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Miljenko Babić

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  1. Miljenko Babić

    4-3-3/2-3-2-2-1 Pep style

    Attacking instructions?
  2. Miljenko Babić


  3. Haven’t tested it with smaller teams yet, but I’ll give a try and update it. Cheers!
  4. So here it is, my save with ATM...Won everything in first season and now started second and im smashing... Looking forward to manage Liverpool, try it and let me know your results!
  5. Last season with inter won myself league, cup and champions league...lost 2 matches only, against psg(group stages, was still experimentig with tactical shape) and against Chievo with second team(most valuable player was worth cca 10 mil) and draw 2 matches also when I won the league, conceding only 12 goals all season! Thank you very much, let me know your results when you finish season!
  6. It’s EME added 0 minutes later Well, mine scores ?
  7. Hi everyone! So I’ve been messing around with tactics and made up this tactic that is working very well for me. So just give it a try and let me know your opinions. ps. This is my second season with Inter, just started. First season I have been messing around and finished 2nd. Best regards!
  8. Hi everyone, i noticed that facundo colidio is missing on my save and few other wonderkids so is there any way I can fix this? Thanks.