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  1. I've had several requests and PMs asking about formations and best tactics etc etc so here goes my best / most consistent tactics for FMM17 on EME. Classic Batigoals Main Formation + Player Roles Alternative Player Roles I'm not going through everything in detail. I've done that, or made an attempt to the best of my ability during my careers, so just try this yourself and see how it goes. The flanks can be swapped of course depending on your players and their footedness. So the combination WB+IF and FB+W can be played on either side. However, if things go bumpy with the main player roles for whatever reasons, try going with their alternatives one tweak at the time. It's important you identify the weak spot or underperforming player so I recommend single tweaks and see how things go for a handful of games. Otherwise it may not be as effective as you hoped for and I can't help you. A couple things, a CF up front is your best pick but you need a solid player. If he isn't but he got pace go with AF. If he isn't pacey try playing a Poacher. If that doesn't work either your striker is rubbish. No need to change APs. Flanks can be swapped but I recommend this combo to keep opponents guessing. BBM in center works terribly good. Lots of goals from him too but if he's not great go with a DLP. Still bad try a regular CM. Still bad..can't help you. Two CBs should be CDs as we're playing a short passing game. But if you concede too many due to faulty passing try the weaker CD as LD, or alternatively both as LD. I hate yanking the ball forward, but it may be better if they're really lacking that quality. Still no success.. you just give up! Please remember: apply these tweaks one at a time and give it a few games. Home Games Match Settings Away Games Match Settings Yes, we need match settings for home games (attacking ment.) and away games (balanced ment.). If you're too lazy to change these everytime then just don't bother. It won't be nearly as effective but no one's forcing you to play my way. If you do want the best out of this formation then I recommend the extra 3 seconds it takes you to apply them. However, if you happen to need goals during away games and things aren't looking good halfway the game then do swap to the more attacking mentality, your home game settings. As for the PO and PA. No need. Unless you're doing a challenge like the most assists one, then pick your assists man as PO. Going for a most goals challenge then pick your main striker as PA. Results With A Good Team Results With A Decent Team I don't have the La Coruna fixtures as I never planned to share these tactics but I do have the recent Man Utd run of games. Player Stats - Goals CF (or AF or P) got loads of goals and that's not even having him on all set pieces or as PA. Also been subbed off during games plenty of times to spare his energy. If I was on a goal-scoring challenge he'd be well over 80, as I managed with Luuk de Jong (La Coruna) netting 88gls. The IF got a big load in as well. Player Stats - Assists Pretty clear most assists came from both APs. Winger, IF, and BBM (or DLP or CM) got a healthy amount in as well. Player Stats - AvR For as much as we can take this info serious it looks good with 8's and high 7's. Player Stats - Appearances This is probably THE most important bit of info for you re these tactics. It doesn't work if you play your "fixed" 11 and never bother to rotate. Your players get tired, overplayed and pick up injuries. So I recommend giving your entire squad decent game time. I understand there's a difference in quality but you should aim for 3-4 really good subs and the rest a little less than that. A good formation only works with a good squad not just with a good first eleven. Also, never play anyone under 90%. I even remove them from the squad for games in order to not feel tempted to risk playing him. Even if it means leaving out your best player for the toughest games. I know it's extremely tempting to play him anyway but don't do it. He won't perform as good and it affects his form for the next game(s). Keep your entire squad balanced with enough gametime for everyone and only playing fit players, meaning 90+%. Have faith in your subs as one of their main duties is keeping your starters from being overplayed. More details than I innitially planned on but I want everyone that's going to try this formation and tactics to ponder over a couple of things before returning after 4 unsuccessful games saying this formation is no good. I play this formation with different teams this way and I KNOW it's fantastic, it's just a matter of not everyone can handle it with care if you're having trouble with it drop a comment down here and I'll try to help you get back on track. For those that do get great results please do share your results here as well. And if there's enough of those I'll tell you one last thing you can tweak and fiddle with to get even better results but I don't want to complicate things. Just this will do for now. Hope you can get it working. Cheers!
  2. Chat Many people done this before?

    All this time I've been thinking about never having had a perfect season. That uncurable itch for years and years.. FINALLY got this one done as well. Man, that took some serious effort and a big chunk of luck
  3. Career fuddledfox takes on the 1KC

    It's on OME but yeah man when in town give me a ping..altho I'm in Bangkok atm lol I'm sure @PriZe will take on the role as guide for you
  4. Great stuff, mate, a very strong end to the challenge. Never doubted you for a second curious to know what your final career pick for FMM17 is going to be.
  5. Career fuddledfox takes on the 1KC

    I'm at 1400+ atm
  6. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    The all-time Polish Ekstraklasa top goalscorer is Ernst Pohl (1954-67) with 186 goals. First milestone is right up ahead
  7. Career You choose my final 1k

    @Taff those physicals would've been a game killer for most players but man look at that improvement! Nice!
  8. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    I never retrain anyone unless his aptitude is at least reasonable. And the longest it's taken me to get a player from zero ability to natural was 1.5-2 seasons.
  9. 1KC - Doing awesome. Bang on schedule. 2KC - Come on, get that kid firing on all cylinders already!
  10. One of the big positives about going with a German striker is that you needn't worry about him being called up for ITN games. That extra rest is crucial as I've noticed in my own save.
  11. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Are you retraining him into a natural striker? Or how does he respond to it? Odd looking league but must be a nice change I think
  12. Solid going, mate. Hopefully the Asprilla magic kicks in next season
  13. Career The Reborn of Sir Alex

    Your journey in Scotland's been a great success. Let's see where next adventure brings you.
  14. Some sweet deals with those youngsters. The future's looking bright. Nurture them well
  15. Off Topic Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Time to start using a couple of my cards and take topspot
  16. Still calling it a "DLM" sigh.. Up the ante please, you're well behind schedule already!
  17. My best is 88 (altho got 90+ in an unofficial test save) only managed 100+ on OME.
  18. Looks like Indonesia's got some serious 1KC contenders in @AzmiG26 & @setiawanjimmy
  19. Career Alexander Isak - 1KC

    I think I've been doing quite well on EME but never managed to score 100+ goals on it. Well done!
  20. Need I remind you.. When the going gets tough the TAFF gets going
  21. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    I have every faith in Sam and Harvey to not disappoint. I fully expect to once again witness the inevitable extension of this 1KC curse.
  22. Career Good and Bad

    Some oddities indeed. Good to know I've been playing for quite a while and the game's still throws the ocassional curveball.
  23. Article 10 Vibe challenges you should try

    The only reason the game keeps me hooked from release date to release date is because we create these sort of challenges. I hope this article inspires readers to come up with a few of their own so we got more things to look forward to for FMM18.
  24. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Stealing my lines now?
  25. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Everyone did of course! And it's mean-spirited! I demand a replay