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  1. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to PriZe in Challenge Cup XII   
    Where is the bloody rivalry? @samhardy i miss @BatiGoal... at least he thought he could be someone, so we had somebody to trash
  2. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    The only member of this site who thinks he has a "fan club" is the complete mess of a human being @BatiGoal. Deluded fucker more of a hate club.
  3. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to PilgrimAsh in Challenge Cup XII   
    Never say never mate 
     @Nucleus @BatiGoal @Woody And there was me thinking these guys are smashing it up and must be legends at FMM coming up through the ranks from novice to legend through hard graft.......there goes my dream of becoming a tactical master. Oh wait there I might have a spare £2 somewhere, @PriZe count me in! 
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    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in Every Threesome Needs a Woody - The CCW1KC - S10   
    BettyG is one of them that's why @BatiGoal has vanished recently.
  5. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Nucleus in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge [Season Fourteen]   
    The Challenge(s) Reveal:
    I think 14 hours is long enough, I won’t keep you guessing for three months plus like a certain Panda did *cough* @PriZe*cough*
    So some of you have attempted to guess the challenges I’ll be attempting in this save, some have guessed correctly, others incorrectly or if you’re anything like @Damilare you were on a different planet of guesswork. First off let’s work our way through the GIF’s as they appear and I’ll reveal what they all mean.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -

    Kylian Mbappé has been compared to one of the turtles in a recent social media post, and he will be undertaking a 1k Challenge but with a more challenging target of 1.5k. @samhardy and @Ashez both guessed correctly with Mbappé for this one.
    Lionel Richie -

    Lionel Messi’s namesake, and Ashez guessed correctly with ‘beating a Messi record’ The Calendar Year Scoring Challenge  is the second one I’ll be attempting.
    ABBA -

    An incorrect guess by Ashez in this one, it’s not Isak, it is in fact a mention to one of ABBA’s songs “Fernando” as I’ll be attempting the Fernando Peyroteo Challenge
    Paris Hilton -

    A correct guess from Ashez, this career will be hosted at PSG, mainly because of the Mbappé situation and that I didn’t want to make things too difficult on myself.
    WWE Triple Threat -

    A triple threat, but not the one you’re all thinking of. In this part I’ll be attempting the Triple Threat Assists Challenge
    Arnie -

    Arnie shares the same nationality as one of the players I’ll be using for the Triple Threat Assists Challenge but after seeing Ashez’s guess of Trent-Alexander-Arnold I’m pissed off with myself I didn’t think of it before! 
    Keyzer Soze -

    A shoutout to my favourite film of all time The Usual Suspects. This GIF actually points to a player I’ll be using as part of the Triple Threat Assists in a stand-alone Assists Challenge,  “Kaizer” Kai Havertz as @BatiGoal named him last year, (instantly reminded me of the films anti-hero Keyzer Soze) completes the lineup for this career full of challenges. Five in fact. Let’s recap which ones I’ll be attempting
    Mbappé 1k Challenge Calendar Year Challenge Fernando Peyroteo Challenge Triple Threat Assists Challenge Assists Challenge Thanks for reading Vibe, Season One should be out in the very near future, until then tatty-bye!
  6. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to PriZe in Vibe Rankings - Updated August 2018   
    Bye @BatiGoal  hello @Nucleus👌🏻
  7. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in Vibe Rankings - Updated August 2018   
    Vibe Rankings - August 2018
    Here are the latest set of rankings and July saw the end of the Vibe World Cup as well as various careers, head to heads etc coming to an end. The most intriguing question this month is whether Nucleus could snatch the final automatic Challenge Cup place and he did easily, however the big story is the plummet down the rankings for former No.1 @BatiGoal. 3 inactive members have been removed and 3 more come in.
    More details regarding this year's Challenge Cup will come tomorrow.
    1) PriZe
    2) samhardy
    3) Taff
    4) Nucleus
    5) Foxy
    6) Rob2017
    7) Woody
    8.) Mr.Manager
    9) Titjes
    10) BatiGoal
    11) Ashez
    12) Real_Random
    13) danovic78
    14) scratch99
    15) smoggy90
    16) chewkaiwen
    17) Cockers2505
    18) RipRip
    19) JohnyBravo
    20) Damilare
    21) Kanegan
    22) DavidVilla07
    23) DutchTony
    24) ManLikeRobbieBrady
    25) GingerbreadPooches
    Biggest Riser - @Rob2017 @Woody +2
    Most ranking points collected in July - @Nucleus @Damilare
    Highest placed newcomer -  @Damilare
  8. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Woody in A Hard(y) days night - A dogged 1k! (Final update)   
    As @samhardy is back off his hols i thought it would be right to update you all on his namesake.
    This will be a double season update as i was naughty and carried on 😂
    Season 11 didnt quite hit the dizzy hieghts of the previous season so Sam needed to step up his game going into season 12.
    1st though lets get into the season peticulars.

