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  1. Of course you can, that would be quite helpful indeed. The All-Ireland Cup line was already in the changes.txt, but I'll add the other one. Thanks, and good job making the Spanish version by the way.
  2. I'm not the creators of logo packs. Use the ones from 2020 for now, they still work.
  3. I noticed that right after your manager's ID in the team's hex entry has captain and vice-captain's ID. Don't know why they put it there.
  4. I think it was because of the language. Try setting it to English. It's not normal. Can you make a new savefile? Check if you have turned off the "use fake names" switch before creating a savefile. Lukalu is normal in my savefiles... Probably from the FMM20's pack, which also works for FMM21.
  5. Really? Then it should work normally. Note that this is a fix for clubs and competitions, not players. As I mentioned in the post, piracy is not welcomed here. Earlier you said that you got fake names. If that was the players' name, then either check if you had "use fake players" option enabled, or check the purchase again if you had really bought the game.
  6. Paste it in the location, reset skin, quit the game. Then load the save. You can try doing that.
  7. Great work @WalterWong! Keep it up! Also, on an (un)related note, did you find anything interesting about the game's hex structure this year, aside from the fact that they added languages and more relation stuff?
  8. I did it on purpose to keep the names authentic, but if you don't want that, simply use a text editor (like QuickEdit on Android) to delete the lines that you don't want to use it your game. Usually, it should revert those changes. That's good to hear. Despite SI changing many stuff this year, seems like at least changes.txt still works. I'm just gonna ask you one simple question: Did you buy the game? As in, paid real money to get it?
  9. Weird, I got it working without even need to reload skin...
  10. Yes, this is where you should put it. Try quiting the current game, then load it again, since it won't work while you are playing. Noted, I'll fix that ASAP.
  11. Version Unofficial


    This small changes.txt contains many name changes for people, competitions and clubs. Many of these competitions and clubs are not even playable ones, but I think at least it would be better if the game got their names right. Noted that due to SI changed many stuff this year, some of these changes might not work as intended. And besides, this is just an unofficial one I modified, while waiting for Vibe to make theirs. Copy the downloaded changes.txt file into the Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal. This can be used on existing savefile, you don't have to make a new savefile to use it. Note: This only changes clubs and competitions' names, and is intended to use for the "legit" version of the game. If the players' name are fake, then please, buy the game, as this won't help you got real names (don't bother asking). Piracy is not welcomed here.
  12. Sorry for the late reply (Swiftkey screwed up badly on vibe for some reason), but thanks for the vital help. Can't believe they make it extra complicated this year with feeder clubs and stuff. Oh well, another thing to try and edit when I have some free time...
  13. Great to see it got moved there, but I think I would need to update it, after I learn more about this year's database structure that is. They changed quite a few things compared to last year from the looks of it.