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  1. Eogtuc0910

    FMM19 Bug List

    In my save (loaded wales Australia England and italy) 10 of the 24 league 2 managers and 6 conference managers are random Italians. This is highly unrealistic and also Alex Neil is managing in the Italian 3rd Division
  2. Eogtuc0910

    RED card After The Match

    Maybe it's for lots of yellows
  3. Eogtuc0910

    The 1000 Goal Challenge

    A bit late but shouldn't Taff be up there 3 times or is there another reason that i'm stupidly missing (for 2018)
  4. Eogtuc0910

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Guys i worked it out. It's the stupid f@cking pre-order, I went into settings and disabled it and when i restarted by ipad it was availabale
  5. Eogtuc0910

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Still won't work for me
  6. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/38152-kts-2grey-challenge-2k-completed/
  7. I think @kts365 completed a 2KC with one back on fmh15?
  8. C'mon @Ashez i'm backing you
  9. Your profile must be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. Win percentage and trophies must be through he roof😎
  10. Eogtuc0910

    The New Age of 'Hertha Berlin'

    Great season KIU.
  11. Eogtuc0910

    Challenge Cup XII

    someones been having hot substances
  12. Eogtuc0910

    The New Age of 'Hertha Berlin'

    Don't worry i've loved this career so much. I prefer careers where people are just trying to get success rather than crazy careers where people are trying to get players to 29847235873458 goals or whatever.
  13. Eogtuc0910

    The New Age of 'Hertha Berlin'

    Not to be a pain mate but that was the Europa League. Completely different to UCL
  14. Eogtuc0910

    Challenge Cup XII

    Theres no such thing as too many hot substances