    Warren Barnden was being a pain in the ass and wouldnt sign a new contract. Soft lad signed though once he left the club! Duh!
    Do you really need to see how we did in the league as we win it every time? Of course you do!
    So i set Sam a target, beat last seasons total and do your best to reach 80!
    Did he do it?
    So we move into season 12 with Sam posting a decent total and us ruining Irish football.
    My squad as good as it is, is starting to age so i need to bring in some younger talent.

    Van Ransbeek had been peggin for a move for a few seasons and some squad players were starting to get pissed off with him so he had to go, luckily Atalanta splashed out and off he went.
    Regretfully i let Benyu go too. He was starting to play less and less so i allowed him to trot off to Entella for a decent sum.
    Onto the league..

    Rubbish compared to previous seasons but undefeated again. 
    Not happy with the overall goals total but i am being picky 😂
    Now on to Sam's season 13(unlucky for some) total.
    Woody signing off.....
  9. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Rob2017 in Foxy Presents: Foxy's Fledgling - A Son 1Kc - Season 4   
    I wouldn’t get too disheartened mate. That’s a solid start. Not spectacular, but solid, and as you said the law of @BatiGoal means you have 84 bonus goals. If anyone’s going to smash a 1kc with a ‘son’ in this it’ll be you with this tactic! Keep it up! 
  10. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in Foxy Presents: Foxy's Fledgling - A Son 1Kc - Season 4   
    The first season saw Foxy Jr score a respectable 33 goals and tick off 29 times for the GaM but he turns 20 this season and I need considerably more goals than 33 every season if he is going to get anywhere near 1k.
    I saw some improvements in Foxy Jr attributes this season and his pace, strength and shooting look good but I am worried by his movement, decisions and stamina. The problem being that according to his coach report he isn’t going to get any better so this might be what I have to work with going forward. If that is the case the worry is that maybe this seasons goal total is as good as it will get and if it is then I’m fooked.
    Maybe those mental attributes will go up a point or two in the next couple of years but I won’t hold my breath. He is better than the average regen so I can’t complain too much.
    He only missed 6 games this year but his stamina means that he rarely plays 90 minutes which is going to make those late times in the GaM are going to be a real pain. I was hoping he could get a goal a game this year but he missed out on that by 8 goals as he had a slump in form after Christmas meaning he got 51 goals in 59 games. He has “thrives in big games” in his coaches report and that seems to be the case as he often struggles against the smaller teams that you would expect to pick up easy goals from whereas he scored a hat trick vs Juve and had a good record against Real and Barca as well. I wonder if his poor movement means he struggles against minnows who play defensive because he doesn’t have the intelligence to find any space there is but against bigger teams they attack as well leaving more space for him.
    That means that if I follow the @BatiGoal rule he has scored 84 bonus goals and the real challenge starts now as he is 20 but I am also conscious that there is more of a time limit on this 1k as I started it half way through a save and not in the 2017/18 season.
    My head is telling me that he isn’t going to make it.
    The GaM
    More positive news here as he ticked off 31 times which was even better than last year and means that he is two thirds of the way through this challenge now. He only needs 10 more times in the 1st half but it is looking very empty of X in the later minutes which is due to his stamina meaning he is either shagged by then or I have taken him off. If that continues through this save I may need to start him on the bench and bring him on after 10 minutes instead of taking him off for the final 10 minutes.
    Any Other Business
    If you want to see how we got on as a team and the players I brought in please check out season 17 of The Teutonic Treble.
    Going into the next season I am going to take a look at a couple of my creative players because as weird as this sounds I feel like a couple of them are too good!
    These are the lads I mean.
    They are both monsters that anyone would want in there team but neither create many chances with only 16 assists between the 2 of them this season and in Noah’s case 25 goals stolen off my strikers in the season before this. The problem comes that I think they are too complete and can do everything but I need players that simply want to create chances for Foxy Jr so I’m thinking I may keep Noah and drop him back into CM instead of LW and I may sell Zampano and bring in a out and out LW instead with good crossing, pace, dribbling, teamwork and crossing but lacking in shooting. I need to bring in a RW as well because Amiri is a bit part player now he is 37 albeit my top assister this season and my other RW doesn’t get on with Foxy Jr and nepotism wins out every day in this saves so he is off.
    So plenty for me to think and worry about going into Foxy Jr 3rd season.
    Cheers Lads
  11. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Cockers2505 in FMM 18 Books of Records   
    Because we love the site we protect it. At least that's the way I see it. I've seen a big increase in these ridiculous achievements over the past months and I'm convinced it's the site's biggest threat. It's the main reason I've been posting less and less because why spend hours writing guides,  tactics and careers when one can simply cheat one's way to success??? It's very demoralizing and it takes massively away from those who don't + it gives an incentive to others /newcomers to outdo the next guy in any way possible. Imagine what the site would look like in a year's time if we keep our mouths shut and allow this bullshit. It'd be literally like a house of FMM junkies in here. I'd be long gone by then and I'm positive most regulars too.
    I was thinking about writing an article on the topic but ffs I'm too tired to try and talk sense into people. Not that those cheaters are going to listen anyway, so to them I say go ahead cheat all you want but don't come in here bragging about it and expecting pats on the shoulder. 😉 
  12. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Cockers2505 in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    I agree totally with you @PriZe and think it is an excellent piece, my take on a lot of problems with FMM is the need to have success and quickly, gone are the days where you would take your own team and try to win everything, because to be truthful with all the help out there, basically any team can win the top league, and eventual Champions League, the holy grail of cups.
    Nobody wants to play to 30 seasons because it gets tedious and boring, you can simply look at the wonder kids list of the future, buy as many as you can early on, knowing your team will be the ultimate force in say 6 to 8 seasons, then it's game over with the right Tactic, Training and Money, basically any club in any country can be champions of the world in 10 seasons, my opinion though, others may disagree.
