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  1. Depends on your setup. Play around and see. For my Shearer challenge I'm using a DLP with two AP's either side of him in a 4-3-3 I made for myself and it's been lethal so far. Much will depend on the group of players you have at your disposal and the signings you make.
  2. Looks to be some interest in him in the real world.
  3. In fairness he's asking for testers so not wholly necessary I don't think. He has said he will be testing with West Ham too.
  4. Really is a cracking read all this. Outstanding effort put into it 👏
  5. Season 5 Loader has taken off in a big way! This is either a freak season or he's going to do this regularly now as he's hit 37 league goals in 37 league games! Unbelievable Jeff! I didn't alter the tactics from the tweaks I made to my 4-3-3 in season 3 so I'm surprised he's taken off so spectacularly all of a sudden but I'll certainly take it! I thought he'd go over 25 eventually as I said in previous posts, but not by the amount that he's gone over 25 here! Big question clearly now is can he keep this up? Well you and I will see as this record attempt progresses! Here's Loader's season; Final Table Transfers In [Edit] This was one I'd arranged but ran out of time for in January. Schick asked to move and a bid came in so I accepted and instantly went to get Campbell to replace him, only both deals fell through as it went beyond the transfer window. I then went back and arranged the Campbell deal again but to go through after the season, so I'm adding it here as it won't show up on next seasons transfers. I'll be offloading Schick since he wants out but he's likely going once the new season kicks in. Transfers Out Goals Assists Games Little gutted I didn't get the FA Cup hat-trick and disappointed to go out of the Champions League in the first knockout stage. The disappointments however are completely offset by the whole point of this career and that's Danny Loader goals, and boy has he delivered this season! Current Danny Loader numbers; Games - 175 Goals - 116 Seasons - 5
  6. Ajer is a quality player I always look to take from Celtic. One of my go to players on a fair few saves. Always gets a lot better and his value rockets up.
  7. He's worth over £100m on a Leeds save I have, but on that one I signed him two or three seasons in I think.
  8. I think he'd have had a great season 4 if the injuries hadn't disrupted and then curtailed it. Missed 11 games.
  9. Season 4 I did get Loader back but not until the FA Cup final so no more league goals and he stayed on the 17 he had when he got the final injury of the season. I'm optimistic for season 5 though because the team scored more than they have in the previous seasons and created more chances, so had he been fit I think Loader would have got 25+ goals. Added to the fact he missed 11 matches through injury. Here's how the season went; Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Games So it's a League and Cup double and another big improvement in points come the end of the season. The Loader injuries have hampered the goal tally but the improvements following the tactic tweak bode well for season 5 if he stays fit. Current Danny Loader numbers; Games - 138 Goals - 79 Seasons - 4
  10. Loader is again having a lull in the second half of the season. Currently on 17 league goals then this happens; Hoping to get him back for one or two games but it looks unlikely. It's probably season over for him.
  11. *Mini update* Early in season 4 Loader picked up his first real injury so he's missed a few games, but came back with a bang! Also for season 4 I've made some tactic tweaks to try and get more goals from Loader. I've taken off shoot on sight which seems to help, also changed passing to mixed and the focus to both flanks in the hope they will assist more than shoot now they don't do it on sight. Shape and everything else are still the same as the 4-3-3 I showed on earlier posts. [Edit] Uh oh he's out again, though not as long this time but will still miss some games. Hope this isn't going to suddenly become a regular occurrence.
  12. Season 3 Got 12 more points than my title winning season and still didn't retain, finishing 2nd on goal difference 🤣 The Tactic is still the 4-3-3 I created and results wise it's very very good! Impressed myself at how solid it's been for me and now I might end up using it on other saves. Defensively it's been excellent again, only giving up a measly 14 goals in the league. The problem is Loader has again gone over 20 goals but only just in bagging 21. It's a good return again but I need him to do more to get to Shearer's numbers faster. Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Games [Edit] Just noticed there's a game out of shot in the bottom photo. That's a Champions League final loss to PSG 1-2. On course to manage Shearer's goal tally a season before he did if my maths are right but I'm hoping Loader picks it up a bit now. He seems to go through spells of not scoring. During this season I think he was on 17 goals in February or around that time and I thought he was flying because of his match ratings being so high. He then only got 4 more league goals in 3 months. I'm still hopeful that he will start going over 25 a season soon but we'll see. Current Danny Loader numbers; Games - 111 Goals - 62 Seasons - 3
  13. Season 2 Finished and it's taken a while due to me dipping in and out of various saves. I changed tactic again a few games into this season and I'll be sticking with it going forward, because through playing around I stumbled on a tactic that won me the title and still got Loader 20 goals! I did start with 2 up top and that's why I brought in Schick who then ended up rotating with Saint-Maximin in the front wide areas. I would like more goals for Loader of course because right now he's only on course to tie Shearer's record. Will see how the tactic does season 3 and will tweak the instructions and roles to try and get more from him if needed. Anyway here's season 2, Champions! Loader; Transfers in; Transfers Out; Goals; Assists; Games; The tactic I'm now using and created myself; Also all these players from my team made it into the team of the season; Current Danny Loader numbers; Games - 74 Goals - 41 Seasons - 2