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  1. Hello all! And welcome back to the results show. This is the must see hit show of the year, and do you know why? Because it involves... ME. I am the single greatest thing to grace this planet, and all you minions should bow down to the great Squirrel overlord. You're probably fed up of me going on... well TOUGH. Everyone needs to hear about me, and only me. This is why you’re all reading.... *mic cut* Ah sorry for that folks, we had a slight technical error there. Now, enough of that devil squirrel nonsense... it’s time to get on with the results! You must be glad SuperSquirrel is here to save the day, eh?! Seriously... the results are coming now... I promise! Group A:
  2. @Foxy @scratch99 My striker scored 278 goals along with 456 assists. I finished with 388 league points, had a +1246 goal difference and won 33 trophies in the first season. Just giving you guys a little update.
  3. 50?! FIFTY?? F I F T Y?! I’m now doubting my FMM skills. If I ever had any...
  4. I recommend that you sign superstars Scratch, spend as much as you want!! If I was you I wouldn’t even bother demoting the best CM/CB!
  5. Today is NEW challenge day! Hope you guys are ready - and I hope you are excited! Sam and I have came up with a fantastic new challenge, we hope you will enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled on this thread!
  6. Prize v AS H2H imminent. I’ll show you my prime.
  7. Poor Scratch. Who knows how he’s going to take TWO wild animals. Hope he isn’t allergic to defeat though, because he will be SCRATCHing permanently after this if so. *mic drop*
  8. We would absolutely encourage that! We want everyone involved, even though your score wouldn’t go towards the leaderboard it’s a good chance to test yourself against Vibe’s best!