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  1. They won't be rebuilding in one January window though, so if we're going for realism then £200m seems about right. It's a figure some of their journos have been saying is likely to be available for January, so between £100m-£200m depending on who you believe. They'll do it slowly if they have any sense because what they need right now are three or four to improve them enough to stay up and to build on, but not necessarily world beaters just yet. Those should come further down the line.
  2. I'd say that's fair with the positive and negative. You can see it was inconsistent when I ran it with Leeds. Didn't really matter what 11 I used, the striker still needs to play very well for it to be effective consistently I think.
  3. Here's how a full season went. It was inconsistent for me and I found that the lineup didn't really matter and not having IWB's with central midfield traits didn't reduce the effectiveness of the tactic, as you can see here; Final table Ttransfers in Transfers out Goals Assists Results
  4. The CM's get good ratings and Shackleton though not starting, is my top assister right now. Sinkgraven is the regular IWB on the left.
  5. Norway would have been a good addition. Surprised it's not there yet.
  6. I have tried different variations too because I also have Bornauw, Maehle, Cantwell, Shackleton in the squad who can all play two positions because they're now trained for your system.
  7. It's definitely good at RB because I've also tried it there after getting the job early on in a SpVgg Greuther Fürth II save. At Leeds it's still very patchy.
  8. Patchy start for me with Leeds but it might be the players needing to learn the system since I was using another one in previous seasons. I've got them all training in the system roles on intensive so that should help.
  9. Here's how the Greece test finished up with Asteras. Managed a much higher finish than they would have realistically expected, a 4th in the regular season which improved to 3rd in the Super League Championship Group. The loan players helped but unless you're one of the big sides in Greece, the finances are an issue. Still a very good finish though given the team I used. Most Used 11 Table before Championship Group started; Final table after Championship Group games Goals Assists Transfers in Transfers out Games
  10. Loaned in 5 players because there's barely any money to spend with Asteras.
  11. I'm doing the full test with your setup just to see how it does. For the season after I'll look at the midfield. I think a CM-BBM might be good. Still think I can get a top 5 finish from your setup in the first season. We'll see.
  12. I think a top 5 finish might still be possible, which is a lot higher than they should realistically finish. The after match comments do often say that midfield was too open without the ball. It's probably because the BWM and RP both move around a lot by the nature of what those positions do in the game mechanics.
  13. Definitely isn't one of the strongest. Good some loans in to help. Added another in January too, bringing Bursik in on loan for a better starting keeper.
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