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  1. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to Nucleus in English football   
    Didn’t know you were related to @BatiGoal Ian?!
  2. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from RPA123456 in FMM19 Bug List   
    1. Five seasons into the game and 90% of the squad out on INT. duty before a CL final in June. Same thing following season in Oct. for a Cup game. Can't believe this nonsense still hasn't been fixed. 
    2. '.. out of favor'? Think I've answered this question close to a thousand times during my current career. Literally pops up multiple times for players rested for one! game or during INT break when there are no games to be played,  standard 6-8 out-of-favor requests to get thru. One positive it saves me on toilet paper. 👍 
    Would love to see this media garbage exit the game for good. 
  3. Happy
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Foxy in Around the World in (far more) 80 Games - Career Round Up   
    Hope your goals don't dry up as you approach the Sahara 😉 
    Great stuff, Mr Fox! 
  4. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to RPA123456 in How to increase Teamwork and Leadership.   
    That was not a question, it was a solution. 
    See, I've a little insider tip that says motivational coaches help to improve Teamwork and Leadership. 
    Naturally I was intrigued and wanted to find out for myself if this was true, so what I did was start at a top team, hire a full backroom of 4 motivational coaches and holiday all the way until the end of the season. Then I took note of the teams attributes at the start of the season and their attributes at the end of the season. 
    And here are my results. 

    Started out at Man Utd and surprisingly only got the sack at the very last month of my little experiment. But I must admit the series of events that led to me being sacked were hilarious.
    And here are the players and their growth over the course of the season(Note that I'm only posting players that had growth, and I cut out the rest that didn't have growth in teamwork/leadership.) 

    +1 teamwork

    +1 leadership

    +1 teamwork & +2 leadership

    +1 leadership
    +1 teamwork & +2 leadership 

    +1 leadership 

    +1 teamwork 
    +1 leadership 

    +1 leadership 
    Now, all of that might not seem particularly impressive but keep in mind this is just the growth over a single season(that I didn't even finish) while holidaying the whole way. 
    If you played a serious game over the course of 5-10 seasons with a few motivational coaches on board, I'm sure all of the growth will add up and you'll have a squad with high teamwork and leadership. 
    However, I must admit all of this is new info for me and that I haven't tested it out extensively yet. So do take my advice with a grain of salt. 
    Anyway, I hope this little post of mine goes on to help all of you guys out there
  5. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Ashez in Winter Update   
    Any time I try to talk about Football, FMM, Liverpool, DC or Nintendo my missus always cuts me off saying "Ash, no one cares". 

