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  1. I think the tactics are good but you need players to fit the roles because it's nowhere near as effective when players are playing in anything but their primary roles. Players can be trained into different positions of course, but you don't get away with average performances in this system, probably because of how open it is. I like it though.
  2. Well @AndersJis another of the names with a good background in creating some effective tactics, so I'm sure this is another one that will be fun to use. Will give it a test run at some point.
  3. Lazio test results. Usual 11 Transfers In Transfers Out Final table Goals Assists Games That last game I played quite a lot of my fringe players to give them a run out.
  4. Running one already with Lazio using your tactic. Will post the results when I'm done.
  5. Should chuck this in the tactics thread, if you haven't previously. Looks good.
  6. They never state there is an update to tactics. It's other things they change that throws the tactics out of sync. Happens quite often with bug fixes disrupting other parts of the game.
  7. Let's hope it doesn't destroy more tactics 😂
  8. Three league titles in a row is great, I'd not be tweaking too much in case you lose what's making the tactic so effective. I did that with one I'd had success with, and it went horribly wrong fast 😂
  9. Yeah I get that but as it's written it makes little sense because it says he's pacy when currently he isn't. @Scratchsays it should maybe say something like 'future potential to improve' in whatever the areas are. I'd agree that would make more sense.
  10. I didn't say anything about work rate? I'm saying the report says he is pacy, and at a 13 rating right now he's not. Typo I hadn't noticed. It should say pacy.
  11. Dodgy scout report this. Lacy player? His rating is 13. 🤔
  12. The tactical style doesn't matter or make a difference. They are just presets.
  13. I like the right footed guy on the right and the left on the left. That's just me though. I'm sure others prefer different setups.
  14. I'd make sure for the RP's that you have a right footed RCM and left footed LCM. It's not as effective otherwise, or at least it wasn't for me. Also Left footed IF for the right side and right footed for the left sided one. Have an SS with over 14 shooting and they can be lethal in this tactic.