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Gary Hatton

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  1. Gary Hatton

    FMM19 Bug List

    Anyone else getting kicked out of the game since new update, need a fix if there is one
  2. Gary Hatton

    Chapecoense Tragedy

    God bless then on their new destination, Rest In Peace
  3. Gary Hatton

    2017 License Fixes

    Cheers , keep up the good work
  4. Gary Hatton

    FMM 2017 License Fix

    Cheers mate, will keep fingers crossed
  5. Gary Hatton

    FMM 2017 License Fix

    Thought they had stopped this, good if back
  6. Gary Hatton

    Approximate time of release?

    Got my copy, added my graphics all ready to play when i wake up
  7. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    Have to agree to disagree mate, nice talking to you,
  8. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    Each year something new happens to pee people off, when does it end, when you end up with flse names for players, clubs & comp, would you still play. When they end up having to get copyright for skins etc
  9. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    I have both backed up on another tab, so not entirely true mate People like to think there isnt, but the internet isma mighty fine place to find what you want, also apk files are easy to hack.. I paid this time round for everything, so if people dont buy then its karma.
  10. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    Who said i want to be heard, as for the editing, surely you would have to add a new number to every club file, why should i do that when it was all ok. No offence mate, but i will get the free version next time round. Thats the thing with androids, easy to hack.
  11. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    Im totally against hacking, but i dont like gettng ripped off, i paid for the IGE for certain things like renamingteam names,that hs now been messed up, so hence the reasoning behind a pirated version. Which i could get with no cost including all the extras, so will be the way to go if i ever wanted to play the game again. As said uninstalled now, si will not be getting my money for the next one.
  12. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    Then i hope people will boycott the next version If hacking is ok, then getting a pirated version should be ok
  13. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    ok easy answer to discussion not arguement, if you admit pre editor is hacking why have si never asked you to take it down,They have the right to surely
  14. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    No different to the changes file In other words both are hacking, which is illegal
  15. Gary Hatton

    Update problem

    With a pre editor can you change the name of a team or comp ?