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  1. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Jens in Varf trying 1K challenge (EME) Season 10   
    Something that worked for me and was, after all this year something of an eye-opener, was the way @BatiGoal works. I never realised how much information you can get by replaying the same 10-15 games over again. If you use the exact same players and tweak your tactics after every run (and write down results), eventually you can really create something god-like. It's very time consuming, every run taking about an hour, but for me it has definitely been worth it. I completed my first ever 1K last year with a regen in the MLS (believe me, it has its own drawbacks and challenges) but I used the now-fairly-standard 4321. I like doing things my own way though, so I started looking for something that looked a bit more irregular. After some 7 tests (that's 7 hours) I agreed on my current tactic that's currently working wonders.
    It's a lot of trial and error and I can safely say that, unless the succesful people on here stumbled upon it by accident, they invest a lot of time and energy in perfecting their strategy.
  2. Happy
    BatiGoal got a reaction from danovic78 in FMM FirePower Challenge   
    Leaderboard updated! Well done, @danovic78
  3. Happy
    BatiGoal got a reaction from danovic78 in Your FMM is on Fire! The FirePower Challenge (Completed)   
    Congrats mate! If it weren't for those injuries you'd be sitting a lot closer to me. Enjoyed the adventure 👍.. Adding your name to the leaderboard. 
  4. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to danovic78 in Your FMM is on Fire! The FirePower Challenge (Completed)   
    So here is the third and final update from my FirePower Challenge.
    Stage 7 - United Kingdom: Buy 2 UK PP. Transfer budget = €46M
    So we headed back to the UK to see who we could pick a decent budget and I decided to do a merseyside double and picked up DCL and Harry Wilson for a reasonable amount with a player thrown in. Both looked at their peak so I expected a decent return.

    These lads didn't disappoint. Wilson was the star, from his forward INF position he created and scored for fun amassing 44 points for me with DCL more of the focal point and chipping in 46 points, with 36 goals in just 28 games. The Brits never let you down! 90 points in total.
    Stage 8 - China: Buy 3 Chinese PP. Transfer budget = €155M
    With an insane budget I was ready to splash the cash but sadly there was very little to spend the dough on from a Chinese point of view. I did the best I could, although one of players cost just €55k! 😲

    The main issue I had here was keeping these lads fit! I struggled to get them all on the pitch at the same time. Yunig, as expected top scored with 39 points, next was Liangming with 38 points and the injury prone Yuhao with just 15 points. A very disappointing total of 92 points. I was really looking for 100 plus here but sadly it was not meant to be.
    Stage 9 - Russia: Buy 3 Russian PP. Transfer budget = €95M
    We headed east now to the super power that is Russia to try and make up for some lost points. Another triple swoop was needed here. Golovin was a no brainer really here with Kokorin and Miranchuk providing the power up front.

    What a disaster! With a reduced number of games because of the World Cup in Qatar it was going to be tough but Golovin and Kokorin was on the physio the whole time, I only got 17 games out of the two of them! 😭 Miranchuk did better and top scored with 26 points, Golovin grabbed 12 points and Kokorin just 10 points. A very poor 48 points. Ouch!
    Stage 10 - USA: Buy 3 American PP. Transfer budget = €585M
    The final stage now, heading west to the US of A. A massive budget and we needed a massive total! Of course we had to sign Pulisic, with Sargent and Weah Jr making up the three. Big transfers fees but there was plenty in the bank for this one.

    So the main issue I had was that I couldn't get the best out of Pulisic, I tried a variety of the postions but he just didnt excel for him. Sargent was the outsatnding player here and top scored with a whopping 52 points, next was Weah Jr with 32 points and Pulisic with a bad 25 points. Giving me a final total of 109 points
    So that was it a great challenge all in all, you will need to have luck on your side with injuries for this one as with so little games for each stage and one serious injury and it sets you right back.
    Total Score - 607 points!
    A decent really I think with a few bad stages that really cost me Not quite unseating @BatiGoal(can you add me to the leaderboard) but it will be tough to the beat.
    Thanks for reading.
  5. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to danovic78 in Your FMM is on Fire! The FirePower Challenge (Completed)   
    Welcome to part II of this Firepower Challenge attempt.
    Stage 4 - Japan: Buy 1 Japanese PP. Transfer budget = €47M
    This was biggest budget so far so sadly not the biggest pool of players to chose from. So I headed to Germany to pick up chosen player and Yuya Osako for a reasonable €17.5m, giving us some more cash for the squad.

    He did ok, nothing spectacular with 30 points overall. I needed a bit more from him but he was just not clinical enough.
    Stage 5 - Germany: Buy 2 German PP. Transfer budget = €39M
    So we hit the first stage where we have two powers players to buy but with a reduced budget! There was obviously a few more options to choose from as I looked to Germany and I decided to tweak the formation slightly in order to bring these players. Andre Hahn was the big purchase at €20m, he can play wide or through the middle and the target man Niclas Fullkrug.

    Hahn performaned really well with a stunning 44 points from just 29 games, I couldn't ask anymore at all. Fullkrug did even better with 47 points, 34 goals in just 29 games was a splendid return from these guys. A total of 91 points is just what we needed.
    Stage 6 - France: Buy 2 French PP. Transfer budget = €35M
    Another reduction in budget and we still needed to bring in two players, this time from French France. Tricky this one as the big boys were way out of my price range and didn't want to part with any of the spine of my team in a part-ex so we nearly used all our budget to get Sebastian Haller and Jean-Kevin Augustin. What did these boys have to offer?

    What do they say, never trust the French? These guys were a bit of a nightmare! Both signed and then got injured straight away. Both were pi$$ing about in training and fines were issued. On the pitch it was an ok performace. Haller produced 38 points and Augustin 36 points from just 23 games. I feel this was a chanced missed as once these guys got going they were flying. Total points were 74 points.
    Challenge Score: 197gls + 71ast = 268pts and counting..
    In Part III.....A Merseyside double as the UK hits the party, A Chinese Triple and to finish the Super Powers of the Russia and USA.
  6. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from smoggy90 in FMM's Got No Talent   
    Can't add you to this leaderboard, sorry. Nathan Wood is a Wonderkid and you can't buy or use those to be eligible. Shame though as it was a fantastic attempt but I gotta stick to the No Talent rule. 
  7. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from smoggy90 in Middlesbrough 4-in-1 Academy Challenge COMPLETE   
    Just read thru it and gotta say fine achievement with academy players only 👍 
  8. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to smoggy90 in Middlesbrough 4-in-1 Academy Challenge COMPLETE   
    Season 16
    One more season to round this challenge off as Chapman retires in 2034. 
    Academy recruits only.

    Even though we still won nearly everything it was a grind of a season with injuries and fitness.
    TT Goal Challenge: 40+37+12= 89 + 13 INT goals = 102              2052/1500    (COMPLETE)
    Assists Challenge: 300 from Lewis Wing                   (COMPLETE)
    TT Assist Challenge: 184/51 for Nathan Wood, 300/162 for Lewis Wing and 211/102 for Tavernier. (COMPLETE)
    1K Challenge: 957 club + 135 INT = 1092 career goals from Marcus Tavernier     (COMPLETE)
    In summary i'm delighted with these figures, especially with only using my academy players and it was a really enjoyable career. I really struggled defensively in the early seasons but eventually settled on a formation that worked really well. @Foxycan you please add these to the various leaderboards? The 1k from Marcus Tavernier was done in a three striker formation for my TT so i understand if this can't be added to the 1k leaderboard (i have a 1k challenge lined up for my next career anyway).
    Few other stats if of any interest.

    Pathetic manager profile which is disappointing.

    Thanks for reading.
  9. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to danovic78 in Your FMM is on Fire! The FirePower Challenge (Completed)   
    So with no-one seemingly having a go at this one, I thought I would try and top the leaderboard and dethrone King @BatiGoal
    It looks a really interesting challenge with some thinking to do in order to select the right players for the right price to deliver the goods.
    First off, where to begin? So with a restriction of which starting country I could select - The chosen 5 are Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain I thought I would head to Portugal and utilise of the big three clubs as they have great youth systems so my thinking is I wont need to dip too much into the market to boost the squad and I can spend most of the cash on the "power players"
    I settled on FC Porto for this one, plenty options up front here as my chosen tactic will be based on goals, goals goals!
    Stage 1 - India: Buy 1 Indian PP. Transfer budget = €44M / July 2018-Jan 2019
    With no really option at all I had to go for Sunil Cheetri

    So with @BatiGoal setting a target of 26 points here I knew the I needed to get 20 plus in order to make a good start here. We just scrapped into the 20's with 21 points here. Ok start but needed a bit more. He picked up a few knocks that resulted in missing a few games and that's tough.
    Along with Chhetri, I just added Pardo and Ramos to boost the midfield here.

    Stage 2 - Turkey: Buy 1 Turkish PP. Transfer budget = €8M / Jan 2019 - June 2019
    With a very tiny budget indeed and again limited options it was tough to pick my second player. I didn't want to use Tosun, as @BatiGoal had picked him already so that only left me with one option. He only cost me €2 but I had to throw in Vincent Aboubakar to sweeten the deal.
    Tosun was lethal and racked up 43 points so it was gonna be a tough ask to match that but he was tracking really well until distater struck in March.... 😭😭

    What can you do? Sadly he had only accumulated 23 points from his 17 games. Which left me a long way behind the top spot already.
    Stage 3 - South Korea: Buy 1 Korean PP. Transfer budget = €42M
    So onto Stage 3 and this time we needed to post a big score on the board. Again really limited option and no matter how much I tried I couldn't do a deal with Spurs for Son so like @BatiGoal I turned to Austria and Hwang Hee-Chan. He cost me €30m.

    He did pretty well for me after a slow start and racked up 29 points for the total but it was still below the top score, even at this early change its look tough to hit that number one spot.
    We boosted the ranks with van de Beek coming in plus some of the Benfica wonderkids for a bargain price.

    Coming up  in Part II....Turning Japanese, Double Deutsche and French Fracas!
  10. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in Gateshead in Europe: Matchday 2 - A) Slavia Prague   
    You loved it.
  11. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in Gateshead in Europe: Matchday 2 - A) Slavia Prague   
    Much to my shock and no doubt to the abject surprise of some viewers I find myself pressing create new topic and the tag "career" gets selected. It took me till December to get the game this year after it became apparent that it was for the *I think* 5th year running a bug filled mess, however here I am sharing a managerial adventure with you. To get to grips with the circus that is FMM19 my decision was to play a season with the non league side that is closest to me geographically in Gateshead and see where it took me. Or so I thought!
    Back in the PSP days, otherwise known as when the series was somewhat respectable, one of my favourite things to do on the game was start with a Conference team, sell the whole squad and get a nice budget to refill the squad with players who are realistically too good to play in the division; a lot of L1 + 2 players are available for peanuts and the same goes for the lower divisions in Scotland. So after ripping the squad to shreds and rebuilding it for a total of roughly £50K I was ready to go, and so begun one of the most incredible and magical seasons I've ever played, in my first season on this game.
    Let's start with a bit of light hearted comedy:

    Everyone remember this fat wanker? Disappeared off the face of the earth it had seemed, somehow he was one of my signings for free on just 2K a week! Where did it all go wrong for him. Still on nearly double my second highest earner mind.
    As I'd expected, the league was proving to be a walk in the park with the newly assembled squad:

    It was all but over at this stage already, a couple of stand out names being striker Ben Hinchcliffe who was picked up on a free transfer and banging in 21 goals by this stage, and the biggest fee spent being £12K on 17 year old attacking midfielder Daniel Adshead from Rochdale, already proving to be a class above this level at such a young age.
    It wasn't only the league going well though, we'd seen off Leiston in the FA Cup qualifier before absolutely dismantling L2 Stevenage on their own turf.

    It was at this stage after receiving 15K for achieving the "giant killing" of beating Stevenage (a lot of money for a club Gateshead's size) that I decided the FA Cup was worthy of my full attention, especially when the 2nd round draw sent us to bottom of League 2 Cheltenham. Despite us being a division lower, we were only one place lower in the league pyramid and I expected a comfortable win.

    Not as comprehensive as Stevenage, but it showed by now that we meant business, and as the big boys enter the cup in the 3rd round, little Gateshead were still in it and hoping for a big draw.
    So who awaited us in the 3rd round? What excitement lay ahead? Were we heading to Old Trafford to play United or hosting Liverpool at the International Stadium??
    No. Collective sighs spread through the town as we were drawn to host Plymouth in the 3rd round. A step up from the last 2 rounds, but with us running away with our division and them 22nd in theirs, I was still optimistic.

    This was a much tougher test and the step up in class showed as we were 13 minutes away from going out, Plymouth deservedly led at the break before a much improved second half performance saw another free agent Devonte Redmond level up the game and take it to a replay.
    The aforementioned replay was an absolute stunner, and after it Gateshead fans were starting to realise something special could be happening here:

    Typically FMM realised it was me playing this and decided to send me to Sunderland in the next round. Just like real life we were sitting 3rd in L1 and this is where I expected the run to come to an end. However my spirits were raised when I saw that the hosts were nowhere near full strength, and another edge of the seat game followed and ended with Adshead completing a stunning hatrick in stoppage time to send us through to the Last 16!

    Our outrageous luck in the draw continued when we were drawn to play away at MK Dons in the L16 whilst avoiding United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, the fairytale showed no signs of ending here with them situated in mid table of League 2. That was until we actually stepped onto the pitch:

    We were slightly the better team, however twice in the last 10 minutes the run nearly came to a heart breaking halt as they hit the bar before Jake Eastwood was forced into a fantastic stop 3 minutes from time. We got through to the replay, and it was another close affair... But we came out on top coming from behind and qualified for the Quarter Finals!

    Quarter Finals
    Teams left in the draw were as follows: Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton, West Ham, Fulham, Norwich, Gateshead.
    You all know how much the FMM Gods have been shining down on this save. Norwich at home it is. Hi Bobby.
    Conference v Championship and I expected to lose but played on the counter attack, early signs were that wasn't wise as Norwich carved through us the first half hour but couldn't create anything clear cut. Then just as it looked to be going into HT goalless, an error from Timm Klose set Hinchcliffe though on goal and he rounded the keeper and slotted home! 1-0 it was at the break.
    It was a dull second half, but Norwich had a couple of further opportunities that they couldn't take and our defensive resilience saw us over the line! Incredible scenes.

    Semi Finals
    Madness! Other results saw Arsenal, West Ham and Fulham progress, and we were drawn against the Cottagers whilst Arsenal and West Ham contested the other semi.
    Surely the run had to end here. They were in no mood to mess around, Mitrovic put Fulham 1 up after just 8 minutes, and they missed another glorious chance after that and it looked set to be a long afternoon at Wembley for Gateshead.
    The Premier League outfit were then stunned as Ben Hinchcliffe scored twice in a three minute spell, including a tremendous solo effort, before they quickly recovered and Mitrovic bagged his second to level things going into the interval.
    It was hard to tell who were the vastly superior outfit in this game, Fulham were looking more dangerous, but when Hinchcliffe completed his hatrick on the hour, an FA Cup final was looking staggeringly possible for Gateshead. They saw out the remaining time, with only a couple of scares from Fulham! Gateshead will play West Ham in the FA Cup final, with the Hammers amazingly being the strongest team they've faced in the tournament!

