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  1. Strange to think it was the FA Cup that used to be held in that high regard. In a few years another competition (European Super League?) could take over that mantle with masses of advertising and pomp and circumstance. The Champions League would then be like the Championship with second rate teams playing for what was once 'the biggest trophy' Money trumps heritage for the FAs, TV companies, UEFA and FIFA. The 'spin' they put on these competitions does lure people in but I will always be old school. Win your league then if you beat 'the best' Europe has to offer then that's the cherry on top.
  2. Also remember your clubs reputation will influence things. Using Celtic, Dortmund etc will mean the other teams in your league will be scared of you and play accordingly. Playing with Newcastle etc will have teams going after you
  3. I'm not going to lie, a Champions League win would be great and it's the one thing missing from the City dynasty. If the money left tomorrow without City winning a CL it would undoubtedly feel like something was missing. It would also remain a stick for rival fans to beat us with. Although let's be fair, if we did win it that success would not be taken seriously by any rival fans. Having said that it's not as important as the media would make out. They obviously have a vested commercial interest in hyping it. Let's be honest though - You can win the Champions League having been 4th in your own domestic league the year before (to qualify). - You can win the Champions League and in the same season end up outside of the CL qualifying places in your own domestic league. Winning your domestic league is the bread and butter and the most important thing to win in my opinion. Obviously people will point the finger and say I think that way because City haven't won it but I genuinely believe it and have since before we even played in the competition (and were in the lower leagues). Something about calling yourselves champions of Europe when in theory you may never have been champions of your own country. Yeah ok. As I say though, what a fantastic commercial revenue generating success so anyone who stands to make some coin from it would have you believe it's the number 1 competition to win. Ps, this isn't anti Liverpool, any comarsions are just coincidental.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised either. City are just about to play 4 games in 10 days , something has to give. Whilst the league looks over it would be gutting to go out of the CL and FA Cup within the next 5 games. Price you pay for being in ALL competitions. I do wonder if Pep's drive to win everything has cost him/us doing better in Europe. It's no surprise when a team practically gives up on one or both domestic cups that they do better when gunning for the League or the CL.
  5. Nah, starting with Chelsea would have been too easy. A couple of Arsenal youngsters signed and then sit back for 15 seasons and wait for the challenge to be completed. Might as well holiday it to save time. Don't worry, not a single player has signed on the dotted line yet. I have a meeting with Watford this afternoon to discuss player recruitment.
  6. Locked in the boardroom all day on the phone doing deals. At first our 3 main protagonists were FL Eddie Nketiah FC Martinelli FR Bukayo Saka That left me with little firepower from wingers with limited options. Deals were done with West Ham for Jarrod Bowen and with RBL for Ademola Lookman. Ok, not exactly in the spirit of things going for Lookman but he is at Fulham currently. Then the phone rang. Rumours that Chelsea were interested in Aubameyang. Two separate deals were negotiated. Auba and £20m for Tammy Abraham Or Auba plus £50m for Callum Hudson-Odoi (CHO) That would mean CHO could help on the wings or even take Saka's place in the staring role leaving Saka to supply the creativity. FL Nketiah FC Martinelli FR Hudson-Odoi If Abraham came then Saka would again go on the wing but it would also push Martinelli wide leaving FL Martinelli FC Abraham FR Nketiah Humm, transfer deadline is approaching and the decision needs to be made. The cleaning lady keeps banging on the boardroom door. She says she needs to leave to get the tube. It's a London Thing
  7. Saka, Nketiah Thierny, Party and Martinelli are very important for me going forward. Nelson looks like he could be an asset. Auba is no good to me for a 15 year career apart from helping the youngsters right now. Ode and Danni Ceb won't feature as I can't buy them so they have no worth. I've got a poor Pepe obviously because he looks more hinderance than help. I was excited to see Flores and Hutchinson as a quick test save yesterday showed much promise. Unfortunately the 'Real ' save was started today and they have pants potential compared to yesterday. That's the way the dice rolls.
  8. Scout reports I assembled my scouts for a meeting. They turned up with their suitcases and suncream. 'Where are we off to gaffa, Spain, Brazil, Argentina?' 'Take the Hawaiian shirts off and put your rain macs on, call your wives and tell them you'll be home for dinner. You are staying local lads. Its a London thing'. My scouts set about their work. They hacked into the Liverpool scouting network (paybacks a biatch Liverpool) and they returned a collection of players that would fit the brief
  9. Thanks Rich. The fact i haven't used them in a decade and a half feels nice and fresh. Henry and Bergkamp where my front 2 back then. They certainly have some exciting youngsters in the first team squad. Not much behind that though. Loads of ideas out there to shake things up. I just fancied turning up the difficulty a notch and staying away from buying the same old names. This way won't have me breaking any vibe records but the self satisfaction ( that sounds a bit wrong lol) will more than make up for that.
  10. What's more fun than a goal based challenge? I'll tell ya what. A goal based challenge with a personal twist that's what. A twist that makes things more interesting and far more challenging putting the actual completion in doubt before it's even begun. This will be a Triple Threat Career with hopefully a 1k cherry on top. The twist is in the title. It's A London Thing I will only allow myself to buy players from London clubs. This will be a balanceing act. I need to take their best players for myself but I also need those clubs to be successful so to attract good players for me to poach. The club's if London are basically my feeder clubs. My Club For the first time since Championship Manager 03/04 I will play as Players to be revealed once I have even the faintest idea of how to make this work (translates into I have no idea).
  11. Great score that @Scratch It's always a conundrum knowing what mentality works best. Obviously in an ideal world we would adjust it each game and during games sometimes. For me it's about plug and play so I stick with my choice throughout. Balanced was always my favourite in games gone by but last version I had more success with Attacking. This year Attacking didn't work for me at all so I'm all in at present.
  12. Thanks for the unbiased suggestion 😁
  13. Thanks for everyone's input , I'm almost there honest. Just help me with the last piece of the jigsaw. It's a TT/1K but.... At Bayern staring Dominic Calvert Lewin At Liverpool with Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliot as support acts Or At Arsenal staring 3 current players. I'm so indecisive!
  14. It's a weird one. When I don't set a freekick taker I DO score a few with my star striker as the AI sometimes choses him to take the freekick (but not always). Thinking about it a little more I think there is some AI smoke and mirrors going on. I remember clearly my striker taking a few (not set) to complete a hat trick. This is also the same as Penalty tackers when they are not set On review I believe the AI takes form, confidence, and match condition into account when choosing your player (if you haven't set one). This is why you have random defenders taking pens , corners and freekicks both for the human player and AI. West Ham Centre back just scored two 25yd screamers from freekicks against me. I've never heard of the bloke, 6 shooting and no 'set piece specialist' message. The AI obviously knew he was the right choice at that moment in time. In a test I would be willing to bet that having an unsigned taker would result in more goals than having a specialist set. Hard to run a fair test though given the variables involved.