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  1. Looks like that's completely separate. Easy to see how people can be confused/duped depending on what main stream media they get their info from. Those media outlets are not backwards in coming forward when they have an agender to push. I'm happy with the City owners. But I also use like to leave politics aside. There are very few fan owner of clubs these days so I personally choose not to go down that warren hole. Good luck to a Newcastle, you deserve some exciting times ahead.
  2. Wow, I've obviously had my head in the sand for the last decade. Can you share that info as I had no Idea (link) Separate countries and philosophys and what seems like a hatred to each other. Or is this one of those 'i'm related to you' type situations if you trace the family tree back far enough.
  3. I think that part is just/more important than what happens on the pitch. This area isn't hampered by FFP so hopefully you guys get rewarded like we did at City. We get the odd line here and there in the press but millions have been invested in the surrounding areas.
  4. Shocked and saddened this is going ahead. Disgusting that foreign investors can chuck a load of money in and make a club competitive over night. Where were your fans when you were broke? Any trophy won from here on will be worthless and other fans will rightly ridicule you. I for one will be constantly crunching the numbers ready to rub in how much your future team cost when Newcastle lose to a far cheaper team. Why can't you be more like the mighty Liverpool. They do things the right way, they are still only spending the Coutinho money although they are down to the last £728m of that now. /TongueOutOfCheek
  5. I'm not going to lie, I've wanted a top striker to come to City for the last 3 seasons. Aguero's body let him down a long time ago and Jesus hasn't hit the heights he could have. That said he's started brilliantly on the right so far. Did I want Messi? Yes 100%, last year when he asked to leave Barca. I wasn't sure if he could do it in the Prem that late in his career but I wanted to see it. Fast forward another season and that 100% wanting Messi changed to, 'probably not a good signing now'. It started to feel a bit George Best to Bournemouth for me. The kudos of having a player with that history would have outweighed the player on the pitch long passed his prime. The Prem is a different animal to other leagues and physical attributes are so important here. My thoughts on Ronaldo are even more meh. At least you could argue how Messi could fit in a Pep team. There is no way CR7 was suited to our style. Commercial reasons aside, I couldn't make a case for wanting Ron at City. Kane. Would have been great but Levy has destroyed that boys career. Kane not blameless, he shouldn't have signed a 6 year contract. Gentleman's agreement means FA to Levy when money is involved. Could City have afforded him, yes of course but contrary to popular belief City do set themselves limits. On our transfer activity. As I say, I've wanted a striker for a few years now. Liam Delap is young and has showed great promise so hopefully he gets some match time when fit. Slightly underwhelmed by signing Jack G. £100m feck.... Can't help feeling the nation's hysteria with Jack played a part in escalating that price. Possible question marks over KDB's fitness and injury record has made this move happen. Left back is another area we have needed to fill for 5 years. Mendy is obviously a liability on and off the field and we can't keep trolling the other teams with Delph and Zinchenko taking the pee at left back winning us titles. Gutted that Nuno Mendes has gone to PSG, he was the long term solution. Patrick Roberts off to Troyes on loan, it really is last chance saloon for the boy wonder who promised so much. We will probably quietly go about our business winning a couple of trophies this year which will be greeted as failure by opposing fans but those trophies add up and as someone who has been there since the dark days of the third tier (and before bouncing up and down the top two divisions) I will smile to myself every time we win a piece of silverware. It's better than an away trip to Wrexham
  6. You are just jealous you don't have 4 right backs to actually choose from😉
  7. Although picking 4 right backs was stupid and I think Southgate bottled a tough choice, you have to be gutted for Trent.. Any player missing out on a tournament experience through injury is horrible but being this close must cut even deeper.
  8. I've got to be honest, I wrote he bottled the TAA decision but thought it would come across as anti Liverpool so deleted it.
  9. 4 rightbacks it is 🤣 Look a little light in the out and out striker department.
  10. Last I heard Allegri wanted him to sign a new deal at Juve. Not unheard of bumping up a players value with a new deal ready for a sale though.
  11. So it looks as though the first big move of the summer has happened. Aguero to Barca for 1 year with the option of a second. Good luck Sergio.
  12. Pep will shoulder a lot of blame, unfortunately he does love to over tinker as I and others have mentioned a few times. City Players couldn't settle as they kept being moved around by Pep trying to undo his starting mistakes. Kante , James and Chilwell were impressive. Rudiger was good although even in rugby he would have seen red for that aggressive off the ball body check. That will probably see a mini rebuild at City now. Well done Chelsea.
  13. Sour grapes on/ This ref 😁 Fist pumping Chelsea players at half time Helping Chelsea players to their feet from the floor Laughing with Chelsea players at half time coming back to the pitch So quick to discount that James handball penalty That Rudiger challenge on KDV Stopping the game with city on the attack because Cesar Az banged his knee fouling Sterling. Sour grapes off/
  14. I've always played down the champions league and said the EPL was more important. The truth is I didn't really know because we have never been in the final. I can't put my finger on it but I'm nowhere near excited/nervous/anxious as I was before a big deciding league game like the QPR or Leicester matches. Even Blackburn to get promoted to the Prem or Gillingham in the League 1 playoffs. Possibly down to the 'we're not really here attitude' and just grateful to be playing big games and watching world class players play in our colours. Or possibly down to the fact we didn't win the league last year which really bugs me playing in the 'Champions' League. Who knows 35 minutes from kick off, I hope my excitement builds. Hope it's a good game for any neutral watching.
  15. Too close to call. If we score first and early then yes. If Chelsea sit in and keep us out for 25 minutes +, I can see it going their way We will push harder and leave space they will exploit. I can see us giving a penalty away scrambling back to defend the counter, possibly a red card to. I just hope it's fair with no contentious decisions for either team. I'm sure everyone knows but the game is FREE for everyone. Stream it on YouTube or download the BT Sport App.
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