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    BatiGoal got a reaction from Kanegan in 3rd attempt - Liverpool Front Three + Goals/Game + Overkill   
    What's next? Playing multiple careers on multiple devices. I bet you've already done that 😁 good scores there, Kane. 
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    BatiGoal reacted to Jsavfc in FMM 20 Chairman Game (MW30)   
    Oh crap
  3. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to broodje kip in FMM 20 Chairman Game (MW30)   
    I gave you a win. Might also want to help me with those transfers  
  4. Funny
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Kun Aguero in FMM 20 Chairman Game (MW30)   
    Yes, those who beat me in my H2H career are in big trouble. 
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    BatiGoal reacted to broodje kip in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 22   
    Just a Normal @BatiGoal thing 🙄
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    BatiGoal reacted to Mr Tree in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 22   
    Season 21
    So we started off this part of the save by using the @BatiGoal"classic" tactic, with a few specific updates offered by the creator, who (I'm hearing now) apparently "never tried" this tactic in the EPL.....
    The season started off inauspiciously, with a horrible youth class:

    But after the early wobble described above, we got rolling:

    There was a period too where Toby and Mario were alternating hat-tricks, which was pretty nice!
    However we did under-perform overall. There could be many reasons, I won't go into it all, and certainly I think the tactic was the least of the concerns. I was surprised how poorly some of my guys adapted to it, with the defence particularly looking vulnerable. There was a bit of transition within the team/squad this year, with Hahn being a particular disappointment - thought he was gonna love the AP role, but maybe it just came a year too late for him. He was decidedly "meh" and I ended up selling him at the end of the season - I rarely get sons on here as I tend to ditch old players!
    We suffered our earliest UCL exit in years, albeit after being handed a tough tie with our old friends at Barcelona. A poor first leg inspired "protest" from these ungrateful wretches...

    And we couldn't salvage it, with Toby getting wound up and nutting someone on our last corner...

    We didn't get the domestic cups either - I tend to play the youths anyway, and they lost to Liverpool in the Carabao semis, and Palace in the FA Cup 5th round...
    And we kept dropping poor games in the league. Brighton (last year's runners up) were still a power, and Arsenal (last year's nemesis) were awesome, holding an 11pt lead with 10 games to go...
    Squad overview:

    Nothing extraordinary, but some nice numbers
    Two Rising Stars of the season:

    And as for the England squad, well veteran defenders Bailey and Blackett are the only "extras" in there, which is pretty poor from the rest of my exes, to be honest. So 7 past or present bees in total:

    Next up - apart from loaning out my full-backs, my squad doesn't seem to need too much surgery to adapt to an @Ian offering - the only "tried and tested" "works in FMM20" offering I've had so far. So I'll give that a go!
    Thanks for reading
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    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in Vibe World Cup 2020: Bronze Medal Match Results   
    So Black Cat Betting return for the final time this event with odds for both the third place playoff between England and Asia and also the North East vs “Holland” final.
    Firstly though we look at the Golden Mobile.
    Betting has been suspended on this market with the feeling being @BatiGoal can not be overtaken. Therefore congratulations to @Ian your bet has won and you have won £50 worth of free bets for the final which are usable at either Black Cat Betting or FoxBet.
    The Matches
    Asia (8/15) vs England (6/4)
    Ordinarily this one would be a very hard one to call with maybe England being slight favourites but after a promising start to the event it has fizzled put into a bit of a disappointment for @Rob and @Woody.
    To add insult to injury Rob heads into this one on the back of a threesome that was abandoned halfway through so you have to wonder where his mind will be at and the Asian duo of @Kanegan and @broodje kip are expected to come out on top in this one and take the bronze medal.
    “Holland” (1/3) vs North East (9/4)
    It is safe to say that the “Dutch” pairing of @BatiGoal and @Foxy dominated the group stage winning every challenge with Bati especially opening up a commanding and probably now unassailable lead in the Golden Mobile and this is shown with their massive favouritism in the odds.
    However my completely unbiased tip for the final is to bet your house, car, whatever else on the North East to take the title at those incredibly generous odds.
    Bati’s past wounds will already be opening at the thought of playing me in a final and the general consensus is that he will bomb here allowing the extremely consistent pairing of myself and @smoggy90 to take the title.
  8. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2020: Bronze Medal Match Results   
    After four weeks of competition only two teams are left to contest the final namely the North East likely lads of @samhardy and @smoggy90 and the Netherlands with myself and @BatiGoal. This is now a straight H2H fight with the team that has the highest score in this weeks challenge being crowned as champions.
    We also have Asia with @Kanegan and @broodje kip England with @Woody and @Rob fighting it out for the bronze medal and they will be taking on the same challenge as well with highest score securing 3rd place.
    Euro 20201

