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Craig Duncan

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  1. Craig Duncan

    Help Jordan Larsson

    Anyone know how to get Jordan Larsson in fmm 2019?
  2. Craig Duncan

    can't use changes.txt on FMM 19

    Anyone know how to move a player with only one name? Like Joelinton to Newcastle? In the game hes only got one name Much Appreciated Craig #FR2
  3. Craig Duncan

    Chat Changes.txt

    Anyone done an up to date changes.txt file for summer transfers?
  4. Craig Duncan

    Changes file - players missing

    Post your changes.txt file for so we can have a look
  5. Craig Duncan


    Here is my changes.txt file changes.txt
  6. Craig Duncan

    Chat Changes.txt

    Hi I'm doing a changes.txt file and done it exactly like last years one but the players I'm transferring are going into the reserve squad but when i go into the reserves they aren't there has anyone else came across this problem and got a resolution for it? Many thanks Craig
  7. Craig Duncan

    Change.txt not working

    I have kinds the same problem I want to put Jermain Defoe Steven Davis into Rangers done the file and nothing happens but both players are removed from the game any helpers? Cheers
  8. Craig Duncan

    FMM19 Bug List

    How do i change name of european champions cup to champions league and for europa league too please
  9. Craig Duncan

    FMM19 Bug List

    Takes about 4 or 5 touches to go on to some players or teams for me
  10. Craig Duncan

    FMM19 Bug List

    Anyone noticed that clicking on items it takes a little time to respond?
  11. Craig Duncan

    Help Changes.txt help

    Who is knowledgeable on changes.txt? I have started one and placed it in the normal folder under the documents folder and nothing happens in the game. Here is my changes.txt Many thanks Craig changes .txt
  12. Craig Duncan

    changes.txt in FMM 2018?

  13. Craig Duncan

    changes.txt in FMM 2018?

    Anyone help a guy out? 🤔🤔
  14. Craig Duncan

    changes.txt in FMM 2018?

    Ive created a changes.txt file and placed it in the normal folder and nothing happens what am I doing wrong? Please help I'm getting annoyed at myself lol
  15. Craig Duncan

    Transfer update

    Do you guys know about changes.txt files? Ive tried one but it doesnt work im confused lol