    The Final
    And that brings the curtain down on one of the most enthralling seasons I've played on FMM, keep in mind this was the first one I've played on this edition of the game!
    We ended the league dominant:

    But, obviously it was the FA Cup that made this season magical and hopefully you enjoyed the journey as much as what I did.
    I'll make a prediction now that if I started this save again and played the season 1000 times, I'd never replicate this again. Same goes for anyone reading this. My squad was good, maybe lower L1/upper L2 standard, but nowhere near the squad of Fulham or West Ham, or even Norwich or Sunderland.
    Sure you can look at the run and see how lucky the draw was, and that we were minutes from going out three times, but this is a season I'll remember for a very long time.
    Thanks for reading
  12. Funny
    BatiGoal reacted to danovic78 in FMM FirePower Challenge   
    I thought so, I have started this one to try and shoot down your total...disaster on Stage 2 already! 😭
  13. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Kanegan in Hitmen of PSG Attempt 2 - Complete   
    So, since i completed my Pensioner's Challenge and i had unfinished business with this, i thought would try this again:
    If you want my previous attempt, you can find it here.
    Now what is the challenge about?? 
    So, here's my attempt:
    Transfers Out:

    Transfers In

    Season Performance

    Won the league, Champions League and Coupe de France but lost the League Cup and Trophee des Champions.
    So, my squad at the start of the season:

    Cup Runs :
    Even a Mbappe hattrick couldn't get us the win in the Trophee des Champions while a high scoring match in the League Cup ended in heartbreak via penalties. The only saving grace was the French Cup where a Neymar hattrick gave us a 4-0 win.
    Champions League
    League Performance

    Completed the challenge by February. After that, it was to get the total goals up.
    Manager Profile

    Final Goal tally

    So, total 185 goals which was not as brilliant as @Mulambo's attempt but enough to better my friend @URz tally.
    @BatiGoal, can you add me to the second position in the leaderboard.
    Thanks everyone who is reading this.
  14. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to geordiekrispy in Geordiekrispy's UK Goal Challenge v2.0 - failed   
    So after 7 very mixed seasons at Newcastle, then 3 very successful seasons at Monaco, I fancied something a bit different and as I have very little creativity of my own, I'm going to add my twist to @BatiGoal's UK Goal Challenge (now my UK Goal Challenge v2.0)
    The general idea is break the goal scoring record of the various UK leagues in numerical order, so Wales first, then Scotland, then N.Ireland, then England.
    My twist on it is that I have to do it using that nationality of player, so no just signing any random wonderkid or known international goal fiend to smash it, they've got to be that nationality!
    I have a feeling the jump to the Scottish Premier league will be interesting, depending on who gets sacked.  But the big challenge will be getting a job at an English Premier League side after going to N.Ireland...
    Essentially I'm needing to hit 50 goals every season, then go into 1k career striker level in the English Premier League, that I think I'm going to stuggle with.  But it all depends on where I manage to get a job!
    Now I've got to scout the Welsh Premier League for the best team to start with...
  15. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to geordiekrispy in The UK Goal Challenge v2.0   
    The UK Goal Challenge
    This is a challenge created 3 years ago by @BatiGoal that hopefully receives more love today than it did back then. 
    It's a very simple challenge that takes you on a journey to all 4 countries in the UK with 1 main objective: Break the current top goal scorer's record in each country. In the original challenge you were allowed to travel to each country in any random order, however, in the updated version the challenge increases in difficulty as you progress but you are still allowed to play as many seasons per country as it takes to break the current top goal scorer's record. You must start at the country with the lowest goals record and move your way up to the highest goals record and break each record as you go. Once you break the record you may move on to the next stage of the challenge. While you're waiting to land a club in the next stage you're allowed to remain at your current club to improve your reputation and/or set an even higher record as many times as you want thus increasing your total score (combined highest records in all 4 stages). You may use any player you like but only goals in the league count towards the total. If you manage to break the record (scoring more than the current total) in all 4 countries you will have scored at least a total of 218 goals in the UK and your name and total will be placed on the UK Challenge v2.0 Leaderboard.
    The UK Goal Records
    The Challenge Rules
    Load the UK leagues - Wales, N.Ireland, Scotland and England - in any order. Start your challenge in Wales and follow the 'Records Table' as you go, taking over any club you choose. Once you break a record you may move on to the next stage of the challenge. Play any stage as many times as you want until a job at a club in the next country comes along. At NO point in the challenge are you allowed to move back a stage to break a previous set record. You may choose any top division team and pick any player/nationality you like, but MUST use a unique striker per stage. Main strikers MUST be real players. The rest of the team/squad does not and may be fake players - regens/evogens. Only goals in the league count, no cup/European goals count (the records are for the leagues not the players). NO unlockables (unless earned during this challenge), and NO editors, reloading etc. allowed. As surely most of us have a Coaching Badge by now you are allowed to start with one. You must post a career with screenshots to be eligible for the leaderboard. Points: Combined highest records in all 4 countries.
  16. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in The Everyone's a Goalscorer Challenge   
  17. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to geordiekrispy in Geordiekrispy's UK Goal Challenge - with a twist! -cancelled   
    So after 7 very mixed seasons at Newcastle, then 3 very successful seasons at Monaco, I fancied something a bit different and as I have very little creativity of my own, I'm going to add my twist to @BatiGoal's UK Goal Challenge
    The general idea is break the goal scoring record of the various UK leagues in numerical order, so NI first, then Scotland, then Wales, then England.

