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  1. 2015 Around the World in 800 BatiGoals

    Happy to see someone else doing a Brazilian career
  2. 2015 Pele's Soccer - 1kc And Beyond

    That will be hard.
  3. 2015 Pele's Soccer - 1kc And Beyond

    I never thought of that. I'm going to try and extend his contract. Thanks Lee. I never thought he would score 112 in his first season.
  4. 2015 Pele's Soccer - 1kc And Beyond

    Thanks. I loaded Brazil. Thanks. I loaded Brazil.
  5. 2015 Pele's Soccer - 1kc And Beyond

    Season 1 All things have a beginning. Apologies for failing to get this up earlier. I accidentally overwrote the save and had to start anew. This was a sign that things were about to go wrong. How bad could things have gone for my first season? Read on to find out. Transfers We sold a lot and brought in Allione, Odegaard and Tielemans who has a sweet -10 as PA. He also scores a lot in the striker position and so serve as substitute for Gabigol(I foresee someone doing a 1kc with Tielemans). Allione was taking Odegaard's sport so I loaned him out and then sold him. State Championships We finished first on the log but lost in the play offs to second place Corinthians. I hate playoffs. Cup We came, we saw and we conquered. My players let loose in the finals to win Taca Brasil. League The fans kept screaming Ezio Dallas! They wanted my head on a platter for not delivering this despite agreeing to do it for a bigger transfer fee. This is the hardest league on Fmh. Review We won only one comp meanwhile teams worse than us were doing better. Me I was really poor this season and i'm happy the board did not sack me. Looking to Improve. It will be some time before I get regarded as successor to Muricy Ramalho-Brazil head coach. Martin Odegaard Nice stats. He performed well but needs to up his assists. Assists = 12 Gabriel Barbosa Already looking good. He was close averaging 2 goals a game. Nice report for his first season. Gabigol got called up to play in the Copa America. He also won WPOTY with messi as runnerup. Progress WPOTY = 1/1 Games Played = 66 Goals Scored = 112 Goals Required = 888 The Pele ChallengeNIL So that's it. I need a replacement for an underperforming centreback. I want one of those cheap players that are beastly. I have some on my mind but I would like to hear suggestions.
  6. 2015 Pele's Soccer - 1kc And Beyond

    Oh my bad. So credit to Lee_Cutler.
  7. 2015 Pele's Soccer - 1kc And Beyond

    Gabriel Barbosa I've done a lot of saves with this guy but never finish. Not this time though, He becomes really good after IT despite being lowkey now. He reminds me of Neymar a lot, nice hairstyle. Martin Odegaard These wonderkid was a hit this year but I still think he is overrated (see Freddy Adu) and he can prove me wrong by excelling in the Assists challenge. I think he has enough time and potential for the job. Thanks Thanks to D_don and Catalin for guessing right. Keep calm guys cause first season update is on the way.
  8. Pele's Soccer - 1kc And Beyond Intro Hello and welcome to my first solo career which will allow you to join me on something magical. Recently the thousand goal challenges have been like a virus on Vibe and have completely taken over.I'm going to be gunning for the 1kc challenge while paying tribute to Earth's greatest known footballer - Edson da silva Nascimento or Pele as he is popularly known. This Icon is one of the two players to have managed a thousand goals in real life. Records To Beat 1281 goals / 1363 games9 Sao Paulo State Championships5 Taca Brasil2 Copa Libertadores2 Club World Cups3 World Cups77 goals / 91 capsPicking The Club Ol Rey played most of his Career at Santos, So Its natural for me to use them. They've lost a lot of talent like Neymar and Ganso but still have players like Leandro Damiao. The Player I didn't have to search for a Brazilian Striker, This guy has been my favourite wonderkid gem for the last two FMH's. Name? Not so fast. I'm going to indulge in a guessing game. The Player's nickname actually ends with the word 'Gol' which means goal in portugese.
  9. Hello Guy, I'm Hitman.

    Nice one Lee, But It doesn't work on my device.
  10. Hello Guy, I'm Hitman.

    My real name is Viki (I'm a boy). I also go by Agent 47 in this case. I used to be a member but after a sabbatical, I returned to discover my name changed and couldn't log in. I'm going to keep extra details so I can start on a fresh note. Shootout goes to all Nigerians and vibers in the house. Merry Xmas and happy new year . One more thing - I'm having probs getting a profile pic using the photo editor.
  11. Season 2 - Seydou Doumbia This was quick to play but It is always hard to update. Things picked off better than last season. It wasn't really a busy season for transfers. We had to sell Mandzukic on the cheap with his Stamina hanging at 4, He's not even above 30 yrs yet. Same thing happened to Lewandoski at Dortmund. I think its a bug. Phil Jones was a steal for me. Here's the review of the season. Doumbia was on fire this season despite blabbing about no other Ivorian to speak to and trying not to buy a house but thanks to the board he got one and learnt spanish. I expected Doumbia to achieve lower but he overachieved and helped us to liga win. Mario Mandzukic - 57/55 Seydou Doumbia - 61/49 For my next player. 1.He's Suprisingly tall and huge in Pes 2013 PS3. 2.He's made a move recently and had to wear red shirts for his past and present clubs. 3.His name sounds like that of a Cameroonian player and he is part African.
  12. My next striker is a top African Striker whose country plays in orange Jersey and he plies his trade at a club in northern Europe.