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  1. If you go into collisions half arsed then you risk injuring yourself . No such thing as a friendly rugby game for that very reason. Go hard or go home.
  2. Obviously this season hasn't resumed yet but looking further afield, how will this season go down in history? Surely a big * has to be placed against everything that happens. *Champions *Euro qualification *Relegated *FA Cup winners *CL&UEFA winners 5 subs, matches played like pre season friendlies (apart from relegation battles and CL hopefuls) CL one off matches in a neutral venue. Such a shame but as has been said numerous times, what alternative is there. The only people that will be truly happy are CL qualifiers and those at the bottom who escape relegation. Liverpool will rightly win the league but that * will always stick in the throat in my opinion, maybe not now but in the coming years. I've resubscribed to sky sports but I can't say I'm looking forward to it if I'm honest. The media have hyped the German football on return but the games I've seen have been a joke. No doubt the media will hype things here boxing box office style, the end product will speak for itself though.
  3. Love that this challenge is driving people mad in a fun way. Welcome to the 400 club.
  4. AFCB are my hometown club. I go when there is ticket availability but it’s not easy with such a small ground. I take the kids to FA Cup home games. All these fans we suddenly have, I don’t remember them when I was there in the lower devisions and I was 1 of 1700 fans. Eddie has done an amazing job over the years. Not much further he can take them without expanding the stadium but the transport links make that impossible. Good luck, I will follow
  5. Great effort there @Ian like others say, Massive return from Salah! Who is going to break the 450 mark? I’ve noticed quite a few of you guys use BPDs. During my testing I concede more (which is obvious) but I also score less when using them. It just goes to show, a tactic is more than the sum of its parts. A tactical role only becomes effective if the roles around that position compliment it.
  6. Thanks man, yes it was a very challenging career but enjoyable which is the main thing. Like you hint at, to complete so many goal scoring challenges in one career was a good achievement. Thanks for the positive feedback and being with me on this journey from the start.
  7. Great effort BG. Happy you didn’t beat me or I would have had to play again 😆 If @Foxy or anyone else beats the score it’s fine but not @BatiGoal
  8. Fantastic effort mate. Only just caught up with this. Jude looks phenomenal. The lad from Scotland was tearing it up at 13 years old I remember a sky sports news feature in him a few years back if it’s the person I’m thinking of I’m starting to panic as my TT record could be in danger.....
  9. I will check next time but as far as I remember no updates because I didn’t want to spoil anything once I started. It’s certainly the November database.
  10. I’m predicting some very close points totals in this one. Bringing glory to the lower Turkish and polish leagues, the likes of which they’ve never experienced before.
  11. I ticked a few boxes, unticked a few boxes and hey presto the magic was released.
  12. Great total. Massive assists for Mane. Don't know how you guys do it playing strikerless!
  13. Great goals against. Perhaps being tight at the back cost you a few goals going forward. Goal Difference is a tricky one to get right and 72 is a good effort. You also managed to get more goals out of Mane than some of us. He was a little disappointing for me. I think Salah overpowers the other two in the game so a lot focuses around him.
  14. Thanks @Kun Aguero It can definitely be beaten. Like I say, none of my 3 were on corners until the end of Feb. I played the challenge in 3 blocks over 3 days (spend the rest of my time in PPE on the frontline). The first 2 parts of the season were near perfect. 3.8goals a game and averaging almost 3 goals a game from the front 3 alone. The 3rd part of the save fell flat. Salah injury, red tired messages, defeats when I had 7 ccc etc. I might post ‘form’ screen shots for the 3 players to show how badly they tailed off for the last 20 games. If I had my time again I wouldn’t buy or sell anyone in January. There were definitely another 25 points to be had from my attempt.