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  1. BatiGoal

    European Football

    Congrats mate. Well deserved too. Now get drunk!! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
  2. BatiGoal

    FMM19 Bug List

    1. Five seasons into the game and 90% of the squad out on INT. duty before a CL final in June. Same thing following season in Oct. for a Cup game. Can't believe this nonsense still hasn't been fixed. 2. '.. out of favor'? Think I've answered this question close to a thousand times during my current career. Literally pops up multiple times for players rested for one! game or during INT break when there are no games to be played, standard 6-8 out-of-favor requests to get thru. One positive it saves me on toilet paper. πŸ‘ Would love to see this media garbage exit the game for good.
  3. Hope your goals don't dry up as you approach the Sahara πŸ˜‰ Great stuff, Mr Fox!
  4. This is a recurring topic that seemingly only the minority of FMM players side with. Judging from FMM's evolutionary path the main focus is being laid on the countless side aspects of the game either because the 3 core aspects you mentioned are "good enough" as is or because it's what the deciding majority cries for. Nothing wrong with adding these extras per se but if it goes at the expense of the core aspects squad management/transfers, tactics, match then clearly the developers' vision for the game got corrupt somewhere along the way. Whether those decisions were made from a business perspective or not, neglecting the core aspects will sooner or later affect the success and future of the game. Anyways, I've said my piece before and I'm not here to repeat myself year after year. I'll enjoy the game one way or another since there's imo no worthy competitor available and I'll make the most of the features I value most in FMM. The excitement of upcoming transfer windows for squad reinforments, new or upgraded tactics and the matchdays themselves, along with the many excellent challenges available on this site, forever nurture that itch I got for the game.
  5. Foxy, I personally think this career is right up there with your best ones. It's unique, super easy to follow and I really love the concept πŸ‘ Enjoyed reading every single page and looking forward to your next update. Tremendous job, mate!
  6. Good to hear it from someone other than myself for a change πŸ˜‚ Now bring @Brenty92 back and we're all set to relive old times 😁
  7. Lovely career! Feels good to return and start reading careers again. I picked a great one as a starter πŸ‘ congrats on bringing those amateurs to the top. Huge achievement!
  8. Yet your profile says you're managing Leverkusen 🧐 switching teams already? πŸ˜‚ Good to see you back.
  9. BatiGoal

    Winter Update

    Sorry mate, it's a funeral, no picnic.
  10. BatiGoal

    Winter Update

    Confirmed. Funeral is this evening. Free alcoholic drinks of all shapes and sizes. All Vibers invited.
  11. BatiGoal

    Winter Update

    Just ran the latest update before I came on here. Looking forward to going back to gaming mode and seeing how things have improved πŸ‘
  12. BatiGoal

    English football

    Go Tykes!
  13. BatiGoal

    English football

    Hope you lose.
  14. BatiGoal

    English football

    Sarri shouldn't have given in in a million years. What an opportunity to make a statement and to regain his players' trust and he completely blew it. Forget who's right or wrong in a tactical sense, you represent your club and do as your manager tells you, period. As for captain Azpilicueta.. what a joke.. nowhere to be seen. Has absolutely no f clue what it means to lead a team on the pitch. Eventually that's Sarri's mistake tho for not picking a worthy leader.
  15. The numbers don't lie. πŸ˜€ I'd like to give you a suggestion for Chapter Two. Squad #1 score in 1st min. Squad #2 scores in 2nd min. all the way up to Squad #99 scores in 99th min. The Squad Number Challenge Goes GaM. πŸ˜‚