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  1. You again. Read what I had written above before asking this kind of question. And the comments before that to know about my current situation. I may have mellowed out, but I still won't tolerate ignorance. Also, I'll be inactive for the rest of the week starting today (having another medical check-up), so just leave the questions here, I'll answer them when I'm back. Hopefully those won't be silly questions or demands like yours... That's basically it. Though what I'd normally do is to find about 60 Australian players from obscured teams (make sure they have no relations, only know a language or two, and have appropriate numbers of history entries), change their nationality to Vietnam, select Vietnam from the start (like Macedonia's case above), then utilize changes.txt for names and HxD (a hex editing tool) for the rest. Note that the process is painfully long and complex, involving both hex and changes.txt to edit both the savefile and database to make things work your way - this is why I haven't made a savefile for Vietnam in 2021. But since Vietnam recently qualified for the Final Stage Playoff (quite a welcoming surprise, but I'm glad that it happened), I might as well consider making it for FMM 22, after the Winter Update. Also, this did not work for Japan and Germany for some unknown reason (might not even be database-related).
  2. Change it in the "language" files also, depend on which language you were using. I learnt it while trying to add East Turkestan into the game... Oh, unrelated to this, seems like a national team would need 60 players or more to playable. With some little tinkering, I managed to make Macedonia playable that way: I had uploaded it to Vibe a few days ago, but for some reason the moderators did not approve it. Don't know why.
  3. Change it in the "language" files also, depend on which language you were using. I learnt it while trying to add East Turkestan into the game...
  4. This is probably for actual programmers. We probably can't use it.
  5. Sorry I took so long guys, I got quarantined in the hospital, since there was one COVID-19 patient there - the Delta variant apparently. Without my phone. Or laptop. I had to stay with the elderly (though they were very nice to me during the stay), so I had no way to continue writting until today. What did I miss? Of course. I got quarantined for 3 months due to the amount of patients (or suspected ones), so I couldn't do it during that time. I will certainly continue, after I finished testing my skills once again... That one will come later, don't worry. In the meantime, try the old savefile I made. It still works, and you can figure something else with it before I create a proper tutorial.
  6. Who said you can't? Try this, and don't ask me how to change the names. fm_save1.fms
  7. No, they have too few players. For a national team to be fully playable, a nation would need about 60 players. Andorra only have about 15 if I remembered correctly.
  8. That was why I said always backing up your savefiles before doing this. It won't hurt trying once you backup your save.
  9. #2: IDs, information fields, and how to find them. Like I said above, IDs in any kind are important if you want to edit anything at all, and they have different roles for different task. Today, I'll show you how to identify different kinds of ID, and use them to navigate and edit other related stuff. UIDs are easiest to find, simply use sortitoutsi to find it, convert to hex, then convert it again to Little Endian (the example is above). As for TIDs, for players, managers, and clubs, they are the 4 digits right before the UID, with their structure being XX XX 00 00 (XX XX varied throughout different savefiles), though only the XX XX is used in the "information field"; for stadiums, it is right behind the stadium's name, its structure being 00 XX XX (XX XX, again, seemed to varied as well, and it was the only part that matters). Nationality ID (NID), which determines a player's home nation, are also easy to find, and are constant between different savefiles. They are right behind the team 3-character abbreviated names. Here in this example, I'll show you how I can find a player and his information field using UIDs. The player in question is Abdelhak Nouri (don't ask me how he was in my savefile, I would get on to that eventually). His UID is 37045583, in hex it will be 235454F - has 7 characters, so it should be written as 02 35 45 4F, converted to Little Endian and you'll have 4F 45 35 02. Find this in Hex Editor, and I'll have this: This 103 digits is what I called "information field", as it contains all the personal data of the player. I'll break things down for you to make it easier: D5 52 00 00 is Nouri' s TID, what you will use for most parts of the editing. 4F 45 35 02, obviously, is his UID 86 07 00 00 and 7C 04 00 00 are his names' ID, first name and last name respectively. The FF FF FF FF right behind it was his nickname's ID, since he doesn't have one. 5B 00 CD 07 is his date of birth. Nouri was born in April 2nd, 1997. 1997 to hex is 7CD, which in Little Endian is CD 07. April 2nd is the 92nd day of the year. Subtracting it by one to have 91, convert it to hex and you' have 00 5B, and 5B 00 is in Little Endian format. 