    My twist on it is that I have to do it using that nationality of player, so no just signing any wonderkid to smash it, they've got to be homegrown, ideally in the league already, but I think that might be a bit of a challenge depending on who I can get a job at, as the job's have to be concurrent and all in one career!
    I have a feeling the jump to the Scottish Premier league will be interesting, depending on who get sacked.  But the big challenge will be getting a job at an English Premier League side after going to Wales...
    And that 60 goals is going to be a tall order...
    Now I've got to scout the NI league for the best team to start with...
  18. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in FMM19: In Game Editor Guide   
    FMM19: In Game Editor Guide
     The In Game Editor (IGE) has been with us for a few years now and can be a bit of a controversial topic in the FMM community with many enjoying saves using it and other being against its use as they see it as cheating. This guide won’t be dealing with the rights and wrongs of its use as you pay your money and take your choice how you play the game and if that involves using the IGE, you enjoy yourself and you aren’t cheating anyone else within the community then great.
    If you are interested in Hex editing then this guide cannot help you and you should check out this guide instead.
    It should be noted that in order to create an even playing field you cannot use the IGE in any Vibe Community events or any of our challenges unless otherwise stated.

    Personally I wouldn't usually play a save using the IGE but over the last few weeks I have been using the IGE in my Score One, Steal One save to transfer players I have won straight into my squad and it got me thinking about the IGE. It’s use has created a fun save for me that has had me using players I wouldn’t usually but it also showed me what you can do with the IGE.

    You can purchase the IGE from the store page and it costs £8.99 or your local equivalent. As it costs the same as the game itself you want to be sure of what you can do with it before you buy it and make sure that it will be value for money. You can edit any club or player in the game but it is worth remembering that if you plan to share the edited save with a friend they will require the IGE to load the save.
    Player Editing

    To edit any player in the game go to that players attributes page and you will see a grey edit logo in the bottom right hand corner. A grey edit logo means you haven’t edited anything in the save at this point and you could turn off the editor in settings > unlockables.

    Once you have edited anything within the save the edit logo will go yellow and the editor is now locked on in the save and cannot be turned off.

    Once you are on the attributes screen of the player you wish to edit press the edit button and you will be taken to this screen.
     Personal Screen

     I think this screen is pretty straight forward and you can edit the players personal details such as name, birthday, nationality, wage and contract expiry. You can also injure or heal a player and raise or lower there morale but perhaps the less straight forward section is the current (CA) and potential (PA) ability star ratings. The PA rating needs to be the same or better than the CA as a player can’t have better CA than the potential they have. If you wish to improve or worsen a player straight away you can leave these stars and edit there individual attributes which will in turn increase/decrease the players star ratings. If you want to give a player the chance to get better through training and playing time then only improve their PA rating and that will give the player a chance to get better in game.

    Positions Screen

     The important thing to remember in the positions screen is that a player must have light green (natural) in at least one position on the pitch and also on his footedness. Simply making a player natural in a position isn’t suddenly going to make them great in that position if they don’t have the attributes to play there.
    Attributes Screen

    The attributes screen allows you increase/decrease a players specific attributes but only the attributes you see in the players profile page and not any hidden attributes that a player may have. So you can improve a players shooting but not specifically their long shooting but maybe that isn’t a problem in game as it will just improve all shooting but I don’t know.

    Below the list of attributes you will see a green tick. As the caption says when this is ticked any attribute changes you make will raise or lower a players CA depending on what you do. This means if you take a no hoper and boost his attributes to a top level his CA and PA will go up to 5 star meaning he will maintain that level of attributes in the game. If the option is unticked the attribute changes will happen but as you progress in the game he will revert back to his old attribute levels.
    Club Editing

    You can edit any club or national team in the game including clubs that are in unplayable leagues but it is worth noting that you cannot move a clubs division or nation. I guess if you boost a clubs finances and facilities and that would increase the chances of them being promoted to a playable league.

    If you go to the find club section and pick the club you wish to edit you will then find the same edit logo as on the players attributes screen at the bottom right of the screen, click that to bring up the club edit menu.
    Club Details Screen

     You can edit the clubs name (you cannot edit a countries name) here but perhaps more importantly you can edit the clubs finances and reputation. A clubs reputation has 7 settings and go from obscure up to worldwide and effects the quality of players and coaches you can sign to the club but also the expectations of the board. This means  if you change it to worldwide you will be expected to win everything just as clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid are every year. The transfer and wage budgets aren’t effected by the clubs reputation and can be maxed out regardless of if you have an obscure or worldwide reputation. The maximum you can make the get the transfer budget is £500m and the wage budget £7.25m per week.
     You can also edit the clubs kit colours and design on this page. Simply click each colour and change it to what you want it to be and to change the kit design click design and it takes you to a menu where you can choose the design you wish.

