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  1. Anybody after a young rough diamond of a player, get Morgan Whittaker signed up he's ridiculously good!
  2. Season 5 What a season! Unbeaten in the league! I'm very very frustrated at losing the Champions League final after that run of results leading up to it. I definitely got FM'd there! On the plus side we've done Bayern 5-0 on aggregate in the semi-final and that's no easy task so it shows the new tactical setup is working against the biggest sides in Europe as well as domestically. Campbell has had his most productive season so far with a brilliant 35 league goals and 40 in total for his season. He also walked away with awards and places in the world 11 and Premier League team of the season. Young Whittaker also had a fantastic season and won an award himself. I think I'll be sticking with the current setup now after the results I've just had with it and Campbell seems to be thriving in it so for the challenge it makes sense to stop tweaking at least for the new season to see if it can hit these heights again. If it does then I'll probably pick another team just to run through a quick test and post it up for people to use in the tactics thread if it produces elsewhere too. Very happy with season 5! Weirdly though season 5 was also when Loader had a big season with 37 goals in season 5 of my last Shearer challenge attempt, spooky! Campbell's season Whittaker Current tactical setup Final table Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Games Campbell is doing very well now and his value is continuing to rise though his star level is again on 2 and a half which I still find very odd. His goal numbers have him 9 ahead of where Loader was after 5 seasons, with the same number of games played by each of them. Current Tyrese Campbell numbers; Games - 175 Goals - 125 Seasons - 5
  3. Just lost Livakovic in goal. Offered him a new deal just before January when he approached me for one. He signed the deal then January in come Bayern for him and he wants to go, so I tried the trick @Scratchsuggested but because he'd just signed one he wouldn't negotiate another. Replaced him with Pau Lopez so not a total disaster. Just a bit frustrating but I did make a £46m profit on Livakovic.
  4. I might, I say might, have hit on something good. Played 10 (12 if we count friendlies and won both of those as well) and won 10 so far, the most recent game being a 4-2 away win at PSG. I put the shape back to one high IF on the left and kept the AP lower on the right still. Tweaked some instructions and swapped the right BBM for am AP. Campbell has 6 goals in 7 league games. So far it's been really good so we'll see how it pans out over a season.
  5. Season 4 League runner up again but Campbell hit 28 league goals after another tactic tweak, so I'm happy he's been able to start enough to get a good haul finally. Still not totally happy with the tactic and feel I still haven't found the best setup yet to get the best from Campbell. Champions League semi final again too knocking out Liverpool in the QF for some payback after they took our league title last season. Not a lot else to say this season so on to the facts and figures. Campbell goals Current tactic Final Table Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Games Now here's something I don't get. Campbell compared to last season has played more and scored more, improved his average rating, upped his stats and is worth more money but still has a two and a half star rating. Weird. He's still doing the business for me though. He's played 2 more games and has 11 more goals than Loader had after 4 seasons, so now he needs to keep extending that number. Current Tyrese Campbell numbers; Games - 140 Goals - 90 Seasons - 4
  6. Yeah it's something I'm toying with for my Shearer Challenge in my 4-3-3. I've changed my left side IF to a W for season 4 and I'd already changed my right IF to an AP for season 3, though that particular change was more to get the best from Buendia.
  7. Now that's a very interesting looking tactic, and something I've not thought of in terms of setup. Like the look if it though.
  8. Anyone experienced this one? Just cropped up in my Shearer challenge. I don't think it's a bug but it seems odd to me. Not sure why the Chairman would get involved, he's not even a first team player and there's £156m in the bank.
  9. Season 3 Very strange season this. Campbell was always out injured it seemed like and despite playing 34 games, many of them were actually sub appearances as he often wasn't fit enough to start and he's ended the term on only 19 league goals and 4 of those were in one game. Team wise it was strange as well, after only finishing on one point less than last seasons title win I was 8 points behind winners Liverpool this time around. I played around with the tactic quite a bit as nothing seemed to get Campbell scoring more, eventually landing on a slight variation which I'll post up. European wise though things improved massively in making the semi final, only to then crash our having a 2 goal lead going into an away tie with Juventus. A good European run nonetheless and there was a trophy win when we took the FA Cup again, beating Chelsea in the final. Let's see what season 4 brings provided Campbell can stay fit enough to start 30 games or at least that's the hope. If he can't then the injury worries might derail this challenge. Tactic tweak; Final Table Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Games Given the injury hit season Campbell has probably done alright scraping together a 19 goal league return, but he needs to do more to stand a chance of toppling Danny Loader from my previous attempt. Current Tyrese Campbell numbers; Games - 102 Goals - 62 Seasons - 3
  10. Campbell's scoring ratio is good but he may be injury prone. Approaching December now and he only has 12 league appearances, with 8 goals.
