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  1. Would it not have been a 4-2-3-1 if a shadow striker was present? Sounds like a different tactic as shadow strikers only play where an AP/AM would be, but you have two strikers in the post.
  2. Are you using the same attacking and defending instructions as the original tactic?
  3. The skipping straight to halftime seems to be cured. Must have been something in that last update.
  4. No I was just saying that in years past, each update seemed to kill off successful tactics.
  5. The other issue is game updates have killed off many of the strong tactics each year.
  6. I test tactics a lot so had plenty of sacking through that.
  7. It's not plug and play. No tactic is. You will need players to fit the roles and even then it may not work. Got to test it yourself and see. Didn't work at all for me with two different teams, but it's worked for the OP.
  8. I don't believe that nothing in the tactics index has worked, and if it hasn't then you aren't buying or loaning the players in that you need to fit the tactics.
  9. Definitely can be effective. Goals Assists Results
  10. I don't even get a new amount set, mine so far have just ended discussions there and then once I offer the fee that they told me themselves to offer.
  11. Exactly what I was saying. He's talking real life and I'm talking about the game. It's not difficult to win the league with Sporting as has been shown on here many times with various tactics.
  12. Sporting have been a success on here many times in the past and the Portuguese league isn't the most difficult to win is what I'm getting at. I'm talking about the game here not about the real league. Those are two completely different things. As an example I tried this tactic with both Newcastle and Wolfsburg and was fired both times. I like the look of it though as I said, so I might try again with a different team.
  13. On most of them there isn't a message at all until they refuse the fee that they themselves say is acceptable.
  14. I figured with the One Direction comment 😂
  15. Looks that way. Some of us are just old 😂