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  1. Hi Been trying to get to grips with this game. Like many (I suspect), it is a nice contrast to the over arching complexity of the full game, but still offers a believable football universe to play in. If I ask the computer (assistant manager?) to pick the team, he comes up with some strange decisions. Is he worth trusting at all. For instance, at Leicester, he ALWAYS picks Zieler in goal instead of Schmeichel When searching for new talent, it would be really useful to be able to save player search filters but I can't see a way to do this? It would be nice to be able to see the "venue" on the match screen, particularly in "neutral" tournaments like World Cup, Euros etc. I used to love in the "classic" championship manager games that when it came round to a World Cup it would list the fixtures and the stadium/city in which the match takes place. Likewise, when playing in a European club tournament (or any where the final takes place at a neutral venue), it would be nice to see the final venue revealed at the start of the tournament so you can plan you're own "Road to Cardiff" for example. Some slightly more detailed financial information would be good too - even if it was just the overall bank account balance! Overall though, it is brilliant. As a guy in my mid 40's, and having played Football Manager games of every iteration since the first one on the Spectrum, to think that I can have a fully featured game in the palm of my hand is astonishing!
  2. Career Champions league winning stoke

    What roles/instructions did you use? I seem to have hit a real bad run of form and so I'm looking for a change!
  3. Chat Incredibly Close CL Group

    I'm pretty nervous about it. I think we need a massive slice of luck and almost certainly a clean sheet to have any chance. But you never know. I'm off over there early tomorrow afternoon with my son to soak up the atmosphere, have a chat to some Atletico fans and then enjoy (or endure) the game, whatever happens. Another night like Seville would be too much to hope for?
  4. Chat Incredibly Close CL Group

    Yes I think so. It's rolled over to the following season now. Anyhow, I beat Benfica in the L16 game before losing narrowly to Dortmund in the Quarter Final. I did win the EFL Cup though so another European adventure beckons. Let's just hope the real thing can carry on tomorrow against Atletico. Can't wait!
  5. Chat Incredibly Close CL Group

    Leicester 1 - 2 Villareal Villareal 3 - 1 Leicester So, not great really!
  6. Hi. Have been a long time lurker on this forum and thanks for the great work you all do in supporting the game. Been dabbling with this game for a while and always struggled to get "into" it, but am really enjoying my current save with Leicester. Thought I'd share with you my exploits in the CL and this very tight finish to the group stage: