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  1. lfc4life

    Peely's 4-4-1-1

    Will this work with liverpool as finding a decent tactic for them is hard lol
  2. Looking for a decent tactic for ipswich town in the championship. They have no money to start with 160k i belief. Any help guys would be appreciated
  3. lfc4life

    decent liverpool tactic

    I tryed murtons tactic similar to that but that didnt work. Cheers fot the info dec
  4. Cannot get a tactic to work for my liverpool team with the recent update. So many attacking players in the squad and would like 2 upfront. For an old hand of psp fmh to android is very strange lol
  5. lfc4life

    Quatre Deux Deux Deux - By Ashez:

    what i was meant to say in last post is would it suit liverpool using the new update with so many attacking players. Using murtons tactic at the mo with liverpool but after every game the review of the match i just played always say limited width in midfield. So i am going to give this a go. Thanks ashez
  6. lfc4life

    Quatre Deux Deux Deux - By Ashez:

    Would this tactic suit with the new download ashez
  7. Never played fmh14 on a android device as always been a psp fan. Any decent tactics for liverpool. I have the new update on it. Thanks
  8. lfc4life

    2014 new update

    Hi guys have never played fmh14 on android have just bought it and having trouble extracting the new update. I have downloaded es file explorer but cannot seem to no what i am doing lol any of u guys able to help. Thanks
  9. lfc4life

    Good solid tactic for ipswich on psp

    Games played: 26 Games won: 19 Games drawn: 3 Games lost: 4 Goals scored: 55 Goals conceded: 22 Was knocked out of league cup early by Fulham 2-1 But ashez u are right it works lol This is upto 1st january
  10. Cannot seem to find a tactic that works for ipswich in championship, have tried ashez 4321 but still doesn't work. Anybody got any answers
  11. lfc4life

    Tactic for 2013 on psp

    For Liverpool or lower leagues aswell
  12. Is there anybody testing tactics for the new game on psp. Have tried numerous tactics but nothing seems to work as good as 2012 version
  13. hi guys havent been on for some time and have now changed to playing on the ios version... just wondered if anybody got a good tactic for a championship team (ipswich town). many thanks
  14. lfc4life

    lfc first season

    different one sam ures doesnt seen to do well for liverpool, gonna carry on with my ipswich save soon which ure ractic is doing superb
  15. lfc4life

    2012 lfc first season

    this is my first new save with liverpool, now just into november, this is how it has gone so far.... games played: 15 games won: 12 games drawn: 3 games lost: 0 goals scored: 42 goals conceded: 12 pick of the results so far.. chelsea away won 3-1 man.city home won 1-0 chelsea home league cup 4th rnd won 3-2 aet tottenham home won 3-2 will post some more progress later