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  1. Mainly to prevent really late goals that FM seems to always be plagued with. It seems to cut down on those a bit.
  2. Multicultural society. Also players get signed crazy young nowadays so there's that as well. It's probably a way for the game to reflect that.
  3. [Update] I'm finding this pretty solid on the latest update with a slight tweak from my original setup of using a TM or P, to using an AF instead. You still need players to fit the roles of course but it's working well.
  4. The instructions and pictures are in the original post at the top of the thread. Changes made by the other poster are mentioned in the post just a few above where you asked for photos. It's all there for you.
  5. The updated version of my tactic also works in the EFL Championship. I was using a different tactic on a Leeds save when they inexplicably sacked me in 2022/23 with 6 games left, and in 3rd spot only 2 points off the top. Wasn't in awful form, finances were good & I saw no other reason for it so it actually made me angry 😂 Instead of leaving it there, I noticed Sheffield Wednesday had a vacancy and still smarting from the Leeds sacking I applied, and thought I'll go to one of our local rivals & show you what a mistake you just made! I realised really quick that their squad wasn't good but managed to keep them up and head towards mid table as the season closed out. For my first full season there wasn't big money to spend so I did some squad surgery and got together what was a reasonable squad, but certainly not one of the strongest in the division. I'm suddenly thinking to myself that this could be a real struggle. I decided in an effort to be tough to beat I'd try them with my Amorim system for my first full season and this is what happened; Most used 11 Final Table Transfers in Transfers out Goals Assists Games
  6. Positioning isn't great and could be why he's not performing as well as you'd like. High stats elsewhere are great but if he's frequently out of position or not quick enough to get there it could be an issue. Also has low stamina so won't be at his most effective for long, as he tires quick.
  7. I like an AF if I can fit one to the way I want to play. Having a forward score and create is always really helpful.
  8. I really hope this gets fixed at some stage. In the youth team and hasn't played a first team game but won't accept less than £66k a week to re-sign with the club. Absolutely ridiculous and not even close to a realistic scenario.
  9. Onyekuru is my favourite left sided IF for this season's version of the game. He's absolutely deadly for goals and gets assists as well. Doesn't cost a fortune either if you get him early on. I'll definitely give it a go with Sporting next, especially as I'm a big fan of the Amorim style of play.
  10. Thanks for trying it out! Nice to see you applied it to the team of the man himself. I was going to do the same but haven't gotten around to it yet. Good to know it works with them. It's still working well on the saves I have it applied to and you're right, it does get better the more you use it 👍🏼 Having the right players for the roles always makes a big difference to any tactic and I wish people would realise that, before they say things don't work. Thanks again for trying it out!
  11. I run a 4-2-3-1 that's so far going well, and the player roles are exactly the same as yours. Instructions are very different though. It's interesting how some of us have stuff that's similar in some ways then very different in others. Fascinates me to see the different approaches people have to the game,
  12. Interesting setup. Something a bit different is always fun to try out.
  13. Yeah I lost half my squad on a save, with injuries ranging from 1 month to 6. Two were out for 6, four for 3 months and two for a month. I think that's right if I recall. If not it was very close to that.
  14. Not 100% sure but this may have been nerfed by updates. Tried it at three different clubs and it's not worked well at any, and with the players brought in to fit the system. Still trying though. Determined to get it going.