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  1. Hahahaha that made my day mate.... that was comedy gold. No offence intended mate. Thanks for the laugh mate, i kinda needed it. @Ralts
  2. Hahahaha interesting........ Keep up the good work mate! You should really win the manager of the year at this rate considering the amount of hard work and dedication you put in the team!
  3. Yeah! im Half australian and half filipino. but I am living in the Philippines at the moment.
  4. This is a truly brilliant idea ash! love the concept of it. I sure would be involved in this one. I'll start posting when Belgiums first division is done.
  5. Hey guys it's goodjob here! So SI just released some information on FMH 16, errrrr FMM 16 I mean . So I just wanted to share my in depth opinions and reaction to the new features of the upcoming FMM 16 and I would also be rating the new features on how I like it. Sit back and I hope you enjoy! FMH's new name! Lets start with the most shocking thing for me. I sure wasn't expecting SI to change the name of the game here! Well it still sounds weird when I say it though cause I got used to the classic FMH name. I'm not a big fan of the new name but its the game that really matters so lets just wait and see for what SI have in for us in FMM 16. My Verdict: No new leagues Well I was expecting SI to atleast add one new league in the game. I would have loved to play in a fresh new league, but hey! I guess there's no point in crying and moaning about it now cause we just have to face the reality that WE AREN'T GETTING A NEW LEAGUE. I'm disappointed with not having a new league to play in really and it's just a bummer for those fans who really craved for something new. My Verdict: Enhanced tactics Finally! something that I really wished for in a long time. I really hope they add more tactical depth in FMM 16 because in FMH 15 I sometimes think to myself that the game revolves around luck sometimes, it just doesn't really make sense making tactical changes in game cause you just rarely get rewarded from it. I'm really excited and pumped up to see just how much SI change the tactics in the upcoming FMM 16. My Verdict: Coaching Staff Now this is something interesting! This new feature in the game can really be a hit or a miss IMO. If SI does polish and really think about this new feature of the game then I can see this being a important thing in the game but if SI just puts it in the game without much consideration then this new feature will just be passed by and forgotten. This is an interesting new feature IMO and I just want to see how important this feature will be in FMM 16. My Verdict: 50/50 Management Style I'm not really sure on what to say about this new feature. I don't really understand what it means yet TBH. I'm wondering if it just a achievement thing or a feature that would really help you in game. example: if I have high man management level would it mean that my private chats with my players gets a higher chance that I would get a positive reaction instead of a negative reaction? I don't really fully understand this feature yet so I cant really get my full opinion to it yet. My Verdict: 50/50 Improved skins Well I think I already saw this one coming. It's just a simple rule that every year you got to change the interface of the game to make it look and feel new. So I guess this isn't really a shocker and it's been a tradition. As I haven't seen how the new interface will look yet I cant really give my whole opinion just yet so i'm going to trust my guts. My Verdict: Player loans I personally like this new addition but i'm just hoping that this isn't all that was added to contracts. I feel that there is so much more than just wage and signing on fees, you may argue that it's a handheld game that's why it's so basiced down but I would personally love to have more in depth contact agreements and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who would love that too. But I think that the ability to loan a youngster back to it's team to get more playing time is a good starting point and let's hope SI improves it more later on. My Verdict: First window transfer parity I'm quite unsure what this really means to be honest! hahahaha I'm thinking that this means that when you start a new game your transfer budget would be zero which means that you can only make free transfers. Or does this mean that when you start a new game the first tranfer window would be disabled? I'm qiute unsure if which of the two is right but either one of them is a good option and will be good to have just incase you want a unchanged squad in the beginning of the game. My verdict: Over all Verdict: 2 , 2 , 4 The new features get a solid Verdicts from me. I would have hoped for more but it's still too early to tell but for the meantime i'm satisfied with how FMM 16 is gonna be. Thanks for reading guys and please leave your opinions and thoughts on my opinions and verdicts. By: Goodjob
  6. I'm surprised that even until now the killer is still not yet found! Wow! I don't think the authority gives a crap anymore really! Justice for those lives that was lost! JUSTICE!!
  7. Hey guys! Here's my take: Player: Romelu lukaku. I know, I know, he is a very well known player but I just love playing him in the game cause of how much of a total beast he is. A very complete player IMO. U21: eder alvares balanta. Its got to be him! He is really a must buy in most of my saves. Turns into a really reliable and solid defender. Bargain: Giovani. I'm not sure if its all the same for you guys but in my current save I bought the guy for 2 million which is a real bargain cause he scored a ton of goals in my WBA save.
  8. Lol! I tried to go again but this time I tried to choose the worst answers in the choices. I was hoping to get a John Carver but i got José mourinho! Lol. (Sorry for the John Carver fans out there)
  9. I got Jose mourinho . not that I'm upset though, I like mourinho he's a real genius of a manager and he knows what he's doing most of the time.
  10. I honestly couldn't understand what he was saying too. I agree with billy, I think he means that buying 5 star players doesn't guarantee success.
  11. I really hope they add new tactical changes cause in my opinion the game is more about luck than your actual football knowledge, it doesn't really make sense changing your tactics or making the right substitution while in game cause it's about luck and who the AI thinks is better. That was all my opinion lads if you have any violent reactions with my opinion I would love to listen but I hope it's not that violent! hahahahahahah
  12. Zlatan Ibrahimovic- little downgrade(IMO) He had a decent season for PSG but I think that he needs a little downgrade cause of his age and it is also showing in the way he plays now it was much different from when he was younger. Cristiano Ronaldo
  13. What do you mean by this mate? Is this a rant or what?
  14. Wow! This series sure have come a long way! It has 22 pages and it's still progressing. Great stuff ash! Sure this series have really slowed down and lost some interest but It would be a big fat lie if I told you that I didn't enjoy this series. Great stuff ash! KIU
  15. Great job mate! Tactic looks great. Would be interesting to try it out.