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  1. Way behind schedule already. Give up!
  2. Side note, I'm currently in the process of looking into the option to sue creator @samhardy for mental damages this caused me. Don't say you weren't warned☺
  3. BatiGoal

    Vibe Rankings - Updated May 2018

    😲 😲 Congrats to the new #1. Thank my inactivity fake champ @PriZe😂
  4. Explains why I've been more off than on the site recently. I've been following an intensive recovery program the second I staggered of hole 18. But uhmm goodluck.
  5. BatiGoal

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    The winner of this terrible bunch faces me in the final, correct?
  6. BatiGoal

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    Apologies for not being able to continue with this. Can't even set my mind to squeezing out half a season atm. With the prep time it requires it's time I haven't got. Sorry. Goodluck without me
  7. BatiGoal

    Home Nations Triple Threat

    Well played Sam. Never doubted your players for a second. You on the other hand.....
  8. Loving the looks of this. Especially with a player nearly my age
  9. BatiGoal

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    Heard OME is tough this year. Prove everyone wrong
  10. BatiGoal

    Ezequiel Barco CAM 1kc

    Cool. Was thinking of using him for my next challenge. Curious to see how he does for you. Goodluck!
  11. Very enjoyable update. The Villa are smashing it under your guidance
  12. It's a challenge in itself to keep track of everything You're doing Luuk and all the PSV fans like myself proud
  13. BatiGoal

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    Lovely write up and killer graphics, kudos to the hosts. (not asslicking for extra pts tho would be appreciated at this point ) I expected to score topspot this week but yet again I fail to meet my expectations. Maybe everyone's right and in fact I am overrated Who's my next victim? @samhardy? Mr Hardy or just Samuel? Bet he hates either one
  14. Can't wait to read this article in its entirety. Great job!