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  1. That's different from what I was doing anyways :lol:
  2. Thats what I was thinking, but it has coach under my pic
  3. It won't let me edit it
  4. No problem. For the edges - 1.Place a blank layer over the image you are using 2.Use the rounded rectangle tool and draw around the bit of the image you want to keep. (If it all goes a solid colour, like grey, it doesnt matter). 3.Now, double click on the layer of the original image. In "advanced blending", slide fill opacity to 0 percent. Press ok. 4.Click on the layer with the rounded rectangle, and click the "Paths" tab. Then click the " >> " to the right of the word Paths. Click "Make selection". Make Feather radius be 0, and make sure the anti-aliased box is ticked. Press OK. 5.The rectangle should be selected...go to Edit->Copy merged. 6.Create a new document, press paste, and it should copy the image with rounded corners! Hope that helped. Yeah thats cool, did you do that in two seperate layers? And I think thats the easiest way to upload pics anyways! B10
  5. Was that at me? :L Because I have no problems with it, I was just asking others what problems they are having
  6. What's this about trouble accessing the forums on a mobile device?
  7. there's Decs idea, without the glow and with rounded edges as requested. do you still want the badge above their heads?
  8. anything like this? let me know what it is, so i can be thinking of it anyways
  9. do you want the blue on the players kit showing aswel, or greyscale?
  10. Tbh, I've never taken the weather in FMH into consideration!
  11. Yeah the 90day ban has happened a few times. Never had an offer from a player though!
  12. I pick 3 midfielders that I know will spread the ball through easily, and also that the very centre MF can defend strongly. As for my 3 FWs, centre is the strong target man, while I choose the two wide men based on speed, dribbling etc. I've found the target-man type doesn't work as one of the outside FWs
  13. I usually stick to variations off 4-3-3. When I say variations, I mean different team and player tactics based on individual players
  14. Pretty sorted with them already!
  15. Yeah I'd really love to be able to sign retired players as coaches etc