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  1. But it's Klopp, so we can forgive the game for that 😁
  2. Trent is outstanding and can be retrained to play in many positions.
  3. @billy2shots So he kept accepting my offers until I couldn't offer any less...
  4. I have semi tested this already when buying players but I haven't put in the crazy hours as I did when trying to sell players. This is certainly true with the players I have tested with, that you can offer a player lower wages if you offer him a higher status. One example of this (I believe it was Goretzka) that I had to pay 40k more per week to be a 'squad rotation' player, rather than a 'first team' player which he originally asked for. Same goes for certain young players that wanted 'rotation', I had to pay significantly higher wages to give them 'back up' or even max wages to give them 'hot prospect'. I've also had players ask for 'squad and I'll offer 'key' and half of what they originally asked for and the player accepted.
  5. I have tested selling the same player over and over again. I have reloaded to exactly the same point literally at least 20 times and offered the same player for various amounts. I have done this exercise with many different players in a few different clubs. I have noticed the following. Let's say for example the player earns 100K per week and is valued at 50M. If I offer the player for 70M I will get 3 clubs offer 70M. Even if they are top clubs, the player may not agree terms. Ok, time to quit and reload. I offer the same player for 67M. The same 3 clubs offer 67M and again the player may not agree terms. I continue to reload and go down in price by 2 or 3 million until finally the player will accept terms with one of these clubs. Let's say he agrees terms and the fee is 61M for example. I will reload and offer him for 62M. Again the same 3 clubs bid but do not agree terms. Then I offer 61M again and the player agrees terms. I also notice that there is a 5M-10M window where the 3 clubs that bid for a certain player will always be the same. Say between 60M and 70M it's always Bayern, Man Utd, Barca for example, the player may not agree terms. Then in the 50M-60M window a different 3 clubs will bid. Maybe Tottenham, Roma, Lazio. Maybe the player will agree terms or maybe not. If not then go down to the 10M window and another 3 clubs bid who are smaller clubs than the previous 3. The player will agree terms with these lesser clubs with the lesser transfer fee. Whilst I am doing this over and over again, sometimes I will go down in 1M increments to make sure it is always exactly the same 3 teams in a 5M-10M bracket bidding. It also doesn't matter if you offer the player higher or lower than his value. I'm probably explaining it poorly but its late and been a long day. The point is when these top clubs bid the big money and the player doesn't agree terms, but will agree terms with say Southampton for 30M less than the big clubs offered, the game becomes a joke. I believe there is basically a transfer fee cap for each player depending on his value, age, playing time and other variables etc. Otherwise why would Shaqiri not go to Barcelona for £40M when they bid for him or other top top top clubs for between 30M-40M? Instead he will agree terms with Southampton or Lyon for 22M!!! Also why would he not agree terms with Southampton or Lyon when they bid 23M? Noooooo he rejects them but for 22M he'll sign the contract. That right there is the thing that pisses me off the most. There is no denying it's bullshit when a player will not agree terms with the same clubs for a higher fee but will agree terms for the exact same lower fee - every single time!
  6. EME Biggest win Highest cleansheet Joint highest scoring game
  7. Yeah you're not welcome in this town cowboy 😜
  8. I had that before during a test season. Just add another defensive coach and that message should go away.
  9. I had Richie Wellens suspended for a similar amount of time for punching the ref. I think it was CM03/04. I was so annoyed as he was my best midfielder 😁
  10. Forgive my possibly stupid question but does having more attacking coaches on my staff increase the chances of my attacking players improving? I always have the following coaches - Attacking, defending, fitness, and goalkeeping. I am also a coach with my speciality being 'general'. I'm wondering if I sacrifice maybe my fitness coach and add another attacking coach, will the fitness of players not improve as much but attacking attributes go up more, or quicker? Has anyone tested this?
  11. I'm so glad I haven't updated 😁
  12. Biggest negative this year is selling players. Why have they made it so difficult? Starting a quick save with PSG and I'm offering my players, getting bids, but my players keep rejecting the contracts. Players like Navas, Thiago Silva, Veratti are rejecting Real Madrid and Barcelona. So f***ing frustrating!!