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  • Birthday 08/10/1981
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    Mexico City
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    Leeds United
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    S.S. Lazio
  1. You don't need to download it. The shape and team instructions are all in the original post.
  2. Schwantz34

    World Cup 2018 - England FC tactic

    Any results to show?
  3. I do love an unconventional shape!
  4. Schwantz34

    Tactics EME 4-3-1-2

    Why change it if it's working?
  5. Test done. Not a bad season but Fulham ran away with the league.
  6. Dropped to 2nd now, 6 points off the top after 31 EFL Championship games. Sticking with it still.
  7. Very well so far. Topping the table in November of the first season.
  8. I'll have a go! Got a Norwich save I was about to start with.
  9. Schwantz34

    Can we test the tactics?

    People test tactics all the time here, I'm one of them. Just ask which tactics you want trying with Palermo and somebody will have a go. Or try them out yourself and put up the results.
  10. Will give this a go!
  11. Schwantz34

    Piggs Boson (1-3-1-3-2) EME

    I haven't been able to get it going with anybody yet but I've been testing with mid range teams and not the top sides. Will keep trying though and see if I can get it working somewhere.
  12. Schwantz34

    Jack Goes Giant Killing

    You're going to lose goals using this that's obvious by the setup. You will however score a lot of goals and usually more than the opposition do which wins you a lot of games. It's a Kevin Keegan style tactic in my eyes and if you don't want to be a bit leaky and have high scoring matches, don't use the tactic. It never claims to be defensively sound as that really isn't what it's set up to do.
  13. Schwantz34

    Jack Goes Giant Killing

    Left instructions as is. Almost always works for me.
  14. Schwantz34

    Jack Goes Giant Killing

    Tried both ways. Scored more using wing-backs as you can see on my Leeds save on this thread. If you want better defending but less goals scored use full backs instead.
  15. Schwantz34

    Arsenal- 4-2-3-1

    Did you ever try it with Leeds?