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  1. BatiGoal

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    Let me know how it goes. If still no significant difference, there's one last thing you could try that I'm using with small teams in particular. It improves my Madrid side a little as well, hopefully yours too.
  2. BatiGoal

    The Dark Rogue Returns

    Ouch. What's your longest record on the job? 3 games? Maybe a job resume at the end of each update would be nice for us to see your progress/pain (either word works) 😁
  3. Great job! Winning the EPL must've been a shock to you as well surely. These are very good numbers you're hitting btw, we have to remember these strikers are way past their prime at 34yo. So good stuff. Looking forward to seeing how Zaza does.
  4. Shame there. Probably thinking about the next round already and then the opponent pulls off a miracle. Did well tho getting that far and hopefully got that rep up.
  5. BatiGoal

    You Win or You Die

    When losing games equals losing players every game is a final. That brings a whole lot more excitement to every match. And the updates. Congrats on the title.
  6. BatiGoal

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    Winning streak of at least 12 games is very nice. Working good for you and you're only a couple tweaks away from making it waterproof πŸ‘ I played two saves with Madrid to see wth it isn't working.. first save I used the OP settings with the original starting squad. Played half a season, 30 games incl. CL and SC. 24W 2D 4L. Winning 24 is OK, but 4 losses by Jan is too many. Problem is there's no TM and first 15 games we got problems in midfield being outnumbered. Second 15 games we got more consistency in. So I played a second save with tweaks to try and improve.. I bought a TM first cause it's vital, the only player I added to the team. And there's two ways to solve/counter the "being outnumbered in midfield" issue. Counter this by switching your BBM-AP duo to a slightly more defensive/holding pair to keep your numbers. CM-AP or CM-DLP works. Being outnumbered in the center often means fewer opponents on the flanks. Take advantage of that space by going passing focus down both flanks. Try both. These are my starters. Brought in Lukaku. Rotating CMs between Casemiro, Kroos and Modric. Isco subbing either flank. Navas over Courtois as a SK with high defensive line. Expressive creative freedom over balanced. And finally one of the above solutions for the outnumbered problem. I was dreading this game for sure as it was La Liga opener and we were nowhere near ready. But we did well. Probably somewhat lucky too as I'm sure a replay wouldn't have given us a comfy win. We'd meet again 6 months later and this time we were ready. Solid win. I went flanks here since CM area was packed. It shows with a Bale hattrick. Tbh looks easier than it was. Lost 2 SC games and pretty much won the rest. Like all test saves and pretty much everyone here, the start of this GTO tactic is rough and understandably not everyone has the patience for it. But get through it and it's smooth sailing. You said Spurs knocked you out of CL. So I was delighted to be paired in the group with them. Not easy wins gotta admit but as we're still in the process of building a team at this point I take any win. Try some of the things I mentioned above and hopefully you get better results out of them.
  7. BatiGoal

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    True, but different story 🀣
  8. BatiGoal

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    There'sο»Ώ a few things I'd like to say about this tactic. First, it's proving a lot harder for you guys to use than I anticipated. I have 4 formations that work very well for me. 2 traditional ones and 2.. well.. edgy ones for lack of a better term. I thought this GTO was somewhere inbetween, certainly not traditional but also not as edgy as my TKO (some of you might remember thisο»Ώ one). Apparently it is edgy. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have used the term "plug-and-play-ish" in the OP and I certainly would never have posted it for you. Re the plug-and-play, there's of course no such thing but I'm referring to formations that require very little tinkering. This GTO doesn't fall into that category. Second, there's a reason I failed to make this GTO work in the previous three FMM versions. It's a downright pain in the butt. But after four years it's back "online" but the ring rust is clearly evident. For me personally I love making difficult formations work. They're not your typical ones thus bring something new something different to the game. It's a challenge to make them consistent and playable and they require a lot of patience, time and testing. So if you're looking for something that requires less effort to make it click, pls, get out of this thread now. There's easier tactics out there. If you're in no hurry and OK with having to spend some time to tweak to get results, I'm more than willing to help you get there. I played half a season with Madrid and I got a few tweaks in that make it much more playable for you if you're interested. Will post in a bit..
  9. πŸ˜‚ The good ol TKO (2-2-1-5) did actually have a quick go to see and it's not bad, with tweaks it'll work, but it's too crazy so not using it. Sorry for derailing. Uhh.. money was the topic 😎
  10. BatiGoal

