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  1. Hi, I have asked this before but just to 100% double check, there is absolutely no difference in coaching staff abilities other than what badges (Bronze, Silver, Gold) they have? So a bronze badged motivational coach at Barcelona is exactly the same ability as a bronze badged motivational coach at Weston-Super-Mare if they both had the same aptitude? Cheers, Sam
  2. sammummery

    FMM19 Bug List

    Hi Luke, Thanks for coming back to me previously, Has this issue been fixed in the latest update released a couple of days ago? Cheers, Sam
  3. In the FMH Vibe, FMM 2019 Downloads section on this site.
  4. When recruiting staff for your club how do you know what staff member to take on when they don't have stats or you pay wages (i.e a scout wanting £150 a week is probably not as good as one wanting £1000 a week, as a general principle) so if I go to recruit a physio and there are 30 unemployed bronze badge Prevention (PRV) Physios who will join, how do I know who is going to be better as a Physio. It's the same for coaches and Scouts. I appreciate there are differences in aptitude (three levels) but some big name ex-players who are coaches with a poor aptitude must be better than a coach at a non-league club who has a natural aptitude. I took it as aptitude was all about your chances of passing the coaching exams. Or am I getting it totally wrong and all bronze coaches are the same ability, all silver coaches the same and all gold coaches the same and it's just about getting them through the exams to have the same level? I.e If I started as York City, would there two coaches at a Gold level after getting through all the exams be the same as coaches as a gold level at Arsenal?
  5. sammummery

    FMM19 Bug List

    Thank you for looking into it Luke. It would be fab if it is fixed for the Feb 2019 transfer update. Thanks Again, Sam
  6. I downloaded RSevens FMM 2019 database player spreadsheet and it shows hidden stats on there like Determination, Injury proneness, consistency etc...
  7. I have a really good young prospect and his determination is only 1! Can this improve over time and could it get upto a figure like say 10+
  8. sammummery

    FMM19 Bug List

    One frustration I have had with the game is when I, for example, am playing in the Welsh League and I send young players out on loan and they come back at the end of the season with new wages much much higher than they where before (I have not given them a new contract and the contract period has not changed) For example: I send a young player to Plymouth on loan and he is on £200 a week, during his loan his wages change to £1,200 a week and when he returns to the club he is now on the higher wage going forward. This happens even though for example my max wage is £575 a month I can offer and I have not given the player a new contract. It happens alot and it really drives the wage bill up and gives young players big contracts so it becomes harder to sell them or costs a fortune to free them. It has happened so much on my game I don't loan young players out anymore.
  9. Does anyone know if Cardiff Met Uni in the Welsh Premier League and Queens Park FC in Scotland who are both amateur teams are hardwired as amateur teams in Football Manager Mobile or do they eventually turn semi-pro/pro after a certain amount of success or time on the game?
  10. sammummery

    Brexit means Brexit. Unless....

    I have always wanted to play as Cardiff Met Uni but the fact that they are amateur puts me off as when want to challenge in Europe it will harder to keep players. Let me know if they turn pro. I have done loads of Welsh Games in FM2019 and Sameron Dool and Jack Fox are the best players in that league when you start in the first season. Might be worth looking at them on your save if they haven't exited the league and are playing elsewhere.
  11. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help, I'm trying to find out what peoples views are on the best players who start off playing in Wales. I have found Jack Fox, Sameron Dool, Moussa Samassa and Tom Dyson to be great players. Has anyone else got any player tips? Cheers, Sam
  12. sammummery

    Brexit means Brexit. Unless....

    Hi Jack, Great challenge, enjoying reading it. Out of interest how have you managed to sign in all the Scottish players I don't have those players on my game when I do a Welsh game, are you running two leagues to do that? Cheers, Sam
  13. sammummery

    FMM2019 Player List

    Thanks for this, can you sort players by the league they play in?
  14. Hi, If anyone could help I would be most grateful. I understand that the training level status (ie, Basic, Poor, Below Average, Average, Good, Impressive, Superb etc..) determines the amount of coaching/Scouts/physios you have at a club Does a difference in status ie Poor to good have an effect on the quality of the training as well (Ie would the same coach on Basic as Good coach better?) Lastly most importantly with the youth facilities is that just relating to what youth comes through at the start of each season or is it related to coaching of younger players at the club? An example is I am thinking of managing Queens University in Northern Ireland who have Impressive Coaching Facilities but Poor Youth Facilities, does that mean a 15, 16, 17, 18 year old would not fare very well at the club coaching wise or is it just down to what newgens/regens are brought through?
  15. sammummery

    Amatuer Teams-Please help?

    I thought they where hard coded to stay as amatuer but that may be the PC version.