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  1. Both. Started with variations of it and built to something that worked. Haven't tried it on 20 but should still be okay for 19. Might try it myself on 20 and see if it's still usable there.
  2. You'll get more interest with results showing that it works.
  3. Still works and in the English non league as well, also take into account I created a new Manager for this save (I made the late Gary Speed, being a Leeds fan) so he's an obscure rank as I didn't want to make it easier. This team finished in 5th I think it was in the first season (it's on here in another tactic thread) with a tactic test using a very different shape and largely the same squad; Goals; Assists; Results;
  4. I didn't need to. For the second season I tested the 4-1-2-2-1 Pep tactic from here to see if it still works after the update and won the league with 4 games to go. Used almost the same group of players.
  5. Then it wouldn't be the same shape though would it, and therefore no longer a 4-2-2-2 tactic.
  6. Things I would try; WB to FB BPD to CD SK to G Try the central defender change first. They might be making errors and giving away the ball a lot near your goal. If it's still not working try changing the defensive instructions a bit.
  7. Just have to try it and see. It's the only way really.
  8. Used a different tactic the first season. Played around with this one a bit so far and was still languishing. Changed to a bit of an unorthodox one from here and starting to pick up wins.
  9. Struggling in the Bundesliga with Hannover. Languishing in the bottom half.
  10. I'm assuming that's with the latest game version? All updated?
  11. Just to help you out a little here, it's good you want to share a tactic but people here are very sceptical when YouTube videos are used to do so. Even with the best intentions many see it as fishing for YouTube hits and promoting of a channel. If you lay the tactic out how people do in the tactic posts then trust me that folks will be far more receptive to it.
  12. Like I said before, this is one of the best current tactics on here. Works pre and post update. Great work @danK7RNY