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  1. Due to the changes SI made to FMM's structure, you can no longer use changes.txt to transfer players. Even hex editing becomes harder.
  2. In theory, it is. I heard that you can use custom database on iOS by the use of a tool name Filza. The .xml is another story though, I have spent ages to edit it, yet the game doesn't seem to register the changes...
  3. And for those who don't know about the .obb extraction process, you just need to use the Resources Archiver in PC.
  4. Hi guys, it's me, the hexer guy. Recently, after figured out how to extract the .obb file, I found out that not only it contains the databases, it also contains the .xml files that have the leagues and cups' rules. The problem is that the game doesn't seem to recognize the changes I made onto it, despite @Marc Vaughan told me that those files are editable. Anyone here knows how to do so? Help is always appreciated.
  5. If your name is the same as any person's first or last name, things would be easier. Maybe I should update the tutorial with this, SI somehow screwed changes.txt, at least with manager's name.
  6. FMM doesn't allow that unfortunately, for now at least.
  7. It was Ivory Coast's UID. Normally you'd search for their names and get two values (13 00) that is 10 values ahead of it. Just a heads-up, since African countries' IDs tend to be persistent, their nationality's ID is the same as their team's ID (13 00 in this case). If ypu plan on using the same trick for other national team, you'd have to note down nationality ID too, which is just be hind the nation's abbreviated name. Also, if you want to go around stealing half Ivorian players, find 00 13 00 FF FF 01, and repeat the process above. I really recommend doing this, as many good wonderkids (mostly French for the obvious reason) has Ivory Coast nationality.
  8. They only have 13 players iirc. Might have more than that though.
  9. Oh good, that's what I'd wanted to hear. I'd assume that your Ivory Coast has 23 players first. Find 00 00 F8 FF FF FF, and note down the two digits before it (13 00 in most cases, African countries' IDs are mostly persistent), you'll need it later. Now, find 3D 5D 6F 05, and you'll notice the 58 01 D0 07 91 00 13 00 FF FF 01 (the FF FF maybe something else, but since he wasn't called up, it should be FF FF). Now change that to 13 00, and copy 4 values before 3D 5D 6F 05 (that's the ID, and I'll call it XX XX 00 00 for example). Then, search for Ivory Coast, and you'll see a long string of IDs there. Paste the XX XX 00 00 over FF FF FF FF that is near the last player's ID. Save the file, and when you load it again, you'll see Vagnoman, still has German nationality, but one cap will change his nationality. You can use this to take all players with Ivory Coast nationality to your squad, and the best part is many uncapped wonderkids has Ivory Coast as second nation, which will further strengthen your national team. You can use a more brute method of swapping 91 00 13 00 with 13 00 91 00, but that wasn't as satisfying as "stealing" Vagnoman right when he still has German nationality. Also, bear in mind that there's a limit of 40 players per squad, so you'll have to be careful with the amount of players that you want to take. Good luck, and have fun building a strong national team!
  10. Good choice, the boy deserves to play internationally. One question though, is he in the U21s, or he hadn't called up at all? If not, it would be very easy, and would probably take less than a minute to get him.
  11. Which player was it, and what nation? I'm not naturally good at explaining, so I'll need a specific example so I can help you.
  12. There's no other way this year, SI screwed the changes.txt since 2019. If your first and last name match some players/managers, it would be easier.
  13. That's the UID, the ID is right before it (XX XX 00 00).