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  1. Well done. I know i's Liverpool, but winning every game and only conceding 3 - whilst winning every trophy in the process is very impressive. I'd be interested to see how this faired on lesser teams!
  2. Nice work mate! Who are you testing it with next? Away games do you ever change mentality?
  3. I’m going to use the tactic I’ve converted to and carry on with this save!
  4. Hey @KG4 - I haven't played this save in a while I'm afraid. I'm always a big fan of more unorthodox formations, so I've been testing one on this forum which I think is maybe even better. Scores plenty and concedes few! It's the 5 at the back Wolves one. If I ever come back to this one I'll let you know!
  5. @Georgerog97- is this still working for you? Going to start a new save this bank holiday weekend and liked the look of this. Doesn't seem to have got the traction on here considering a phenomenal 1st season! How did your 2nd one go?
  6. Ended my 3rd season in the Premiership: League: FA Cup: Carabao Cup: defeated in the semi final - again!! Champions League: Accolades: Not too bad! Then, to mark an additional chapter about to begin:
  7. Thanks @JohnChapman, really appreciated. Sorry to hear you got relegated buddy. I guess that's how successful this tactic can be, it gives success too quickly. That's how I felt when I got promoted to the Championship, we were not good enough and I didn't have the £ to sort it out. Do you keep asking your board to improve the stadium and facilities? They both help make more money and improve your existing players as much as possible. If you're struggling at the back, I would definitely suggest moving the Poacher to a CB and playing 5 at the back, going Counter and wasting time towards the end. This has helped me massively against bigger teams. Hope that helps!
  8. Not sure if anyone is reading this anymore, but here is another update. Just finished my 2nd season in the Premiership with Darlington: - 3rd in the League (Everton ran away with it on 91 points) - Defeated in the F.A Cup Final (Everton) - Defeated in the Champions League semi-final (Real Madrid, on away goals!) - Defeated in the Carabao Cup semi-final (Everton!) My board also stepped in and built us a new 45,000 stadium - Blackwell Meadows is no more and I insisted on the name 'Feethams' taking us back to the home we lost in 2003, which we had for over 100 years. We've George Reynolds to thank for that! I've got in 2 experienced CB's, I rely too heavily on youth sometimes and noticed mistakes were common in my youthful CBs, so hopefully that will stop any silly goals. A few of my top young players which are getting better and better: I constantly have my scouts in areas on youth assignments to pick up potential stars. Any ones who are affordable and not already at big clubs, I get them as soon as I can and loan them out. A small tip for people - if I'm playing a top team and winning or away from home and winning, I take off my Poacher and bring on a CB, move him to the middle CB position, change my mentality to Counter and set Time Wasting on. I've found this to be brilliant at protecting a lead. I normally set this from 80 minutes and can't remember conceding a goal. Thanks to anyone reading
  9. We did it, promotion to the Premier League! I have to admit, about 10 games from the end we were holding our own in 7th but won all remaining games and clinched the title on the final day. Been given 92m for a mid league finish and I’m optimistic about qualifying for Europe with the team I’ve managed to put together. Also managed to acquire a regen who looks like he’s going to be top drawer, cost me £1.8m and is already a regular in the first few games of the premiership. Still very strange to see my beloved Darlo competing with the big boys! 🙂
  10. Thank you! Finished my Championship season, placed a respectable 14th. Quite hard to see that as a positive given our success the past seasons! Defence was my huge issue, my CB's were not prepared for a tough league, nor my 3 midfielders and as such, we shipped a load of goals on a regular basis. I didn't have many problems scoring, even though many of my forward players had seen me from League 2. I cannot stress enough the importance of continually asking your board to improve the training ground, youth facilities and stadium capacity. I've Impressive training facilities now which helps players you already have become better, along with continually improving the likelihood of players joining. I managed to get a couple of decent loan players when it came to January, but my squad still struggled with the quality. May of the players were 'nervous about playing xxx' before each game because of the big jump in quality. Anyway, start of season 6 now and the 2nd season in the Championship. The board have given me 38m to spend and I've a capacity of 15000 in the stadium now, so I've a comfortable basis to work from. I've let contracts expire for some of my loyal players, sad to see them go, but they are not good enough anymore. Managed to get Jorginho, Peacock-Farrell & Angel Gomes in on frees, got Woodburn in from Liverpool after he requested to leave and 3 new defenders too. That's 4 new players in a back 5; I can't tell you how awful we were last season!
  11. Update from me - just finished season 4, which was our first in League One: Managed to squeeze promotion to the Championship via the Playoffs! That's 4 consecutive promotions from National League North to the Championship, including 3 league wins. Based on the form leading up to the end of the season, I wasn't expecting us to do well in the playoffs. Due to my weak defence I was shipping goals and I was kind of hoping to stay in League one to build up again for a better challenge. I'm now faced with a bit of a monster task; not many players are interested in coming to me, free transfers from what I have seen so far are nowhere near good enough compared to what I already have and I don't have a lot of money to spend. This is going to be a frustrating season!
  12. Promoted to League One in style! That’s 3 league wins in a row. Based on my budget, I don’t think I’ll be anywhere near the title in League One, but we shall see!
  13. It’s the National League we’re talking about, there’s not a lot of good defence about! 😂
  14. League 2 update: We'e had to spend some money this season, reluctantly. My striker (Uxio, released from Salamanca, 30) hasn't performed very well so I'm playing my very first every signing from the Northern league instead. Not bad - certainly holding his own! However, I will be trying to get a striker in on loan in January because the Poacher is so important in this tactic. Turned down job offers from Peterborough and recently relegated West Ham...