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  1. Career This is our club.

    Nice!!! Not the league run we were hoping for but who cares when you outdid yourselves in the Cups. Hello Champions League
  2. Career This is our club.

    Really like the look of your squad. Nicely balanced with young and old.. talents and veterans..
  3. Unfortunate Cup run but nothing more you could do I think. You lost to a better side. You're rocking the league tho. Great stuff!
  4. Chat OME vs EME

    OME for a non-EME experience and EME for a non-OME experience 😂 FMM17 for every 4 careers I played one was on OME and three on EME. I like the variety I guess. Have yet to test OME this year. Probably going to test a few things out on OME as usual but will mostly play EME because I feel it's a little harder to score on it, especially with a single player. Hattricks aren't too hard but beyond that x5-6-7 gls isn't as common on EME whereas on OME it's a little easier to produce.
  5. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    Yes, that's right. Until FMM17 they'd get to 'accomplished' tops whereas now they can become 'natural'.
  6. Career SS Lazio

    You've won the EL followed by the CL and still no Awards to your name. That's shocking.
  7. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    In Serie A head-to-head is the decider when teams are tied on points, followed by GD.
  8. iScout Bargains this year?

    Impressive! Those are worldclass greens. How have his performances been? Also, wondering what his starting numbers look like.
  9. Career This is our club.

    Awesome job! The pressure and expectations are really mounting at this point. I bet the fans expect you to finish on a European spot every season now. Can't wait to see how this group of players does on an international level.
  10. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    From the many many careers I've played I do believe midfielders have a slower attribute deterioration compared with forwards. Generally speaking of course. Maybe partly due to the fact that they peak at a later age also. Only SI can confirm tho but that's the impression I got. Or I've been lucky with this particular player in this particular save, who knows I never train anyone who hasn't got at least 'reasonable' aptitude to a new position, it would simply take too long otherwise, if at all. Kai was 'reasonable' for ST spot and if memory serves me right it took him over a season to become a natural striker. I think approx 18 months.
  11. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    Yeah, these mini updates worked out really well in the end. It made playing and posting the career a lot of fun. As you know the latter can become a real drag especially by the end of the year when we've played and shared countless careers already so this could be an option for those with less time on their hands. Thanks mate! Hope FMM18 sees me hit the 2K milestone
  12. What's Boston Utd doing in the UK?? Surely I gotta manage this team at some point this year 😂 Life's great sitting at the top isn't it
  13. Outstanding stuff! Making it look easy there. The team seems more than ready for the next step. Can't wait to see how you fare a league up.
  14. Would love to manage Thailand if they ever become available. Thanks for posting Fox, great list up there.
  15. Career This is our club.

    Getting wins over the two Manchester teams is brilliant, mate! Next year the double? Great career this has been already. Can't wait to see how high this United team is gonna fly.