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  1. Tactics Juventus 5-3-2

    I'll change my Blackpool team to this system and see what happens. Already played 28 league games and sitting in 11th. Maybe a change to this will improve their fortunes.
  2. How have you made the player in front of the back four a BBM? The option simply isn't there for me to choose it. It gives only three options which are CM, DLP and a BWM. Never mind I just noticed this is for the 2016 version.
  3. Tactics Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    I tried it with Parma and it was okay for a few months then went downhill fast.
  4. Getting a lot of warnings from staff about pushing players too hard and many of the players are unhappy with their training regime.
  5. I everyone using the intensive training setup for the tactic? Just wondering if it's still effective with the default training setup.
  6. Tactics Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    Had a lot of success with them on the OME but I want to start using the EME so that's why I'm giving your tactic a go with two different seasons. I'm doing one with Leeds and one with Parma and it's working well if I stay clear of using the defensive one as I mentioned. At Parma the goals are being shard around, but at Leeds it's mainly the IF like yours is. Early on with both seasons though so we'll see how it works out after more games.
  7. Tactics Plug n play for OME?

    Both of these always work for me. The second version of the MadMarshall tactic is more effective than the first, just scroll down on his thread to find it.
  8. Tactics Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    Decided to give this a go in a different Country so I started as Parma. I was having real problems any time I switched to the defensive setup in the suggested situations as I almost always conceded when doing so. I've found it's working much better just sticking to the base setup and going to the attacking one after an hour if the game is still 0-0. Or If the opposition score first I switch to the attacking setup straight away then switch back only if I level it and then go in front, doing that keeps the momentum going once you level to go and score again. It's working very well this way so far.
  9. Tactics Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    As a fellow Leeds fan I'm definitely giving this a go. I don't usually play EME but I really should. [edit] FMH calls it a 3-2-2-2-1 when you set it up.
  10. Most tactics work well with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich etc. Not much of a 'test' really. I might have missed it but what match engine is being used?
  11. Assuming you are using the Enhanced match engine?
  12. Played this league before as I have family in Northen Ireland. Had a lot of success with Carrick but might have another go with one of your two suggestions.
  13. Give a tactic more than one game and see how it goes.
  14. Tactics Sweeper Tactic 1-2-2-2-2-1

    Match engine?
  15. I like the look of it. Which match engine?