    The club football season should have been drawing to a close now and attention would have been starting to move to this years European Championships that were going to be held across Europe this summer. The pandemic has meant it will now (hopefully) be taking place next summer but that hasn’t stopped me taking a little bit of inspiration from the event for this challenge.
    The Euro 2020 Nation Locke

    Some of you may be familiar with the concept of the Nation Locke challenge that @Ashez came up with a few years ago and some of you may not be. It is quite a simple concept once explained.
    You will create two teams of players that are in locked pairs based on there nationality but also where they play on the pitch. So for example your two strikers will both be English and they will always play together as a pair so if one is injured, suspended etc then the other player doesn’t play either. You will obviously have 5 different nationalities of outfield players in your first XI and then your 2nd XI must have the same 5 nationalities as well so that you have 20 players in 10 sets of pairs with 2 sets of pairs for each nation. The pairs must make sense on the pitch so as an example you can’t pair up a CB and a ST. The best way to think of it is like Chemistry in FIFA ultimate team so the players need to be next to each other or playing one strata ahead and directly in front. Under the spoiler is some examples. As players are paired up you cannot use any formations that have lone players or triple players in a strata. So that excludes 4-1-2-2-1 or 3-4-3 for example. You need to think in twos and fours so if you have a player in DM you need someone alongside him. If you wish to substitute a player then he must be brought off for a player of the same nationality in order to keep a pair. The GK is not included in the pairs and in this challenge you have to use the GK at the club already. The Challenge
    The first thing you must do when you take over at the club is to sell the entire first team except for two of the GK who you will keep and use. You may not use any of the outfield players already at the club in this challenge. You will then build two teams of outfield players using the Nation Locke rules and picking 5 nationalities from the list below. The players must always stay in there pairs that you assign them at the start of the save so you cannot for example mix and match your English players as the save goes on. If one member of a pair cannot play then the other doesn’t either and you cannot play both pairs of players of the same nationality in the same game. The only exception is when substituting a player as that must be done nationality for the same nationality. You have a choice of four leagues to manage in which are different from your team mate. You cannot use any players from those four nations as any of your pairs but you can use players from the nations assigned to your team mate to manage in. Once you have build your two teams of pairs you will have a squad of 22 players including the two GK. You will have 20 outfield players from 5 different nations. This is your squad for the entire season and must be built before the first game and you may not buy any players in January. You must use a players first nationality to determine if you can use him or not. You will be assigned a transfer budget based on which league you are playing in. This is the most you can spend on the entire 20 players you need to bring in and overspending will result in a zero score. You cannot use loans or swap deals to bring in any of the players. Your in game currency must be set to £. Club Choice and Nationalities
    The number in ( ) after each league is how much your transfer budget will be if you choose that league to manage in. Remember you cannot use any players (except GK already at the club) from any of the four nations assigned to you but you can use players from nations assigned to your team mate as well as nations from the list below.
    These are all the top division in there respective nations.
    Player 1 - @samhardy, @BatiGoal, @Kanegan, @Rob
    England Premier League (£30m Max Budget) France Ligue 1 (£20m Max Budget) Netherlands Eredivsie (£10m Max Budget) Danish Superliga (£10m Max Budget) Player 2 - @smoggy90 @Foxy @broodje kip @Woody
    Spanish La Liga (£30m Max Budget) Portugal Primeira Liga (£20m Max Budget) Russia Premier League (£10m Max Budget) Turkey Superlig (£10m Max Budget) Player Nationalities 
    The following nations have already qualified for Euro 2020 and you can use them to make your player pairs. The only exception is that you cannot use any players from the 4 nations you have the choice to manage in.
    Nations in bold are excluded from player 1’s as they are the nations you can manage in.
    Nations in bold italic are excluded from player 2’s as they are the nations you can manage in.
    Germany, Spain, France, Czech, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Wales, Russia, Italy, England, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Finland
    This week only success will be rewarded with points.
    You will get your league points and +/- GD but only if you win the league. 20pts for winning a domestic cup. You can only get these points once so in nations with two cups winning both will still only yield 20pts. Also Super Cups/Charity Shield matches do not count. 20pts if you win either European Competitions. The Super Cup does not count. As a bonus you will get 10pts for each pair that score a combined 20 goals or more in all competitions. So to clarify if one player scores 15 and the other 5 you get 10pts for that as an example. The players must be designated pairs on the pitch though and not just from the same nation. Screenshots
    Tactics screen showing both teams of pairs laid out in formation before the first match of the season. (you can provide this before you start the season to make sure you have got it right). Squad screen ordered by nationality before the first match of the season.(you can provide this before you start the season to make sure you have got it right). Squad screen ordered by appearances at the end of the season. Transfer history at the end of the first window and end of the season. Player profile and history of each player from the pairs that get 20 or more goals. League table Match you are eliminated/win cup competitions. Manager profile Manager history Rules and Clarifications
    You must follow the Nation Locke rules at all times. No players except two GK’s from your teams current squad may be used. You must follow the nationality rules as stated above. You can only play one pair of each nationality in a match. You must not spend more than the allocated budget for the league you manage in. No loans or swap deals. Only a players first nationality counts towards the Nation Locke. Your squad must be assembled by the first league game. No transfers in to the club in January. You must have your in game currency set to £. Standard DB only but either Nov or Feb DB is ok to use. In the event of a tie a tiebreak challenge will be played. No editing, reloading or cheating in anyway. Own tactics only. If asked you must provide the save file for inspection and failure to do so will result in you excluded from the competition. Deadline: Saturday 30th May 2020 @ 11.59PM UK Time
    Any questions please ask and have fun.
  9. Happy
    BatiGoal got a reaction from broodje kip in The great Ander and Fabio, 1kc and 500 assist (Season 4)   
    Things are definitely improving. Great progress, Breadman 👍 
  10. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Dagion in Dagion goes to the movies: Alvin and the chipmunks   
    I'm not that old but my fond love of strong beers has the same effect 😉
  11. Funny
    BatiGoal reacted to AndersJ in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 22   
    @Mr Tree let me know when you are ready for a real tactic 😜😂
  12. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Kun Aguero in The "Myth" in China - Scoring With A Goalie (Completed)   
    The Final Update
    In the last update, our main man Vanja successfully passed the 250 goals-mark, and agreed to sign a 5 years contract extension while also agree to play on after that, which means that he can at least play for another 5 years. This update will cover the next 2 seasons, in which we try to hit the 300 goals-mark.
    Vanja's Goals
    Here's how Vanja look like at the end of the season, at the age of 37.

