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  1. liverpoolsim

    Transfer issue

    Had the same problem a couple of times, once it went on for nearly 2 seasons, it only ended when their contract ended or they got a serious injury and the other club cancelled the transfer, thanks for tip though.
  2. liverpoolsim

    Chat KILLED IT

    OME Is stupidly hard who agrees, no matter what formation you use its not consistent which is killing the game for me. Sim
  3. liverpoolsim

    Career Good and Bad

    Hi peeps just a few good and bad points of my experience playing FMM 17. i've played FMM for years now but it still throws up suprises. 1. This one really puts me off playing the game. a message from the board after a season like this (in what world, they would have given me the key to the town) 2. just started a new save not even played a game and i get this message. i purposely turn off sugar daddy because it just kills the game and i get this so i spent it all on a player that would not even get in my team. 3. won player of the month without playing a game. 4. not seen this before. 5. or this. 6. some of my best results. probably my best ever 35-0 7. early retirement. well thats it for now still have a few more to come, let me know what you think and can the guys in charge do something about No1. Cheers Sim
  4. liverpoolsim

    Sugar daddy

    Just play the game and earn it like the rest of us Sim
  5. liverpoolsim

    retraining time

    Hi, i've had players retrain a position in 2-3 weeks some a lot longer 5-6 months, i once forgot about a player retraining and ended up doing 36 months without retraining LOL. a little tip, if you get a player who is finding retraining hard cancel the training then press confirm then go back into retrain pos and try again has worked for me a few times. Cheers Sim
  6. liverpoolsim

    Son In The Team

    Hi, i would say promoting from your b team in another division would work but don't quote me on this all i know is you can promote from your reserves/second team from the players greyed out. Cheers Sim
  7. liverpoolsim

    Son In The Team

    Hi, in england poss others it will be called your reserves but in countrys like spain, poss portugal (never managed in portugal) its called your second team. if you promote a player from your reserves/second team and you have them playing for ten years or more and play at least one cup /league match a season until they retire you will get your son. Cheers Sim P.S. you don't get your son until that player retires.
  8. liverpoolsim

    Son In The Team

    Hi guys/gals my first post, you can also use a promoted youth player for your son. Cheers Sim