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  1. TooMuchTrouble

    Series Older games for Android

    Is there any way to get the older Android games in the series legally. I mean, I'd love to try the releases older than FMH 2015 (the eldest I own) but I'm afraid it's impossible. It would be great to see SI re-releasing it some day...
  2. TooMuchTrouble

    Graphics 2017 Standard Faces Megapack

    The description says there are over 18,500 faces in lite pack but it's actually 1875...
  3. There will be two highest leagues from Poland: Lotto Ekstraklasa (1st) and 1. liga - First Division (2nd). So happy to see it in the game as Poland is my home country
  4. TooMuchTrouble

    Two New Leagues Announced! Poll

    I'd like to see Polish Ekstraklasa (but it's to weak to be in the game) because that's my country, and MLS because it's unique and has some great players to manage. But they won't include it too...
  5. TooMuchTrouble

    Can Burnley Replicate Watford?

    Great article! Really enjoyed reading it
  6. TooMuchTrouble

    FMM2016 License Fix

    Hi Dec, will you update the file with Brazilian teams' names which are no longer licensed in the game?