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  1. Papaj

    2017 License Fixes

    I download files and it work fine. I extract on PC and android device Do you have orginal version of game?
  2. Znicz Pruszków never play in Polish Ekstraklasa (Highest league tier in Poland) The best result is finish 5th at second tier league (now named 1. Liga)
  3. How long we wait for the first update?
  4. I have similar weird thing. I choose only polish league and small database and i have player Kamil Wojtkowski 18 years old hit prospect plays in RB Lepizig. In my new save i choose large db and polish, german(!), spain and english league and i didnt find this player! Where is the logic?
  5. Papaj

    2017 License Fixes

    Works fine with old save but i missing the Brazil clubs, has someone have the same problem? Anyway good job guys!
  6. Papaj

    World Rankings

    I reach 4th place with Irleand after losing the World Cup 2018 final
  7. Papaj

    Clean Sheet Challenge

    For me this is a good idea. Always looked up for goalies more than other players. I hope that SI introduce the statistics of clean sheet in FMM18 or maybe in update for FMM17
  8. Great news for me. I never think before of that transfers direction
  9. Probably in club like Milan (high prestige) you must win Champions League imo
  10. I must say that report about world ranking position is quite fun
  11. Papaj

    Little bit to easy

    Everywhere and everytime. In FMM16 also working and i can't remember how about FMH15
  12. Papaj

    FMM17 Bug List

    The same bug on my save. Game not showing my past and present records of seasons
  13. Papaj

    Manager History (No records)

    @Rhys Rockley I also have this bug
  14. I do not want to know how much money you lost so far
  15. In my opinion tactics like this (effective and efficient) killing fun from game. More than 150 goals in 46 matches also 33 point over the second team? No it's not for me but i respect the work of creator and of course this is perfect to beating chellenges