     You can change the clubs training and youth facilities here as well as the name and size of the clubs stadium. You can also increase/decrease the clubs support here as well by changing average, minimum and maximum attendance. The minimum is what size crowd you could expect the club to get in a small importance game such as a league cup tie versus a league 2 club, maximum is the type of crowd you would get against a top side or a very important game and the average is a rough estimate of the clubs attendances over the course of the season.
     Team Actions

     On this screen you can do squad wide actions such as lowering or boosting the whole clubs morale, injuring the whole team or giving the whole team 100% condition and releasing all the teams players if you want a blank squad. It should be noted the the injure team button won’t give the whole squad 6 month injury’s and many players will have orange injuries or simply low condition.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to use the editor change the club you are managing but you can sack a clubs manager on this page so that you could then apply for the job. You can also sack the clubs entire backroom staff as well if you want.
     I hope this guide has helped show you what the IGE is and isn’t capable of and whether it is worth splashing out the money on.
    I'm happy for comments but I don't want the comments to become a witch-hunt against people that choose to play using the IGE.
     Cheers lads
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    BatiGoal reacted to DonkeyDele in FMM Experiment: Are Managers Really That Important?   
    Are Managers Really That Important?
    Recently, Man City have been tearing up the Premier League, winning games 3-0 and 4-0 (and losing 2-0 to Chelsea) . Much has been made of their record-breaking team, and of course their record-breaking manager, everyone's favourite baldhead tiki-taka extraordinaire.

    However, if we look to FMM, any random Joe with a "Local" or "Unknown" reputation can simply take charge of City and easily win the league with some 4-3-3 tiki taka short passing tactic. Surely our dear Pep, and of course our other managers, have a bigger role to play here in the game, rather than being just some name in the "General Info" page?
    So what did I do? I took Pep out of Manchester and put him into... 

    ...well, Manchester again. But this time, he's taking charge of the almighty FC United of Manchester, all the way in the depths of the Vanarama North, attempting to assert his dominant short passing tiki taka.

    In the meantime, it seems City have hired a former River Plate manager as his replacement. Interesting choice, considering there are people like Zidane and Wenger unemployed on the market. But this probably just reinforces the idea that managers don't really mean that much in the game.

    Not the worst, but not exactly world class either.

    FC United manager in the Hall of Fame! Who would've thought that?
    League Performance:
    Firstly, let's take a look at how Pep did.

    We're halfway through the season and FC United are sitting pretty in 5th place. Not exactly great by Pep's standards, but decent enough for a playoff spot.

    City are not doing too bad without Pep. They're in 4th, but a long way off their usual unbeaten selves. They've already lost more than twice the number of games they did the whole of last season, and it's not even January yet.
    Fast forward to May.

    Oh no, what happened here? From challenging for the playoffs, Pep's side have fallen down into 11th place. Was his tiki taka tactic with short passing and inverted wingbacks really that unsuccessful in England's lower leagues?
    Meanwhile, City seemed to have cemented their 4th place in the Prem.

    Even without Pep, they have qualifed for Europe, still outsmarting the likes of Klopp and Moanrinho to sneak into the Champions league on goal difference.
    Pep's going to be so disappointed with that measly 77 goals scored. But his own side's even worse, scoring only 64 in 4 more games!

    After a full season with FC United, Pep's attributes and CA haven't changed much, but he's completely disappeared from the Hall of Fame rankings, probably just because he's in a lower league

    Meanwhile, Gallardo's propelled himself all the way up to 17th, courtesy of purely just being the manager of Man City.
    So why did Pep fail to inspire FC United to promotion? Let's take a look at what he did with their whopping 90k transfer budget.

    After unsuccessfully attempting to spend the entire club's budget trying to buy Riyad Mahrez's thumb, Pep decided to turn to cheaper alternatives, such as the 1.5k Jack O'Leary.
    Great scouting by Pep to sign a player with an absurdly high 3 for technique! He's the perfect inverted wingback FC United need...

    ...who also played only 10 games, and did absolutely nothing.

    Pep also brought in a bunch of loanees from the upper echelons of the English leagues, the most successful being Kian Flanagan.

    He plundered home 6 goals and 3 assists from midfield, becoming the team's third-highest goalscorer.

    Meanwhile, City made some interesting transfers, letting go of Mangala and Bravo on frees, and bringing in Thiago Silva and Muslera as replacements.

