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  1. Hi, Just thought I would start a thread to see if anyone is playing the Welsh League (Welsh Prem, Cymru North/South). I love playing these leagues and was over the moon when S.I included Cymru North and South for the first time! Just wondered if anyone: -Has done well in Europe? -Can recommend any clubs to play as? -And most importantly any gems to sign from the Welsh League? added 0 minutes later I play as Ammanford as they start off as Amateur with a 250 capacity stadium and poor training and youth so its a real challenge to build them up as a club, + you get the mighty Lee Trundle and Andy Robinson to play with from the start! Players worth signing are Noah Daley and Sameron Dool
  2. This has still not been fixed, Is it going to be sorted in the next update, the long and short of it is that if you are a smaller club loaning a player to a a bigger club when they are on loan it gives them a new contracts and gives them wages typical to that league, this has happened multiple times to me and spoils the game. Example: I play as Barry Town and loan a young defender to Rochdale, that defender is on say £150 a week and a contract until 2024 (Its 2019 in the game) when he is on loan his weekly wage goes up to £2.3k a week and contract until the end of 2021 so I lose 3 years off the players contract and seeing as the top wage I can offer is only £500 a week I have no chance of keeping the player when the contract comes up. This smashes your wage bill, means you will lose the player and when they come back off loan your available transfer budget is greatly diminished as it asorbs he £2.3k a week into your wage bill. (Which when it is only say 5k a week overall is hard to take!
  3. This still has not been fixed, I signed a player on £100 a week( Tom Price for Ammanford) loaned him to a club in the English League structure (Bristol Rovers) and then within a few weeks his wage at Bristol Rovers was now 1.2k a week. Its a nightmare as when the loan ends it pushed my already tight wage bill through the roof and made it impossible to sign anyone and also I could not sell the player as no one wanted him as his wages where too high too offload him.
  4. Also when your team starts winning things what do people do about all the players that want to leave? I have had it when loads of the squad are unhappy and want out, it takes the game from being enjoyable to a bit of a slog and it makes success almost counterproductive. I get it that when players establish themselves they will want to leave if bigger clubs come in but it makes it almost impossible to build a decent club up but sometimes its too much when seasons are so poor and lethargic as no one wants to play for the club.
  5. Has anyone else signed Noah Daley? He is a total legend! Best striker in the Welsh Leagues in the game by a longshot.
  6. Have you actually seen the keeper go up for a last minute corner? Maybe it only does that on the enhanced match engine not the OME?
  7. I'm interested in your scouting app if you get it off the ground, will you post it on here if you do?
  8. Just bumping this to see if anyone can help?
  9. I know this is 2025 on your game but how did Llantwit Major become Rich and have below average training and youth facilities, its likely they stayed in the same league and never got promoted when you are where managing Queens Park and when you start a game in 2019/2020 they have no money and have poor training and poor youth facilities, Does the game upgrade clubs facilities over course of the game even when you are not managing them?
  10. I have an ongoing issue when playing Welsh League games (I'm sure that it happens with other leagues as well) and its as soon as I qualify for Europe my overall season preformance goes to pot by this I mean for example: I play as Airbus and sign great players and win the league by a mile scoring say 120 goals in the process, I then get into the group stages of the Champions League (And get thrashed each game) when that happens I do understand there are more games and players get tired but the amount of goals I score with the same team (Even rotating) drops almost by half and the strikers miss so many more chances. I have noticed this over the last few FMM18/19/20 games, and is frustrating that your players stats are getting better and you are signing better and better players but the average rating goes down and goals scored. I am a few seasons in and have a Zlatan Regen and he is running at full stats now and he is scoring less goals than my Welsh domestic league striker (Jamie Thomas) did in the first few seasons! It seems to be the case when I fill the team with much better international players full stop, none of them get as high average ratings or score as much as the local based players I sign in my first season. Any idea why this could be the case?
  11. Still having issues when every so often for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months you cannot move players to the reserves from the first team, (You can move players from the reserves to the first team) is most frustrating when you: -Either move a player from the reserves to the first team for one match (To cover injuries) and then cannot move them back -Or you sign say a young player that you cannot then move into the reserves and they sit in the first team squad until you can move them back It then suddenly changes back to normal
  12. I have had this issue many times. Its frustrating when you are on such a tight budget. It kills the game if say you are managing a Welsh side and you have a 2 grand overall player budget and then a player within that squad suddenly goes onto a 2.5k a week wage and you are then 2.5K over budget.
  13. Hi, I have some questions on regens if anyone can help? -Am I correct that regens do not always come back in the same position and can be ramdom, ie Gareth Bale retires and could be a defender? -Do regens always restart in the country they are from ie.. If Gareth Bale retires when at Real Madrid he will always appear as a new player on a free transfer or at a Welsh League club? -I have noticed some older players retire literally when the game starts, Danny Collins 39 and Andrew Crofts 36 are on frees when the game starts if you do not sign them in the first week or so they just disappear do regens get created at that point in the game as new players or to put it another way if a player retires at anytime say mid season is a regen created at that point or does it only happen when the game processes a new season? Sorry for all the questions, it would be great if anyone could help.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know how/if you can change your coaching style once selected? I selected attacking when I got my bronze certificate and now want to change it to general, does anyone know how you do this?