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  1. Awesome mate, really helpful, I had no idea about the loan back feature. One question though, how well would these work with a lower league team
  2. Thank you Dec so much for the advice and guidance, you made me particularly welcome when I first joined so thanks for that as well. Good luck with your break and I look forward to seeing where Stam and his team will take Vibe as they carry on your hard work
  3. I'm probably gonna manage Rostock in Germany, I tend to do several saves at once and dip in/out of whichever takes my attention at the time
  4. Outta left field here but Croatia might be a shout I don't know why but hey
  5. Can't wait for this ?, could there possibly be a coach search much like the player search feature enabling you to pick from positions from regular coaches to Asst Managers
  6. Ahhh ok, nice one mate. I was struggling with how to get width by using the three CM's, I didn't think of using wing-backs
  7. Hey guys Just wondering is it possible to use the 433 tactic with an FL,FC, FR, or would I need to use wingers with a Target Man instead, just a tactic I've been mulling over Any help is appreciated
  8. Great readng between this and Dec's guide it helps even the most casual of FMM users keep it up
  9. Cheers Dar, I'll give it a go now much appreciated bud
  10. I'm finding at the minute squad harmony in my Hansa Rostock save is lacking and can't seem to fix it, I've tried rotating (maybe abit too often) any advice on how to bring it back up Cheers guys Ian
  11. Regret never doing an Everton save or trying any other league but England and Spain think I need to broaden my horizon next time out
  12. I've read features for the main game and if it were at a possibility be create a manager maybe and the ability to go to the FA with things (that was a feature back on CM01/02), personally for me FMM16 is a cracking game I won't mention wanting new leagues because everyone has said that at some point
  13. X1 currently chaps, was originally a PS guy but changed as I find Microsoft easier probably cos I use it in work aswell
  14. This site is still the best resource I've found for all things FMM Thanks to Dec for everything you do buddy it really is appreciated
  15. Excellent this, Oviedo are a great side, Pompey are up there with my best saves recent years, RBL might have a go with them next, another good team in France in the Natioanl League when you start is Strasbourg