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  1. The rise of Manchester...F.C.

    Kidderminster are doing just fine without me Bummer you failed to seal promotion but you're definitely one of the favorites next season. Good FA Trophy win!
  2. Definitely seen a rise in ITN management this year, and I've actually played three ITN careers myself, Uruguay, Holland and Nigeria. I hope this inspires a few people to start ITN management as with the right challenge it can almost be just as fun as club management. Yes, 'almost', as it isn't as complete an experience as managing clubs but it's definitely a very entertaining alternative. Enjoyed the read!
  3. Challenge Cup 2017

    I'm putting money on myself
  4. 99 and still just 18yo. Not quite in the bag yet but it's a gorgeous start to a long career. Well done!
  5. How unfair missing half the squad for such a big game. And luck wasn't on your side either in the CL group. Still a fine season. Good progress by the Bala Boys
  6. I'm seriously considering creating a few more challenges for you, Vibe's running out if you keep going at this rate LOL Looking forward to this French adventure, mate!
  7. What's Jack Wilshere doing in your team??? lol Doing great, mate. KIU!
  8. Nice little pick. Can't go wrong with Luis, can ya! He does well anywhere up front. No trophies but a good amount of goals. Congrats.
  9. 3 letters to go possibly? Fantastic season again. Huge total. Coman smashed it out of the park. Well done!
  10. Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    I've already spent way too much time changing players not gonna touch my team until 11th August!!
  11. Rookie - Help Needed

    Feel free to ask anything else. Otherwise I suggest reading some of the older posts, guides etc. Lots of valuable info there.
  12. Great run from the Dutch top teams. Let's hope some of the smaller teams can get a few wins in Europe as well. Maybe you could find a way to strengthen them? ;
  13. Zé Road To 1500 Goals. A 1.5kc

    Hmm still haven't accidentally lost your save? There's still time, I'm still hopeful Kidding mate.. 1400 is in sight now.
  14. The rise of Manchester...F.C.

    You can still change the tag from Chat to Career. Edit OP - click the 'cog' next to OP title. Looking very much forward to see FC Utd surpass its two big brothers. Goodluck!