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  1. Shocked
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Foxy in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Who is Bobby? 
  2. Shocked
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Foxy in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Who is Bobby? 
  3. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to Rob in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    Next career must surely be a 1.5kc with one of your bargain boys? 🙄😂
  4. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Titjes in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 7]   
    Wasn't seeing how I struggled with the Gündogan thing for many seasons reason enough to never ever attempt it 😂 
    Looking good so far. 
  5. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Kun Aguero in A Walk Down The History Lane (Completed)   
    A Walk Down The History Lane
    Challenge 14 : Birth Of Football
    Challenge 15 : World Wars
    Challenge 16 : Technology Era
  6. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Titjes in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    - Update 23 -
    Amateur Player 23: James "Cracker" Cresser
    "Bob" has probably been the coolest dude thus far and I really enjoyed the off field conversations with him. Apart from his endless Marley references he also knew how to kick a ball. +23 brings our numbers to 585 gls smoked in and 415 gls yet to be smoked in. After the Amateur Selection process, the Vibe votes pointed to yet another Welsh lad. We can't seem to get rid of em now. Next Amateur - > from Welsh club: Denbigh - player #23: James "Cracker" Cresser
    BG: You a Crackhead? 
    James: Nope. 
    BG: Crackbrain? 
    James: Nahh. 
    BG: Cracked personality? 
    James: No. 
    BG: Crackerjacker? 
    James: What? 
    BG: Crackpot? 
    James: No, man. 
    BG: Nutcracker? 
    James: None of that. 
    BG: Wisecracker? 
    James: Enough already, I can explain. 
    BG: Shut your crack. No one cares!


    Technical Attributes - a couple ups which deserve no mention, but the two biggies are Shooting +2 and Technique +4. Love the improvement here! 
    Mental Attributes - both Decisions and Movement +2. Very nice progress here as well. Couldn't have picked better attributes for the bump. 
    Physical Attributes - can't recall the last amateur who had any sort of movement in these numbers. No different for our "Cracker" friend. 

    Could've been an absolute cracker of a game for "Cracker" had he converted the cheap penalties to make it 4. We'll do with a brace, thanks. 
    He is doing quite nicely as you see. Praised by the fans, the media, the teammates. Even the opponents, and now by me. Yes, the man deserves the shoulder taps as long as he keeps up the formidable form. 

    Still looking for a hattrick but those seem a bridge too far. Especially since he loves missing penalties everytime he comes close to getting one. Brace will do. 

    Brace for "Cracker", these words have been uttered by the fans on more than a single occasion. Cracking performance as well. Let's see what numbers it's gotten us on the history page 

