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  1. It does feel that way playing against you lot. 🙃
  2. Fun read so far, well done hosts and participants 👏 I would've done a much better job no doubt but applause nonetheless 😁 jokes aside... my money.. JamesVilla v Ian Villa lad to crush Captain Underpants - who beat me in a final I vaguely recall, or was it a bad dream?... - £30 George v Woody Blood-thirsty draculian G to drown in his own blood. The Woodster for the winster - £25 Smoggy90 v Broodje Kip Never heard of either men. Sounds like sandwich picks that never made it onto the menu at Subway's. Chicken to be smoked by Smokey90 - £90 Kanegan v Rich Yikes, I should've extended my break with another year, anyway ... £50 if I can keep my eyes open till the end. And as for the winner, Babyhulk to be sent back to Wales crying. Bollywood for the bucks - £105 🤡
  3. This indeed. Apologies for not being as active lately but I really enjoyed the compie. Definitely hope there's more in the future. Would've taken your 3 best players. 😉
  4. MATCH KEY FOR PREDICTIONS MW34 to MW37 VCD Real Madrid 3-1 Arsenal Inter Milan 1-0 Spurs Juventus 2-1 Chelsea Benfica 0-2 Liverpool Dortmund 0-1 PSG Barcelona 1-1 Manchester City AC Milan 0-3 Barcelona Spurs 2-0 Chelsea Arsenal 1-0 Dortmund Liverpool 0-0 Juventus VPD RB Leipzig 3-0 River Plate
  5. VCD Arsenal 3 - 2 Spurs Juventus 2 - 0 Chelsea Liverpool 3 - 1 Napoli Spurs 1 - 1 Dortmund Barcelona 3 - 0 Manchester Utd Liverpool 2 - 1 Chelsea VPD Club America 0 - 4 RB Leipzig VGD Torino 2 - 1 Espanyol
  6. Not really, maybe I'll get some new ideas after my mini break 😉
  7. Tottenham 1 - 2 Madrid Barcelona 2 - 1 PSG Chelsea 1 - 0 Benfica Arsenal 0 - 3 Man City Dortmund 0 - 3 Barcelona Barcelona 1 - 1 Madrid Sevilla 0 - 2 Liverpool Southampton 1 - 3 Torino
  8. I'm glad I needed this much. Of course I wasn't happy with the pts I scored, I lost the Cup Final missing out on 20pts and was unlucky with a few results towards the end. I could've scored 180-190 but not 200+. So a well deserved win for the Boys of the East of the North, @smoggy90 & @samhardy. Congrats guys. @Foxy, you're a great teammate and host, well done to you. Big thanks to the vibing participants to make this a super fun event. Cheers everyone and see you at the next one.
  9. That was one exciting match! Thanks to both teams for the edge of the seat stuff. Congrats Asia for a good tournament and England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 of course for the 🥉. I expect one of you to make the final next year.
  10. SI should make an update just for you with a FMM 20 season extension pack 😁