  6. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Ashez in Opinion: What Is The Point of FMM?   
    This is a recurring topic that seemingly only the minority of FMM players side with. Judging from FMM's evolutionary path the main focus is being laid on the countless side aspects of the game either because the 3 core aspects you mentioned are "good enough" as is or because it's what the deciding majority cries for. 
    Nothing wrong with adding these extras per se but if it goes at the expense of the core aspects squad management/transfers, tactics, match then clearly the developers' vision for the game got corrupt somewhere along the way. Whether those decisions were made from a business perspective or not, neglecting the core aspects will sooner or later affect the success and future of the game.
    Anyways, I've said my piece before and I'm not here to repeat myself year after year. I'll enjoy the game one way or another since there's imo no worthy competitor available and I'll make the most of the features I value most in FMM. The excitement of upcoming transfer windows for squad reinforments, new or upgraded tactics and the matchdays themselves, along with the many excellent challenges available on this site, forever nurture that itch I got for the game. 
  7. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in Opinion: What Is The Point of FMM?   
    That may seem a strange question to ask on a FMM fansite and to put it a better way I could ask where does FM Mobile fit into the FM series as a whole but also where should it fit in?
    The reason I am asking this question is because of the FMM19 winter update and how they  implemented a system that means you need to rotate your squad far more often to keep players fit. A subsequent update has toned down this issue as by SI’s own admission it was far more extreme than they ever meant it to be. This is of course more realistic as modern managers often rotate the team to keep players fit for important matches but it creates more work and makes the game slower for us when we play. This is on top of a new training system that was added this year that requires much more thought and tinkering with than in previous versions as each player has an individual training regime which needs monitoring to get the best results in terms of attribute growth. This adds a certain amount of increased control but it also creates a time sink. Things such as team selection and training can be left to the AI in the form of your assistant manager but that can be hit and miss in terms of results and getting his to do team selection takes a vital part of a managers job away from you.
    As most if not all of you know there are 3 versions of Football Manager released every year with the other 2 being.
    Football Manager: Played exclusively on PC or Laptop it is designed to give the player the full experience of being a football manager. This means it is a very detailed game but also slow to play which is perfect for anyone who wants an in depth simulation. Football Manager Touch: This is played on PC, high end tablets and the Nintendo Switch and is essentially a striped down version of the main game with elements removed to make it slightly quicker to play. Even with bits removed it is still a detailed game which isn’t played quickly with probably 10 hours+ needed to play one season. Ultimately FMM is the most “pick up and play” version of the Football Manager series and is designed to be played quickly and to do that certain amounts of realism are taken away from the game to make it quicker to play. I personally think FMM can be broken into 3 elements, transfers, tactic and matches. We buy in our players, we have a tactic or maybe 2 that we know work and we smash through matches making the odd change as we go to our team selection based on form and fitness. This makes FMM a quick game to play and one that a season can be played in a few hours straight if you wish or you can play for a few minutes over tea break at work.
    So how realistic should FMM become? 
    As the PC game gets more detailed so that detail filters down to both FMT and then FMM but how much detail do we want in our version of the game?
    To answer that question we need to think why we play the version that we do. This is a personal choice and it could be for many reasons such as time available or maybe your phone is the only device you have for playing games. Whatever your reason it will effect how you would like to see the game progress and the amount of realism you want to see added although the game will never reach the level of detail available in the other 2 versions. 
    Over my time playing FMM and being involved at Vibe I have noticed that a decent amount of our members are actually older which is something which confused me a little when I first got involved as I expected FMM would have a younger fan base due to it being a simpler and more mobile game. What I didn’t factor in is the reason I play the game and it is a reason I have heard a lot from members of the community.
    The reason I play the game is I grew fed up with the amount of detail and time needed to play the pc game or even FMT. I like being able to set up a tactic, buy my team and then crack on through the season making the odd change here and there as I go. It may mean I play a less realistic representation of football management but I have fun and that is what a game is about. A PC player will get fun from all the extra detail and micro management but I’m not interested in that stuff and never really have been. 
    That is why I ask the question what is the point in FMM? If the game is going to move more and more into micro management then is it the same game or is it just the same as the other 2 versions but with less options and then what’s the point in buying and playing it. If the game behaves in the same way and starts taking longer to play then why bother playing FMM at all as the game loses its unique selling point compared to the other two versions.
    On top of this we need to think when do we play the game. 
    As I have already said the game is very “pick up and play” and I would say most people play it in bursts of a few minutes up to an hour or so. It is a game designed to be played on the way to work/school, whilst you have a tea break or simply any point you have a bit of time spare. I’m sure many of us play the game for a few hours sometimes but at least for me that is whilst watching TV and FMM isn’t 100% my focus and some days I might play 2-3 hours and then not play it for a couple of days after that. These short bursts of play mean that any added details or realism need to factor in that people dip in and out of the game. In practice this means we can’t remember everything that has happened in a previous play session and that can mean we could end up having to gambling when it comes to issues such as player fitness. If the game is relatively predictable we can judge these issues by the stage of the season we are in but if they aren’t we need the game to help us with indicators or a graph so that we can quickly and easily get back into a save without trying to second guess what we need to do.
    This is a fine balance for the devs and they walk a tightrope because many people who play FMM actually want the detail added or at least think they do. We see requests for things like team talks and press conferences which are very unlikely to be added to the game and if they were would we want to use them or would we pass them onto our assistant manager because they get boring and repetitive quickly.? The same goes for details like player condition. Do we want to have to plan 2,3 or 4 matches ahead to make sure we keep people fit or was it ok before when yes players did get tired as the season went on but it didn’t decimate the whole squad and we would know roughly when the issue would come up as the season progressed.
    This is a real grey area and I have no definitive answer probably because there isn’t one as it’s so subjective. I feel FMM has had a nice balance this year with the new training adding a new element whilst the game is still fun and quick to play. I personally would prefer to see a couple of new player roles or tactical options added to the game that give us more freedom instead of essentially having freedom taken from us as we need to play tactics that won’t knacker our team or we need huge squads to meet the demands.
    Ultimately I want a game that is quick to play and only needs a few tweaks before each match and maybe mid match, I want a game that is fun to play and gives me enough freedom to play in my own style and imagination, I want fun additions and more options added to the game not more restrictions or micro management.
    What I really want is for FMM to remain as FMM.
    This is all just my opinion but what do you think?
    Why do you play FMM over the other two versions or do you play FMM and another version as well. Let me know in the comments.
    Thank you for reading.
  8. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in Around the World in (far more) 80 Games - Career Round Up   
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    I can’t take all the credit as @Ashez was a big help in getting the idea of the ground as well.
  9. Funny
    BatiGoal got a reaction from AndersJ in I LOVE testing tactics and beeing FMMed ....:D!!!   
    Good to hear it from someone other than myself for a change 😂 
    Now bring @Brenty92 back and we're all set to relive old times 😁
  10. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in Around the World in (far more) 80 Games - Career Round Up   
    It’s been a few days since the last update so sorry for that but with the VPL and I have also concentrated a bit more on Mitro over the last week as well. 
    In the last update we had just visted Tanzania and the next destination for us was..
    Zambia 🇿🇲 
    I found a real gem in Zambia as our guide.