    Still some decent goalie attributes, but a horrible pace.

    His worst season as a goalie, conceding 83, which his terrible pace may be the main factor.
    Challenge Summary

    He registered his best ever season scoring 26 goals to bring his total goals up to 305, overtaking @BatiGoal's 272 goals scored by his Bazoer in A Defender's Story. Good news for Bati is that Vanja's record won't be included in the Ronald Koeman's Challenge, so he remain top of that leaderboard for now. 😉
    Anyway, although Vanja still can play for at least 4 more seasons, I guessed it's time to end this career here. So 305 is my final score for the challenge. Thanks for everyone following this career, and as always comments are appreciated. 😀
  13. Happy
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Schwantz34 in Schwantz tries the Shearer Challenge   
    Decent player development over the past 4 seasons. Hopefully Aerial and Decisions go up a bit more in the coming years. But he'll grab that record easily. Question is by how much. 
  14. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Ashez in Death Match - Death Race Movie Inspired   
    Death Match - Death Race Movie Inspired 
    I found myself watching "Death Race" where the plot of the film sees convicts attempt to win 5 races for their freedom. Which obviously translates to FMM perfectly with similarly plotted films like Mean Machine existing. So without further ado let's reveal the challenge! 
    This Challenge requires the "No Transfer Window Unlockable". 
    The Challenge
    The aim of the challenge is to earn as many players freedom as you can in a single season. To win a players freedom they need to win five football matches, once they've won their five matches they're to be demoted/sold. You now replace the player thanks to the no transfer window unlockable and set them on their 5 match winning journey. 