    Impassible to win

    The most important thing you need to understand is that in order to really determine whether or not tweaks have had a positive or negative impact you need to play multiple games against the same opponents. This requires restarting your game over and over and compare results. Play a single game with tweaked setting against a different opponent and you're none the wiser. To answer your question, if I'm playing casually or just messing around with the game a bit, I start with a tactic that I *would like* to work, 3-4-3 for instance, and apply tweaks as I progress in the career. Simple role tweaks or instructions or new players etc. But if I'm more serious it looks a bit like this: I want to do a challenge with Aston Villa...I load the game and start a test save with Villa. Have a look at their squad and determine which formations I'd like to test, depending on where I'd place their best players. Usually a core group of 4-6 players.. then use the rest to form 3 or 4 possible formations. Let's say 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 5-3-2 and 4-3-2-1. I try each of them in separate saves for 10-15 games. The one that comes out best is what I'm going to fine-tune. Say it's the 4-3-2-1, I assign player roles that I think should work with this group. I could be totally wrong, doesn't matter. I play 5-10 games and make mental notes of the progress. Restart game.. tweak for example CD to BPD, W to IF, and passing style short to mixed. I play *the same* games and compare the results. It's important you play the same opponents or your comparison isn't accurate. Worse results, back to original settings. Better results, keep as is and restart game with new settings.. More tweaks, let's try replace P with sub P, DR becomes WBR, final third overlapping enabled.. play the same 10 games. Worse, back to earlier settings, better, keep and restart game with new settings.. I can do this all day long πŸ˜‚ You'll reach a point where the tactic is fine-tuned for that specific group of players, but of course could do pretty well with other teams. Just a matter of testing it out, but will never give the same results of course, new players, new opponents etc etc. Once the tactic is pretty damn good I go one tweak (just one) to try and perfect it. But that's a very tedious job and it's never really perfect is it. I'm happy enough when it's consistently giving me good results. But if all that restarting and tweaking got you nowhere, it's back to start with 3-4 new formation to tinker with. Time-consuming isn't it πŸ€ͺ but hey its not a chore, it's fun testing things out and see progression and improved results. As long as one has time and patience for it. If you don't, the tinkering with tactics is not for you. In that case copy and paste tactics from others here posted on Vibe and pray something sticks. Hope this answers your question.
  11. Funny that you're under the impression that I'm creating tactics for others. πŸ˜‚ If something works great for me I'm willing to share it here for others to play with. If it clicks good for them, if not, we'll too bad but I still got mine doing wonders. Sorry for interrupting your laughter, pls continue mate 😁
  12. BatiGoal

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    Great but odd at the same time. People playing Liverpool and Man City get hammered, but teams like Leyton Orient and Cheltenham get the results. Was supposed to be the other way round. At least in my test saves. Funny game this is. Easy fix for you, mate, hit the 'resign' button and you are relieved of your pressure situation. That's the way to go. I like the AP-BBM swap, depends on how your front four are lined up. If those little tweaks bring your team's performances to the next level then you are doing something right. Hope it's consistent now. With Madrid it shouldn't be hard at all with the right players. I'll test it myself and send you the (tweaked possibly) line up. I'm guessing your AP-BBM midfield is getting overrun. Try DLP-CM or CM-AP. A SK will also stop a lot of counter attacks if you can find a decent one. It does for me, which is the only thing that matters anyway πŸ˜‚
  13. Isn't it a real life one? Kinda from the 1940s but still πŸ˜‚
  14. BatiGoal

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    You're welcome. But pls don't get your hopes up, seems quite a few people are having trouble with it.
  15. Good read, Scratch, and surely helpful for many. If it makes your game too easy then simply don't use this trick. πŸ˜‰ or add a new rule to existing challenges for others to counter this. Easy enough. I like to only buy players that I intend to use in my (future) squad so no extra money-making needed for this manager.