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  1. Err you what? He's 29 and a regular in my team; 😂
  2. Remember what I said to you in my thread when you said similar, and look at the changes made to his squad. He's brought in players to suit the style he wants to use. It really does help to do that. Very rare you can just apply a tactic on this version and have it work from the off without changing a few things with your squad.
  3. He was very good a few versions ago. This one though not so much but best of luck to the £62m man!
  4. Good to hear you sorted it! It's all about the RP and wingbacks in my tactic. Without the right players there it just doesn't work.
  5. Germany is great but I've done too many saves there now 😂
  6. You know that's a great idea and I'm looking for a different team/league to start a season with. I have family over there and loved Carrickfergus as a kid. That's me picking Carrick and off we go!
  7. Here's the rest of the test @TheBirdMan Solid 3rd place and a cup win without changing the default squad all that much; Final table Most used 11 Goals Assists Games
  8. Germany to break the dominance of Bayern. Building up a team capable of consistently beating them is always a good achievement.
  9. Impressive results! Might apply it to my Venezia save now I'm promoted and facing the cream of Serie A. [Edit] Okay that backfired spectacularly. Gone back to my own 4-1-2-2-1 which has steadied the ship again. Not sure why it didn't work though. My players aren't great but they work in my system, so can't put my finger on what went wrong.
  10. Try improving your wingbacks and RP. Kolasinac doesn't seem like a good fit to me. It worked for me with the team you are using, so it sounds like you don't have players that suit the roles maybe and especially the key ones.
  11. Both of my recent ones have been tested on the new update and are still working. You do need to get players for the roles as with any tactic, but they work.
  12. It's the updated second version, so the first time I made changes. Shape:- Overload, narrow, fast, expressive. Defence:- High, All Over, Committed, Yes, No Attack:- Early crosses, Shoot on Sight, Direct, Both Flanks, Short
  13. Half season test. Only signed Insigne because they don't have anyone for the right IF position. Hamsik was a cheap option to use at RP for now. Silva I just sold in January so I can try to find a really good RP, though he was on fire with goals so hopefully I won't regret that sale;
  14. I'll test it quickly with them and see how it goes.
  15. What kind of results are you getting? I'll have a quick go with a Frankfurt save and see what happens. I will say Moriba is very young to be your main RP. I have him on loan at Venezia (a different tactic of my own) but only used him sparingly, because when I started him for a run of games he couldn't handle being my staring AP.