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  1. Databases Welsh clubs moved from England to Wales

    Very nice idea
  2. Career Grimsby Town - The great surprise of English football

    Leyton Orient top of the league. Interesting to say the least
  3. Databases UEFA Super League

    Looks good. I'll give it a go
  4. Article 3 Challenging Teams To Be On FMM 2017

    Very nice I would have personally put Parma Calcio as well though, as they are back in the game this year.
  5. Career Dethroning Celtic (or try to)

    Very interesting! I played with Queen's Park on FMH15 but didn't have the time to get them to the Premiership, as FMM16 came out.
  6. Article 5 Teams I'm Looking Forward To Managing On FMM2017

    No, not really. I may check him out
  7. Vibe New homepage - Let us know what you think

    I like it
  8. Article 5 Teams I'm Looking Forward To Managing On FMM2017

    My personal 5 (in random order): Sparta Rotterdam Newcastle United Parma Calcio 1913 Darlington Stockport County BTW, why is everyone mentioning Salford?
  9. FM Mobile 2017 Information - Transfer Update Out Now!

    For me the most essential thing that should be added is player interaction. I'd still be happy if they only add new leagues, but I hope that will not be the case.
  10. Two New Leagues Announced! Poll

    I would personally take any league, apart from China, really.
  11. Balkan League Database

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello! I've made a Balkan League pack and wanted to share it with you. The teams are positioned in the leagues based on what position they took in 2014/2015 season (1st placed teams - in first league, second placed - in second league etc.). Bear in mind that although in a different league, all of the teams play in the European Competitions in the first season, as they all have qualified for them. Also, it only works if you load ONLY the scottish league by itself. Just unzip the file and replace your current scontlandsolo folder with it. Note: It's is good to save your current scotlandsolo folder somewhere, so that you can bring it back at anytime Note3: You download it on your own risk. Who knows, I may have put a virus or something on it :P:v Enjoy!