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  1. Thanks mate. Out of interest, may I ask what you do for set pieces; mainly defending and attacking corners?
  2. @Schwantz34 - I'm going to give this a go in a new save this evening. Are you still using the version posted on the 11th March? Thanks!
  3. @Serhad - that's what he community is all about, kudos to you my friend. I really liked the idea behind the original tactic, so I was keen to keep trying and give you feedback. Newcastle is a good tester because they have a very average squad with a few good players so it's often a good way to spot a tactic that's very very good straight away. Thank you for taking the time to adjust this and improve upon your original. I will give this a go this evening and let you know!
  4. @SerhadThat’s a great result with no signings! To finish 4th with the default squad is very impressive still. Is that a new version of the tactic which you’re now using? Is it better?
  5. @Serhadthanks for sharing this tactic. I plugged this in an existing Man Utd save I had going and it worked very very well. So, I’m currently trying with Newcastle on a new save, with Sugar Daddy turned on. I’ve overhauled their average squad to match roles for the tactic and I’m in January. As you can see, things aren’t going well unfortunately.
  6. Thanks @Tobila82, really appreciated. I'll report back with my 2nd season progress soon.
  7. Thanks @Tobila82 - I guess that position is quite hard to fill, finding strikers/wingers who are naturally good at tackling. Can you share your defence and attack set pieces? I found that in my first season using this, I conceded quite a lot from corners. Update: I finished 4th in my first season as Newcastle.
  8. What kind of stats wold you recommend the Pressing Forwards have with them being out wide? Giving this a go in a new save as Newcastle and I'm 3rd, about half way through the season - it is a very solid and promising tactic.
  9. I loaded a new save as Newcastle, with Sugar Daddy on for a bit of fun. Put this tactic together and played the first 10 games in the Premier League - won 4, drew 3 and lost 3. Nothing amazing compared to other tactics I have tried and with the squad I have, despite it being relatively new and lack of relationships, I have tried others on here with the same start process and been much better off. One thing I am wary of is the fact that despite plugging this in, the author is very keen (or at least I think he is; Google Translate) to suggest that tweaks and changes must be made and this is not plug & play. I'm guessing there's quite a lot I'm missing with that which maybe means my little test doesn't do this justice.
  10. Loving this! Please please please keep us updated with season progress.
  11. This tactic is brilliant, probably the best I've used and most consistent. I've just finished my 4th Season as Newcastle, winning the League, F.A. Cup & Carabao Cup too. Whilst I lost on penalties in the Community Shield at the start of the season, I didn't lose a single game in the league and other cups. Previously, I've won the league each year, Champions League 2 seasons in a row now, but I figured it was updating this thread in light of an unbeaten league season with only 19 goals conceded.
  12. Nice work mate. I guess it’s a case of different playing styles here. I’ve played many saves with many tactics and had immediate success, it just didn’t happen on this one for me.
  13. For pretty much every save I use https://fmmobile.net/2019/11/22/key-attributes-for-the-fm20-mobile-player-roles/ as a guide, and Andrada was the guy who came up. Cheap at 6m ish too. I've used him in previous saves for fimilar tests and he's always very good, because Dubravka is very error prone. In another test I've recently done from a 3 at the back formation, Longstaff was used as a B2B and broke into the England team at the end of the first season, we finished joint top in the league and won a cup. So whilst I appreciate he's not the best, he's done it before! I hadn't changed mentality, as you'd mentioned you barley do yourself.
  14. Hey @Plimmerz92 Decided to give this a run today, being impressed with your results with Wolves, well done! Ive started as Newcastle, Sugar Daddy on to represent real life, hopefully! 😂 This involved rejigging the entire squad to fit the tactic. See below my progress below. Sadly, it’s not working for me. I’m conceding a fair few and I’m very inconsistent. Can you spot anything I’m doing wrong?