    25! Good. 30 is the aim but it's no surprise that the large majority of amateurs I'm playing fail to reach those numbers. Their skillset is simply too limited so it makes it very hard to compete with numbers regular decent players would normally get. Still, being ambitious is a healthy business. I gladly die trying 👍 
    Thanks for the views and see you at the next update with "Fox in the Box".
    Current standings:
    *Due to amateur clubs promoting to/relegating from divisions or earning (semi-)professional status as we progress - the original list of 48 amateur clubs in DB will be updated.
    Amateur Players
    Salim Aïssa "The Sleeper" - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Queen's Park: 19 gls Christian "The Curveball" Nissen - 🇩🇰 Aarhus Fremad: 25 gls Ryan "Half-time" Hudson - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Undy Athletic: 24 gls Nuno "Nut-Cracker" Martins - 🇵🇹 Paredes: 28 gls Malthe "Mind games" Boesen - 🇩🇰 Brabrand IF: 21 gls Lewis "Lewandowski" Iles - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Cwmbran Celtic: 27 gls Diogo "Senhor🍷Port" Paixão - 🇵🇹 Vila Real: 32 gls William "Wasteful" Møller - 🇩🇰 FC Sydvest 05: 29 gls Fernando "Fingers" Carpegiani - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Corwen: 30 gls "Nostradamus" Neto - 🇵🇹 Alcochetense: 27 gls João Nuno "The Nutmeggee" - 🇵🇹 Eléctrico FC: 23 gls "Pea roller" Papalélé - 🇵🇹 AD Camacha: 27 gls Philip Stoustrup "Sitter" - 🇵🇹 Atlético Riachense: 28 gls José "Jaded" Peixoto - 🇵🇹 Alta de Lisboa: 29 gls "Yodeler" Younes Christiansen - 🇩🇰 Roskilde KFUM: 25 gls "Almost Epic" Edson Carvalho - 🇵🇹 CD Sobrado: 26 gls Davie "Dummy Runner" Galt - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Pontypridd Town: 19 gls Hircane "Hurricane" Graça - 🇵🇹 GD Bragança: 27 gls Beto "Boot it" Lopez - 🇵🇹 Aguia Vimioso:  30 gls Pedro "Sugar daddy" Soares - 🇵🇹 Pontassolense: 32 gls Russell "Chip shot" Currie - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Brickfield: 34 gls "Bob" Marley Farrell - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 STM Sports: 23 gls  James "Cracker" Cresser - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Denbigh: 25 gls  
    Total Amateur Goals: 610/1000
  7. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to Crashhart in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    I feel like this is a real Van Geerwen - Phil Taylor moment, just the nationality’s are switched round, hope you’re ready to hand over that metaphorical torch 
  8. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from MikeF in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    @Crashhart is going down! 
  9. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Foxy in The Alexandros Kaklamanos Challenge   
  10. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from danovic78 in The Alexandros Kaklamanos Challenge   
    Love it. Why? Cause it makes me feel young again. Thank you 🙂
  11. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Titjes in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 7]   
    You'll need a lottt of motivation and dedication to complete this enormity. As well as a shitload of support from this community 👍 better keep us entertained Mr 🇧🇪 😄
  12. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to danovic78 in The Alexandros Kaklamanos Challenge   
    The Alexandros Kaklamanos Challenge

    So when I loaded my leagues for my current career I included Greece as I was looking to a new striker and I happen to find this guy in the free agent section, the obvious thing that grabbed me was his age...45!

    Looking further into this guy it seems he has a nomadic career with no real success except a Greek title with Olympiacos over 20 years ago.
    It seems his best period was with Gent in Belgium from 2000-03.

    Load up Greece and any other leagues you like. Pick any club in to manage and sign Kaklamanos. The challenge will last until he retires. Here is the twist, your score starts with -45 to match his age so unless you score 46 goals you will end up with a negative score. Can it be done? Screenshots required and player history to show games played. Usual other rules. LEADERBOARD
  13. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to PriZe in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    We all have oldtimer😂
  14. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Kun Aguero in The Game Of Agents : A FMM 20 Interactive Game (Finale)   
    You can get Sancho for 96m if he don't reply in another 24 hours

    @Lord Danish 
    Ballon D'Or winner Sebastiano Esposito had just completed a 100 million move to Real Madrid from Juventus. The Italian is expected to form a strong attacking duo with fellow new signing Rhian Brewster. With the move completed, the 3 La Liga giants will each have their own striker duo, with Real Madrid having Esposito and Brewster, Atletico Madrid having Mbappe and Fabio Silva, and Barcelona having Fiete Arp and Jonathan David. The La Liga will be a very interesting league to watch in the coming seasons.
    Meanwhile, Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund had just completed a double signing of Eddie Salcedo and Gabriel Martinelli from fallen giants Bayern Munich, while Julian Brandt will move the opposite way. 
    @BatiGoal's agency had just got their new superstar in, with 140 million worth Kai Havertz joining the agency that already have Mason Greenwood, Ansu Fati and Kylian Mbappe. The agency will now have a total value of 475 million, the highest among the other agency. 