    Ok a gem might be a bit strong but he is quick and ummm that’s about it 😂 I thought he might be a regen and I was going to avoid him as I want to use real players but he isn’t and in real life plays for Shrewsbury. He cost £1.4m from Almeria.
    He might not be great looking but he didn’t hang around. He didn’t score against Palace but the next league game was against Man City.

    He got his goal and both Davis and Aouar got assists so job done.

    This challenge is so random! Sometimes it takes match after match with a half decent player and then other times a shitter gets the job done in a couple of games and against one of the best teams in the league.
    The plan was to keep heading south as I wanted to get to South Africa. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any players for either Botswana or Namibia so even though I could have gone through Mozambique I wouldn’t have been able to start heading north 🙁
    With that in mind we went west.
    Angola 🇦🇴 
    I spent £3.5m to bring this guy in a team in Mexico and I think despite the lack of green attributes he isn’t the worst guy we have seen so far and he’s a bit of an all rounder. If the last guy could get the job done in 2 matches surely this guy can do just as well.

    Despite good wins against Newcastle, Brighton and Villa we still were in Angola and this despite Igor scoring in the Villa game.

    His fourth match was against Everton at the Emirates.
    He tucked home a pen for his 2nd goal for us.

    Davis was good enough to get an assist and we were done in Angola.

    A nice update as we complete 2 countries in 6 games and the new look squad seem to be bedding in well. We sit 2nd but we have a game in hand over Man City and we have yet to taste defeat in the league.

    Nations Visited So Far

    We start our journey north again now and I could get you to guess the next destination but looking at the map above there is only one option.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  11. Happy
    BatiGoal got a reaction from 1759 in 1759: The Amateur Challenge; Queen’s Park; Season 11   
    Lovely career! 
    Feels good to return and start reading careers again. I picked a great one as a starter 👍 congrats on bringing those amateurs to the top. Huge achievement! 
  12. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to 1759 in 1759: The Amateur Challenge; Queen’s Park; Season 11   
    Season 11
    Here I am with another update to this Amateur challenge. It’s been a long journey for the club and last season we managed to win the quadruple and I had thought about calling it a day but the new update came out and I decided to keep going so here we are.
    I’ll go through the transfers first.
    We are quite a fair way into this now and I felt I needed to try and get some younger players in. The four main incomings are actually all regens and I’m not sure of who so I’ve put a screenshot of them all under the spoiler below the transfers list and if anybody recognises any of them you can let me know.
    Super Cup
    We played Inter in the Super Cup and made easy work of it with a 4-0 victory.

