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  1. Sadly I've once again lost this save too. Hopefully I can be added on the leaderboard still! was a good run! till the next FM!
  2. 34/35 season: Overall: Not great but League + super cup + UCL. Nobody would be complaining about that I think! Transfers Transfers in: Transfers out: Good movement in and out! Keeping both the first and reserve team fresh non stop. The main man: injuries again! And also he seems to get tired alot easier now so his game time needs to be managed. Solid season tho..would have definitely broken 100 goals again if it wasn't for his injuries! Feels like it's gonna be close! Once again I'm hoping he'll win player of the year but it didn't happen last time round so I don't think it's happening Bonus bits: Not related to the challenge but this man is a legend! Had been first choice at centre back right up till he was 36! He's gonna be retiring.
  3. 33/34: Overall : Finally back on top in all competitions. Transfers: Transfers in: Transfers out: The main man: Another fantastic season! Looks like he's still going strong! Could be shaping up to win world player of the year again👀
  4. *Club world cup at the end of the season and the start of the next season
  5. 32/33 season: Overall: Lost the Portuguese cup and got knocked out of the Champions League in the semi finals..could be the new tactic is not as good as I thought..but will keep tweaking it. Transfers: Transfers in: Transfers out: Still trying to rebuild my "second squad" The main man: Alot of injuries! Also his description changed from "world class striker" to "legendary striker" fitting! Also 1421 GOALS WE'RE GETTING CLOSER Won world player of the year 2032 but came in second for European player of the year. Stay tuned for the next season!
  6. 31/32 season: Overall: Another clean sweep. Transfers: Transfers in: Transfers out: Gonna be rebuilding the team for the new tactics I'm running and that's started this season! The main man: His best single game! Fantastic season yet again! I hope he adapts to the new system I'm about to play..also this was the first time in a long time he was injured for a short time (4-5 games). ON TO THE NEXT
  7. UPDATE: unfortunately I have lost the save. Am playing a different 1K now but I don't think I'll posting it.
  8. 30/31 season: Overall: Clean SWEEEEEEP. Transfers: Transfers in: Transfers out: Doing well keeping the money rolling in the club. The main man: Another fantastic season! Probably another 2-3 seasons of this level of prime goal scoring.. trying to manage how many minutes I let him play per game to prolong his prime. ON TO THE NEXT!
  9. 29/30: Overall: Clean sweep. Becoming a standard now which I really like tho it is a little boring. Transfers: Since the challenge is done..I decided to just show the ins and outs totals! Main man: His BEST SEASON YET! On pace to break 2k and to be top of that leaderboard Sorry the updates have been coming slow.. getting busier as things start moving again. Also will probably give shorter updates like this on this save from here on out but feel free to ask for other details!
  10. 19/20 Season: All in all a fantastic season! Missed top 4 in the league but got blessed with an easy run in the Europa League..which also means champion's league next season thank GOD. The Europa League is a nightmare of a competition for trying to maintain fitness with the players. The main man: So this was his first season in a nutshell! I quite honestly wasn't expecting him to break the 40 goal mark but he's done it! Especially after going goalless in his first 6. His stats are still atrocious tho. He's won quite a few awards too! He's also shown he can put in a decent shift against farmers which is good for the challenge! Transfers: In: Out: A few questionable signings here which probably explains my league position. Also it's super funny that Man Utd wanted mkhi back. In summary..I was kinda confused as to why everyone said this is a slightly dodgey choice of player but I think I'm understanding now..I hope this doesn't turn out to be his best season. Will update soon!
  11. The Club: And the player I picked is Romano Postema. The reasons/inspirations behind picking arsenal SO LET'S GO
  12. So I just finished the 1KC with Fabio Silva (I'll still be playing to hit 2K) but a conversation with someone recently had me thinking...could it be done in the English premier League?.. I'll be ANNOUNCING THE CLUB AND THE PLAYER SOON
  13. *Updated tally* I forgot about the first but of the club world cup!
  14. CF TOO! Also sometimes I switch to AF I have to main set of tactics I rotate between. The first one is for farmers and the second one is for the serious games!