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  1. Tactics Classic Batigoals

    Great to hear
  2. Career You choose my final 1k

    Isaac Success - he ruined my 500 ITN goals challenge retiring at 32yo leaving me dumbfounded at 495 ITN goals so he gets my vote lol.
  3. Chat Many people done this before?

    All this time I've been thinking about never having had a perfect season. That uncurable itch for years and years.. FINALLY got this one done as well. Man, that took some serious effort and a big chunk of luck
  4. Career fuddledfox takes on the 1KC

    It's on OME but yeah man when in town give me a ping..altho I'm in Bangkok atm lol I'm sure @PriZe will take on the role as guide for you
  5. Great stuff, mate, a very strong end to the challenge. Never doubted you for a second curious to know what your final career pick for FMM17 is going to be.
  6. Career fuddledfox takes on the 1KC

    I'm at 1400+ atm
  7. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    The all-time Polish Ekstraklasa top goalscorer is Ernst Pohl (1954-67) with 186 goals. First milestone is right up ahead
  8. Career You choose my final 1k

    @Taff those physicals would've been a game killer for most players but man look at that improvement! Nice!
  9. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    I never retrain anyone unless his aptitude is at least reasonable. And the longest it's taken me to get a player from zero ability to natural was 1.5-2 seasons.
  10. 1KC - Doing awesome. Bang on schedule. 2KC - Come on, get that kid firing on all cylinders already!
  11. One of the big positives about going with a German striker is that you needn't worry about him being called up for ITN games. That extra rest is crucial as I've noticed in my own save.
  12. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Are you retraining him into a natural striker? Or how does he respond to it? Odd looking league but must be a nice change I think
  13. Solid going, mate. Hopefully the Asprilla magic kicks in next season
  14. Career The Reborn of Sir Alex

    Your journey in Scotland's been a great success. Let's see where next adventure brings you.
  15. Some sweet deals with those youngsters. The future's looking bright. Nurture them well