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  1. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Spilled coffee on my new neck-tie, thanks to you. Thanks a lot!
  2. Chat Gareth Southgate

    I could've told you that before you started
  3. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2

    Muhuahaha you know better than that. I'll be away to South Europe for some Port tasting in October so unfortunately I can't commit to anything right now. Your luck
  4. Tactics Classic Batigoals

    That's fantastic to hear! Thanks for joining to share this. Good to know this tactic does a decent job in the lower leagues too
  5. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    Thanks mate. He definitely made my top 5 favorite FMM17 players
  6. Off Topic Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Got WBA players to save the day still
  7. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    I'll take this kind of failure any day yeah, those physicals are top at this age. Was supposed to be a quiet save this one, but things took a very unexpected turn and Kaiser Kai demanded attention. Well, he's getting his 15-min fame in here then Thanks guys!
  8. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    I would say their attributes start taking a hit at an older age..generally speaking. Would make sense if we..FMM..takes into account that strikers usually peak at 27-28yo, midfielders at 29-30yo, defenders 31-32yo, there are exceptions of course to exceptional players like Zlatan who looks massive at 34-35yo but Kai Havertz isn't exactly of the same mold is he? But I don't often see 34yo in such a decent shape unless they're worldclass players. Thanks. 2K, nahh that's too far. A couple "Classic Batigoals" variations + in-game tweaks more on that in Update 3. Thanks mate!
  9. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    I lied. It's 3 updates
  10. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    - Kaiser Kai's Road To 1000+ - Kaiser Kai - 29yo Kaiser Kai - 1000th Goal Kaiser Kai - 30yo Kaiser Kai - 31yo Kaiser Kai - 32yo Kaiser Kai - 33yo Kaiser Kai - 1500th Goal Kaiser Kai - 34yo Still looking pretty good for a 34-year-old. Could it perhaps be because midfielders (Yes, Kaiser Kai is originally a midfielder in the game re-trained as a striker) that these midfielders generally have a "kinder" attribute deterioration compared with strikers? It's not a secret that peaking age and retirement age differ per strata and this player seems proof of that. Looking at his performances and goal-scoring record it's clear that this German machine peaked at 30-31yo and with still a healthy chunk of 10 greens on his page he could hopefully go on for another 3-4 seasons to up his epic tally even further. I have never scored this many goals on any engine so I'm absolutely delighted with this achievement - Total Games: 942 - Total Goals: 1500 - - Kaiser Kai's Road To 1500+ - Kaiser Kai - 34yo Final update up next..
  11. Chat Highest Scoring Match

    @Mikey_AU maybe you'd like to give this thread a read: 20 goals in a game
  12. Chat Many people done this before?

    Same here. Late Feb. Haha, I did think to myself, hmm..it isn't 38 games but no one will notice surely. had to be you of course lol.
  13. Tactics Classic Batigoals

    Great to hear
  14. Career You choose my final 1k

    Isaac Success - he ruined my 500 ITN goals challenge retiring at 32yo leaving me dumbfounded at 495 ITN goals so he gets my vote lol.
  15. Chat Many people done this before?

    All this time I've been thinking about never having had a perfect season. That uncurable itch for years and years.. FINALLY got this one done as well. Man, that took some serious effort and a big chunk of luck