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  1. Haukr

    Need ideas for a career

    I see that you are using WingBack on the same side that you have a Winger and a FullBack on the InsideForward side. I always though that WB should be used with IIF and FB with Winger. If cuts inside and WB come running. Winger stay on the flank and fullback supports from behind. Have I been wrong in this?
  2. Haukr

    FMM18 Bug List

    Hello, After my first season with ManUtd I was ready to sign some new players in the transfer window. What I did not expect was for the transfer window to end 19th of August. I though may be that the email was wrong but then i signed a new player 23th of August and now I am waiting for him to join my squad in the winter transfer window. Donno if it is a bug or if the transfer windows irl have changed. BR
  3. Excellent word of advice scratch99.
  4. Haukr

    Too easy

    I agree with OP, Ive played 4 season with man utd and easily winning the League and most cups every year. The last season i only conceded 4 league goals in a season (1 at 30 games when i won the League and then 3 more when playing the last games with my youth team). I have only bought the players that my scouts recommend and not checked any wonderkid lists. I have only used my own tactics. I have used the EME but not with the option large database. Could this be a problem? Maybe playing with a large club like man utd is "easy mode" and it is me that have not choosen a more challanging carrer?
  5. I played on original until update 7.2 because the eme was so slow. Took med around 10 min per game but now it only takes around 2 min. So after the latest update i can enjoy the eme for the first time. Playing on Xperia Z3, eme hasnt been a realistic choice before 7.2.
  6. Hello, Maybe this have been discussed before but i did not find anything using the search function. In the explanation for inside forward it says that they are most effective when the players strongest foot is opposite to the flank he is playing on. Is it possible to find this information ingame? The players strongest foot?
  7. Haukr

    Leeds tactic advice ??

    Lav50 could you post a link to lees tactic? I did a search but I could not find it.
  8. Haukr

    Holidaying on FMH2015

    Do you still improve your manager profile by winning while on holiday? Im doing the unemployment challange and just got a job in a low division club and want to improve my manager status to be able to get Jobs in larger clubs.
  9. Taff , in these tests, are you using the original tactic on the first page (cm, normal tackling) or are you using the updates you talked about earlier (bwm, comitted, man behind ball)?
  10. Haukr

    New tactic!!

    Np! Thats exactly what I am trying to do. Maby there is a club that is worse than concord rangers but when i started I did a quick scan of the stadium capacities and training facilities and concluded that concord rangers must be among the worst. So now i start my third season and hope that i will have the stamina to take them all the way to champions league winners. As long as i am winning its like running with the wind in my back but i know that once i stop getting promoted every season and need more time to build the squad things will get thougher.
  11. Haukr

    New tactic!!

    Exactly. Maybe it can be improved by also changing passing style during games. But i am satisfied with the results since concord rangers is a pretty bad team. Small squad, very low budget, minimal training facilities and and a stadium capacity of only 3300 ppl.
  12. Haukr

    New tactic!!

    I have played two seasons with concord rangers using this tactic. I won both vanarama South and vanarama conference without ant problem but i had to be active during games to win. The first thing i do is to check the opponents tactic, if they play counter attack i change my play style to balanced, otherwise i play attacking. If I proceed with attacking and the stats indicate that i am not dooing very well i change my style to balanced.
  13. Haukr

    Juventus Winning Tactic

    A general description would be that the enchanced engine is a slower more realistic engine and the original is a faster engine. The performance of a tactic differ depending on what engine you use and that is why it is an interesting fact when presenting a tactic like you did above. Another thing that people usually want to see is pictures of the tactic (formation, player roles, etc.) and pictures of results (match scores, table placement, etc.) Ofcourse its up to you if you want to post it but it would be much appriciated among the community.
  14. Haukr

    Juventus Winning Tactic

    In preferences > starting configurations > match engine version. There is original and enchanced. There is also the option default but that chooses the original or enchanced depending on your phone.