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  1. This is a very solid tactic @Qaz-123. As you can see I made very few transfers so it's pretty much the default Crystal Palace squad, and I won the Premier League! I've shown the two line-ups I used before the January transfer window and after it so that people can see this really wasn't a team of superstars. It's no fluke this either as I've run the tactic on other saves in other leagues and it's been solid each time. Team before January Team after January Final table Transfers in (summer) Transfers in (January) Transfers out Goals Assists Results
  2. Nah I was just doing a test of yours to see how it played.
  3. Not even going to bother finishing my Tyrese Campbell attempt. Absolutely blitzed by three others now ๐Ÿ˜‚ Was still fun to do though.
  4. Setup hasn't worked for me. Abandoned it with the team in 10th place after 20 games, and miles away from the leading group of teams.
  5. I forgot to add. If you do a post and show your results for at least a season, I'm sure it will then be added to the tactics thread here.
  6. You don't use any any Final Third instructions at all? Interesting as sometimes I do and others not. I'm still not sure how much effect they actually have and if they are that important really. Undecided. By 'last 3 boxes with variable' I'm assuming you just mean all 3 set to mixed? I'll give your setup a go and see what happens.
  7. This tactic won me the treble with Dortmund in it's first season. League, domestic cup and Champions League all won. If you're wondering about the dates it's because this is a third season on my save, having been at Norwich and Wolves the first two seasons using a different tactic. Had to revamp the squad as soon as I got there because several players wanted out including Haaland unfortunately, and they wouldn't sign a new deal which I tried in an effort to get around selling them. Not sure how Balerdi made the team of the year as he wasn't first choice in my back line. Usual lineup Final table Transfers in Transfers out Goals Assists Results
  8. Doesn't look to score a lot but the results speak for themselves. Solid defence as well. Interesting that you used 2 NCB's because you don't see those used often.
  9. That's very attacking! Bold move, I like it!
  10. All are here. Missing two of mine though I think @Foxyunless I'm just being blind, which is entirely possible ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. There isn't a Treq in the tactic.
  12. I think this might have become my new favourite tactic from here. Using it with a few different saves now and it's fun seeing which different players work in the roles across the different teams being used. Results wise it's a very successful tactic too, but it is one you do need to find the right type of player for especially in DM and AP roles I've noticed.