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  1. oli99

    Stuck screen

    Thanks for your help guys. I left it for an hour and it eventually continued, but regularly takes up to 5 minutes to continue when processing a page. I've cleared everything else off tablet to make space.
  2. My screen is stuck processing on the 6th June 2022. I've tried going back to a previous save, but when it gets to the date again, it sticks again. Any ideas please. I don't want to lose it all. Thank you.
  3. The team report suggests the teams lacks professionalism! How can I improve this please?
  4. Anyone else taken over a team to find players out on loan that you can't recall.
  5. Please help, when I try to save my career for the first time, it just says error code 3. Anybody experienced this ?
  6. I'm trying to purchase an unlockable off the store but when I tap the price nothing happens. Anyone else had this problem ? Thanks
  7. oli99

    Sugar daddy

    Sorry me again, the store icon is greyed our so I cannot select it. Is there a way round this ?
  8. oli99

    Sugar daddy

    Thanks for your advice
  9. Hello I'm trying to take Barnet from league 2 to the the Premier League. The club budget is tiny, but so far I've got them to the championship, but any further seems impossible because I cannot compete with the wages required for the top players. Is there a way to purchase the Sugar Daddy unlockable because I'm never going to get it through cup success ? Thanks
  10. On fmhmobile 2016 do we use Peely's player role rater or the new role traits for players best position because they sometimes differ?
  11. oli99

    2014 Difficulties!

    Guided Portsmouth to league 1 which was straight forward as they have some good players but lost my first game to Swindon 6-0.. signed some quality players in the summer window and played a balanced style 4-4-1-1 . Any help greatly appreciated. Do I need to pack the midfield with men behind the ball and play on the counter?
  12. oli99

    Where did it go wrong ?

    Nice one thanks
  13. How do you explain a complete loss of form (1 win in 7 after 6 straight wins). Is it just my tactics being found out ?