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  1. Not bad for a decent Newcastle side I've put together so far, but certainly not a world class set of players. Burke was classed as not good enough by scouts but I brought him in anyway because I liked his attributes; Goals Assists Results
  2. Resigned myself to the fact the game won't be cleaned up by the time the next one hits as there are just too many bugs. Just going to enjoy it how it is and play on fast so the bugs are minor irritations not deal breakers.
  3. Not bad at all with a very average Espanyol squad; Goals Assists - Just to point out, those 12 assists were from the centre back position! Results
  4. He's doing a challenge with it so those are often kept to themselves for obvious reasons.
  5. Did you change anything else or literally just the striker role?
  6. Håland is good enough or certainly will be, but the other two I'd say not. Once you get the key players in you'll win the league probably. I'm using it with Wolfsburg after switching to it a few months into a season and went from 9th to finishing 3rd in it's first attempt. Hoping a full season and some good recruitment improves it further.
  7. Might be your strikers, could also be your chance creators aren't doing it enough. You say it doesn't score enough but the OP knocked in 105 with Torino so it's doable.
  8. Very impressive that! I always wonder what systems you guys use for these goals challenges.
  9. What is your philosophy and did you master it?
  10. I could never get this going from the start. Shame as it's a good setup on paper
  11. Player interactions really does need cleaning up. It's absolutely useless still in it's current form. Doesn't seem to matter what response you pick to anything because the player response is rarely anything to do with what you said. It usually results in squad losing respect for you or morale going down.