1D 00 9E 00 1D 00 01 is the IDs of his nationality, second nationality, and declared national team respectively, and the 01 behind it signified that his role there is a player (10 if he was a manager). Nouri was called up to Morocco in my savefile, so the first 1D 00 represents the nationality ID of Morocco, which can be found right behind the nation's abbreviated name MAR. Holland, as a result, becomes his second nation (9E 00), and like clubs' ID, declared national team's TID is right before the nation's UID, which is 10 digits before the team's long name (as with most African nations, is the same as nationality ID. 4B 00 E6 07 is the date of his most recent callups. You don't need to pay much attention for it. 12 03 and 00 00 were his capped/goals, for senior and U21 respectively. He capped for Morocco 18 times, scored 3 goals, while didn't capped for U23s. 25 03 is the club's TID (Rangers), since I brought him there. B9 00 E4 07 is the day he last signed a contract, and 69 30 is his transfer values. 00 CF 3F 00 00 is his SID. The exact use of this will be covered later. That's all for now. God, it was tedious, but you'll soon find those info more useful later on. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!
  10. The PC version made it easier with the Editor, and the license fixes can be applied just as easy. I'll do my best to make the process easy to understand on mobile as well. Just wait until I get past the terminology first.
  11. That's what I was trying to help people with actually, since I got overwhelmed with national savefiles requests lately (despite my retirement message). I was going to rewrite that one in particular, though I'd need to get past the terminology part of this tutorial first.
  12. Okay, before I could begin to make any tutorials, let us start with something else first. I know it could be tedious, but you'll need it... #0: Preparations: This is the most boring part, frankly. But you need to read it beofre doing anythibg, in order to prevent any disasters like losing your precious savefile or ruining your experience in general. Back up your savefile (copy it to somewhere else) before doing any of this! - You'd need a decent hex editor for the task. My recommendation for Windows user is HxD, and for Android is HEX Editor by First Row (it even has the compare files function, which certainly helps). - A genuine copy of FMM, from either AppStore or Google Play, and not for some sites that gave it for free. Sure, some of these may still works on it, but there is no guarantee. Support the devs and buy the game if you haven't. - Some common knowledge about hex. I know, it won't be easy to understand, but I'll try my best to help, right after this part... #1: Terminology: - Hex editing: a method of manipulating an FMM savefile, using simple, yet powerful tools known as hex editors. It will help you edit the savefile in hexadecimal (a counting system using base numbers from 00 to 0F, equivalent to 00 - 15) level - won't be an easy task, but it is effective. - Digits: the numbers seen in hex editor after opening the savefiles, displaying in two characters for each of them(1A for example). - Values: what I'll use to call a string of digits. Anything that contains at least 2 digits (AA BB for example) is called "values". - Unique ID (UID for shorts): the ID which represent players, staff, clubs, stadiums, etc. in the game, though it uses mostly for searching and identification (your own manager profile doesn't have one unfortunately). You can get them from sortitoutsi.net, they are the string of numbers in the individual pages' URLs. For example, in https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2020/player/43426073/jacopo-vedovato, the player Jacopo Vedovato's UID is 43426073, though you can't use them directly - which brings us to the following... - Conversion (verb:convert): the process of changing the normal decimal numbers (like UID) to hexadecimal format, which is how the game stores it good stuff - in Little Endian (I'll explain that later). You'll need to do so veey often, and Google is your good friend in this case. Just search for "(insert number here) to hex", and you will get those numbers in hexadecimal format, in Big Endian. - Big/Little Endian: The format of hexadecimal values. Big Endian is what you'll get from Google, but since the game stores things in Little Endian, you need to do some conversion. For example, you have a number of AA BB CC DD in hex, and it has 8 characters. It is in Big Endian, but if you swap the values' order, effectively change it to Little Endian, you'll get DD CC BB AA, which is what the game use. If the value has odd number of characters (3,5,7,9,etc.) or less than 3, add zeros in front of it before converting (so that the number contains at least 4 characters). For example, you have 1234567. In Big Endian it will be 01 23 45 67, in Little Endian it would be 67 45 32 01. - True ID (TID for short): The kind of IDs that actually matters: knowing it would help you transfer players, move cluvs around, etc. Normally comprise of a few digits (4 in most cases), it stands before UID (also in most cases, though there were a few exceptions), with the usual structure of XX XX 00 00, without any exceptions. - Stats ID (SID for short): the one you'd need if you want to manipulate players' stats. Sits right at the end of the "information field". - Information field: The specific part where data of entities like players and clubs stored. Not necessarily contain the same amount of values. That's it for today. Feel free to add more to what I've missed, or correct any mistakes I've made - I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!
