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  1. Yes, that's always the big worry. Reminds me of that feature that never worked, prime attacker or whatever it was called that we could select in settings, was removed the next version 😂 I think it just depends on the kind of FMM player you are. I know lots of players who rarely go past 5 seasons and those care more for the things you mentioned, incl any improvements on tactics etc. Those who enjoy much longer careers are quite happy with the - youth development and Reserve team + competitions - so I guess it boils down to what you want out of the game. But again, what Ashez said, it's gotta work properly or it's just another useless feature.
  2. Hummels with a single goal 1min too late 🤪. Points are points.
  3. Well done, Fox. Splendid achievement and career.
  4. ~ The Tour de France 2020 ~ I'm back with Le Tour. The first Tour I posted was created back in our FMH15 days. The Tours that followed made brief appearances in other countries such as England, Holland, Belgium or Germany. The 2021 Tour also features in Denmark and that's great news of course considering we're getting the Danish league on our phones. The Tour of 2020 however is solely being ridden in France, but that doesn't mean it can't be just as fun. The previous editions were very focused on individual success. This time I've chosen to go for a combination of team as well as individual performances. Plus the option to pick different players for different stages. To you, as the Tour's team manager, the choice. Hop on your bikes, gents.. Stage 1: Departure from Nice - Unlike earlier versions where you started with a club choice, the 2020 Tour departs from Nice. You kick things off at Olympique Gymnaste Club de Nice and are allowed 0 transfers. Better yet, there's a limit to the number of riders you may have in your cycling team. Trim your squad down from 31 to no more than 16 players (demote/release/sell) and play the entire season with the same group of 16 players. No exceptions! Take over at OGC Nice: NO transfers + trim your squad down to 16 players - and finish the season with the exact same squad in the Top 5 of Ligue 1. Stage 2: Southern France - Remain pedalling in the south of France, direction Mediterranean, where you have the choice of 5 southern based Ligue 1 teams. You are allowed 1 transfer from Top-5 finishers Nice or use a player already at your new club. Not a single additional buy allowed! Move to 1 of the above clubs and sign 1 OGC Nice-player / assign a new player to score 100 gls. No additional transfers! Stage 3: Western France - Cycle the scenic (north) west route along The Atlantic where there's another 5 clubs eagerly awaiting your delightful management. Same rules apply. You may buy any (one!) player from your Stage 1 or 2 club or make the most of your new squad as is. Make 0 extra transfers, please! Take charge of 1 of 5 clubs and stay unbeaten for 20 games straight. Only 1 transfer in (ex-player) allowed. Stage 4: North / East France - Wooooosh to the east and not long thereafter north where you are to select 1 out of a possible 8 new clubs for your penultimate ride. Ditto. Buy a former player (optional) from your Stage 1, 2 or 3 club or pick one from your new team. NO extra "ins" may occur. Grab hold of a new team and sign 1 ex-player / assign a new player to assist x100. No additional transfers! Stage 5: Arrival in Paris - This is your Final Stage. As usual we end our grueling adventure on the Champs Élysées where you're expected to land the PSG job for your final sprint towards the Arc de Triomphe. Surely PSG's got a fine selection of players for this stage. Otherwise get one from 1 of your 4 former employers. Extra buys? Big No! Land the PSG seat and sign 1 ex-player / assign new player to score and assist a combined 250. No additional transfers! Challenge Rules - Unlockables: NO - Badges: YES Follow all stage instructions You may use duplicate players There's NO time limit for stages Complete all stages in 1->5 order Club goals: YES - ITN goals: NO Quickest to complete tops leaderboard 🏁 ___🚴_______________🚴 🚴 🚴 🚴🚴
  5. No Cup success in 6 seasons? Did you come close? Congrats on winning them the title. Btw gorgeous stadium indeed.
  6. No tactics additions is a slightly disappointment but the - Reserve teams and competitions - is very nice 👍 👍 just prayyy there aren't too many bugs overall and I'm happy.
  7. And then to come here and act as if this site owes you something. 🤔 How quick people think the world owes them anything just baffles me.
  8. BatiGoal

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    I do miss Brazil. A lot. Been updating some of my old challenges and quite a few involve Brazil one way or another. I have no major issues with any FMM tbh. Never perfect, but I'm optimistic. It's still playable enough for me to enjoy any version immensely. Major part is this site of course. But yeah.. I miss Brazil.
  9. And that's the sort of members we value here. Those who have something to give in terms of careers, comments, idea sharing, articles, tactics etc. So when people come here for the sole purpose of stealing tactics or downloading logo/face packs and then have the balls to complain when their "thing" ain't here no more, I say flock off 😁
  10. @Ian peaked too soon. I see him finishing last.
  11. Only 1 goal but it's the 5th consecutive 20min 👍 here I come, leader 😂
  12. BatiGoal

    tHe RaLpH dIxIe WhO?

    Your big bro might be on one knee but we ain't down yet. Gotta do more than just win a couple games in England 😂 👍 Hope you do terribly here 😂
  13. #7 Mbappé same as nearly everyone else, brace incl bonus 4th 20min in a row 👍
  14. Same feelings as Ashez, not too bothered by it personally. Altho I did download the recent two packs, just to give the game a little more color, but I can easily play without it. Bummer for those who do really want it. Hope there's a decent alternative for those.
  15. Great stuff, congrats. First on the leaderboard, that's a nice feeling 👍 You've increased the pressure to deliver in FMM20.