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  1. Ali

    New Company??

    Sorry, but let the guy have his dream. Yeah, it might not go anywhere but people are allowed to have aspirations. I say go for it mate, if you believe you have something that can revolutionise the industry, make it happen. Minecraft anyone?
  2. Ali

    Staff announcements

    Hey guys, what's going on in here? : D
  3. Ali


    Loving it on the 360, oh hai guise!
  4. Well done guys, glad we all contributed to where the site is today.
  5. Ali


    Oh hai guize! I welcome this blackout, means my interwebz will be faster. : D
  6. Ali


    Maybe he wanted to be a guidance teacher...? #shockhorror!
  7. I'm really enjoying it so far. Maps are so much better, less places to camp so I'm guessing that's why you don't like them? Connection is 99% of the time your fault, open your ports or get better internet.
  8. Ali

    2 mins Silence

    War is necessary. I mostly detest those who have this whole anti-war stance. They are in the same vein as those who want extra rights and protection for every race under the sun even if they break UK law. BUT THINK OF THEIR RIGHTS? Piss off. You wouldn't enjoy your freedom today if it wasn't for our soldiers who'll be a damn sight braver than I could ever be and I'm willing to bet you as well. You cannot reason with a dictator and that is why it is sometimes forced to engage in combat.
  9. I agree, I very rarely touch FMH now and probably won't buy next year's edition due to lack of feature but I still come on the odd time. Well done guys, good on you for keeping it going.
  10. Glad to see I've prompted some interesting discussion. I suppose I was basing my knowledge on the premise of FIFA Ultimate Team. Your team plays better if they are the same nationality, which, in theory makes sense. As if you have a full team of players that play for their national team and you have them in your club, they should work great together.
  11. Just wondered, if I was to create a team say full of Italians. They would play better together than a mashup of players? I presume FMH factors this in?
  12. Nobody just gets hacked though. Maybe on the PC due to keylogging/rootkit, yes. The 360 only gets doe if you hand your details over to my knowledge.
  13. It's EA, what part of this don't you get? Also, if you spend actual money in game then lol. It's better to trade at night when it's quiet. Had to lol at the prospect of a lawsuit against them as well, I'm sure EA are fearing a 13 year old going mental.
  14. EA have your money, they really, really, really, really don't care. As a business, they only have to sell a product, not support it. Loads of other people moaned at them for much more important things and didn't get heard. So, I'd stop wasting your time because EA are notorious for not sorting problems out.
  15. Haha, love a good bit of banter on here sometimes. Tactic, your posts and erratic mood swings make you sound about 11 years old. You went mental over nothing, grow up kid.