  13. Hello Vibers! It is I, the loud-mouthed, grumpy "Hexer" who had made the old "Hexer's Workshop: It's all about Hex" back in the day. And today, I'll recreate the article to help Vibers explore the wonders that hex editing could bring to your FMM experience - and trust me, it's not going to be easy, but the what you'll get in the end would totally worth your time! Now before I started, I'd have something to say first to all of you. The last article, which I made back in 2018 (my very first article here actually) was deleted by my own request, despite me being very fond of it. That was, arguably, not my best decision, but I have my own reasons: It was outdated, and there were some people who were unaware of that, leading to many disastrous events that I didn't want to happen. I will try my best not to let this happen again, and luckily, I probably wouldn't be the only one running the workshop: there are quite a few Vibers who know how to do so, like @Scratch or @broodje kip, and they are willing to share they knowledge as well. This also won't be the same as the last article in terms of formatting, as it will be made specifically as a place for people to gather and share their findings, not just a string of tutorial posts - I'll try my best to do so! Also, considering what happened last time, I'd like to set some rules in the workshop, so that people won't turn it to a burning mess like last time. Please read it carefully before entering the workshop! - Search the thread before asking questions. The answers might have already been given there, and you won't have to wast your time asking it again. Also, read everything and don't skip, or you may miss something vital. - Don't send me direct messages, ask questions directly from this thread. I don't really have as much time as I had few years ago, so I might not respond. Asking here is better since there are others who would help. - No piracy talks. Don't ask me how to make players' names real, or request for a specific savefile. You'll get an instant report. - Use multiple screenshots in one post, don't make multiple post with only one screenshot. - Ask only questions related to savefile editing, both hex editing and changes.txt are acceptable. - Be civil to each other. My temper wasn't that good since the last "incidents", but I'll try my best to answer your questions in kind. These are all the rules needed to keep the thread truly alive, unlike the last one. Now, without further ado, let's begin!
  14. Thanks, I appreciate the support. But can you put the messaging thing past 2 weeks? I'd probably have another treatment soon, which probably lasted for a week or two. I'm curious about the project you said though, looking forward to it! Thanks. It's said really, since if I remembered correctly, I did warn people to back up their stuff before doing anything, yet they ignored that and blamed me for their mistakes. People can be annoying like thay, but thankfully not all of them... Hopefully in the next tutorial I'd write, people would actually read the terminology posts before attempting anything. That would aace a lot of time for both parties.
  15. It is, since the data on PC and Mobile are pretty much the same. The only difference is that some young players had their potential boosted in some savefiles, making their PA higher than the normal values. Another site to consider is sortitoutsi.net - that used to be my go-to site for me when I want to do my usual experiments, but they screwed up badly after the site update. "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" - they should have thought of that. And yeah, gotta admit, even in the most well-written tutorials I found on the net, there will always be idiots who somehow screwed up, or ones whose reading skills are questionable. Oh well, I guess I'll try the terminology explaining first in the upcoming tutorials then. It may sounded boring, but that is what people need if they want to start.
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