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  1. I really like the concept Ash, so much so that I gave it a go last night. I completed all the challenges (1&4 double trouble was tight but I managed it). I won't post my results as I don't want to rain on your parade. Good luck. I'm looking forward to following your attempt.
  2. Career Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Pretty obvious conclusion to season one. Well done Sam for getting in the holiday spirit and taking it easy on Ashez. Just doing enough to win whilst offering some hope to him for the next stage.
  3. Chat Unrealistic Wage Demands

    Great explanation and I think it's something most of us make up in our head as we are playing. I personally don't think it needs explaining more in game.
  4. Help cup tied

    I don't think the game knows as I signed Bellerin in a January window and he randomly couldn't play the first CL game for me (suspended maybe) but was fine after that.
  5. Career Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    I know it's Christmas but Ash has served up a present for team Sam. Sam should double this score at least....
  6. Very nice season Taff. When I first saw the great defensive display I thought the goals would be down but 106 for your guys is a good return. 7 minutes left in the GaM sees you very close indeed. Another 2 or 3 minutes this season and it's as good as yours.
  7. Career Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Normally I would be giving you a hurry up round about now but having played 5 seasons myself now I can see goals are much harder to come by on this years game. Whilst 40 is still a little on the low side it appears 60 odd is about the limit to consistently achieve. Try and get the England job as this save (like my own) could depend on International goals. 100-150 goals for England could just sneak you over the line.
  8. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    I am 4 seasons in and have only managed to loan one player out. Constantly offering them for loan but only one taker. That was Man City who played my player in their starting 11.
  9. So slightly different to 'will happen'
  10. Wow. You know the future! Maybe you should lead the negotiations for us leaving the Uk. No one else knows that foreign workers will need a work permit so I would get down your local betting shop and put everything you have on that happening. 1. It is highly likely that Article 50 will be filed (not 100% certain) 2. When/if that happens, negotiations will begin regarding EU members right to travel and work in the UK and uk citizens rights to travel and work in the EU. After both those points have been settled we will then know if work permits are needed. That will be in 2 years time and will then be a certainty and not a guess by a computer game company.
  11. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    I have edited No16 so it is now 'too many AI subs in cup matches' as it it appears not to be limited to the FA Cup Good point above @Steve8291
  12. Help Loaning out

    4 seasons in and I have managed to loan 1 player out. It's starting to annoy the hell out of me.
  13. Destroys the game for new teams in the Prem or those with less money who rely on bargain buys. It might become reality. It might prove difficult for smaller teams. It might change the game as we know it. *It might but it certainly won't be decided for at least 2 years of ever. #noplaceinFMM17
  14. Career BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    133 league goals!! Amazing. I'm just trying to think if I have seen anyone hit really big numbers for an individual player this year. I'm doing a 1k as part of a few challenges and mid 60s seem to be where my guy constantly stays. I will have game after game of 10+ shots on goal by him with 1 goal scored. I don't think I've seen anyone hit 80s and 90s yet ( I maybe wrong). I have questioned the possibility of artificial restriction but I love a good conspiracy theory. 274 is not too far off now. It's lovely when it drops below 200 so I hope you can get near there this coming season. That CL final!
  15. Career Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Not to shabby Ash but I have faith in Sam. I fully expect his midfielder to bag at least 30 goals on his own.