    Champions League
    We put on an absolute shit show in this competition and we crashed out finishing third in our group. Was a strange feeling playing these games and I just didn’t feel like I had any control over any of the games. I was rotating a lot and I think some of the players that I had as first choice were actually worse than my so called second string and I think that contributed to it but the only good thing to come out of this is that at least we did drop into the Europa League.
    I failed to get a shot of the league table but here are the results below the spoiler.
    Club World Championship
    We made hard work of this but did get a 2-0 win in the end against San Lorenzo in the Final.

    Betfred Cup
    Back to domestic affairs now and the Betfred Cup. We sailed through the competition and beat Rangers 3-1 in a fairly comfortable final.

    Scottish Cup
    We played Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final and hammered them in a 4-0 victory.

    We had an easy time of things in the League only drawing two games all season and conceding just ten goals. It all felt strange and really easy which is the opposite of how the Champions League went. I did get the update at the beginning of the season and I’m thinking it may have messed this season up but guess we’ll never know.

    Europa League
    We fought through the knockout stages to find ourselves in the Final and Leicester were our opponents. We won 3-0 to win the Europa League and could celebrate the fact that we’d now won every cup competition we could ever enter.


    Funny season that ended on a high in winning the Europa League to go with all of our domestic success. It’s seemed like a really long career this and I’ve played a season on the original winter update which included the need to sub subs, a season on first hot fix and then another on the new hot fix and I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer if I’m honest.
    This is a good time to end this career for now. I’ll keep the save though and if I play anymore seasons I’ll put them up but for now it’s finished.
    Thank you to all who’ve followed and it’s been a blast for the most part.
  13. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to Woody in Winter Update   
    Ive got a massive bottle of Vodka...im on my way! Stuff mothers day our mourning comes 1st!
  14. Funny
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Nucleus in Winter Update   
    Sorry mate, it's a funeral, no picnic. 
  15. Funny
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Nucleus in Winter Update   
    Sorry mate, it's a funeral, no picnic. 
  16. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to Ashez in FMM19 General Discussion   
    I just awoke from a dream......
    My players fitness struggled to improve, while it's true I over worked the poor little dots I demanded more, I pushed and I pushed. I need those dots at 100%, screw realism meaning things naturally tire! I thought my days were numbered and that I'd have to rotate more, that I'd have to plan ahead more and that my constant eleven would be no more. 
    Realism had seeped into my life.....
    Then it hit me like a wet sock across the face! The realism I'd been missing! The reason for my woes! 
    It was a game changing revelation as how do I know what my players eat? Hell I can't even be sure they do eat! What if they're hungry? What if they're eating the wrong things? What if they're all alcoholics?
    I knew I was on the right path so I hired a dietician who could ensure my players got the meals and nutrition they needed. I really pushed the boat out hiring a former dinner lady as well! Oh sexy sue!
    We worked together to hand pick my players meals and ingredients to ensure they got what they needed for their age and role. We micromanaged every aspect to ensure realism was met. 
    However I saw no improvement, my players stamina never improved! What kind of a world is this? Why isn't this working! 
    I then get suspicious of my dietician! Who were his suppliers? Where was he purchasing these ingredients and supplements? There was only one option! I needed control!
    I put in a request to the board and I demanded the U21 pitch was ripped up and replaced by an allotment with a small fenced area for live stock. I knew I had to grow and produce everything myself to make sure realism was kept alive! Inbetween training I'd water the crops and feed the animals, I even took a chunk of the transfer budget and hired a gardener from @Foxy Industries to look after my goods during away games. I debated allowing the players to tend to my garden but I couldn't waste their stamina, this was my baby. My secret weapon. 
    FMM Farmville 2020 is here lads. 
    Oh right sorry....I forgot it's selective realism you want 

