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  1. Hi, If anyone could help I would be most grateful. I understand that the training level status (ie, Basic, Poor, Below Average, Average, Good, Impressive, Superb etc..) determines the amount of coaching/Scouts/physios you have at a club Does a difference in status ie Poor to good have an effect on the quality of the training as well (Ie would the same coach on Basic as Good coach better?) Lastly most importantly with the youth facilities is that just relating to what youth comes through at the start of each season or is it related to coaching of younger players at the club? An example is I am thinking of managing Queens University in Northern Ireland who have Impressive Coaching Facilities but Poor Youth Facilities, does that mean a 15, 16, 17, 18 year old would not fare very well at the club coaching wise or is it just down to what newgens/regens are brought through?
  2. sammummery

    Amatuer Teams-Please help?

    I thought they where hard coded to stay as amatuer but that may be the PC version.
  3. Hi, A couple of questions if anyone can help? Are there any more amateur teams on the game other than Queens Park in Scotland and Cardiff Met Uni in Wales? Also can an amateur team turn semi-pro or pro on the game eventually?
  4. Has anyone come across Marito Marcal a 15 year old East Timorese striker who plays for Dungannon in the Northern Irish league? He has great stats and looks like he could be a good player on the game?
  5. Does anyone know if you can change the Stadium name of your team either through 'My Club' or the Editor? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi, Has anyone managed in the Welsh League on FMM 2018? Can anyone recommend any players in the Welsh League worth looking at? Cheers.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know when the transfer window update will be issued by SI? Cheers.
  8. Hi, Who is the oldest player on FMH 2015 and who is the youngest player? Cheers, Sam
  9. sammummery

    Jan transfer window update

    Thank you Dec.
  10. Jan Transfer Window update Hi, I know that we have a while to go before the Jan transfer window update for FHM 2015 but when typically does it come out... Ie when did The Transfer Window update for FMH 2014 get released soon after the transfer window close or a few months later? Cheers, Sam
  11. Hi, Can anyone recommend some good Conference, Conference North/South players or below that are worth looking at when you are playing as a club from the same level. Has anyone seen any players from non league go far on the game? Any help would be great! Cheers, Sam
  12. Difference between Key and extended highlights? It seems that extended highlights when switched on means that there is less highlights shown than when you have key highlights. Surely this should be the other way around?
  13. Challenges-How many are there? Hi I purchased the unlockables bundle and it came with three challenges. -Austerity Measures -You can't win anything with kids -The dangers of capitalism Are there any more challenges than this or is it just the three? Cheers, Sam