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  1. I'm 7 seasons into a RTG and never realised you could click to find out which players are affecting the rating. The amount of people I've probably sold just guessing. Thanks so much for this!
  2. I was training Chong in technique in my UTD Career and his weaker foot became stronger. I've no idea if they are related but hadn't seen that before
  3. Can't seem to find Diego Dalot at Man Utd. Thanks though looks great
  4. Quick tip I forgot to add in the op switch the bpd to cd if your not maintaining possession properly
  5. Had great success with this tactic in my Crewe Alexandra save. Forgot to take screenshots of the season before but I started using it in roughly November and had great success after. Tested in the Irish first division and it completely dominates with bad teams too. Unintentionally looks alot like Chelsea last season under Conte.
  6. I'm having a great time with this tactic too. Not sure if it will survive the mid season decline all others have though
  7. Squad management is awful by the AI for sure. By halfway point of the season most teams seem to half loads of injured and half fit players playing. Makes it pretty easy later in the season.
  8. ATM its 2 WBs and 2 CDs. I've tried with BPDs in the past and had no success. Good idea though. Is nobody else having this problem though?
  9. That's real annoying. AI seems to have no problems with short passing. AI doesn't have a problem with DMs either though so I guess they are just awesome
  10. Anyone know a way to get the keeper to play in short from goal kicks? Most matches finish 10(1) passes from my keeper because of constant long goal kicks. Have passing set to short in team instructions. Mentality doesn't seem to matter either. Defensive, mixed and balanced all seem to favour long kicks. Playing on enhanced engine.