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  1. He did that on purpose. That fox waited and waited till I dropped a record. Didn't last an hour. Such ambush.. is that even legal?? 🤔
  2. All your records on Vibe are from this moment onwards in grave danger 🦊
  3. I got 10 🙂 Would've been more had it not been for Klöpp who got 12 in a row at some point 😂
  4. Oh dear, dropping too many pts this months. Those kids gotta grow up fast.
  5. I like the idea of using academy players. That's something I gotta try, only academy lads with zero transfers in, for a future career. Kiu Tree.
  6. Increasing numbers, that's what the boardmen, and Vibe, want to see. You've avoided the sack another season. Don't get sloppy now 😁
  7. Nice to see the trophies going to Old Trafford. Great GA in the league. The GF is maybe a little too low tho to maintain this level of success. Could be a worry for the coming seasons, if it isn't addressed. Goodluck with season 3. Like the update style 👍
  8. Time to throw in the towel I say. 😁
  9. Great stuff, Billy2, you're in complete control of things. I've noticed that the trio of Dutchies are gradually taking more "cheese" of the total 160+ league gls as you progress. Is that down to their development (and the team's) or are you continuously tweaking and perfecting your tactic?
  10. Another fine season. No problem getting 129gls. At this rate he'll hit 150+.
  11. Arsenal 2-1 Spurs Inter Milan 2-1 Borussia Dortmund Napoli 0-2 Liverpool Barcelona 3-0 Atletico Madrid Porto 1-1 Manchester United Newcastle 0-1 Torino
  12. I did enjoy the read as well, some nice thinking behind some of the choices you made. Hope it works for the people here.
  13. That's a very decent first season with a nice trophy to show for. The squad looks ready now to mount a serious go for the title. Goodluck in season 2.