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  1. None from mine sadly. But if I had to choose the best prospects us Vietnamese have in this game, I'd have to choose between Li Tenglong (Chinese/Vietnamese), Nathan Nguyen (Australian/Vietnamese) and Loan Van Den Abeele (Belgian/Vietnamese)
  2. That depends on Spanish's naturalization rules. If they qualify, I'll make sure that they will get Catalonia nationality. At least Fati is eligable: He moved from Seville to Barcelona at the age of 10, then stayed there for more than 5 years - that should be enough.
  3. That's the main point: Having those kids would build a stable foundation for the team in the future. Combining with veterans like Pique, the team would be unstoppable.
  4. So it's kinda like gaining EXPs in games 😂 I wonder what is the current level cap?
  5. If Catalonia had an active, FIFA-approved national team, Spain would lose quite a lot. I'm not just talking about matches, I'm talking about possible wonderkids - as I have also found a way to make sure that clubs who play outside their home country can generate regens for their home (in this case, Catalonia). As in, Barça and Espanyol, as well as many others, may only generates pure Catalonian players...
  6. I think he actually does. Oh God, imagine the possibility of having him on the squad, and his regen that is Catalonian...
  7. After a thorough check, I think Kurdistan actually have a chance, since there are some Kurdish ones out there in Germany, Turkey and America. Might be even easier to make than Catalonia, since there were less players... On a related note, I found them similar to the Uyghurs in some way, having their own cultures yet not being a independent state (or at least full autonomy). This might pique my interest too.
  8. Oh God... My team would be truly blessed if that happened. A younger player that can rapidly develop for the national team would be extremely good, though at that point I'd have to get a job at Bilbao to keep tabs on those youngsters...
  9. While I didn't have a chance to, I beat Wales and Romania, held Holland to a draw, then proceed to win the Gold Cup (I added them there since I could not figured out how to add them to other competitions aside from World Cup, not just yet). It's not very bad. If only I took it further by adding the likes of Griezmann...
  10. Though I doubt it, it's not entirely impossible to make them. I'll just have to figured out general information regarding the country (like languages, regions, etc), and the number of players who were Kurdish descent (they seem to spread out to many other places in the world). Who knows? Maybe it would be even easier than the others?
  11. Wait, you have read the whole thing I posted on Reddit? Cool! I always wanted to manage them for quite sometime, so that experiment is inevitable. Glad that it was actually near completion (and yet so far, due to my schedule)... Interesting... I'll have a look on them once I'm done with Catalonia. Weird experiments like this excites me. Though to be fair, designing their logo, flag and kits might take awhile...
  12. Bloody hell... Though to be fair, the nations that I picked to create have to have an... What should I say... "unique" yet "unified" culture thoroughly. British Empire and Ancient Mongols were too divisive to my likings. Also, I was also trying to made an unique nation, like ChilledMoose's Aswijan project on PC, but soon gave that up since I couldn't create new languages. Esperanto, for some reason, was absent in the game as well - if that was there, I could have made a nation with the language being its primary one...
  13. Welp, you got me. After two successful experiments with Basque and Uyghuristan (don't judge me, I only did this in the name of science), I wanted to create something bigger. Yugoslavia and USSR are indeed interesting, but the number of players would be too huge. And it would be painful to make the current nations disappeared (I actually found out how). This is what I did with Basque - though it not entirely a success, and it was just a very early prototype, it almost worked as intended, with only one annoying bug that I'm trying to squash...
  14. Panama? If I remembered correctly, they do have just enough players to form a squad. Let me see what I can do.
  15. I know, the thing is I'm trying to at least recreate that rule for other club as well, but the database didn't have anything related to it - maybe it was hard-coded. PC doesn't have that either, but at least you can still recreate that rule by using an extinct club that used to have something similar...