    Player Rules 
    1. You move forward a position per completed player, so for example you start the save with a Goalkeeper, once he's collected his 5 wins you move on to a defender. Then a midfielder and so on in a loop.
    2. These players are the only signings allowed. 
    3. If a player gets injured, suspended or is unavailable they're a victim of the Death Race, this is seen as a failed run. You scrap the player and sign the next one, however you have to go back a positional line, so for example if you're on the defender and he gets injured your next player is a GK again. 
    1. Any club is fine 
    2. Only the mentioned unlockable can be used 
    3. Your convicts are your only signings 
    4. Once a round is finished you demote/sell
    5. Own formations only 
    6. Evidence will be required 
    7. Enjoy 
    Freedom Leaderboard 
    @Thepremiermanager Again you're welcome to host if you like
  15. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Jack in FMM2021 Wishlist and Discussion   
    I'm not even talking tactical improvements, player roles, set pieces etc anymore. 
    For the next FMM I'd settle for a smarter AI, which includes:
    Smarter transfers dealings - buys & sales, as in knowing what reinforcements the squad needs or doesn't need and for what price.  Smarter squad management - being able to keep a balanced squad, specifically in terms of age, positions and talent. Smarter player management - a better understanding of playing (un)fit players, overplaying players and players in their best/most effective player role.  More tactical awareness - being able to identify the strongest team rather than the best 11 individuals who often end up playing in wrong positions.  A more diverse database of AI managers - specifically in terms of their preferred formation / playing style. I think this would significantly improve my FMM experience. 
  16. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to AndersJ in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 22   
    Im mine he will easy score 201 🙈😅
  17. Shocked
    BatiGoal got a reaction from AndersJ in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 22   
    Let me PM you the full tactics with a few tweaks I made from the 2017 version. Your striker is going to score 200 gls guaranteed. 😁 
  18. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Thepremiermanager in FMM Goes to the Movies: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels   
    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    Guy Ritchie directing, ensemble cast, crime/comedy theme set in London. This was always going to be good! 
    Lock, Stock follows the the main protagonist Eddy and his friends through a series of intertwining storylines involving the shady underworld of London. After playing in a rigged high-stakes card game, Eddy finds himself indebted to 'Hatchet' Harry Lonsdale to the tune of £500k.
    Given one week to repay lest he be set upon by the original crazy man Vinnie Jones, aka Big Chris, we're drawn into the film via memorable one-liners, fantastically placed music and a series of converging plot lines. 
    If you haven't seen this film, it's well worth a watch. Then, grab a cuppa and sit down to this challenge. 
    "The entire British Empire was built on cups of tea. And if you think I'm going to war without one, you're mistaken!" Eddy
    The Challenge
    Pay back your £500k debt to the loan shark. 
    Take a loan player to London's very own smoking barrels - the Gunners of Arsenal.
    Score to pay. Each goal your loanee scores goes towards paying back the debt. 
    Domestic goals = £5k, Cup goals = £7.5k, Continental goals = £10k
    However, you may only loan for 6 months at a time meaning a new player every transfer window. 
    "Harry didn't think that he did a very good job, so he grabbed the nearest thing to hand, which just so happened to be a 15 inch black rubber c**k, and proceeded to beat poor old Smithy to death with. And that was seen as a nice way to go. Now, that, is why you pay Hatchet Harry, when you owe."
    Now Hachet Harry doesn't have a reputation for nothing. At the end of each loanee's deal any outstanding debt will receive 15% interest e.g. £250,000 left x 15% = £37,500 interest so £285,500 left to repay. 
    Obviously, the quicker you pay back, the better so... 
    Points = Time taken to pay the debt in game days from the day you take charge of the Gunners.
    All usual challenge rules apply
    Screenshots at the end of every loan deal required.
    Best get a move on, Harry is not a patient man!
    Link to full film index
    Wall of Fame
  19. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Thepremiermanager in FMM Goes to the Movies: Snatch   