  11. Some very good 4-4-2 systems on here, especially in this season's game. They can be lethal.
  12. You've come up with a few good tactics @zorderxx Nice work again here 👍
  13. Ravel Morrison is a good one if he's in the game. Bojan Krkic and Adnan Januzaj are another two.
  14. I like the concept but most of the players listed are in their 30's. It makes more sense for a good challenge to use the younger ones. Maybe add a few more of those? Martin Odegaard is a good example for instance. Good challenge idea though 👍
  15. As explained previously, clubs are coming in and I'm having a lot of issues with players hitting me with 'may react badly if the offer is rejected'. I tried rejecting one and the player was then garbage and his average ratings nose dived. Given that I just let them leave now if I see that line and I know I can replace them so it's not really affecting anything. Got a stack of money in the bank still and a good side now as long as I don't keep having to sell and replace. Shouldn't do with who I've brought in.
  16. Opening post is fantastic comedy 🤣 Good luck with what is an interesting challenge!
  17. Season 2 This season was almost a disaster but was quickly rescued by a tactical tweak to get things going again after a really shaky start. I also wasn't planning on so much transfer business, and then I lost Digne, Palacios, Ajer and Gomes in January after they hit me with the 'may react badly if this offer is rejected' line in January. Starting to think it's a club reputation thing since it happened last season as well, despite winning the title which I've won again this season. We've replaced them though and gone on to win a league and FA Cup double. This is the system we're now using. It's a mix of my original challenge tactic and the new tactic for this challenge. It's been pretty good since I settled on it after changing little things for half the season; Campbell had himself a good season in scoring 32 goals in 50 games with 22 of those in the league so he's one up on last season. Also won another award in the Players Young Player award and gotten himself into the Players team of the year again; Happy with a second league title in a row and the FA Cup win. Going further in Europe would have been nice but the squad upheaval hasn't helped there. Hopefully more settled in season 3 and just add a sprinkle of extra quality. Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Games Pleased with what Campbell got since he just wasn't scoring for four and five game spells until the tactical changes. Current Tyrese Campbell numbers; Games - 68 Goals - 43 Seasons - 2
  18. About to lose Ajer & Digne in January of season 2, who are two of my best players. Valencia and Juventus are bidding and both players want to consider the approaches. Both will apparently react badly if I refuse. That's me searching for replacements. [Edit] I'm wondering if it's something to do with the club reputation, because I also ended up losing Gomes and Palacios for the same 'will react badly if this offer is rejected' reason 😡
  19. Yeah it just seems to shore things up having one in the middle of my 3. I might still try to incorporate a BBM back in on the right or left of the 3 though, because those are very useful in this year's game.
  20. I changed the midfield back to how I had it in my original challenge, AP DLP AP. That's got results coming back.
  21. My tactic is really struggling in season 2 so far and I'm down in mid table. Not sure why either as I haven't changed it. Going to tweak it a little to try and get some results or I may get the sack!
  22. Season 1 Despite a 2 month injury lay off Campbell did well in his debut campaign, hitting 21 goals in 32 games. The tally is the same as Loader in season 1 from my previous attempt but in 5 less games which is a good sign. He also took the Footballer of the year award. Campbell's season; Team wise it was a very successful season with us taking the title! Four players made the team of the year and I got Manager of the year. Not at all bad for a first season with a completely different set of players after some major transfer surgery. The amount of changes was a lot down to offers coming in and being told the players were interested in the moves and would react badly if I rejected the offers. That said there was only Digne, Pickford, Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison I'd have wanted to keep from those I allowed to speak to other clubs. I was more than happy with the players I brought in and I doubt I'll make that many moves next season now. I'll be trying to keep Digne who I haven't lost yet but he does have an arranged deal with Napoli (as his transfer fell outside the January window), that I might cancel because I'm banking on him not reacting badly now we're Champions. Champions League football can only help Campbell's development and if he can stay injury free I'm hoping for a more productive season. I did make a small tactical tweak from my original setup in the first post, so we now have the setup below, with two AP's but everything else remains the same from the first post in this thread. Because the tactic has been successful already I'll stick with it. Final Table Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Games Really can't be unhappy with the start and Campbell matching Loader with less games played. On we go from here! Current Tyrese Campbell numbers; Games - 32 Goals - 21 Seasons - 1
  23. 15 goals in 24 games and then this happens in season one 🤕
  24. There's a tactic on here that works very well with one IF dropped back so went with that rather than both up as I had last time out on this challenge. Tactic is similar to my original challenge one and still might set my midfield 3 back to AP DLP AP because that was effective before, but right now my current setup is working.