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  1. BatiGoal

    English football

    Go Tykes!
  2. BatiGoal

    English football

    Hope you lose.
  3. BatiGoal

    English football

    Sarri shouldn't have given in in a million years. What an opportunity to make a statement and to regain his players' trust and he completely blew it. Forget who's right or wrong in a tactical sense, you represent your club and do as your manager tells you, period. As for captain Azpilicueta.. what a joke.. nowhere to be seen. Has absolutely no f clue what it means to lead a team on the pitch. Eventually that's Sarri's mistake tho for not picking a worthy leader.
  4. The numbers don't lie. 😀 I'd like to give you a suggestion for Chapter Two. Squad #1 score in 1st min. Squad #2 scores in 2nd min. all the way up to Squad #99 scores in 99th min. The Squad Number Challenge Goes GaM. 😂
  5. BatiGoal

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    I'm out.
  6. I haven't been around much lately but this is one of the careers that has kept me checking the site every now and again. Wonderful wacky career, mate!
  7. BatiGoal

    The Amateur Challenge

    You're right, just pick one of them. Doing a Sam on me 🤪🤣 That was the initial idea actually, but in the end chose not to overcomplicate things. Best to keep things simple here and just crown any amateur team champions of its nation.
  8. The Amateur Challenge  This challenge was first created and played by @Ashez in 2012 at a time that the game only counted a single amateur team (Queen's Park). Now seven versions later in FMM19 the number of amateur teams has increased to 9. So we thought an update was in order to give the community another reason to play this game. The objective of the challenge is simple to understand yet not so simple to execute. You're starting out as an unknown manager and need to build your amateur club's reputation as you go as well your own. Pick one of the available nine amateur teams, that'll be in either Scotland, Wales or Portugal - see below, and climb up the ranks all the way up to the nation's top division to become the very best - win the league. Rules: Starting Reputation: Unknown Coaching Badges: None Unlockables: None Reloading: No Have fun 😎
  9. BatiGoal

    FMM FirePower Challenge

    Leaderboard updated! Well done, @danovic78
  10. Congrats mate! If it weren't for those injuries you'd be sitting a lot closer to me. Enjoyed the adventure 👍.. Adding your name to the leaderboard.
  11. BatiGoal

    FMM's Got No Talent

    Can't add you to this leaderboard, sorry. Nathan Wood is a Wonderkid and you can't buy or use those to be eligible. Shame though as it was a fantastic attempt but I gotta stick to the No Talent rule.
  12. Just read thru it and gotta say fine achievement with academy players only 👍
  13. I didn't. Was hoping to see magical Gateshead annihilation at some point but it never came. Very disappointing.
  14. BatiGoal

    FMM FirePower Challenge

    The transfer budgets per country are fixed so you can't increase it in any way. So to answer your question, no you can't.