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  1. Another fantastic season! (Not sure if I mentioned) Fabio follows up his first world player the year with his first European player of the year!(peep the pictures LOL) The disrespect they show to the Portuguese league is crazy! Fabio has easily been the best player on my save for at least 3-4 seasons now. Anyway Another clean sweep of all competitions..on to the national team now (it's world cup year) whether we retain the world cup or not I will be resigning the Portugal job after the world cup more of a hassle than an aid to the challenge at this point..but I couldn't give up another crack at the world cup!
  2. This is what the 24/25 season looks like.. missing some key screenshots as I changed phone and I don't have a back save so this is the best I have sorry guys. Onto the 25/26 season bois!
  3. Will show at the end of the season the other players stats if you'd like!
  4. Been super busy so haven't had much time..but here it is SEASON 6. A crazy season..Silva's overall form has dipped but that's probably because I'm getting the transfers totally wrong I think..I totally changed the other attacking players and am gonna do it again till I find a group that works I think..but undefeated for the whole season and also posted last season's euros at the bottom. A crazy easy run in the euros it quite honestly didn't feel like the elite competition it's supposed to be. Currently were 614/1000. Or should I say 614/1500? Either way crazy for 6 seasons. Season 7 coming soon!
  5. *RANDOM FUN UPDATE Porto aren't messing around..they're trying to compete with me
  6. Unbelievable season after unbelievable season! Another season where I've won everything in Portugal. Crashed out of the champions league in the semi finals (Silva was injured too). Thought it would be the start of my European domination but not yet I guess. Will post the euros at the start of my next season. Looking like the real challenge is getting to 1.5k as beyond tbh! Or maybe after this it's time to do a slightly more challenging 1k😅
  7. YES! Trying to break my FM18 record I set with vinicius!
  8. Noticed something. After games when I go back in to look at it it changed who scored the goals. Doesn't affect goal tally..not sure if anyone else experiencing the same
  9. SEASON 4: So the world cup happening at the end of the year really affected his goal scoring for club this season as you can see but including his international goals this season he's actually bagged 118 in total and his goals per game is up from last season! Other than losing to Porto back to back in the cups and losing to Barcelona we were undefeated this season! Capped it off with that long awaited champions league. As you can see I managed to win the world cup on the first try!(Silva basically carried me and the team) lastly are the transfers as you can see after spending so much last season on what I thought was young talent I've decided to be a little more reserved. Mostly transfers are me trying to build a strong youth pool and in the reserve team but I think big spending will be coming soon as some of the first team are getting on a little. Brought in Cristiano Ronaldo to mentor Silva and it's kinda back fired on me LOL. Also sorry but I can't seem to get all the world cup info where I'm at in the save now and I didn't screenshot it at the time it happened. Anyways 381(358 club + 23 international) goals after 4 seasons is actually insane! Feeling super confident he's gonna smash it. Season 5 coming soon
  10. Season 3: REAL PROGRESS!!! A fantastic season hopefully he'll build on. No luck in the champions league yet again and I finally got the Portugal job. Tried my hand at buying youth players but I think I grossly overpaid. Will be working on a different strategy going forward I think, not the best transfer window I've had. Be happy to answer any questions you have as I realise this isn't a very in-depth update (apologies again!) Season 4 coming soon!( Qatar world cup oh my)
  11. A crazy second season! If he keeps up like this I think I got this challenge in the bag tbh. Heartbreaking stuff in the champions league final and then again in the club world cup (champions league runner ups played? I didn't know). Cleaned up the domestic leagues and the u21s won the second division! Other than that just some wheeling and dealing in the transfer market. Not sure why he hasn't been selected for the Portuguese senior team but I'm hoping the job becomes vacant soon so I can give him his first cap! Will post season 3 soon
  12. Me too probably because of how I have the team set up tho
  13. A killer first season! Apologies in advance for the way I'm posting this but I don't much time to myself these days. Anyways, a league and cup double together with a decent run in the champions league..not too shabby. Also really like this approach to transfers..other than Fabio Silva (obviously) I wanna maintain as best I can benficas reputation as a selling club and try to keep "turning a profit on transfers". I got huntelaar in as my main backup (always preferred and older striker as backup) and also to mentor Fabio. And the last screenshot is just me being petty. Season 2 COMING SOON