    I think to try and keep fresh, Challenges are the way forward, your own challenge or those already created, wanting your name on a leaderboard whether it is the bottom or the top, is more satisfying than playing 20 seasons where you win EVERYTHING year in year out, I did it with Oldham, got them to the Premiership in 4 seasons, won the league by the 6th, and then went on to conquer everything before the end of my 10th season, got bored and started again on some Challenge, but again thats my opinion, in fact in all the years of playing Champ manager, Football Manager and whatever else these were called back in the 80's, I don't think I have ever reached the end, maybe that could be my next challenge... to reach the end...
    I think this Forum is brilliant, the banter, write ups, help, and general interest, keep up the good work and inspiration to all those out there that dream to be the next @PriZe, @BatiGoal, @Taff , @Ashez or @Foxy to name but a few of the Legends as I would put it, thanks from me for making this each year THE best Football game period...
  13. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to PriZe in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    Are there any good @BatiGoal careers?😳
  14. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from PriZe in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    Well said, PriZe. 
    I always counter it by doing something completely different. Got a potential burn-out after my multiple failed 1K assists challenge. Been testing tactics from the real life ones to the bizarre ones and currently holidaying thru seasons as Chairman. Ideas for a brandnew career will hit me sooner or later. 
  15. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to Woody in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    I miss a good @BatiGoal career 😆
  16. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to PriZe in The FMM Burnout by PriZe   
    You know that feeling when the new FMM is about to release? That feeling that although you are sure it's not going to be all that you wanted, you have moaned about it for weeks on Vibe, you still know you are going to get it the moment it's in the App store. Great feeling isn't it? It gives you some sort of rush and i don't know about you but my mind bubbles with ideas for careers, challenges articles etc.
    But a few days or weeks later you start to realize that the new release isn't all that jazz, the new features are a bit bland, or you have figured them out and what you do turns into a routine. And to top it off you've just posted 3 careers at the same time which all three of them are just EPIC you NEED to complete them...  And now you start to notice that next to the game being 95% the same you feel now HAVE to play the game for the careers instead of choosing to... And before you know it you go from every day playing to once every three days until you stop playing all together. To off course jump on the hype train for the next version 😉
    The burnout
    This people is what i call the FMM burnout... Andwhat i just described is exactly what i've gone through the last month or three. And you know what? It bloody happens to me almost every year   And every year i tell myself it's not going to happen this time...
    So why am i rambling about this? Well reading between the lines on Vibe luckily i am not alone and read that more people feel burned out or i see the signs of this. So i thought well since i make the same bloody mistake every year i am extremely qualified to post about this topic to hope you and i won't make the same mistakes.
    Top 5 mistakes i make
    So here are my 5 key mistakes to hopefully help you not to be as stupid as me 
    1. Don't over commit
    My number one mistake. Doing to much at the same time, be it too many careers at the same moment or participating in too many events. Reduce the amount of things you do at the same time. This will at least bring some focus and will make you feel less obligated to play because the next update needs to get out as it has been 2 weeks since you posted.
    2. Don't rush
    Don't rush... As simple as that! Why rush through seasons to get things out. You have a bloody year to play the game  Also don't worry to get stuff out there to be the first to post it. I sometimes see careers or tactics posted that are half done. Why would you put out crappy content just to be first. If your post is good or unique it will get views and get attention.  
    Also with tactics post launch there will be some updates after the release. Instead of trying to get a godlike tactic straight away take your time to have fun instead of concentrating only on getting a new  god tactic. Believe me this nearly killed FMM 18 in the first 3 weeks for me 
    3.  You play for yourself
    Now this one is a bit more for the people that are active content wise. What ever you do, the love for the game got you posting and sharing content. Always play and post content you like. Don't start a save or participate in something you think you need to for the community. Want to do the 100th Isak save? Then do it! If that keeps you playing and active go for it! I've missed some great opportunities with players who are now to old to do a 1KC with 
    4. Make notes of your ideas
    Now this was something i wouldn't do, but @Ashez actually gave me this tip years ago. And tbh i sometimes still forget to do this. But why is this usefull?
    After a few months and especially after the last big update the game gets a bit stale for me. Writing down all the things you want to do during the year will create a backlog of stuff to keep you  invested in FMM. There is so much to do, from testing to creating in FMM and on Vibe that you can get lost in the possibilities and get bored. Personally for me i try to push more complex testing or careers to after the last big update as i have a better understanding of Match engine and i know i won't get screwed due to major changes to the game.
    5. Mix it but don't drink to much
    A gin and tonic or a rum and coke, i love a good mix! And the same goes for FMM. I like to mix what i do to keep things fresh. If you know what you want to do career / content wise. Why not mix up playing careers and making content with participating in some of the excellent Community competitions? Participating the Challenge Cup and VSL gave me some excellent ideas for stuff to do on my own. It also keeps me motivated because when i did my Isak 2KC, yeah the first 10 years where fun, but the other 20 where dull as ****. Do keep mistake nr 1 in mind. Don't over commit 
     Well that's it lads! I hope you had a bit of fun reading this as all should be taken with a grain of salt. If you have found this a bit usefull, want to share your thoughts then please do!
    Thanks for reading and let’s give the @Foxy a big applause for the graphic and adjustment of my Dinglish🤣
    Cheers PriZe
  17. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from samhardy in World Cup 2018   
    Worry not. Still cracking games on tonight inlc EL Qual. Honved Vs Rabotnicki. 
  18. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football   
    Congratulations to me on winning the fantasy league for the 2018 World Cup
    Final Leaderboard

