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  1. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Well I got 232 assists and 345 goals over the season with my WC.
  2. Not a Man United fan but that shouldn't come into it when reading an article like this. Cracking piece and very in depth. I just don't think it'd be fair if Ibra replaced Lukaku, as Lukaku is the next big thing and deserves his chance to rack up as many goals as possible. At the end of the day Ibra may not be the same player after all this time on the table. P.S the first two formation pictures are the same, just so you can change it
  3. Chat This was just shared on Vibe twitter.

    Yeah but these playoffs are last resort and a lot fairer than alphabetical order or drawing lots.
  4. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Infact get some Portuguese wonder kids straight into that XI. Also keep a few back from the original squad too, rather than demoting them.
  5. Chat This was just shared on Vibe twitter.

    How else would you decide the title if points, GD, GS, GA, H2H etc were all the same?
  6. Chat This was just shared on Vibe twitter.

    Yeah it can happen. It can happen at the top of the table too. If Liverpool and (I think it was) City(or arsenal?) both had a certain result last year on the last game of the season they'd have played off for champions league football. Would be a great spectacle in real life - I guess it would be at Wembley too so really cool.
  7. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    I'd buy a few Englishmen to strengthen the starting XI if I were you - that's what I've done!
  8. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Sorry guys not been active! But great write ups Sam and Ash! unlucky @AndersJ ! bring it on @Taff
  9. Career The New Messi? 2.0

    The big reveal.... So it's that time folks - who will AS be using for his famous New Messi 2.0! I had a few contenders.. let's run through a few and why I didn't choose them. My option were limited to a handful of suitable with players.. First up... Next up... And finally, the choice.... Well that's us for now... I will of course be managing Barcelona and I signed Driussi for a cool £9m. Let me know your thoughts on the player and the challenge!
  10. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    I used to be a goalkeeper
  11. Career The New Messi? 2.0

    Indeed I won't have anything to worry about now...
  12. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    That screenshot might have been from a different Celta Vigo career and I'm just trying to scare you all off
  13. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    My most depressing FMM/H screenshot of all time.
  14. Career It's A G'Day For A 1KC In Wales!

    When were ever not shit at FMM/H?