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  1. It's been a while lads - what is the default manager starting reputation? Is it unknown or local? I've got it unlocked to Superstar and can't remember what the default is. Starting this challenge now.
  2. The 2 outsiders are on the same team. We're just here to make up the numbers 😂 I'm such an outsider. Like an old horse waiting to be put down...
  3. Aaaaaaaand the correct leagues are?
  4. Hi guys It's been a while, as I uninstalled the game while waiting for an update. I'm feeling refreshed and raring to go now though. How's everyone been? Have I missed much in the last few months? A more appropriate nickname would be 'Half English half South African but generally Greek looking Tony', but I'm not sure it's got quite the same ring to it 😄 Mate if you're relying on me we're in serious serious trouble 😂 With any luck I'll do better than I did in the VPL. I couldn't possibly do any worse... Hello mate We'll need all the support we can get.
  5. DutchTony

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Only 10.2.2 is on my playstore.
  6. DutchTony

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    I'll have a fiver on the winner please...
  7. DutchTony

    Winter Update

    So roughly 2 to 1 in favour of pre winter update. I also didn't think it would be as close as that...
  8. DutchTony

    Pellegri 1K

    You're doing amazing. Well done mate.
  9. DutchTony

    Pellegri 1K

    Was thinking the same. Especially with the high pressing and fast tempo.
  10. DutchTony

    FMM19 Bug List

    Have you voted yet?
  11. DutchTony

    Winter Update

    I'm playing FMM2018 again and loving it.
  12. DutchTony

    Winter Update

    Not that I'll play this years game again, but this is a really good idea.
  13. DutchTony

    FMM19 Bug List

    Wow 7 games in 15 days 😱 You'll need 3 squads to deal with this after the update 😂
  14. DutchTony

    Winter Update

    Fantastic post!