couldn't do it correctly I'd just end up getting p!ssed off.
  5. Greatest Victories

    Start of 2nd season and thought I'd test a new tactic...
  6. Double Dembele 1000 goals

    Crazy dips in ousmanes attacking ability due to 1 week injuries! Good write up. I'll be following this. Edit: For future goal a minute challenges you may want to include screenshots of the goals and minutes - rather than double dots
  7. FMM17 Bug List

    I've noticed the injury issue as well. a few days ago I went through all 20 premier league teams after half a season of playing. I did this as all my injuries were at least 1 month. on average every squad had 5 injures and most were like mine - at least 1 month. 1 club had 7 injures and another had 8!! I couldn't believe It! I did feel better though with the fact it wasn't just my team. It's just stupid. I'm surprised more people aren't flagging this. For the record I'm using EME and I have 1 rehab physio. The others are preventative.
  8. FMM2017 Funnies

    No sorry I didn't save it. I was in the middle of a match and put my phone in my pocket whilst doing something. when I looked after that screen is what i saw. I couldn't even continue the game as the right hand corner said 'pause' even though the match was over. (See screenshot) When i pressed pause it changed to play. I kept pressing it - play pause play pause etc. I gave up after and just closed all applications and started the game again.
  9. FMM2017 Funnies

    Maybe the scoreboard broke...
  10. FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    FIRST IN!! BOOM!!!!!
  11. FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    Damn!! Hope it gets sorted out for you soon. It's always an amazing app.
  12. New update is available!

    I wont be updating until I know what this Tweaked ai is. This is the first year I'm genuinely enjoying the game so for now I'd rather keep it as it is - even with all the bugs...
  13. New update is available!

    "Tweaked AI" In which regard?
  14. FMM17 Bug List

    I noticed the different score issue as well. During one of my games I checked the live scores. Liverpool were winning 1-0. After my game the other scores showed Liverpool LOST 1-0...
  15. EME - Kind on player health?

    Billy I have been doing exactly the same thing testing wise. I create a formation and use the IGE to quickly put potential players that could fill the position in my team. I then save the game before the first friendly is played and then play roughly the same 20 - 25 games over and over making slight changes every new save. This year I've chosen Man Utd as my team. Until this year I only used OME as last year I tried EME but it was far too slow and boring. I stopped playing FMM earlier this year due to becoming tired of the same rubbish OME had to offer. I tried using different formations this year on OME but grew tired after testing religiously for 5 or 6 days. I've since tried EME and after some days of testing I will never go back to OME. I have found the following while using EME... 1 - Player fitness is generally much better. Nearly all of my players can play game after game without being subbed off (As you've already stated). Because of this I won't need anywhere near as big a squad as I would have using OME. I did notice after playing the same players over and over, that 2 or 3 of my players condition deteriated quicker and quicker during matches as the season went on. Their stamina stayed the same though. I just left them out for a few games which seemed to do the trick. 2 - EME is much quicker this year. I occasionally watch the game but generally I have commentary only at the fastest speed possible, and the game seems the same speed as OME. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Don't know if that makes the game quicker or not... 3 - Tactics actually work!! I had read on this site that EME is more difficult than OME. I cannot disagree more. I've tried some crazy formations and tactics that work quite well. I've also sailed halfway through the league on 4 occasions without losing a league game. On the 1 full season I played I won everything. In the league I won 35 and drew 3. Only loss i had was in a 2 legged European Cup game - which I still went through. 4 - No more 1 shot 1 goal for the opposition! I hated how often that used to happen on OME and the excuses people used to make for it happening. Like it evening the game out or it happens in real life etc. It doesn't! Not that frequently anyway. 5 - Injuries are slightly harsh this year using the default training. Don't know if match engine makes a difference or not. I was making changes to training to see a difference in injuries but they were basically the same. In the end I cranked up training to silly levels and injuries stayed the same so that's how I'll leave it. I'm sure there's more but I keep being interrupted at the minute :-D All in all EME has brought back my passion for this game.