    Very City-like activity in the market even without Pep, spending 37m upgrading their backup players.
    As you can see, taking Pep out of the Prem and throwing him into the Vanarama North did not do both FC United and Pep himself much good. For all of Pep's 20-rated attributes and 5-star CA, he wasn't able to help FC United push for promotion. Pep probably wasn't accustomed to the absolute lack of money in the lower leagues and so didn't sign anyone remotely useful, except for 1 or 2 loanees.
    Meanwhile, in his absence, City were still able to fight for top four in the Prem, beating out Klopp and Moanrinho, who both have significantly better manager attributes than Pep's replacement, Marcelo Gallardo. With City living and breathing money, Gallardo still made some decent signings, but surprisingly didn't sign anyone of really high calibre.
    Looking at this experiment, I had hoped that Pep would somehow be able to steamroll through Vanarama North given that his attributes clearly outclassed the managers of the other clubs in the league. However, it seems FMM tends to place more focus on the club and the players itself, rather than the guy managing them. Regardless of whoever was managing FC United, they probably still wouldn't have achieved promotion, so it seems. Meanwhile, given the calibre of City's players and staff, they were bound to finish in the top 4 anyway, even without tiki taka extraordinaire Pep. It seems managers don't really make that much of a difference in FMM at all.
    This was just a fun experiment to do, and I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. This is my first ever post on this website, so please feel free to send in whatever criticism you may have.
    Have a great day!

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    BatiGoal reacted to Ashez in FMM19 General Discussion   
    Yet people say FMM isn't realistic 😂😂

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    BatiGoal reacted to Ashez in Amateur You Say?!?   
    League Table Reveal:





    5th:Dundee UTD.:38:13:11:13:56:51:05:53


    7th:Queens Park:38:14:11:13:72:61:11:53

    Miss A Few:

    12th:St Johnstone:38:09:12:17:54:71:-17:39

    So can someone explain to me ytf i've missed out on a European place?

    Cheers for reading a few comments would be grand

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    BatiGoal reacted to Ashez in Amateur You Say?!?   
    Alright lads?

    Welcome to my first proper attempt at a save on IOS, as you may know i'm a semi decent PSP player and i aim to complete as many challenges as i can on FMH/i as its where i find my enjoyment. I've attempted many challenges over the past few months including Wonder Seasons, 1000 Goal Challenges, Pride Of Continents and Countries and even an Olympic inspired challenge to name a few so i decided to once again test myself by creating a new challenge for myself which will offer me a different experience compared to the rest and here is the challenge.

    The Challenge:

    Lead the only amateur club on the game to glory while treating the team as an amateur side.

    Sounds rather simple doesn't it? Well the only amateur team on the game is Queens Park from Scotland who play in the third teir of Scottish football. This means i need to climb up two tiers and win the final one to complete my challenge.

    I hear you asking me how do you play as an amateur club? Well i haven't came up with all the rules or ideas as yet so i'm looking for sugguestions so please don't be shy, the only rules i have in place so far are:

    Rules - Will Be Updated As Need Be:

    1. You can only sign free agents - No player can join on loan or for a transfer fee
    2. No poaching of players with expiring contracts, the player has to be free from a contract.
    3. First season salary cap of £250 pounds.

    Like i said thats all i could come up with so anything you guys think of could be added.

    The Journey Begins:

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    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in FMM19: Tips For Lower League Success   
    FMM19: Tips for Lower League Success
    Lower league management (LLM) is one of the most satisfying ways to play FMM19 as you take your chosen team from lower league obscurity to the top table of world football. There are many aspects of management that you need to master to build your club and hopefully this guide will give you some ideas that will help you on your road to glory.
    This is written with a focus on the English lower leagues or more specifically my save with Oxford Utd but the tips can be transferred to any other nations lower leagues in the game.
    Don’t look for the perfect player, look for the effective player.
    This may sound obvious but you are never going to find the perfect player when you are down in the lower leagues and you will need to compromise somewhere when you sign players or evaluate your squad. This isn’t as big a problem as it sounds as every club is in the same position so it’s just a case of being clever and sniffing out the players that can be effective for you.
    What you need to do is concentrate on the key attributes for the roles you need and build from there. It is unlikely you will find a winger who can cross, dribble, run like Usain Bolt and also have good shooting and passing. The key is to work out what you want your players to do within your tactic and then look for players that have those specific attributes. If you have a big target man striker in your squad then look for players that can cross and are quite quick, if you have a quick striker with good finishing then look for midfielders who have good passing and creativity who can play through balls for him to run onto.
    Remember that the number you are looking for in each attribute gets lower as you go down the leagues so 14 crossing would be ok in the Championship but excellent once you get to the Vanarama leagues.
    To find out more on player attributes and what roles need which attribute please check out @PriZe A-Z guide under this link.
    Take this guy for example.

    Inih isn’t the greatest striker to ever lace up a pair of football boots, he lacks football intelligence and his stamina isn’t up to much either but he has some attributes that can make him very effective right up to League 1 level with the right players around him as well.
    You can see from his highlighted attributes that he has good key attributes for a target man but he is still a compromise as he lacks technique, aggression, teamwork and passing that would make him an even better target man. You can sign him from Dover for around £35k and if you can get wingers that can cross the ball he will get you goals as I proved in League 1 when I used him for Oxford.