    If we've got Lock, Stock we've got to have Snatch. The second of Guy Ritchie's crime capers sees the action, tension and language ramped up to deliver another fantastic film. 
    Snatch follows two main story lines. The first is the trials and tribulations of Turkish and his sidekick Tommy as they try to make a bit of money from unlicensed boxing, the second follows the journey of a rather large diamond, 86-carats to be precise, from an Antwerp exchange and the fortunes of those trying to claim it. In particular, we are introduced to Sol, Vinny and their wheel man Tyrone as they try to stay one step ahead of our favourite footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones as bounty hunter Bullet Tooth Tony. 
    "He's a natural, ain't you Tyrone?" 
    "Course I am!" 
    In true Guy Ritchie style, you don't quite know how things will pan out until they happen and that's what makes this film great. 
    A other classic film and we'll worth a watch if you enjoyed the first!
    The Challenge
    Go to Antwerp and steal the biggest diamond you can.
    Take control of Royal Antwerp.
    You must play a 2-up front formation for your Sol and Vinny. Your Tyrone must be a natural MC or AMC only. No other greens and no retraining. 
    You may sign players or use those already at the club. 
    You have 1 season to earn the carats for your diamond. Each league goal from Sol and Vinny and league assist from Tyrone = +1 carat.
    In the film it was an 86-carat diamond. Can you do better?
    Bullet Tooth Tony has followed you from England though in the form of Kemar Roofe at Anderlecht. All Bullet Tooth league goals = - 1 carat. 
    However, as this film has a big gambling theme, you can win some extra carats. Before the start of the season, choose the squad number for Tyrone that matches the carats you think you'll get. If you are within 3 carats at the end of the season you get 10 extra carats for your total. 
    All usual challenge rules apply. 
    "You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity." Bullet Tooth Tony
    Link to full film index
    Wall of Fame
  20. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Mr Tree in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 22   
    Cheers, but I was hoping for something a bit more fully-formed - I might give some of these "invincible!!!!" tactics on the forum a go, but we'll see, it depends what I find. I'll put you on the list for now
    The list being:
    1/ BatiGoal's 4-1-4-1
    2/ Foxy and Ashez's gegenpressing
    3/ The Black Pearl
    4/ an Ian special...
    5/ AndersJ's Bebeto (placeholder, thinking if there might be something else...)
    6/ Dagion's proposed 3-2-2-2-1
    I'm probably gonna start with Bati's as he's been a great supporter throughout the journey, and it looks quite adaptable to the current squad, although Milambo (second striker) is not gonna be impressed having just forced his way into the team! Well we'll see how it works out anyway...
    Many thanks, and I'll certainly be glad to hear of any other ideas people may have! Cheers
  21. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to JustM1kePlays in FC BatiGoal Vs Vibe United   
    I should hopefully have it finished by Saturday.
  22. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to broodje kip in FMM2021 Wishlist and Discussion   
    I really hope they fix this one. International games and club games only one days apart.

    Currently with only 1 starter available. Also a sneak peak of what’s happening in my current career 👀👀
  23. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Jsavfc in Can money buy goals? (GpG challenge)   
    Here's my go at the Goals Per Game challenge.
    Which can be found here.
    A quick one season game, see how many goals I can score. 
    Obvious team choice for me. PSG. 
    I spent ALOT of money. Just over 1/2 billion pound. 
    Many players only stayed a few months if they were not performing. 

    We won the league easily. Few games we should of won but due to tactics we were very open at the back. 

    As I said, alot coming in. Jimenez didn't perform, not scoring in first 3/4 games so he went. 
    Vardy was similar but went in January. 
    Changed formation half way through so needed WB so that was mostly January dealings. 

    So overall spend of around 300 million. 
    The team;

    So goals wise, Lukaku easily the better performer. He was awesome. Would of liked a few more but playing 3 up to was always going to get a spread. 
    Mbappe leading the assists, but again Lukaku is up there. He is definitely someone I would use again if possible. 
    So onto the results. 

    Above shot to confirm positive goal difference. 

