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  1. DutchTony

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    7 outfield players for the next 65 minutes. Hmmm I might not win this game...
  2. Even better! I'm not good when it comes to league points or being successful πŸ˜†
  3. This is going to be really interesting as I’ve never played in Russia before. I get the feeling it’s going to be more difficult than it seems...
  4. Shock of the week - Brazil finish last... @Kanegan At least we didn't get smashed. We can hold our heads up high πŸ˜‚
  5. DutchTony

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I challenge SI to make the game fun again...
  6. Wow this is a fun challenge. I realise I'm going to doom myself by saying this but I reckon I should do ok at this challenge. And of course by ok, I mean I shouldn't get sacked πŸ˜‚
  7. DutchTony

    FMM19 Bug List

    This for me is the worst period for the game. It just isn't fun anymore for many reasons, all of which have been highlighted at one point or another. I'm playing FMM2018 and really enjoying it right now.
  8. DutchTony

    FMM19 Bug List

    I didn't know there would be a June update. If there is, there certainly will not be a comprehensive repair of the game. That's a guarantee.
  9. WTF?? @Kanegan We got through 😱
  10. This game seems very laggy using this device. Never had an issue using the Galaxy S8+ before...
  11. DutchTony

    FMM19 Bug List

    The exact same thing happened to me with this bloke. Bid for him, then a few days later he's in my squad. No transfer fee...
  12. DutchTony

    FMM19 Bug List

    6 months and 3 updates later and still bugs!! 😠
  13. Has everyone updated?
  14. Wow these Luxembourg players are so shit!
  15. Last question I promise. What database are people using? November 18 or February 19?