  15. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Thepremiermanager in The Game Of Agents : A FMM 20 Interactive Game (Finale)   
    Yeah just checked his age, 27, foot in mouth moment! 😂😂😂
    Just bitter I couldn't afford him! 
  16. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Crashhart in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Well il probably just rush mine, bout time I got an easy week 😏😏😏
  17. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    @PriZe back to back L’s for @BatiGoal 👀
  18. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from Woody in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Very nice wins btw, Tree and Wood 👍 
    Now its time for me to stop the Crashface train! 
  19. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Kanegan in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Wow, finally a win. Don't fret @BatiGoal, you will definitely bounce back. 
    And thanks @Mr Tree, yup that streak saved me in the end.
    Well, the reality is Doyle first banged for the first 14 games and then came the Bradford City but till that point, we had won very less so i thought let me focus on the streak. To my amazement, Doyle continued after the Bradford game and took his streak to 22 and then we had 40 odd points from the league so i thought the streak could save me but never thought it will be the second highest score of the week. 😁
  20. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to samhardy in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Week 4 Results
    This week saw us hit and pass the halfway stage of the 2020 VPL which adds even more significance on all fixtures as the race for the playoffs intensifies. Who put in a good performance on the “bridge week” and is sitting pretty for the final 3 games?
    @smoggy90 v @Woody
    @Crashhart v @Ian
    @Kanegan v @BatiGoal
    @MikeF v @Mr Tree
    What a week that was! Everything has been well and truly opened up in the race for the top 4. Here’s the scorelist in full:
    The league table is tight, anything can happen from here. Crash and Ian lead the way on 9, one more win should see them over the line you’d think. From there though it’s anyone’s game, Bati and Kane hold 3rd and 4th respectively but Mike is breathing down their necks whilst the table is much better viewing for Tree and Woody this afternoon, Smoggy though is really struggling and probably is going to need to win all 3 of his remaining games.
    Remember if two managers are tied on points the following is used for a tiebreak:
    The result of the match between the two If it was a draw, then overall points scored in the competition.
  21. Favourite
    BatiGoal got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Bermuda Triangle - Triple Threat Attempt   
    Great stuff, Smogster. Injuries, missed penalties, all just futile career killers that can't stop great managers 😉 
  22. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Titjes in Titjes: A 7 in 1 career [SEASON 7]   
    Hi everyone, some of you have followed my FMM18 - 5 in 1 career... This time I will be trying to complete 7 Challenges in 1 career.
    Challenge 1:
     Challenge 2:
     Challenge 3:
     Challenge 4:
     Challenge 5:
     Challenge 6:
     Challenge 7:
    Players for challenges 1 - 4:
    Pedro Neto (Guessed by @Kanegan)
    Joao Félix (Guessed by @Kun Aguero)
    Rafael Leao (Guessed by @Kanegan)
    Player for challenges 5 & 6:
    Arne Maier (Guessed by @Kanegan)
    Players for challenge 7:
    Moussa Wagué (Guessed by @Kanegan)
    Arne Maier (Guessed by @Kanegan)
    Rafael Leao (Guessed by @Kanegan)
    Who can guess the players with just the first letters from their first and last name? More clues will be given if needed 😋
    I hope you guys enjoy 😉
    Comments & feedback are always appreciated 😊
  23. Shocked
    BatiGoal reacted to Cockers2505 in The Biggest Loss Possible Challenge   
    Thought I'd have a bash

  24. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to Kun Aguero in The Game Of Agents : A FMM 20 Interactive Game (Finale)   
    The Game Of Agents
    Season 8
    The Players
    1. @HeartsBoy
    2. @Thepremiermanager
    3. @BatiGoal
    4. @Gunners Rishi
    5. @lforlalaland
    6. @Kanegan
    7. @Lord Danish
    8. @Izzxt69
    Agents Rankings
    Awards & Budgets 
    Next season will possibly be the last update which the simulation will be until the youngest player of the batch retired. I will do a detailed update of the career stats, and the Best Player and Best Agent will be decided (based on total personal awards won in-game and all time highest squad value). Make your final transfer move for your player and stay tuned for the final ride of the journey. Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated. 
  25. Favourite
    BatiGoal reacted to MikeF in The Biggest Loss Possible Challenge   
    It hurt having to do this with Spurs (only save I had that could work) but it was pretty fun. 

    I think they felt sorry for me as they took Mount and Abraham off with 90% fitness still.