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  1. FuzzySime

    Who is your favorite player?

    one of my favourites has been this guy..
  2. Dont know why i cant edit the above post?! Anyway, i want to create space, pulling opponents out of position so that another player cant attack it. That was my thinking with the wb and inf. I sometimes think i can be too crowded in the centre with the pcr, adv playmaker and inf cutting in so i may drop the adv playmaker down to midfield so he is inline with the dlp and cm. When i do, i change the role of the dlp to bwm and cm to box to box. I have just taken on the Napoli job so will see how it develops with them!
  3. I chose the bpd to build from the back, to try and coax the other team out from being so defensive against me. That was the idea anyway. The wb does offer more offensively and he should be occupying the space left by the inf who cuts in. For me, its all about creating links between defence, midfield and attack and how it transitions. I want to creating space when i try and
  4. Hey Anders, it was your tactic that i used. The only change that i did was to change goalkeeper distribution to mixed. My own tactic is the same shape as yours, the differences are a below I would sometimes change the poacher to a CF depending on who i was playing. Also, i played a bpd, but not on the same side as the wb as i felt it left me too exposed. The wb would occupy the space left by the Inf. I would sometimes change the cm to a bwm depending who i was playing. In your version, it is tighter at the back with the dlp being a good link between the defence and attack. I have a good team in my league and alot if teams would play defensive and counter attack. Every game seems to involve me trying to break down the other team which left me vulnerable to counter attacks. With your tactic (and strengthening my fb's) i seem rock solid at the back.
  5. Good results and well done on winning the league with Espanyol Anders!
  6. Thanks for sharing your tactic. I gave it a try out as it was similar to my own one. I have kept alot of clean sheets while creating alot of chances. Here are my results so far.
  7. FuzzySime

    Rodgers 3-4-3 created

    Thanks for posting your tactic. Will give it a try out with my RBL side tonight when im on nightshift.
  8. Firstly, thanks for posting your tactic but i have a problem viewing it. I can only see screenshots of two of your results. You may get more of a response if you upload the images here?
  9. FuzzySime

    5 under 5 M players to sign

    Not sure if many of you have used him but he has been solid for me. Signed for 3.8m.
  10. FuzzySime

    Solid 3-4-3 [EME]

    Ok, thrown this tactic in at the deep end against PSG in the Champions League with my RBL team. Team performed well. I changed the bbm to a bwm during first half as i felt we were getting over run a bit in midfield. For the last 20 mins i replaced the AP with a dlp and changed the bwm back to a bbm to see out the game. Good start. The changes i made were also a result of the personnel i have.
  11. I never start at a club that has a huge wage or transfer budget that would allow me to buy any of the above players. To keep my interest, i prefer a project of transforming or helping a team to reach its potential. I will probably try starting out at a bigger team with the required funds at some point, even if its for a season. The players i havent used but would like to include Lewandowski and Depay or Reus.
  12. FuzzySime

    Solid 3-4-3 [EME]

    Looks interesting. Will give it a try out with my RBL team. Thanks for posting the tactic.
  13. FuzzySime

    5 under 5 M players to sign

    Nice list, Ive heard of numbers 1 and 2 but have never used them. Will definitely try them out on my next save.
  14. FuzzySime

    Macca's Galacticos 4-1-2-2-1

    Will give this a go with my Newcastle Utd side. Half way through a season at the moment and sitting 4th so a bit hesitant to change tactics but I like how it is set up and think it will compliment my team well. Using the new ME.