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  1. He’s average in ring I’ll give you that, but he’s a steady pair of hands IMO. This scenario also sets up Lashley v Drew at Mania without hurting either of them, so win-win. Haha same scenario as me minus the home schooling to be fair 😂 there’s so much of it atm that doesn’t interest me so I find myself skipping so many matches 😂
  2. Totally agree re Cesaro. They could have used him in the squash match without harming him, and it would have set up Reigns v CeSaro at Fastlane. Yeah I’ll be ‘working’ watching Raw soon too😂 For the last few years I’ve only really watched Rumbles and Manias, but this year I’ve been watching since December, determined to get back into it a bit...
  3. I thought EC was decent, and I was actually happy with the ending 😂 there’s still another PPV to go to set up the Mania match which is pretty obvious too. But for now we have a good stop gap champion who will cut some damn good promos for a month.
  4. It’s been so long since I played the game regularly chaps. Is the regen system still as it was? Aka CR7 retires, a young version of him spawns with exact same PA and positions?
  5. Indeed! My main CB/CDM who I turned down 25m bid for in the summer... oh well! 😂
  6. Has anyone encountered this before? Lost my best defensive player because his contract is up on 6 months because of a Bosman, no problem with that because it’s my own fault for not checking contracts etc. But the next day he’d signed with the team! Not in a transfer window so there’s no way I’ve accepted an offer etc. Very annoying...
  7. Hello all! And welcome back to the results show. This is the must see hit show of the year, and do you know why? Because it involves... ME. I am the single greatest thing to grace this planet, and all you minions should bow down to the great Squirrel overlord. You're probably fed up of me going on... well TOUGH. Everyone needs to hear about me, and only me. This is why you’re all reading.... *mic cut* Ah sorry for that folks, we had a slight technical error there. Now, enough of that devil squirrel nonsense... it’s time to get on with the results! You must be glad SuperSquirrel is here to save the day, eh?! Seriously... the results are coming now... I promise! Group A:
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