  17. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to geordiekrispy in Geordiekrispy's UK Goal Challenge mk3 - Scotland   
    So after a another failed challenge in my 1k from the bottom up, I decided to give @BatiGoal's UK Goal Challenge (now my UK Goal Challenge v2.0) another go as I fancied something a little less strenuous...   Obviously I mistakenly decided to do it after updating to the Feb database patch... So I had no idea what was going to happen in terms of stamina and conditioning. I thought surely I can get 50ish goals in the league as it works out to just under 1.5 goals per game for all leagues and being able to rest my striker for the cup games means I might be able to keep him in good enough condition... But we'll see...
    The general idea is break the goal scoring record of the various UK leagues in numerical order, so Wales first, then Scotland, then N.Ireland, then England.
      My twist on it is that I have to do it using that nationality of player, so no just signing any random wonderkid or known international goal fiend to smash it, they've got to be that nationality!
    I have a feeling the jump to the Scottish Premier league will be interesting, depending on who gets sacked.  But the big challenge will be getting a job at an English Premier League side after going to N.Ireland...
    I'm not limiting myself to entering the top league if I can't get a job in it, so getting a team promoted from the Scottish and/or English Championship is probably an easier option, plus it gives me more opportunity to get a good team built for my goal challenge in the top league.
  18. Angry
    BatiGoal got a reaction from samhardy in English football   
    Go Tykes!
  19. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in English football   
    Fuck off Bati.
  20. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Nucleus in English football   
    What a fucking result!!! Get in there!!
  21. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Nucleus in English football   
  22. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to 1759 in 1759: The Amateur Challenge; Queen’s Park; Season 11   
    The Amateur Challenge
    I was going to do a lower league career at some point and when @BatiGoal posted this at the end of last week I thought I may as well have a crack at this. Credit to @Ashez for originally creating this challenge and also to @BatiGoal for updating it with more amateur teams. 
    I’m doing this as I’m at the stage where I find building up a lower league team a decent enough challenge. I’m not sure how far I’ll go with this but I’ve loaded up Scotland, Wales, Portugal and England so I could do more than one of the teams if I hit the ground running. Anyway I’ll quit rambling and make a start with my first team choice.
    Queen’s Park Football Club

    Queen’s Park Football Club nicknamed “The Spiders” are the only amateur club in the Scottish Professional Football League. 
    Their Latin motto “Ludere Causa Ludendi” means “To Play for the Sake of Playing” in English and that tells us that they are very proud of their amateur status and have no desire to turn professional.
    My job is to change that! 😉
    Even though the club is fully amateur their home stadium is Hampden Park which is also the home of the Scottish National Team. Hampden Park has a capacity of 51,866 but Queen’s Park’s average attendance is only about 750 so work to be done there. Outside of Hampden Park there is a smaller ground called the Lesser Hampden and the club use that for training and reserve/youth games which explains how they have much better training facilities than any of the other Scottish League Two team.
    They have quite a rich early history having won the Scottish Cup a massive 10 times with only both Rangers and Celtic (not surprisingly) having won it more. However the last year they won it was in 1893. They are also the only Scottish team to ever appear in an FA Cup Final having appeared in both 1884 and 1885 finals.
    If you want to read more about the history of the club head over to their Wiki page which makes decent reading.
    Season 1 update to come either tomorrow or the next day.
  23. Funny
    BatiGoal reacted to Ashez in Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge   
    In the most polite way, **** that 😂
  24. Shocked
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Ashez in Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge   
    The numbers don't lie. 😀
    I'd like to give you a suggestion for Chapter Two. Squad #1 score in 1st min. Squad #2 scores in 2nd min. all the way up to Squad #99 scores in 99th min. The Squad Number Challenge Goes GaM. 😂 
  25. Shocked
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Ashez in Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge   
    The numbers don't lie. 😀
    I'd like to give you a suggestion for Chapter Two. Squad #1 score in 1st min. Squad #2 scores in 2nd min. all the way up to Squad #99 scores in 99th min. The Squad Number Challenge Goes GaM. 😂