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  1. Schwantz34

    Career International Team Challenge

    I'm not his biggest fan but there aren't many good alternatives.
  2. Schwantz34

    Career International Team Challenge

    Yeah I thought the same initially and was considering sacrificing Sterling for Stones. Coady and Gibson are both performing very well right now though.
  3. Schwantz34

    Career International Team Challenge

    Changing tactic again has yielded some positive results so far. Game 7 Both strikers Kane and Maja weren't fit enough to start when it came to game time for Scotland. Game 8 Game 9 Game 10
  4. Schwantz34

    Career International Team Challenge

    Game 5 Game 6 Okay this requires a rethink as the Nations League was a disaster. Tried a tactic switch but it didn't really work, so after this update I'm thinking of going with my Bielsa tactic and see if it's any better.
  5. Schwantz34

    Tactics Super 4-2-3-1

    Thanks for the reply. Was just curious as the original post used wingbacks 👍
  6. Schwantz34

    Career International Team Challenge

    Game 2 Close loss to Spain where the reports after said we played well and the game could have gone either way. Game 3 A friendly so I decided to give the squad players a run out and hand some players their debut. Josh Maja hit a hat trick in his first game! Game 4 Back to the Nations League and Croatia got revenge in a big way. My team were taught lessons and the report after didn't make for good reading. Already thinking this early that it could be a real battle winning a trophy. Also the injury bug has bitten already and I have Sterling, Ward-Prowse and Dunk all out for 4 months. Some of those interesting call ups could be coming sooner than planned! Have to see what I can do when the next squad selection comes around.
  7. Schwantz34

    Tactics Super 4-2-3-1

    Why the switch away from wingbacks out of interest?
  8. Schwantz34

    Career International Team Challenge

    Game 1 Sterling injured right before the game so Gray in for him, no squad changes needed for that. Off to a decent start.
  9. Okay so this photo got me thinking. Spain recently fielded 11 players from 11 different clubs for the first time in their history and I though about whether I could do the same with England. Instead of using a starting 11 consisting of 11 players from 11 different clubs though, could I win a trophy using an entire squad made up of players from 23 different clubs. The rules I will be using are that the players clubs where they are on the game rather than where they are now will be used and this includes loans. So for example Tom Heaton classes as Burnley not Villa, and Reece Oxford classes as West Ham not FC Augsburg where he is on loan in the game. It could become tricky when injuries bite because I may have to dip into the Championship and further down depending on who's currently in my squad. This could lead to some bizarre debuts! Just seemed like a fun thing to try out. This is the squad I will be setting out with and we will be using a 3-4-3 formation, plus striker Josh Maja (Bordeaux) who you can't see on the photo as for some reason FMM19 will only fit 22 players in the screenshot. Away we go! I'll update with each game.
  10. That's very impressive!
  11. Schwantz34

    Index FMM19 Tactics Index

    Interesting. Might go back and try that myself and see how it performs.
  12. Still an effective tactic. Turned around a few different saves using it.
  13. Schwantz34

    Tactics PureDominance

    I think what people are getting at, is you've said that it works with small teams but used Sugar Daddy to make that small team very overpowered with players they'd not have a hope of signing otherwise. I'm sure the tactic is fun with good players and I don't think people are having a go at you here, but I can see where they are coming from that it is a little deceptive. Usually when people say a tactic is good with small teams they haven't loaded that team with stars from the top leagues. Nothing wrong with doing it if that's your thing and you enjoy it then all power to you, but to then claim the tactic is a success is a bit of a reach in some peoples minds. All in all I think if you had just said you used Sugar Daddy to have a bit of fun for yourself and these are the results you would have gotten a very different response to it in general. Just my opinion though.
  14. Schwantz34

    Tactics PureDominance

    Admittedly I haven't tried doing it myself, but I find it hard to believe those World stars would move to the Conference league. Given some players in the Premier League who aren't even top stars, refuse to move to other Premiership sides. Seems odd to me.
  15. Schwantz34

    Chat FMM19 Bug List

    Silly offers are still a thing. Oh he's worth £71m, let's offer £1m. Oh yeah go on then I'll take that deal, or not. 😂