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  1. Eogtuc0910

    Game Price Dropped

    And logos
  2. Eogtuc0910

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    @BatiGoal @samhardy @Titjes sorry guys i probably shouldn't have said it like i did but what i really meant was that @Kun Aguero should decide whether they think its legit as they're the owner of the thread. Thanks
  3. Eogtuc0910

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    I'm not sure about individual cases but it does seem unfair that the site is controlled by 10 or so members
  4. Eogtuc0910

    Güven Yalçın

    the ige editor isnt used. He may have used it to check his PA but not change it
  5. Eogtuc0910

    Western Europe Club Challenge - FMM18

    Man city broke chelseas record its now 106😏
  6. LW Rodrygo RW Pavon STR Dolberg STR Geubbles
  7. LWB-Alaba RWB-Passlack Cm-Havertz and Arthur
  8. Eogtuc0910

    JACK THE GIANT SLAYER series ......

    I really don't understand why you post so many times about your 'giant-killings' and 'great wins' when all you do if reload anyone can win all there games with enough time so please stop posting these types of comments. @Buzz JR
  9. Eogtuc0910

    All time league Top Scorer Attempt

    Season 1 This season I was looking to put my own stamp on the squad while getting UCL football. I was aiming for Hrgotra to get 25 goals this season. Transfers To raise some funds big players who would take away from Branimirs total were sold along with our 3rd choice keeper and an academy striker. I think Zinho Vanheusden will be the only one of those youngsters that can break into the first team. He is a class young centre back. Of the major ins we brought in Hrgotra of course, Kai Havertz a versatile staple of the team for years to come and Poulsen a physical striker/winger to win us tough matches. Cechinni was a failure on my part, he didn’t fit in and only ended up playing 7 matches all season. Lafont was backup to Handanovic and will soon break into the first team. Gudmonsonn was a strong versatile player who put in some solid performances of the bench. Cristó Martin was simply backup as were the freebies. Competitions We didn’t create enough against Napoli and we got dumped out in the semis. A good league showing proving us to be best of the rest in Serie A however next year I hope to be closer to Juve. The Player A very good year for the Swede topping scoring and assisting charts whilst grabbing POTY 27 may not be much for you FMM legends but it’s a solid year for me. These players made our season along with Gagliardimi and Cancelo who have returned to their clubs. D’Ambrosio surprised me with his quality as did Borja Valero however Eder and Miranda need replacing. Tuc Out 27/275
  10. Eogtuc0910

    All time league Top Scorer Attempt

    I'm aiming to do a slower one in Italy as it seems hardest but you're right and i may have to ditch Hrgota next season if he does not perform
  11. Eogtuc0910

    All time league Top Scorer Attempt

    I'm going for an obscure one here..... If you recognise his face congratulations, it's 24 year old Branimir Hrgota of Frankfurt. We got him in for a cool £16.75M and he shows some solid pace and shooting stats. With some IT he could become a very good striker. I aim to get 25 goals a season for 11 seasons to equal 275. Tuc Out Stayed Tuned and Leave a Comment
  12. I have decided to attempt this brilliant challenge with none other than Inter Milan. Stay tuned for more and try to guess the Swede looking to bag almost 300 Serie A goals.
  13. Eogtuc0910

    Show me your Teams/Improve mines

    How did you get that front 3
  14. Eogtuc0910

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    is fastest hat-trick from the start or between the 1st and 3rd goal