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  1. Have you try the anchor tactic? They post it before for enhance but maybe you can try for OME. I personally did not fancy 3 at the back so I am not try it yet.
  2. I am using the same instruction as yours only that the goalkeeper distribution I put to mixed. It just I am opposing to many consecutive supergolie in my save it make them too unreal. Nevertheless your 4-3-1-2 is the best I think for LLM.
  3. What is your set up danovic? I am currently using your 4-3-1-2 with a poacher partnering with a deeplying forward upfront. I mean your team mentality, passing style and other
  4. Doing good there but concede to many goals. I have similar problem as well with my wb consistently having rating 5.
  5. The tactics is working except that I concede a lot of goals. And my wingbacks not performing well. Does any attribute needed for those position?
  6. Hi.. I have seen the line up for mancini that works like this; So it should look like this; After a few matches; By the way, i am not planning to continue anymore so its up to you to try it later and fyi I am using original engine.
  7. Budget was ultimately low after promoting from conf premier up to league two. What we can do is working hard on free transfer. Also avoid using wingers. All we can do is counter attacking football which concentrate in the middle. By the way, it irritate me how gk is useless in most of the matches. Even though my cb and wb play spectacularly with my team even passing well and creating more chances. My gk will concede with every shot on target at him. Wtf.
  8. I started as unemployed and then only gateshead and forest green the only team available for me since I stick to my nationality - Malaysia The reason I choose forest green is because forest green is more harder than gateshead since they have so many retiring player - and most of them are strikers. Nevertheless I stick with the same squad till end of season. This is some of the results; My debut on 6th sept This is the summary of my seasons Thats all. Please do feedback me about the tactic. Sorry for the english language since it was not my first language.
  9. Hi.. This is my first try of uploading pic of tactic - (4-3-1-2) Ok then, player role
  10. I have try this on Liverpool fc and the result is not so bad. I normally auto pick all player to play so I never really take any attention for their role except for their form. But lewis guy really perform up to league two. Once you reach league one, he is 30 years old already but excellent back up for your new signing.
  11. Hi, I've try this tactics on original engine and the result is superb! Although I did tweak a little by changing mentality to balance. I managing burrow from conference north to league one. Ever since I promoted to league one I barely win. My goalkeeper is a little bit donkey as he always manage to get 4/5 rating. I created a lot of chances but couldnt put it pass the goal but my opponent always put one with every chances they made. I drive me crazy. But this tactics is amazing. In 10 game i manage to draw once, lost once and won the remaining. Less chances made but manage to put in behind the goal. But this tactic is very physical demanding. Anyway thank you.
  12. I want to hear any feedback for my tactic. I am usually like to play for lower team - be it conference north/south or premier. The tactic is 4-3-1-2 Tqa - TM APM BWM - DLM - BWM WBK - CTR-CTR - WBK SWK Attacking Short Committed Pressing on Offside on Counter on Men behind ball off I used to applied GK but my golkeeper form is horrible. In 5 games will concede 3-4 goals. And always get 4/5 rating which force me to change another goalkeeper frequently in a game. I am currently managing gateshead in league 1 in 2016/2017. Winning con premier and fa trophy 2014/2015 Winning league 2 and jpt 2015/2016