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  1. I tested with Liverpool and I realise Liverpool are not the best team to test a tactic as they're so good. That being said - this is insanely good!
  2. OMG. That is very very close to the formation I made up that I spoke about above 😀
  3. You are going to get answers like 'There is no perfect tactic' and 'it depends on your players' etc. To be honest I don't think there are any legendary super tactics anymore where you win every league game, and every trophy like there was a few years ago. I would advise you to make a tactic yourself and start with a formation that you like. Then keep working and tweeking the tactic until you have it working well. If you need help along the way, you can share the tactic and instructions on here, and people can give you more specific advice. This is exactly what I did recently. I just put all of the positions and certain roles that I like to use, and put them all in a 1 formation. Then I started working on player roles I like to use and just continued on from there with the team instructions and certain ways of playing etc. After a few tweeks I now have a tactic that is really good and the game is a joy to play again. No doubt after my post, someone will just post a link to a tactic and you'll just destroy all teams with it 😄
  4. Yes the original way of scoring lots of goals from corners. But before this update I had the corners set up like this. Delivery of ball to near post. 2 players attacking near post. 2 players marking their keeper. 2 players staying back. 2 players attacking ball from edge of area. 2 players lurking on the edge of area. I was getting lots of goals using this corner set up. I've now played 14 games and still only scored from 1 corner...
  5. Anyone else scoring a lot less goals from corners after the update? I used to score lots but I've scored 1 in 9 games now...
  6. I tried out inverted wingers for 5 games after reading your post. Working really nice. Less shots on goal from them and more assists for my striker. Nice!
  7. He's amazing in the new update but his 9 shooting is a massive let down... Edit: I'll eat my words. 1 game. 1 assist. 2 goals. 10 rating. Man of the match 😎
  8. Can anyone tell me if the update has stopped the 'sell any player for 225M' cheat please?
  9. Do you have the editor? Then you can check their real potential rather than the bullshit coach report.