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  1. iScout Arthur

    In all the years I've played this game I never knew you could retrain someone to be 'natural'. I always stop retraining when they become 'accomplished'...
  2. Behind the 2 strikers. AP role. With the set up I have, he bangs in the goals.
  3. Tactics The Galatico (3-1-2-3-1)

    Wow Believe it or not I used this tactic with similar player roles last week. I only tested for 1 season. I'll post up results when I'm off the train. Edit: See the only league game I lost. To say the last 6 minutes were frustrating is a massive understatement lol
  4. First premier league game of the season. Total annihilation!
  5. Lemar absolutely smashing the assists
  6. Does this still work after the update?
  7. Chat November blues

    Straight after beating Man City 7-0, I just lost 2-1 at home to Watford. Back to Cookie Crush it is lol....
  8. Hi guys I have been playing this years game for only a week or so now so forgive me if this has been discussed previously. I am currently testing a tactic and have played exactly half a season. I was smashing teams and put 8 goals past Barcelona, Shakhtar, and Basle. November comes and I get 2 draws and 2 loses against rubbish teams and have no where near the amount of shots I had previously. December was a mixed bag also. I beat Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd all 4-0 and also beat Man City 7-0, but I also draw silly games against Huddersfield and Southampton. It doesn't make sense so before I commit any more time to testing I was wondering if anyone else has had this or is it a trend? Or do people fly through smashing everyone? I am asking as this is the 2nd time this has happened. Thanks guys.
  9. Tactics I present to you......JadeSabre!

    Salah 25 Firmino 15 Mane 15 Coutinho (AP) 15 I definately need to tweak it but I'm not sure how yet
  10. Tactics I present to you......JadeSabre!

    @Chris Woodward Sadly that 11-0 was the highlight. Played for half a season testing but not the best results. The differences between mine and yours are below. Hopefully you will do better lol
  11. Chat iScout 2018 App

    Ok thanks. Feel free to delete this thread admin.
  12. Tactics I present to you......JadeSabre!

    I'm testing a variation of this tactic. 11-0 last game...
  13. @jaymarvels Will you be releasing your app this year?
  14. Tactics Piggs 3-4-3 EME

    How is the save going with this tactic?