  19. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    Congratulations to Ashez for winning the 2018 World Cup Prediction League.
    Final Leaderboard
    1) @Ashez - 68
    2) @Woody - 67
    3) @Nucleus - 66
    4) @Paul186 - 61
    5) @Taff - 57
    6) @Ulysses - 56
    7) @danovic78 @Foxy - 54
    8.) @BatiGoal - 53
    9) @samhardy - 52
    10) @Titjes - 41

  20. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to ManLikeRobbieBrady in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    Uhhh! Gutted that we just fell short!
    Congratulations to @PriZe and @BatiGoal for a cracking score! 
    Well done Australia, I wish you guys the best of luck in the next challenge. I'll be cheering you on against the Welsh! 
    It was great to take part. I hope I get the opportunity to do this again in the future.
  21. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Titjes in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    I do good for once and @BatiGoal gets the credit? 
    Wonderfull write-up again @Foxy
    @RipRip & @Real_Random good luck in the semi
  22. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Final Results   
    Bloody @BatiGoal trying to take all the credit as usual😂
  23. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Titjes in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    France v Belgium 1-2
    Croatia v England 0-0
    Total After Quarter-Finals - 45
    Semi-Finals Total - 2
    Total - 47
  24. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Nucleus in Sam v Nucleus: A H2H Series   
    One of the most tense H2Hs this year. Impossible to call this one. Can't wait to see how this madness unfolds.. 
  25. Funny
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Rob2017 in World Cup 2018   
    What time's kick-off?? 😂