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  1. Did you just use the squad they have? Or did you bring in players to fit the roles?
  2. I like the look of it. Will definitely give it a go!
  3. That's some team you put together! Glad the results have been good for you.
  4. I sometimes go back to 18' just to use this. What a tactic @Ashez& @Foxymade here!
  5. Player interactions are sadly, still very broken. Tell a player being criticized by the media that he's an important player and his form is just a blip? Player morale goes down and the squad lose respect for you. Tell a player he's not in your plans? Player is satisfied that you have recognised his potential and will keep him in your plans for the future. Really? Completely broken feature.
  6. Finished 5th in the first season with it. Will upload the test results from that season later
  7. It was this one. Good tactic for almost every team I used it with;
  8. I really like the setup to this. Currently using it on a save where I got the Wolves job for 2020/21. Started the save as Wolfsburg Manager (using a different tactic not this one) but they fired me after 33 games. Went on a horrific run of form, dropping me from 3rd to 5th. Wolves then came calling at the end of that season so having a crack with this tactic and it's alright so far. In 7th after 19 games. I think with a few player additions it will be a great tactic.
  9. Who did you try it with in Germany? There was a tactic similar to this in the FMM19 Tactic thread that I won the league with using Wolfsburg. This one may be fine over a full Bundesliga season.
  10. Nope I have never used the holiday function. It was during a pre season before the transfer window opened, so I assumed I would still be able to reject the transfer once the window opened. When the window did open, the transfer just went through with no option to accept/reject. Luckily I brought in a better goalkeeper with the cash I was given but still an annoying glitch that.