    After his 44 goal season I then managed to sell him for £1m to Blackburn making an excellent profit on a £35k initial outlay whilst he also got the goals to help me win League 1.
    This brings me onto my next tip.
    No player is bigger then the club so sell if a good offer comes in and reinvest
    It’s understandable that you will become attached to the players that have been doing the business for you and that you may want to stay loyal to them as you move up the leagues but money talks at all levels of football. After promotion to the Championship it was clear to me that I would need a better striker than Inih if I wanted to challenge for promotion and his value had grown from £30k  when I bought him to £1.1m so it was the perfect time to sell whilst he was relatively hot property following his 44 goal season. I offered him out and Blackburn came in with a £1m so he was off.
    Sometimes it’s not a player that you know isn’t good enough for the level above and it’s a player that you would like to keep but the money is just too good to turn down.
    That’s the situation I faced with Cameron Brannagan who was developing into a good Championship level midfielder but that was attracting the attention of other clubs.

    As good as he is for the level of football we play when Leeds came in with £6m for him I didn’t think too much about it before I accepted the deal. That £6m could go a long way with half of it going into improving the squad, plus a good increase on the wage budget which help in getting us promotion ready. I was then able to convince the board to improve the training ground twice meaning it went from a below average to a good rating which will enable more of my players to improve then just one midfielder and it sets us up for the next few seasons behind the scenes.
    Look to sign youngsters who have been released or transfer listed
    This method can be applied to any age of player and you want a good balance in the squad between youngsters who are developing through game time and training and players that are at their peak and are good consistent performers at the level you currently play.
     You can often pick up bargains at the end of the season as bigger clubs cull there reserve players that are out of contract. They may be players that will never make it at the top level but they could be good enough at your current level and they may develop to play a level or two higher or after a good season or two you may sell them at a profit. This rule also applies in the transfer market and it is possible to pick up players that other clubs don’t want at a cut price if you spend the time to look for them and are willing to haggle.
    Personally I love a freebie so I like to look for the players that have been released and start to look around for these players in January using the player search. You could look by positions and add in some attribute filters as well but I like to start with a general search of all players that have contracts expiring,  are 21 or under, have an EU passport (if I am managing in an EU country) and would be interested in signing for me. I can then look through the full list and see if anyone takes my fancy but that is a personal choice and you may want to refine the list by position from the start. I can then start to refine my search after I can had a scan through the full list and I often use value as a guide as if I can get a fairly high value player for nothing then great.
    This search turned up a few interesting players that I could then add to my shortlist to make sure I can keep an eye on them. One useful thing to do is not be blinded by looking for attributes that are good enough at the time of signing for the to play in the team now. This Italian striker caught my eye as a good example of the type of player I would look for as he has some good base attributes as a target man and he is only 17.

    He isn’t going to be good enough at a higher level but if you could get him in at a smaller club he could be a useful player and with playing time he is very likely to improve and could prove to be a good player that you eventually sell for much more then he cost.
    You can’t solely go on value though as I found this GK as I looked based on youngest players and he would be a good signing lower down the leagues in my opinion as he again has the base attributes and if you can give him some game time then he could develop and with a current wage of £50 I’m sure he would be affordable.

    The important thing to remember is that these players need to get some playing time in order to develop so it’s important not to stockpile these players and then stick them in the reserves to rot. Time on the bench can often see a player improve a little when they are young and you can also try and loan them out for a while if you don’t feel they will get the playing time they need.
    Improve the club facilities as often as the board will allow you

    If you want to get even more out of these players then better facilities are going to help, as this allows you to have more backroom staff which is going to benefit the players development and health as you can have extra physios as well. I personally would always focus on the training ground before the youth facilities as I can’t see much point having good youngsters come through the youth setup if they have a ploughed field to play on once they are in the first team. Once the training ground is getting better you can then think about asking the board to improve the youth facilities but trying to do both at the same time is going to eat into your transfer and wage budgets so I like to concentrate on just one at a time.
    Exploit the loan market

    This might not be everyone’s cup of tea as it isn’t realistic because in real life there are restrictions on loans that aren’t in the game but this is a game and I am happy to exploit something that is in the game and isn’t cheating.
    It could be seen as short term thinking as you are essentially helping other clubs develop there youngsters but in the lower leagues you need to balance long term thinking like updating the training ground alongside the immediate priority of getting promoted. When money is tight you need to make every penny count and the loan market can mean you bring in players that are of a better quality then you can actually afford if you tried to buy them and of course with regular game time they are likely to get better as the season goes on.
    I hope I have given you a few things that might help you in your next LLM save and help you achieve your goals. If you have any tips of your own why not comment below.
    Cheers guys  
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    BatiGoal reacted to AnusTouffu in 4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO   
    Hi, i Tested the tactic :

    Conceded a lot of goals: 63
    Best attack : 79

    For me, good results with this weak team, promoted from the last season in real life.
    I got 7th european place. I changed nothing about instructions or roles players that is why i think if i do some changements, ( instructions, new players etc.. ) will can possibly have better results.
    Good tactic , good job bro, Thanks
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    BatiGoal reacted to Villen in 11 Bati's For Glory   
    It would've been nice to see your career, but i can really see your point of view and thanks for pointing that out
    Sometimes i feel like the only ones that read my carrer are You and Kanegan