    Finished with a GpG of 3.71p/m.
    Happy with that but think I actually could of hit the magic 4.00.
    Had a few boring results latter half of the season (1/2 goals scored per game etc) which pushed it down.
    Some fun results too! 
    Typing this up on my mobile so excuse any errors, lack of presentation. 
    Will keep the save game if anyone wants to see fixtures/formation used. 
    Comments appreciated. 
  24. Funny
    BatiGoal reacted to Rob in Vibe World Cup 2020: Bronze Medal Match Results   
    Is there an award for champion bluffer? 🤣
    Some cracking scores there lads. Well done all.
  25. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2020: Bronze Medal Match Results   
    Before I reveal this weeks scores and who will join Netherlands in the final an apology. My iPad is playing up so I will be posting this from my phone and to make life a little easier for myself I won’t be including any screenshots this week unfortunately. I have jotted everyone’s scores onto pieces of paper like it’s the olden days that I unfortunately remember too well although not as well as Bati and Woody and I think I’m ready to go.

    Group Stage - Week 3 Results
    Myself and @BatiGoal are already through to next weeks final so we were just playing for Golden Mobile points this week although our performance could massively effect the table below us and who would make the final.
    Both the Asian lads of @Kanegan and @broodje kip along with the English boys of @Rob and @Woody needed to get the top score and so maximum points from this weeks challenge in order to stand a chance of making the final. The North East team had to make sure they didn’t finish last this week and they would secure a place in the final so there was plenty for everyone to play for.
    This was a challenge that was designed as a risk and reward challenge so the greater the risk you were willing to take the larger the rewards but there was a chance you may go too far, sign too many Danish and Greek free transfers (D&G) and not be able to get results leading to the sack a zero points.

    The Results We will start with those likely lads from the North East.
    North East
    @samhardy decided to take charge of Borussia Monchengladbach (BMG) this week and went with 16 D&Gs which means his score would be X3 so he wasn’t going for the full squad and I was surprised by that as Sam normally likes to take a risk or two.
    He fared pretty well in the league finishing 3rd but went out of the EL in the group stage. In the German cup he had a better run but was dumped out at the semi final stage by Bayern.
    Wins: 27
    Draws: 10
    GD: 40
    131 X3 = 393points
    His team mate @smoggy90 took charge at Wolfsburg but only just got above the midfield pack finishing 5th in the league. In the EL he made it to the 1st KO round but met Chelsea and that was that whilst he only won two games in the German Cup and went out in R3.
    Just like Sam he went with 16 D&Gs but one place he let his score down was he was the only person to submit a negative GD which meant he lost 5pts on the total that was X3 so in all he would have lost 15pts compared to a 0 GD.
    Wins: 21
    Draws: 13
    GD: -5
    71 X3 = 213pts
    The North East scored 606 points.
    Team Asia
    So a decent score by the Parmo Army but could the Asians beat it and make things interesting this week?
    @Kanegan choose Eintracht Frankfurt and signed 18 D&Gs although that still only got him a X3 multiplier the same as 16 of them would.
    Just like Smoggy he finished 5th in the league but he did better in the cups as he reached the EL quarters before losing to Lille and then the German Cup semis before losing to Bayern just like Sam did.
    In fact no one in the competition won as many games as Kane did this week.
    Wins: 35
    Draws: 11
    GD: 36
     152 X3= 456pts
    An excellent return from Kane and one that will get the north east on the edge of there seats.
    All @broodje kip needed to do was score 150 or more points and they could be in with a shout of making the final although with total points as a tie breaker he will need a lot more.
    A lot more is what he got as the Asian boys found some form this week.
    He took charge at BMG and finished an impressive 2nd in the league using 16 D&G players. In Europe he got to the 2nd KO round before Man Utd dumped him out but the German Cup was less impressive as he lost in the 2nd round.
    It was his GD that let his score down a bit.
    Wins: 28
    Draws: 9
    GD: 23
    116 X3 = 348pts
    This gives Asia a score of 804pts so well above the North East this week and they have given themselves a chance of making the final if they beat Holland’s and England’s score and England also beat the North East’s total.
    The Final and Bronze Medal matches will both use the same challenge and that will be live on Saturday at some point.
    Thanks for reading.