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  1. liverpoolsim

    Transfer Won’t Complete

    Same as above just go on holiday for a couple of weeks, worked for me.
  2. liverpoolsim

    Improving training facilities

    I think there may well be a bug regarding training facilities, i'm in the year 2030, promotion every season with truro and now sitting top of premier 16 points clear of man city, was runners up last season and won champions league, i have just short of £300 mill in the bank, so in 12 seasons i've had 2 offers from the board regarding upgrades the first one i asked for training facilities when i went to the news menu they said they were unwilling to improve training facilities at this time so every six months or so i ask for upgrades and not managed one but on the second occasion they offered it went through, i've played long enough to know i should have been able to improve facilities maybe 3/4 more times, has anybody else noticed this. Cheers Sim
  3. I drop one of the strikers into DM as a deep lying playmaker.
  4. Hi try this, not my work (credit to uploader) works well for me with a few alterations.
  5. First time ive seen this. assistant manager recommended every role so had no problems with training.
  6. liverpoolsim

    Artifical Difficulty

    Same here really annoying
  7. Hi i told( Markcoad/GlenLufcest1919) i would upload this last night, sorry guys 👐, i've used this tactic for 3 seasons and it is the best most consistent i've used. in my first season with a poor bradford city squad i won the championship with 110 points (no proof) second season i finished 5th in premiership 2 points behind 2nd (no proof) 12 behind arsenal who did not lose a game, these pics are of my 3rd season which i did not finish as liverpool offered me the job and i could not refuse, the only problem i have with this tactic is goals so if you can improve it let me know. good luck Cheers Sim p.s also won copa america with colombia
  8. Message me think i can help. Sim
  9. liverpoolsim

    (EME) Liverpool tactic

    OMG someboy had nothing to do tonight.
  10. liverpoolsim

    Transfer issue

    Had the same problem a couple of times, once it went on for nearly 2 seasons, it only ended when their contract ended or they got a serious injury and the other club cancelled the transfer, thanks for tip though.
  11. liverpoolsim

    Chat KILLED IT

    OME Is stupidly hard who agrees, no matter what formation you use its not consistent which is killing the game for me. Sim
  12. liverpoolsim

    Career Good and Bad

    Hi peeps just a few good and bad points of my experience playing FMM 17. i've played FMM for years now but it still throws up suprises. 1. This one really puts me off playing the game. a message from the board after a season like this (in what world, they would have given me the key to the town) 2. just started a new save not even played a game and i get this message. i purposely turn off sugar daddy because it just kills the game and i get this so i spent it all on a player that would not even get in my team. 3. won player of the month without playing a game. 4. not seen this before. 5. or this. 6. some of my best results. probably my best ever 35-0 7. early retirement. well thats it for now still have a few more to come, let me know what you think and can the guys in charge do something about No1. Cheers Sim
  13. liverpoolsim

    Sugar daddy

    Just play the game and earn it like the rest of us Sim
  14. liverpoolsim

    retraining time

    Hi, i've had players retrain a position in 2-3 weeks some a lot longer 5-6 months, i once forgot about a player retraining and ended up doing 36 months without retraining LOL. a little tip, if you get a player who is finding retraining hard cancel the training then press confirm then go back into retrain pos and try again has worked for me a few times. Cheers Sim