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  1. Tactics Piggs 3-4-3 EME

    Might just be me but suddenly not all the screenshots are loading. Some are and some not. [Edit] If I choose open in new window, the ones not showing load that way.
  2. Used this in three different Countries now and it's been great each time. Used it in England, MLS in America briefly and Italy. Currently using it with Sampdoria without signing anyone because I forgot to take off the first season transfer window option. Will post that up once I've finished the first season.
  3. Using this on my Blyth career. Switched to it to start the 2021/22 season. Finding you score so many goals but also concede a ton. Will post up league table etc once I finish the season. Not long to go now. Currently topping the table and scored over 100 goals. [EDIT] Okay it turns out I was closer to the end of the season than I thought ha ha! So here you go!
  4. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Yes but I don't get to the agreed deal part. For me many transfers are just staying on offered, so when you go to the player you can't bid again for them and when you check the contract status it just has your club under 'transfer offers'. Very annoying bug.
  5. Tactics Clean-Sheet-King Strikerless Tactic

    Will definitely try this!
  6. Tactics I present to you......JadeSabre!

    So I finished a full season test on one of the three saves I've used it with. What I noticed is you have some big losses to teams you'd expect to beat comfortably when you're the heavy favourite, but when it works it's brilliant. Only just nicked the title but still it's my highest finish on that particular save.
  7. Tactics I present to you......JadeSabre!

    Blyth, it fell apart after starting well.
  8. Tactics I present to you......JadeSabre!

    So far it's working with Leeds, not bad with Blyth and not consistent in the MLS with Minnesota. I think it's the team in the MLS though because it's weak in some key positions.
  9. iScout Oleksander Zinchenko

    Found the solution I reckon. My squad will fit this way better.
  10. Tactics I present to you......JadeSabre!

    Really love anything that isn't the usual shapes so will definitely try this!
  11. So it's not a tactic from previous games at all then? It's a combination of a few versions tactics?
  12. Tactics Piggs 3-4-3 EME

    Two pre update and then one, with Blyth. Also into third after update with York City. Working well for me still especially with the little changes mentioned in the thread.
  13. Tactics Piggs 3-4-3 EME

    Use the second version, it still works well with the update.
  14. Tactics Piggs 3-4-3 EME

    Yeah it's still brilliant!
  15. There's already a great 4-3-3 on here with a similar look to it with the wide IF's that always works for me.